List of castles in Syria

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This is a list of castles in Syria.

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Name Name of the surviving building, either how it is popularly known in English, its medieval name or its Arabic name
Type Usually the type of castle represented by the predominant surviving fortified remains
Date Usually the dates of the principal building works relating to the surviving remains
Condition An indication as to what remains of the original castle structure
Image Building or site as it currently exists
Coordinates Location of the castle
Governorate Governorate in which the castle is located
Notes Brief description or information of note

List of castles[edit]

Image Coordinates Governorate Notes
Citadel of Aleppo Castle 12–13th centuries Partially restored Citadel of Aleppo.jpg 36°11′57″N 37°09′45″E / 36.19917°N 37.16250°E / 36.19917; 37.16250 (Citadel of Aleppo) Aleppo Covers an ancient tell with remains dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE.
Qal'at Najm Hilltop castle 12–13th centuries Partially restored View of Qal'at Najm from the south.jpg 36°33′18″N 38°15′42″E / 36.55500°N 38.26167°E / 36.55500; 38.26167 (Qal'at Najm) Aleppo Besieged in 1820 by Ottoman forces after a local warlord had sought refuge in the castle.[1]
Citadel of Damascus Castle 11–13th centuries Partially restored Damaskus4.jpg 33°30′42″N 36°18′7″E / 33.51167°N 36.30194°E / 33.51167; 36.30194 (Citadel of Damascus) Damascus Part of the Ancient City of Damascus World Heritage Site.[2]
Citadel of Bosra Castle Partially restored Bosra-a01(js).jpg 32°31′04″N 36°28′54″E / 32.51778°N 36.48167°E / 32.51778; 36.48167 (Citadel of Bosra) Daraa Built around a Roman theatre. Part of the Ancient City of Bosra World Heritage Site.[3]
Halabiye Hilltop castle 6th century Ruins 35°41′22″N 39°49′08″E / 35.68944°N 39.81889°E / 35.68944; 39.81889 (Halabiye) Deir ez-Zor Originally fortified by Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, refortified under the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I and partially re-used after the Muslim conquest of Syria.[4]
Qal'at Rahbeh Hilltop castle Ruins Qalat Rahbeh 1.jpg 35°00′18″N 40°25′24″E / 35.00500°N 40.42333°E / 35.00500; 40.42333 (Qal'at Rahbeh) Deir ez-Zor Much of the current structure dates back to its construction by the Ayyubid lord, Shirkuh II, in 1207.
Qal'at Sukkara Hilltop castle Ruins Qal'at Sukkara 1.jpg 36°25′38″N 40°23′56″E / 36.42722°N 40.39889°E / 36.42722; 40.39889 (Qal'at Sukkara) Al Hasakah Located in the Jebel Abd al-Aziz.
Qalʿat Abū Qubais Hilltop castle Partially restored Abu Qubeis2.jpg 35°14′05.9″N 36°19′50.8″E / 35.234972°N 36.330778°E / 35.234972; 36.330778 (Qalʿat Abū Qubais) Hama
Citadel of Hama Castle Ruins Hama16.JPG 35°08′10″N 36°44′58″E / 35.13611°N 36.74944°E / 35.13611; 36.74944 (Citadel of Hama) Hama Excavated by a Danish expedition between 1931 and 1938.[5]
Qalaat al-Madiq Hilltop castle Residential area Fortress of Qalat el-Mudiq.jpg 35°25′12″N 36°23′33″E / 35.42000°N 36.39250°E / 35.42000; 36.39250 (Qal'at al-Madiq) Hama
Masyaf Castle Spur castle Partially restored Masyaf - Gesamtansicht.jpg 35°03′58″N 36°20′36″E / 35.06611°N 36.34333°E / 35.06611; 36.34333 (Masyaf Castle) Hama
Shaizar Spur castle Partially restored Shayzar3.jpg 35°15′55″N 36°33′59″E / 35.26528°N 36.56639°E / 35.26528; 36.56639 (Shaizar) Hama
Shmemis Hilltop castle Ruins Shmemis1.jpg 35°02′13″N 37°00′49″E / 35.03694°N 37.01361°E / 35.03694; 37.01361 (Shmemis) Hama
Citadel of Homs Castle Ruins 18th century original drawing of the castle of Hims by Cassas.jpg 34°43′25″N 36°42′52″E / 34.72361°N 36.71444°E / 34.72361; 36.71444 (Citadel of Homs) Homs Built on top of an ancient tell with remains dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE.[6]
Fakhr-al-Din al-Maani Castle Hilltop castle Partially restored PalmyraCitadel.jpg 34°33′46″N 38°15′25″E / 34.56278°N 38.25694°E / 34.56278; 38.25694 (Fakhr-al-Din al-Maani Castle) Homs
Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi Desert castle Ruins 34°22′28″N 37°36′21″E / 34.37444°N 37.60583°E / 34.37444; 37.60583 (Qasr al-Hayr al-Gharbi) Homs
Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi Desert castle Ruins Qasr al hir al-Sharqi Rasafeh.jpg 35°4′26″N 39°4′16″E / 35.07389°N 39.07111°E / 35.07389; 39.07111 (Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi) Homs
Krak des Chevaliers Hilltop castle Partially restored Crac des chevaliers syria.jpeg 34°45′25″N 36°17′4″E / 34.75694°N 36.28444°E / 34.75694; 36.28444 (Krak des Chevaliers) Homs Part of the Crac des Chevaliers and Qal'at Salah El-Din World Heritage Site.[7]
Harem Castle Hilltop castle Ruins 36°12′27″N 36°31′09″E / 36.20750°N 36.51917°E / 36.20750; 36.51917 (Harem Castle) Idlib
Bani Qahtan Castle Hilltop castle Ruins 35°23′44″N 36°09′15″E / 35.39556°N 36.15417°E / 35.39556; 36.15417 (Bani Qahtan Castle) Latakia
Bourzey castle Hilltop castle Ruins Bourzey4.jpg 35°39′29″N 36°15′39″E / 35.65806°N 36.26083°E / 35.65806; 36.26083 (Bourzey Castle) Latakia
Mahalibeh Castle Hilltop castle Partially restored Mahalibeh.jpg 35°30′28″N 36°05′14″E / 35.50778°N 36.08722°E / 35.50778; 36.08722 (Mahalibeh Castle) Latakia
Qal'at Salah ed-Din Spur castle Partially restored Saladinsburg 12.jpg 35°35′45″N 36°03′26″E / 35.59583°N 36.05722°E / 35.59583; 36.05722 (Qal'at Salah ed-Din) Latakia Part of the Crac des Chevaliers and Qal'at Salah El-Din World Heritage Site.[7]
Nimrod Fortress Hilltop castle 13th century Nimrod-S-268.jpg 33°15′10″N 35°42′53″E / 33.25278°N 35.71472°E / 33.25278; 35.71472 (Nimrod Fortress) Quneitra Located in the Golan Heights, which is currently under Israeli occupation.
Citadel of Raqqa Castle 13th century Destroyed 35°56′4″N 39°00′5″E / 35.93444°N 39.00139°E / 35.93444; 39.00139 (Citadel of Raqqa) Raqqa The citadel was completely removed and built over in the 1950s.[8]
Qal'at Ja'bar Hilltop castle 12th century Partially restored CaberKalesi.jpg 35°53′51″N 38°28′51″E / 35.89750°N 38.48083°E / 35.89750; 38.48083 (Qal'at Ja'bar) Raqqa Originally situated on a hilltop overlooking the Euphrates Valley but now turned into an island by the flooding of Lake Assad.[9]
Salkhad Castle Hilltop castle Ruins 32°29′38″N 36°42′36″E / 32.49389°N 36.71000°E / 32.49389; 36.71000 (Salkhad Castle) Suwayda
Chastel Blanc Hilltop castle Partially restored Chastel Blanc.jpg 34°49′14″N 36°07′01″E / 34.82056°N 36.11694°E / 34.82056; 36.11694 (Chastel Blanc) Tartus
Chastel Rouge Partially restored Yahmour3.jpg 34°48′44″N 35°58′14″E / 34.81222°N 35.97056°E / 34.81222; 35.97056 (Chastel Rouge) Tartus
Al-Kahf Castle Spur castle 12th century Ruins 35°02′27″N 36°04′58″E / 35.04083°N 36.08278°E / 35.04083; 36.08278 (Al-Kahf Castle) Tartus In 1192, Rashid ad-Din Sinan, also known as the Old Man of the Mountain, died in Al-Kahf Castle, which was an Ismaili stronghold during the 12th century.[10]
Qala'at Khawabi Spur castle Residential area Khawabi Castle, Syria.jpg 34°58′22″N 36°00′06″E / 34.97278°N 36.00167°E / 34.97278; 36.00167 (Qala'at Khawabi) Tartus
Margat Spur castle 11–12th centuries Partially restored Marqab-crusader-castle-donjon.jpg 35°09′08″N 35°57′0″E / 35.15222°N 35.95000°E / 35.15222; 35.95000 (Margat) Tartus Headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller in Syria.
al-Sheikh Deeb Castle Hilltop castle Ruins 4-2015-04-18 قلعة الشيخ ديب.jpg Tartus
Citadel of Tartus Castle Residential area Zitadelle Tartus Befestigung.JPG 34°53′36″N 35°52′35″E / 34.89333°N 35.87639°E / 34.89333; 35.87639 (Citadel of Tartus) Tartus

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