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There are approximately 40 000 caves in Turkey which provide an important tourist attraction for the country. There are such a high number due to karstification in the west and central Taurus Mountains. The Cavern Research Society (MAD) established in 1964 initially monitored and investigates these caves, a role which has been taken up by BÜMAK (Boğaziçi University Speleological Society) and Karst and Cavern Exploration Unit (under the MTA Geology Studies Department). 800 caves and caverns have been investigated thus far.


The following is an incomplete list of caves in Turkey.[1] Show caves are shown in bold. Show caves shoen in italic can be toured by appropriate equipped visitors and under guidance. Not specially indicated caves are reserved for professional cavers only.[2][3][4]

Cave Location Length
Buzluk Cave, Ağrı Ağrı
Aşıklar Cave Antalya
Altinbesik Cave Antalya, Akseki 5,481 m (17,982 ft)
Beldibi Cave Antalya
Bűyŭkdipsiz Cave Antalya
Çimeniçi Cave Antalya
Damlataş Cave Antalya, Alanya
Derya Cave Antalya
Dim Cave Antalya
Fosforlu Cave, Alanya Antalya
Geyikbayiri Cavern Antalya
Gürleyik Cave, İbradi Antalya, İbradi
İnilti Pazarı Yaylacık Caves Antalya 5,929 m (19,452 ft)
Karain Cave Antalya, Döşemealtı
Kocadǚden Cave Antalya
Kocain Cave Antalya 633 m (2,077 ft)
Korsaniar Cave Antalya
Küçükdipsiz Cave Antalya
Mahrumçali Cave Antalya
Orçudǚdeni Cave Antalya
Papazkayasi Cave Antalya
Peynirdeligi Cave Antalya
Tilkiler Cave Antalya, Manavgat 6,818 m (22,369 ft)
Yalandünya Cave Antalya
Yerköprü Cavern Antalya
Zeytintaşı Cave Antalya
Aslanli Cave Aydın
Karaca Cave, Kuşadası Aydın, Kuşadası
Yazören Cave Balıkesir, Savaştepe 3,554 m (11,660 ft)
Baltalıın Cave Balıkesir[5]
İnkaya Cave (Balıkesir) Balıkesir[6]
Gürcüoluk Cave Bartın
İnsuyu Cave Burdur
Ayvaini Cave Bursa, Ayvaköy 4,866 m (15,965 ft)
Oylat Cave Bursa
Tuz Cave Çankırı
Kaklık Cave Denizli
Keloğlan Cave Denizli
Beyyayla Cave Eskişehir
Cindi Cave Eskişehir
Īnönü Cave Eskişehir
Kara Cave Eskişehir
Karakaya Cave Eskişehir
Karamikini Cave Eskişehir
Kőçekkiran Cave Eskişehir
Manasır Pit Eskişehir
Mayislar Cave Eskişehir
Sarikaya Cave Eskişehir
Kőçekkiran Cave Eskişehir
Yelinüstü Cave Eskişehir
Yelini Cave Eskişehir
Buzluk Cave, Elazığ Elazığ
Karaca Cave, Torul Gümüşhane, Torul
Sariseki Cave Hatay
Ayiini Cave Isparta
Inönü Cave Isparta
Kuz Cave Isparta
Pınargözü Cave Isparta, Yenisarbademli 5,275 m (17,306 ft)
Zindan Cave Isparta
İkigöz Cave Istanbul, Çatalca 4,816 m (15,801 ft)
Yarımburgaz Cave Istanbul, Başakşehir
Inkaya Cave İzmir
Kurudag Cave İzmir
Yediuyurlar Cave İzmir
Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, Afşin Kahramanmaraş, Afşin
Mencilis Cave Karabük, Safranbolu 5,250 m (17,220 ft)
Düdenağzı Cave' Karaman, Başyayla 2,528 m (8,294 ft)
Gürlevik Cave, Taşkale Karaman, Taşkale
Hislayik Cave Karaman
İncesu Cave Karaman
Ilgarini Cave Kastamonu
Sarpunalinca Cave Kastamonu
Kuyluç Cave Kastamonu
Dupnisa Cave Kırklareli, Demirköy 3,150 m (10,330 ft)
*Yenesu Cave Kırklareli
*Balatini Cave Konya
Bǖyǖkdǖden Cave Konya
Derebucak Çamlık Caves Natural Monument Konya
Körükini Cave Konya
Pinarbasi Cave Konya
Suluin Cave Konya
Susuk Guvercinlik Cave Konya
Tinaztepe Cave System Konya
Caves of Frig Valley Kütahya
Akhayat sinkhole Mersin
Cehennem Cave Mersin
Cennet Cave Mersin
Çukurpinar Sinkhole Mersin, Anamur 3,350 m (10,990 ft)
Dilek Cave Mersin
Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, Tarsus Mersin, Tarsus
Gilindire Cave Mersin
Köşekbükü Cave Mersin
Narlikuyu Cave Mersin
Peynirlikönü-EGMA Sinkhole Mersin, Anamur 3,118 m (10,230 ft)
Yalan Dünya Cave Mersin
Fosforlu Cave, Marmaris Muğla, Marmaris
Nimara Cave Muğla
Yerküpe Cave Muğla
Kuzgun Sinkhole Niğde 3,187 m (10,456 ft)
Inalti Cave Sinop
Kunduz Cave Tokat
Ballica Cave Tokat
Çalköy Cave Trabzon
Akarsu Village Cave Trabzon
Cehennemağzı Cave Zonguldak, Karadeniz Ereğli
Çayırköy Cave Zonguldak, Çayırköy
Cumayanı Cave Zonguldak, Çatalağzı
Erçek Cave Zonguldak
Gökgöl Cave Zonguldak 3,350 m (10,990 ft)
Ilıksu Cave Zonguldak, Ilıksu
İnağzı Cave Zonguldak
Kızılelma Cave Zonguldak, Ayiçi 6,630 m (21,750 ft)
Sofular Cave Zonguldak, Sofular

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