List of castles in the Isle of Man

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This is a list of castles in the Isle of Man.

Image Ownership Notes
Bishopscourt Fortified manor house 14-19th century Rebuilt Bishopscourt , Kirk Michael. Isle of Man. - - 32313.jpg Private Remains of 14th century tower incorporated in later house. Former residence of the Bishop of Sodor and Man.[1]
Castle Rushen Keep and bailey 13-14th century Intact Castle Rushen in March 2006.jpg Converted for use as a prison in the nineteenth century. Now run as a museum by Manx National Heritage.[2]
Cronk Howe Mooar Motte and bailey 11-12th century Earthworks Cronk Howe Mooar near Port Erin - - 105544.jpg Possible site of timber fortification built by Magnus Barefoot c1100.[3]
Derby Fort Artillery fort 16-17th century Intact Derby-Fort.jpg Henrician Castle originally built c1540, reconditioned during Civil War.[4]
Greeba Castle Castellated house c1849 Intact Greeba Castle - - 105936 cropped.jpg Home of novelist Hall Caine 1896-1931.
Peel Castle Castle 14-15th century Ruins Isle of Man Peel Castle.jpg Manx National Heritage Possible site of timber castle built by Magnus Barefoot c1100, fortifications added until 19th century.[3]

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