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This is a list of cathedrals in Australia.

A cathedral church is a Christian place of worship which is the principal or "mother" church of a diocese and is distinguished as such by being the location for the cathedra or bishop's seat. In the strictest sense, only those Christian denominations with an episcopal hierarchy possess cathedrals. However, in common use, the term "cathedral" is often used for notable churches which were formerly part of an episcopal denomination.

It is a common misconception that "cathedral" may be applied to any particularly large or grand church. Whilst many cathedrals may be such, this is due to their ecclesiastical status. Such a church is usually grand because it is a cathedral, rather than it being designated a cathedral because of its grandeur. A cathedral may in fact be a relatively small building, particularly in sparser or poorer communities. Modern cathedrals frequently lack the grandeur of those of former times, having more focus on the functional aspects of a place of worship.

Some cathedrals were purpose-built, whilst others were formerly parochial (parish) churches which were subsequently promoted in status due to ecclesiastical requirements such as periodic diocesan reorganisation.

In this list the cathedrals are presented alphabetically by denomination. A list of former and never completed cathedrals is also included.


Anglican cathedrals in Australia:

Cathedral Image Location
St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide Adelaide StPeterCathedral.JPG 34°54′46″S 138°35′53″E / 34.9127646°S 138.5980599°E / -34.9127646; 138.5980599 (St Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide)
St Peter's Cathedral, Armidale Armidale St Peters.JPG 30°30′55″S 151°39′55″E / 30.5151674°S 151.6652941°E / -30.5151674; 151.6652941 (St Peter's Cathedral, Armidale)
Cathedral of Christ the King, Ballarat Ballarat ChristTheKingCathedral.JPG 37°33′49″S 143°51′29″E / 37.5636535°S 143.8579872°E / -37.5636535; 143.8579872 (Christ Church Cathedral, Ballarat)
All Saints' Cathedral, Bathurst Bathurst AllSaintsCathedral.JPG 33°25′03″S 149°34′48″E / 33.4174619°S 149.5798993°E / -33.4174619; 149.5798993 (All Saints' Cathedral, Bathurst)
St Paul's Cathedral, Bendigo BendigoStPaul'sCathedral.JPG 36°45′44″S 144°16′58″E / 36.7622606°S 144.282811°E / -36.7622606; 144.282811 (St Paul's Cathedral, Bendigo)
St John's Cathedral, Brisbane St John's Cathedral, Brisbane, 2009.JPG 27°27′50″S 153°01′48″E / 27.4640077°S 153.0301134°E / -27.4640077; 153.0301134 (St John's Cathedral, Brisbane)
St Boniface's Cathedral, Bunbury 33°19′53″S 115°38′15″E / 33.3313905°S 115.6375867°E / -33.3313905; 115.6375867 (St Boniface's Cathedral, Bunbury)
Christ Church Cathedral, Darwin Darwin Anglican Cathedral in 1978.jpg 12°27′57″S 130°50′43″E / 12.4658845°S 130.8453293°E / -12.4658845; 130.8453293 (Christchurch Cathedral, Darwin)
Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Geraldton OIC geraldton cbd anglican holy cross 1.jpg 28°46′44″S 114°36′53″E / 28.7789809°S 114.6146119°E / -28.7789809; 114.6146119 (Holy Cross Cathedral, Geraldton)
St Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn Goulburn StSaviourCathedral.JPG 34°45′11″S 149°42′57″E / 34.7531184°S 149.7157158°E / -34.7531184; 149.7157158 (St Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn)
Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton 29°41′35″S 152°56′05″E / 29.6931228°S 152.9347429°E / -29.6931228; 152.9347429 (Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton)
St David's Cathedral, Hobart St David's Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania - Wiki0120.jpg 42°53′01″S 147°19′43″E / 42.8835372°S 147.3285055°E / -42.8835372; 147.3285055 (St David's Cathedral, Hobart)
Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle NewcastleNSW ChristChurchCathedral.JPG 32°55′44″S 151°46′50″E / 32.9289651°S 151.7805262°E / -32.9289651; 151.7805262 (Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle)
Cathedral Church of St Alban the Martyr, Griffith[1] Griffith StAlbanCathedral.JPG 34°17′03″S 146°02′33″E / 34.2841796°S 146.042452°E / -34.2841796; 146.042452 (St Alban's Cathedral, Griffith)
St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne Melbourne StPaulCathedral.JPG 37°49′01″S 144°58′03″E / 37.816853°S 144.967384°E / -37.816853; 144.967384 (St St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne)
St John the Baptist Cathedral, Murray Bridge MurrayBridgeCathedral.JPG 35°07′10″S 139°16′22″E / 35.1195653°S 139.2727512°E / -35.1195653; 139.2727512 (St John the Baptist Cathedral, Murray Bridge)
St John's Pro-Cathedral, Parramatta St-johns-parramatta.jpg 33°48′57″S 151°00′10″E / 33.8158825°S 151.0026457°E / -33.8158825; 151.0026457 (St John's Cathedral, Parramatta)
St George's Cathedral, Perth OIC perth st georges cathedral front 1.jpg 31°57′21″S 115°51′40″E / 31.9557227°S 115.8611727°E / -31.9557227; 115.8611727 (St George's Cathedral, Perth)
Ss Peter & Paul's Cathedral, Port Pirie PortPirie SSPeter&PaulCathedral.JPG 33°10′32″S 138°00′29″E / 33.1756511°S 138.008131°E / -33.1756511; 138.008131 (SS Peter & Paul's Cathedral, Port Pirie)
St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Rockhampton, 2009.jpg 23°22′55″S 150°30′45″E / 23.3819334°S 150.5124274°E / -23.3819334; 150.5124274 (St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton)
St Paul's Cathedral, Sale Sale StPaulCathedral.JPG 38°06′24″S 147°04′18″E / 38.1067646°S 147.0715442°E / -38.1067646; 147.0715442 (St Paul's Cathedral, Sale)
St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney Sydney StAndrewCathedral.JPG 33°52′26″S 151°12′23″E / 33.873928°S 151.2063385°E / -33.873928; 151.2063385 (St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney)
St James Cathedral, Townsville StateLibQld 1 159926 St. James' Church of England in Townsville, ca. 1875.jpg 19°15′20″S 146°49′00″E / 19.2555567°S 146.8166931°E / -19.2555567; 146.8166931 (St James Cathedral, Townsville)
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta Wangaratta HolyTrinityCathedral.JPG 36°21′18″S 146°19′16″E / 36.3551269°S 146.3212216°E / -36.3551269; 146.3212216 (Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta)
St Michael's Pro-Cathedral, Wollongong Wollongong StMichaelProCathedral.JPG 34°25′25″S 150°53′44″E / 34.4237082°S 150.895599°E / -34.4237082; 150.895599 (St Michael's Pro-Cathedral, Wollongong)

Former cathedrals

Cathedral Image Location
St James Old Cathedral, Melbourne Melbourne StJamesOldCathedral.JPG 37°42′26″S 144°56′17.9″E / 37.70722°S 144.938306°E / -37.70722; 144.938306 (St James Old Cathedral, Melbourne)
All Souls and St Bartholomew's Cathedral Church, Thursday Island Quetta Memorial Cathedral Church, 2014 10°34′44″S 142°13′12″E / 10.57889°S 142.22000°E / -10.57889; 142.22000 (Quetta Cathedral, Thursday Island)

Eastern Orthodox[edit]

Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in Australia:

Cathedral Image Location
St George Cathedral, Cabramatta[2]
(Serbian Orthodox[3])
33°53′54″S 150°55′30″E / 33.898429°S 150.924960°E / -33.898429; 150.924960 (St George's Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Cabramatta)
Assyrian Church of the East, Cathedral of St Hourmizd, Greenfield Park 33°52′18″S 150°53′28″E / 33.8715714°S 150.8911899°E / -33.8715714; 150.8911899 (Assyrian Church of the East, Cathedral of St Hourmizd, Greenfield Park)
Ancient Church of the East, Cathedral of St Zaia, Middleton Grange 33°54′47″S 150°50′28″E / 33.9130682°S 150.8411828°E / -33.9130682; 150.8411828 (Ancient Church of the East, Cathedral of St Zaia, Middleton Grange)
Cathedral of the Holy Annunciation, Redfern
(Greek Orthodox, Patriarchate of Constantinople[4])
Redfern Greek church.JPG 33°53′20″S 151°12′09″E / 33.8887945°S 151.2024937°E / -33.8887945; 151.2024937 (Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Redfern)
St George Cathedral, Redfern
(Greek Orthodox, Patriarchate of Antioch[5])
33°53′31″S 151°12′32″E / 33.8919894°S 151.2088694°E / -33.8919894; 151.2088694 (St George Antiochan Orthodox Cathedral, Redfern)
Ss Peter & Paul Cathedral, Strathfield
(Russian Orthodox[6])
33°52′30″S 151°05′20″E / 33.8750811°S 151.088929°E / -33.8750811; 151.088929 (SS Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Strathfield)

Oriental Orthodox[edit]

Oriental Orthodox cathedrals in Australia:

Cathedral Image Location
St Mary & Mina's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Bexley, New South Wales, Australia[7] 33°56′45″S 151°07′38″E / 33.945872°S 151.127226°E / -33.945872; 151.127226 (SS Mary & Mina's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Bexley)
St Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral, Sydney, Australia[8] Sydney StThomasIndianOrthodoxCathedral.JPG 33°57′22″S 150°56′43″E / 33.9560043°S 150.9452682°E / -33.9560043; 150.9452682 (St Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral, Sydney)

Roman Catholic[edit]

Latin Rite[edit]

Latin Rite cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia:[9]

Cathedral Image Location
St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide Adelaide StFrancisXavierCathedral.JPG 34°55′44″S 138°36′05″E / 34.9290°S 138.6014°E / -34.9290; 138.6014 (St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Adelaide)
St Mary and St Joseph’s Cathedral, Armidale Cathedral Armidale.jpg 28°46′38″S 114°36′43″E / 28.777354°S 114.6118171°E / -28.777354; 114.6118171 (SS Mary & Joseph's Cathedral, Armidale)
St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat Ballarat StPatrickCathedral.JPG 37°33′45″S 143°51′09″E / 37.5624154°S 143.8525903°E / -37.5624154; 143.8525903 (St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat)
Ss Michael & John’s Cathedral, Bathurst Bathurst SSMichael&JohnCathedral.JPG 33°25′12″S 149°34′38″E / 33.4200859°S 149.5771998°E / -33.4200859; 149.5771998 (SS Michael & John's Cathedral, Bathurst)
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo November 2011.JPG 36°45′36″S 144°16′26″E / 36.7600102°S 144.2738114°E / -36.7600102; 144.2738114 (Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo)
St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane St Stephen's cathedral, Brisbane.jpg 27°28′09″S 153°01′44″E / 27.4692341°S 153.0288862°E / -27.4692341; 153.0288862 (St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane)
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Broken Hill BrokenHillCathedral.JPG 31°57′12″S 141°27′33″E / 31.9532362°S 141.4590303°E / -31.9532362; 141.4590303 (Sacred Heart Cathedral, Broken Hill)
Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral, Broome 17°57′35″S 122°14′19″E / 17.9596479°S 122.2387011°E / -17.9596479; 122.2387011 (Our Lady Cathedral, Broome)
St Patrick's Cathedral, Bunbury Bunbury war memorial gnangarra.JPG 33°19′53″S 115°38′16″E / 33.3313927°S 115.6376404°E / -33.3313927; 115.6376404 (St Patrick's Cathedral, Bunbury)
St Monica’s War Memorial Cathedral, Cairns Roman Catholic cathedral church St Monica, Cairns.JPG 16°55′02″S 145°46′21″E / 16.9170875°S 145.7726137°E / -16.9170875; 145.7726137 (St Monica's Cathedral, Cairns)
St Christopher's Cathedral, Canberra Canberra StChristopherCathedral.JPG 35°19′08″S 149°07′57″E / 35.3189275°S 149.1324489°E / -35.3189275; 149.1324489 (St Christopher's Cathedral, Canberra)
St Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral, Darwin St Mary's Cathedral, Darwin, Australia.jpg 12°27′33″S 130°50′18″E / 12.4590835°S 130.8382412°E / -12.4590835; 130.8382412 (St Mary's Cathedral, Darwin)
St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Geraldton OIC geraldton cbd xavier cathedral 1.jpg 28°46′39″S 114°36′43″E / 28.7773634°S 114.6118439°E / -28.7773634; 114.6118439 (St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Geraldton)
St Mary’s Cathedral, Hobart 42°52′52″S 147°19′09″E / 42.8811846°S 147.3192841°E / -42.8811846; 147.3192841 (St Mary's Cathedral, Hobart)
St Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore 28°48′16″S 153°17′01″E / 28.8043779°S 153.2837221°E / -28.8043779; 153.2837221 (St Carthage's Cathedral, Lismore)
St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne Melbourne StPatrickCathedral.JPG 37°48′37″S 144°58′35″E / 37.8101462°S 144.9764607°E / -37.8101462; 144.9764607 (St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne)
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newcastle NewcastleNSW SacredHeartCathedral.JPG 32°55′25″S 151°45′15″E / 32.9235085°S 151.7542201°E / -32.9235085; 151.7542201 (Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newcastle)
St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta.jpg 33°48′31″S 151°00′13″E / 33.8087266°S 151.0034765°E / -33.8087266; 151.0034765 (St Patrick's Cathedral, Parramatta)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Perth St Mary's Cathedral, Perth - 2009 (2).jpg 31°57′20″S 115°52′00″E / 31.9554787°S 115.8666202°E / -31.9554787; 115.8666202 (St Mary's Cathedral, Perth)
Principal Church of St Ninian & St Chad, Perth 31°56′06″S 115°54′11″E / 31.9350648°S 115.9029407°E / -31.9350648; 115.9029407 (Principal Church of St Ninian & St Chad, Perth)
St Mark's Cathedral, Port Pirie PortPirie StMarkCathedral.JPG 33°10′45″S 138°00′30″E / 33.179059°S 138.0082168°E / -33.179059; 138.0082168 (St Mark's Cathedral, Port Pirie)
St Josephs Cathedral, Rockhampton St Josephs Cathedral, 1994.jpg 23°23′09″S 150°30′24″E / 23.3858234°S 150.5065426°E / -23.3858234; 150.5065426 (St Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton)
St Mary's Cathedral, Sale Sale StMaryCathedral.JPG 38°06′41″S 147°03′44″E / 38.1112747°S 147.0623603°E / -38.1112747; 147.0623603 (St Mary's Cathedral, Sale)
St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney HDR.jpg 33°52′16″S 151°12′48″E / 33.8712496°S 151.2133889°E / -33.8712496; 151.2133889 (St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney)
St Patrick's Cathedral, Toowoomba St Patricks Cathedral, Toowoomba.jpg 27°34′10″S 151°57′13″E / 27.569492°S 151.9534769°E / -27.569492; 151.9534769 (St Patrick's Cathedral, Toowoomba)
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Townsville Sacred Heart Cathedral, 2007.jpg 19°15′32″S 146°48′42″E / 19.258972°S 146.8117641°E / -19.258972; 146.8117641 (Sacred Heart Cathedral, Townsville)
St Michael's Cathedral, Wagga Wagga WaggaWagga Cathedral.JPG 35°06′24″S 147°22′24″E / 35.1067199°S 147.3734488°E / -35.1067199; 147.3734488 (St Michael's Cathedral, Wagga Wagga)
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara WaitaraCathedral.JPG 33°42′50″S 151°06′16″E / 33.713924°S 151.104412°E / -33.713924; 151.104412 (Our Lady Cathedral, Waitara)
St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Wollongong Wollongong StFrancisXavierCathedral.JPG 34°25′33″S 150°54′07″E / 34.425768°S 150.9019505°E / -34.425768; 150.9019505 (St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Wollongong)
St John Vianney Co-Cathedral, Fairy Meadow
(co-cathedral with St Francis Xavier, Wollongong)
Wollongong StJohnVianneyCoCathedral.JPG 34°23′52″S 150°53′30″E / 34.3977671°S 150.8917661°E / -34.3977671; 150.8917661 (St John Vianney Co-Cathedral, Fairy Meadow)

Former and never completed Latin Rite cathedrals

Cathedral Image Location
Holy Name Cathedral, Brisbane (never completed) Holy Name Cathedral Brisbane.jpg 27°27′48.36″S 153°1′44.55″E / 27.4634333°S 153.0290417°E / -27.4634333; 153.0290417 (Holy Name Cathedral, Brisbane)
Ss Peter & Paul's Old Cathedral, Goulburn Goulburn SSPeter&PaulOldCathedral.JPG 34°45′20″S 149°42′54″E / 34.7556438°S 149.7148655°E / -34.7556438; 149.7148655 (SS Peter & Paul's former cathedral, Goulburn)
Most Holy Trinity former abbatial cathedral, New Norcia 30°58′14″S 116°12′49″E / 30.9706868°S 116.213749°E / -30.9706868; 116.213749 (Most Holy Trinity, former abbatial cathedral, New Norcia)
Corpus Christi Cathedral, St Ives 33°43′41″S 151°09′57″E / 33.7280294°S 151.1657368°E / -33.7280294; 151.1657368 (Corpus Christi former cathedral, St Ives)
St Mary's Cathedral, South Bunbury 33°20′32″S 115°38′38″E / 33.3420928°S 115.6437961°E / -33.3420928; 115.6437961 (St Mary's former cathedral, South Bunbury)

Eastern Rite[edit]

Eastern Rite cathedrals in Australia:

Cathedral Image Location
St Maroun's Cathedral, Redfern
(Maronite Rite)
Saint Maroun's cathedral Sydney.jpg 33°53′34″S 151°12′26″E / 33.8926601°S 151.2071942°E / -33.8926601; 151.2071942 (St Maroun's Maronite Cathedral, Redfern)
St Michael's Cathedral, Darlington[10]
(Melkite Greek)
33°53′36″S 151°11′20″E / 33.8933976°S 151.1887555°E / -33.8933976; 151.1887555 (St Michael's Melkite Greek Cathedral, Darlington)
St Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Catholic Church, Bossley Park
(Chaldean Catholic)
33°51′25″S 150°53′05″E / 33.8570293°S 150.8846291°E / -33.8570293; 150.8846291 (St Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, Bossley Park)
Ss Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, North Melbourne
(Ukrainian Rite)
Melbourne SSPeter&PaulUkrainianCatholicCathedral.JPG 37°47′47″S 144°56′39″E / 37.7964303°S 144.9441817°E / -37.7964303; 144.9441817 (SS Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, North Melbourne)

See also[edit]


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