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A reconstruction of Holt Castle in 1495

This is a list of castles in Wales, sometimes called the "castle capital of the world" in view of their high density.[1][2] Wales had about 600 castles,[3] of which over 100 are still standing, either as ruins or as restored buildings. The rest have returned to nature, and today consist of ditches, mounds, and earthworks, often in commanding positions. Many of the sites in Wales are cared for by Cadw, the Welsh government's historic environment service.

The four castles of Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Conwy, and Harlech together make up the Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd World Heritage Site, considered to be the "finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe".[4]


Castles of which only earthworks, fragments, or nothing remains include:

  • Llangewydd Castle
  • Nolton Castle, Oldcastle, Bridgend [5]
  • Stormy Castle
Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Candleston Castle Candleston Castle 2009 Fortified manor house 14th century Ruined Only the tower remains of a C14 fortified manor house built by the de Cantelupes.[6]
Coity Castle Coity Castle, Nr Bridgend Keep and bailey 12th - 14th centuries Ruined Cadw Prominently sited above Heol West Plas, Coity Castle was founded in the early twelfth century and was granted to the Norman family of Turberville.[7]
Kenfig Castle Ruins of Kenfig Castle Keep and bailey 12th century Fragmentary remains The scanty remains of Kenfig Castle, a once great medieval fortress, rise from the dunes beside the Cynfig river.[8]
Llangynwyd Castle Overgrown ruins of Llangynwyd Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains At Llangynwyd the remains of a once splendid medieval fortress are now reduced to scanty ruins and earthworks.[9]
Newcastle Newcastle Castle - Bridgend Enclosure castle 12th century Ruined Cadw The castle's most outstanding feature is its complete Norman doorway, which greets the visitor approaching the castle from the south.[10]


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Caerphilly Castle Caerphilly Castle Concentric castle 13th - 14th century Ruined, with partial restoration Cadw Caerphilly is the largest medieval castle in Wales and one of the most impressive in Europe.[11]
Ruperra Castle Ruperra Castle Mock castle 17th century Ruined Private Built c1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, steward to the Earl of Pembroke, and the latest example of the Elizabethan and Jacobean court taste for castellated mansions.[12]
Morgraig Castle Ruins of Castell Morgraig 13th century Fragmentary remains Castell Morgraig was built by the Anglo-Norman de Clare lords of Glamorgan, sometime after 1243 and before 1267, when it was abandoned unfinished as the de Clares defeated the last Welsh native lord in the area and started building Caerphilly nearby.[13]


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Cardiff Castle Cardiff Castle Shell Keep 11th century Ruined, with partial restoration Cardiff Council Cardiff Castle was established within the walls of a mighty Roman fort by William I of England in about 1081.[14]
Castell Coch Castell Coch - exterior Gothic Revival 19th century (Originally 11th century) Intact Cadw Castell Coch, located on a prominent wooded hillside overlooking the Taff Valley and the northern part of Cardiff, is a remarkable blend of solid medieval masonry and High Victorian Gothic fantasy.[15]
St Fagans Castle St Fagans Castle Enclosure castle 13th century Ruined National Museum Wales The remains of the medieval castle at St Fagans include the southern part of a stone curtain wall. The enclosure is currently overlain by an Elizabethan mansion, with part of the surviving curtain serving to define its forecourt.[16]


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Carreg Cennen Castle Carreg Cennen Castle Enclosure castle 13th century Ruined Cadw Magnificently set castle, high on a limestone precipice. A vaulted passage runs from the SE corner to a cave below E outer ward.[17]
Carmarthen Castle Main gateway to Castell Caerfyrddin / Carmarthen Castle Shell Keep 11th century Ruined Carmarthenshire Council Remains of the high medieval castle, including a shell keep, gatehouse and two towers, are obscured by modern buildings, notably County Hall.[18]
Dinefwr Castle The circular keep of Dinefwr Castle 12th century Cadw Dinefwr castle is thought to have been founded in the later twelfth century by Rhys ap Gruffudd, the Lord Rhys, and became known as the traditional capital of Dyfed.[19]
Dryslwyn Castle Dryslwyn Castle 13th century Cadw The shattered ruins of a medieval castle crown the ultimate summit of a dramatically isolated and abrupt hill rising from the Tywi floodplain.[20]
Kidwelly Castle The great gatehouse, Kidwelly Castle 12th century and earlier Cadw
Laugharne Castle Laugharne Castle 13th century Cadw
Llandovery Castle Llandovery Castle 11th century
Llansteffan Castle Llansteffan Castle 12th century Cadw
Castell Moel Castell Moel from Llansteffan Road 16th century
Newcastle Emlyn Castle Newcastle Emlyn Castle 13th & 15th century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Aberdyfi Castle The remains of the motte is the tree covered mound on the right 12th century
Aberystwyth External view of the North Gate 13th century
Caerwedros Castle 12th century
Cardigan Castle Castle Green House, Cardigan Castle Picture taken during the BBC Restoration experience. 13th century Ceredigion County Council
Castell Cadwgan, Aberaeron 12th century
Dinerth Castle 12th century
Gwallter Castle 12th century
Lampeter Castle 12th century
Llanrhystud Castle 11th century
Ystrad Meurig Castle 12th Century
Ystrad Peithyll Castle Rhosgoch Motte, the surviving part of Ystrad Peithyll Castle 12th Century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Conwy Castle Conwy Castle 13th century Cadw
Deganwy Castle Castell Deganwy Castle (Welsh: Caer Ddegannwy; Modern Welsh: Castell Degannwy) was an early stronghold of Gwynedd and lies in Deganwy at the mouth of the River Conwy in Conwy, North Wales. 13th century
Dolwyddelan Castle Dolwyddelan Castle 13th century Cadw
Gwrych Castle Gwrych Castle 19th century Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust
Gwydir Castle Gwydir Castle 16th century Private


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Bodelwyddan Castle Bodelwyddan Castle 19th century (Originally 15th)
Denbigh Castle Denbigh Castle 13th -14th century Cadw
Dinas Brân The interior of Dinas Brân 12th century
Dyserth Castle 13th century
Rhuddlan Castle Rhuddlan Castle from the west. 13th century Cadw
Ruthin Castle The old part. 13th century Hotel
Twthill, Rhuddlan Twthill Castle 11th century Cadw
Prestatyn Castle 12th century Motte & Bailey castle


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Caergwrle Castle A ruined wall on a hilltop. 13th century Cadw
Ewloe Castle Ewloe Castle 12th century Cadw
Flint Castle Flint Castle in Wales 13th century Cadw
Hawarden Castle Hawarden 'Old' Castle 13th century
New Hawarden Castle New Hawarden Castle 2006 18th century
Mold Castle The outer bailey of Mold Castle 12th century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Bryn Bras Castle Bryn Bras castle 19th century
Caernarfon Castle Caernarfon Castle, western view at low tide 13th century Ruined, with partial restoration Cadw
Carndochan Castle Castell Carndochan, near to Rhosdylluan, Gwynedd, Wales. 13th century
Castell y Bere View over Castell y Bere 13th century Cadw
Criccieth Castle Criccieth Castle 13th century Cadw
Dinas Emrys A view up the hillock, covered with vegetation. 12th century keep on early medieval site
Dolbadarn Castle Dolbadarn Castle 13th century Cadw
Harlech Castle Harlech Castle 13th century Cadw
Penrhyn Castle Penrhyn Castle 19th century Intact National Trust

Isle of Anglesey[edit]

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Castell Aberlleiniog Two of Castell Aberlleiniog's towers and keep wall in 2009, after restoration had begun 12th century
Beaumaris Castle Beaumaris Castle 13th century Cadw

Merthyr Tydfil[edit]

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Morlais Castle Picture of the only remaining room at Morlais castle. 13th century
Cyfarthfa Castle Front view of Cyfarthfa Castle, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. 19th century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Abergavenny Castle Abergavenny Castle curtain wall interior. Abergavenny Castle is a castle in the town of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire in south east Wales. 11th to 13th century
Betws Newydd Castle 11th century
Caldicot Castle The front entrance of Caldicot Castle in south Wales. 12th to 15th century
Castell Arnold Site of Castle Arnold 12th century Near Llanover
Chepstow Castle Chepstow Castle 11th to 14th century Cadw
Dingestow Castle Ditch at Dingestow Castle 11th and 12th century Two castles, one 11th century the other 12th
Grosmont Castle Grosmont Castle 12th to 14th century Cadw
Llanfair Kilgeddin Castle Llanfair Kilgeddin motte 11th century
Llangibby Castle Part of Llangibby Castle ruins 13th century
Llantrisant, Monmouthshire Castell Troggy Remains of Cas Troggy 13th century
Llanvair Discoed Castle Llanvair Discoed Castle ruins from St. Mary's churchyard 12th to 13th century
Monmouth Castle Ruins of the 12th century castle at Monmouth 11th to 13th century Cadw
Newcastle 11th century
Penrhos Castle 11th century
Pen y Clawdd Castle 11th century Near Abergavenny
Raglan Castle Raglan Castle 15th century Cadw
Skenfrith Castle Great Tower, Skenfrith Castle 12th to 13th century Cadw
Trellech Castle Tump Terret 12th century
Usk Castle Garrison Tower from the inner ward 12th to 14th century
White Castle White Castle 11th to 13th century Cadw

Neath Port Talbot[edit]

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Neath Castle Neath Castle 12th century Neath Town Council


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Caerleon Castle Round Tower at The Hanbury Arms, 2010 11th to 13th century
Newport Castle Newport Castle 13th century Cadw
Pencoed Castle Probably part of the earlier castle. 13th century
Penhow Castle Penhow castle viewed from the parish church 12th century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Benton Castle[21] Benton Castle no date
Carew Castle Domestic Tudor-period ranges from across the mill pond to the north west 11th to 16th century Private / Open to the public
Cilgerran Castle West tower, and access bridge to the inner ward over gully 13th century Cadw
Haverfordwest Castle Haverfordwest Castle 12th century
Llawhaden Castle Llawhaden Castle Gatehouse today 12th to 14th century Cadw
Manorbier Castle Manorbier Castle 12th to 14th century Private / Open to the public
Narberth Castle Narberth castle ruins in Pembrokeshire, Wales, looking towards the south. 13th century
Pembroke Castle File:Pembroke_Castle_-_June_2011.jpg 12th & 13th century Private / Open to the public
Picton Castle Picton Castle in 2013 12th century Picton Castle Trust
Roch Castle Roch Castle 12th century Private
Tenby Castle A gate leading to Tenby Castle. 13th century
Upton Castle 13th century Private
Wiston Castle Wiston Castle in April 2006 12th century Cadw
Wolf's Castle Wolf's Castle motte from the east Motte and bailey 11th century


Castles of which only earthworks, fragments or nothing remains include:

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Aberedw Castle Still standing About the only part of Aberedw castle that can be construed as a wall and in surprisingly good condition. 11th to 13th century Two castles, one 11th and one 13th century
Blaenllyfni Castle The ruins of Blaenllyfni Castle 13th century
Brecon Castle Brecon Castle 11th century Hotel
Bronllys Castle Bronllys Castle motte and tower 12th century Cadw
Crickhowell Castle Remains of Crickhowell Castle 12th century
Dolforwyn Castle Dolforwyn Castle, Powys 13th century Cadw
Hay Castle Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye 11th or 12th century Hay Castle Trust
Maesllwch Castle Maesllwch Castle 19th century Private 19th-century house in castellated style
Montgomery Castle The ruined gatehouse to the inner ward seen from the south 13th century Cadw
Powis Castle Powis Castle, originally built c. 1200 as a fortress of the Welsh Princes of Powys. 12th to 19th century National Trust
Tretower Castle Tretower Castle 12th century Cadw

Rhondda Cynon Taf[edit]

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Llantrisant Castle The remains of Llantrisant Castle 13th century


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Loughor Castle Loughor Castle 12th century Cadw
Oxwich Castle Oxwich Castle and dovecote 16th century Cadw
Oystermouth Castle Oystermouth Castle 12th & 13th century City and County of Swansea Council
Pennard Castle Castell Pennard 12th century Pennard Golf Course
Penrice Castle The 18th-century mansion (left) and the remains of the castle (right) 13th century Private
Swansea Castle The remaining ruins of Swansea Castle seen from across Castle Street. 12th century Cadw
Weobley Castle The west face of Weobley Castle 13th century Cadw

Vale of Glamorgan[edit]

Castles of which only earthworks, fragments or nothing remains include:

Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Barry Castle Barry Castle, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan 13th - 14th century Cadw
Fonmon Castle Fonmon Castle, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales 14th century Private
Hensol Castle South elevation of Hensol Castle, March 2003 18th century Private
Ogmore Castle Stepping Stones on River Ogmore, Ogmore Castle 12th century Cadw
Old Beaupre Castle Inner courtyard and Renaissance porch 16th century Cadw
Penmark Castle Penmark_Castle,_seen_from_the_churchyard 12th century
St Donat's Castle St Donat's Castle 12th century Atlantic College
St Quintins Castle Saint Quentin's castle, Llanblethian 14th century Cadw


Name Image Type Date Condition Ownership / Access Notes
Chirk Castle Chirk Castle with Adam's Tower in Far Left Side 13th century National Trust
Holt Castle Remains of Holt Castle 13th century

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