List of caves in Gibraltar

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260pxcOne of the most remarkable of Gibraltar's many caves is St Michael's, large enough to house this comfortable auditorium.

This is a list of all discovered caves in Gibraltar.


Caves form above sea level, and the reason for some caves being located below sea level is that for much of the last 100 thousand years, sea level has been lower than its present level, by up to 120m. This means that the caves which are now underwater may at one time have been lived in by people.[1] These caves are the subject of research projects.

Caves above sea level[edit]

The caves within the Rock of Gibraltar have been used as shelter during sieges and attacks on the islands for hundreds of years. The caves have also been used to store water and ammunition on a routine basis and historically Neanderthals lived in a number of the caves.

There are thought to be over 200 caves in Gibraltar. These are the caves that are above ground:

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