List of cathedrals in Lebanon

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This is the list of cathedrals in Lebanon sorted by denomination.

Roman Catholic[edit]

Cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Lebanon:[1]

  • Patriarchal Seat in Bkerké (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of St. Georges in Ehden
  • Church of Our Lady of Zgharta in Zgharta
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Annunciation in Beirut (Syrian Rite)
  • St. Barbara Cathedral in Baalbek (Melkite Greek)
  • Cathedral of St. Stephen in Batroun (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of St. Louis in Beirut (Latin Rite)
  • Saint George's Cathedral in Beirut (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of St. Elias Beirut (Melkite Greek)
  • Cathedral of St. Maroun in Zgharta
  • St. Elie-St. Gregory the Illuminator Patriarchal Cathedral in Beirut (Armenian Catholic)
  • Cathedral of St. John Mark in Byblos (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of St. Elijah in Sidon (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Sidon (Melkite Greek)
  • St. Michael Cathedral in Tripoli (Maronite Rite)
  • Maronite Cathedral in Tyre (Maronite Rite)
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Deliverance in Zahleh (Melkite Greek)

Oriental Orthodox[edit]

Armenian Apostolic cathedrals in Lebanon:

Eastern Orthodox[edit]

Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in Lebanon:

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