List of cemeteries in Boston

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Cemeteries in Boston - order by founding date
Name Established Location Affiliation Size
Phipps Street Burying Ground 1630 Charlestown Municipal (Puritan) 1.8 acres
King's Chapel Burying Ground 1630 Tremont Street Municipal (Puritan)
Eliot Burying Ground 1630 Eustis and Washington Streets Municipal (Puritan)
Dorchester North Burying Ground 1633 Stoughton Street and Columbia Road Municipal (Puritan)
Copp's Hill Burying Ground 1659 Copp's Hill Municipal (Puritan)
Granary Burying Ground 1660 Tremont Street Municipal (Puritan)
Westerly Burial Ground 1683 West Roxbury Municipal (Puritan)
Central Burying Ground 1756 Boylston and Tremont Municipal
Dorchester South Burying Ground 1814 Dorchester Ave. Municipal 2 acres
Saint Augustine Chapel and Cemetery 1818 South Boston Roman Catholic 0.9 acres
Temple Ohabei Shalom Cemetery 1844 East Boston Jewish 2.4 acres
Forest Hills Cemetery 1848 Forest Hills/Jamaica Plain Municipal 275 acres
St. Joseph Catholic Church 1850 Roxbury Roman Catholic
Boston United Hand in Hand Cemetery 1875 West Roxbury/Dedham Jewish
St. Joseph Cemetery 1888 West Roxbury Roman Catholic 200 acres
Evergreen Cemetery 1893 Brighton Municipal 20 acres
Baker Street Jewish Cemeteries 1920 Baker Street, West Roxbury Jewish

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