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Many Call of Duty characters appear in the Call of Duty video-game franchise. This list captures some characters of note to a game within that franchise.

Call of Duty[edit]

Playable characters[edit]

  • United States Private Martin - The playable character in the American campaign. He is a member of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Jack Evans - The playable character in the British campaign. He was a soldier of the British 6th Airborne Division and an SAS operative.
  • Soviet Union Private/Junior Sergeant/Sergeant Alexei Ivanovich Voronin - The playable character in the Russian campaign. He was conscripted into the 13th Guards Rifle Division and fought many battles across the Eastern Front.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters)[edit]

  • United States Captain Foley - He's in command of Baker Company during D-Day operations. A Sergeant Foley appears in Modern Warfare 2, the latter is possibly the former's grandson. He is voiced by Steven Blum.
  • United States Sergeant Moody - Moody is the squad leader in the Baker Company.
  • United States Private Elder - He is the member 82nd Airborne Division and served alongside Private Martin in the early part of the American campaign. During the battle at the Brecourt Manor, he appears as a regular soldier and can be killed, though even if he survives, he does not appear afterwards. He is voiced by Giovanni Ribisi.
  • United Kingdom Captain Price - Evans's commanding officer and is a very skilled and fierce fighter. He, along with Evans, infiltrate the German battleship Tirpitz and was killed covering Evans as he planted the bombs on the ship.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Waters - An operative for the Special Air Service. He is voiced by Jason Statham.
  • United Kingdom Major Gerald Tiberius Ingram - A British SAS commander who was held captive in a prisoner camp called Dulag III-A, where he is rescued by Private Martin and his unit. Ingram also appeared in Call of Duty 3.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Borodin (Russian: Бородин) - A Soviet sniper who fought in Stalingrad with the 13th Rifle Guards Division. He provided sniper support for Voronin to get across safely.
  • Soviet Union Senior Sergeant Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov (Russian: Яков Федотович Павлов) - A Soviet soldier who fought in the Eastern Front. He is based on the character of the same name. He is assigned to recapture an apartment building in a level which is named after the building of the same name. He is voiced by Michael Bell.

Call of Duty: United Offensive[edit]

Playable characters[edit]

  • United States Corporal Scott Riley - A soldier of the 101st Airborne, is the first playble character in the American campaign. Riley and his squad participate in the Battle of the Bulge, securing and defending the town of Bois Jacques, capturing and securing crossroads in the village of Foy, and capturing Noville . Sergeant Moody is Riley's squad leader. Riley is also a member of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant James Doyle - A British SAS commando, Doyle is a gunner on board a RAF B-17, who gets shot down over Holland. Dutch Resistance assist the SAS in locating and rescuing him. Later he and his squad partake in missions to sabotage German coastal artillery battery in the Sicily.
  • Soviet Union Private Yuri Petrenko (Russian: Юрий Петренко) - Is the third playable protagonist in the game. A soldier in the Soviet Red Army, Petrenko takes part in the entire Battle of Kursk by defending key trench positions, securing the town of Ponyri, destroying German armor in Prokhorovka, and assaulting and defending the city of Kharkov until the arrival of Soviet reinforcements. Sgt Antonov serves as the characters squad leader during Kursk. He and Petrenko survive the conflict.

NPC's (Non-Player Characters)[edit]

  • United States Sergeant Moody - Is Scott Riley's CO during the American campaign.
  • United Kingdom Major Gerald Ingram - Is an SAS commando and is Doyle's squad leader during the British campaign.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Antonov - Is a Soviet Commissar in the Red Army, and serves as Petrenko's squad leader during the Soviet campaign.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour[edit]

Playable Characters[edit]

  • Soviet Union Private Aleksandr Sokolov (Russian: Александр Соколов) is the first playable protagonist and one of the three playable Russian characters in the game.
  • Soviet Union Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna (Russian: Таня Павеловна) is a Russian sniper. She is encountered by Sokolov, and takes on the role of the second player character on the Russian front. She is considered as the first female playable character in the whole series.
  • Soviet Union Lieutenant (later Major) Nikolai Badanov (Russian: Николай Баданов) is a Russian tank commander who encounters Sokolov and Pavelovna. With their help he secures a T34 tank. Badanov becomes the player's character for the remainder of the Russian campaign.
  • United Kingdom Edward Carlyle is a British commando serving in North Africa. He is in charge of Demolitions and is the playable character for the entirety of the African campaign.
  • United States Sergeant (later Lieutenant) Chuck Walker is a member of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division and a veteran of D-Day. His squad is tasked with clearing the German resistance from Aachen and finally from the last bridge over the Rhine at Remagen.
  • United States Sergeant Sam Rivers is a U.S. tank commander. Rivers is the playable character for a single mission only in which his tank backs up American forces during the German Assault on Bastogne. He is later seen again in the mission at Remagen but not as a playable character.

Supporting Characters[edit]

  • Soviet Union Sergeant Oleg Puskov - Sokolov's commander when he arrives in Stalingrad. He is a very experienced leader who effectively leads Sokolov through Stalingrad and even taking out a German machine gun so they can reach Mamayev Kurgan. As they fend off a German attack, he is killed by bravely saving Sokolov from a German sniper, shoving him out of the way as he takes the bullet instead.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Dimitriy Petrov - A tanker soldier who is Badanov's right-hand man. He is in charge of reloading the tank and he also fights in combat alongside Badanov outside of their tank.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Fyoder Belinki - Another tanker working with Badanov. He is a mechanic who fixes the tank while the others fight off any interference.
  • Soviet Union General Leonid Belov - A commander of Soviet forces in Stalingrad, operating from his headquarters in the city and directing Katyusha rocket attacks on German positions. He gives Badanov orders to deliver a radio to an observation post at a train station in order to receive coordinates for the Katyusha rockets.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Bob Starkey - Carlyle's commander. He is a witty and experienced commando fighting in Tunisia. He leads the assault on Matmata and then fights across the desert with Carlyle to reach a German fortress. He is voiced by Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC.
  • United States Corporal (later Sergeant) Benny Church - A US soldier serving with Walker in Europe. He fights alongside Walker in Aachen and Remagan. He is also good friends with Walker.
  • United States Captain Frank Kowalski - A US officer in command of Able Company. He is first heard telling Sergeant Sam Rivers not to go into Tillet, as it is too heavily defended, though he is unaware that Rivers had just taken the town. He later appears helping Walker and his men in seizing Remagan Bridge.

Call of Duty 2[edit]

Player characters[edit]

  • Soviet Union Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov (Russian: Василий Иванович Козлов) - The playable character in the Russian campaign. A member of the 13th Guards Rifle Division in the Red Army, He fights in the Battle of Stalingrad and also sees action in Moscow.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant John Davis - The main playable character in the British campaign. He is a soldier in the 7th Armored Division under the command of Captain Price in North Africa and France. As the Germans are fighting fierce battles against the British in the North African deserts, he fights in the Battle of El Alamein and fights his way to Tunisia. After fighting in North Africa, he is sent to France to help Liberate Caen.
  • United Kingdom Tank Commander David Welsh - The secondary playable character in the British campaign. Also of the 7th Armored Division, he leads Crusader tanks in battle with German Panzers across the desert. His call sign is Fox Three.
  • United States Corporal Bill Taylor - The playable character in the American campaign. He is a soldier in Dog Company as part of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He fights in France, taking Point du Hoc and Hill 400. After the battle for France, he takes part in the battle for the Rhine.

Supporting NPCs[edit]

  • Soviet Union Lieutenant Dimitri Volsky (Russian: "Дмитрий Вольский") - Koslov's main commanding officer in the battle of Stalingrad. He leads his men in retaking much of the city from German hands and fighting off German assaults.
  • United Kingdom Captain Price - Davis' commanding officer and is a very skilled and fierce fighter. He fights in battles in North Africa, fighting in the battle of El Alamein and in Tunisia. After leading his men in North Africa, he is sent to France to lead his men in the liberation of Caen. A character designer stated that Price is the grandfather of Captain John Price from the Modern Warfare series, who he shares with appearance, skill and personality.
  • United Kingdom Pvt. McGregor McGregor is supporting John Davis during all the British campaign, he is a redhead men who is the key for the victory that helps Davis out of any kind of trouble.
  • United States Sergeant Randall - Taylor's commanding officer. He leads his men in taking Point du Hoc, Hill 400 and other parts of France and he also leads his men in taking the Rhine river. In the end, he is congratulated for his efforts and given a promotion.
  • Soviet Union Lieutenant Leonov (Russian: "Леонов") - A secondary commander in the Russian campaign who leads his men in repelling a German attack and assaulting a German headquarters.
  • Soviet Union Private Pavel Semenov (Russian: "Павел Семенов") - A young soldier in the Red Army who fights in Stalingrad. He gives distraction to a German sniper so Koslov can eliminate him. He then helps Koslov and Volsky repel a German counterattack.
  • Soviet Union Commissar Letlev - A Patriotic officer who commands Soviet soldiers in Moscow. He trains Koslov and other soldiers and then he leads them in the defense of Moscow.
  • United States Private McCloskey - A US soldier who serves with Taylor and Randall in the American campaign. He assist them during the battle for France and, after crossing the Rhine, he moves into Germany with them.
  • United States Colonel Blake - A US officer in command of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He appears at the end of the last mission, congratulating Randall and his men, where he gives Randall a promotion and considers Taylor for a promotion as well.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One[edit]

Playable Characters[edit]

  • United States Private/Corporal/Sergeant Roland Roger - The primary playable character and the silent protagonist of the game. A member of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. He eventually becomes the senior soldier of his squad.
  • United States "Stretch" Roger - Brother of Roland Roger, but never identified by first name. A B-24 Liberator bombardier, he is playable for one level in the game.

Supporting NPCs[edit]

  • United States Sergeant Glenn Hawkins - Roger's primary commander. A fiercely tough and experienced leader, he leads his men in fighting across North Africa and Europe. During the assault on Mons, he is severely injured and sent home. He is voiced by Michael Cudlitz.
  • United States Lieutenant/Captain Norman Delaney - Commanding officer of Fox Company. A native of Chicago, a West Point graduate, and son of a WWI officer.

Call of Duty 3[edit]

Playable Characters[edit]

  • United States Private Nichols - The playable character in the American campaign. He was initially a member of the 29th Infantry Division, but he, along with other members of his unit, is folded to 90th Infantry Division.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant James Doyle - The playable character in the British campaign and the member of the British Special Air Service. This is Doyle's second appearance in the series.
  • Canada Private Cole - The playable character in the Canadian campaign. He was the member of the 4th Canadian (Armored) Division.
  • Poland Coporal "Bohater" Woychek - The playable character in the Polish campaign and a member of a tank crew in the Polish 1st Armored Division.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters)[edit]

  • United States Sergeant Frank McCullin - The leader of an infantry squad in the 29th Infantry Division, but moved to the 90th Infantry Division. He is killed in the fourth mission while defusing explosives on a bridge.
  • United States Coporal/Sergeant Mike Dixon - McCullin's second-in-command, who becomes Nichols' commander after McCullin's death. He fights alongside Nichols throughout the American campaign until his death in the last mission, where he is shot by a German soldier while trying to save Guzzo.
  • United Kingdom Major Gerald Tiberius Ingram - A British SAS commander returning from Call of Duty. He leads British soldiers and French resistance in Normandy. He was captured and believed to be dead, but later rescued.
  • United Kingdom Corporal Duncan Keith - A reckless SAS commando from Scotland. He fights in Normandy with Doyle, where he shows disdain for the French resistance, believing them to be cowards. At the end, however, he comforts Marcel, showing that he does have some respect for them.
  • France Pierre LaRoche - A member of the French resistance who fights in Normandy with Doyle and Kieth. He has a troubled relationship with Kieth, due to the commando's disrespect for the French and tensions often flare between the two of them.
  • France Isabelle DuFontaine - A Resistance member who assists the Keith, LaRoche, Marcel and Doyle in the British campaign. She is killed while planting a charge on an armored car.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare[edit]

Playable characters[edit]

  • United Kingdom Captain John Price - A playable character in two flashback missions, and an NPC in the other SAS missions, Price is the leader of BRAVO Team (Callsign "Bravo Six") and Soap's mentor. Price is skeptical at first about Soap's abilities, but soon grows to respect him. He is shown to prefer shooting to get out of something in the flashback mission "All Ghillied Up", and also executes Al-Asad when the SAS captures him. His mentor was Captain "Baseplate" MacMillan. He and MacMillan once attempted to assassinate Imran Zakhaev, sneaking into Pripyat, Ukraine and sniping him during a meeting, but they are unsuccessful and Zakhaev only loses his arm. At the end of the game, he is critically wounded and is last seen with a Russian soldier attempting to revive him. He later returns in the game's two sequels.
  • United States Sergeant Paul Jackson - a playable character in Act One, Jackson is a US Marine of the First Force Reconnaissance Company who sees fighting in the Middle East during the hunt for Khaled Al-Asad. His unit is originally assigned to find Al-Asad, but they later have to rescue a trapped M1 Abrams Tank from a bog. After securing the tank, his unit is sent to the capital city to find Al-Asad, but even when they are ordered to pull out, his unit stays behind to rescue a downed pilot. His unit is killed seconds later when a nuclear bomb is set off, destroying the city, but Jackson survives long enough to stumble out of the crashed helicopter. He soon dies from the combined effects of his wounds and the nuclear fallout.

Russian Federation loyalists[edit]

  • Russia "Nikolai" (Russian: "Николай") - Price's informant who goes undercover with the ultranationalists. His cover is blown and he is rescued by the SAS. He appears with a larger role in the game's two sequels. Nikolai is a pilot, and is frequently shown operating rotary or fixed winged aircraft in a combat support role.
  • Russia Sergeant Kamarov (Russian: Сержант Комаров) - The leader of a Loyalist squad in the Russian Military. As the Russians have a Civil War, Kamarov asks the SAS to assist his men using sniper rifles to eliminate targets. During the mission "Safehouse", Kamarov gives the SAS an Mi-28 (Callsign "Mosin 2-5") assault helicopter as Air Support during the search for Khaled Al-Asad. He is last seen at the end of the game, where his army arrives at the destroyed bridge, rescuing Soap & Price as his men inspect the nearby bodies. He later returns briefly in the game's third sequel, Modern Warfare 3.

First Force Recon[edit]

  • United States Lieutenant Vasquez - Jackson's platoon leader. Vasquez is assigned to capture Al Asad and, along with Sgt. Jackson and Staff Sergeant Griggs, rescues the Abrams tank from the bog. He is killed with the rest of his platoon when Al-Asad's forces detonate a nuclear bomb.
  • United States Staff Sergeant Griggs - A member of Jackson's platoon and the machine gunner, Griggs helps rescue the tank from the bog, but is not present when Jackson's platoon is killed, staying behind instead. After the deaths of his squad, Griggs joins up with the SAS in Russia, helping them when they attempt to capture Victor Zakhaev and dropping with them when they go to retake a Russian nuclear base. He is killed by the Ultranationalists while attempting to rescue Soap in the mission "Game Over". Griggs is voiced by and modeled after former Infinity Ward animator Mark Grigsby.
  • United States Captain "Deadly" Pelayo - The pilot of an AH-1W Super Cobra of the USMC. She provides air support for Jackson's squad and helps escort Marine transport helicopters. She is shot down by an enemy Stinger when trying to escort the marines out of a nuclear-threatened city. Jackson's squad rescues her from her downed chopper, but as they start to leave, the nuclear bomb goes off killing them all. Pelayo is voiced by and modeled after Infinity Ward developer Velinda Pelayo.
  • United States Private Massey - A soldier supporting Vasquez and Jackson in an attack in Kuwait City in order to search for Al-Asad in the nation. He can be either killed or saved by Jackson during the attack. He is named after Infinity Ward employee Steve Massey.
  • United States Private Roycewicz - A soldier assisting other Marines in saving a stranded M1A2 Abrams in a bog in Saudi Arabia. As he and Jackson go up the stairs, an OpFor soldier battles him. Jackson can either save him or let him die. He was named after Call of Duty 4's team Alexander and Brian Roycewicz.
  • United States Private West - A Marine who supports in saving the stuck M1A2 Abrams tank. He tries to destroy the enemy T-72 tanks with a Javelin but gets killed by a sniper before he was able to use it. He was named after Call of Duty 4's former project lead, Jason West.
  • United States Lieutenant Volker - A Marine who helps evacuate Pelayo along with Jackson, Vasquez and other Marines. He was killed after he flew out of Outlaw Two-Five then later gets killed in the nuke.

22nd British Special Air Service Regiment[edit]

  • United Kingdom Captain "Baseplate" MacMillan - MacMillan is Price's commanding officer and mentor in the flashback missions. He and Price attempt to assassinate Zakhaev, but they fail, and as they are attempting to escape Pripyat, Ukraine; his leg is injured by a crashing helicopter, forcing Price to carry him the rest of the way. He later returns in the game's second sequel, Modern Warfare 3 as Director of The United Kingdom Special Forces with the call sign "Baseplate" Macmillan unlike the first game is now voiced by BAFTA Winning Actor Tony Curran.
  • United Kingdom Lieutenant "Gaz" - A member of Captain Price's SAS team. Gaz gathers intel and keeps in contact with Overlord for his team. Gaz has a somewhat dark sense of humor, stating that the civil war in Russia was "good news" compared to Soap's arrival in the team. Gaz is shot and killed by Imran Zakhaev in the final level "Game Over". He is voiced by Craig Fairbrass.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Newcastle - A member of the SAS. He trains Soap on how to use frag grenades, grenade launchers, and C4.
  • United Kingdom Mac - A member of Price's squad. He trains Soap and other SAS soldiers in moving while crouching and crawling. He provides sniper support for the squad in the defense of Azerbaijan, but isn't able to evacuate himself in time and was killed. He is voiced by Gideon Emery.
  • United Kingdom Paulsen - A pilot of a UH-60 Blackhawk (callsign: "Hammer Two-Six"). As he helps the squad evacuate Nikolai to Germany, a Stinger shot down the Blackhawk, killing him.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Wallcroft - An SAS member who spectates on Soap's CQB test and helping the squad on retrieving a nuclear package from an Estonian freighter. After some enemy aircraft blew up the ship causing it to sink, the squad successfully escaped the ship with the package still with them.
  • United Kingdom Private Griffen - An SAS soldier and member of Price's squad. He helped the squad in retrieving a nuclear package from a ship. He even helped the squad escape the sinking vessel as they still had the package. He returns to the game's second sequel, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is voiced by Michael Cudlitz.


  • Soviet Union Imran Zakhaev (Russian: "Имран Захаев") - is the leader of the Russian Ultranationalist Party and the main antagonist in the game. Fifteen years prior to the present day, in Prypyat, Ukraine, Price attempted to assassinate him, but he only lost his left arm. He started an uprising in Russia to try and rebuild the Soviet Union and enlists the help of Khaled Al-Asad. When his son Victor commits suicide, he fires nuclear missiles at the United States and United Kingdom, but the missiles are aborted by the SAS, and he is killed by Soap in the final mission. He is voiced by Yevgeni Lazarev.
  • Saudi Arabia Khaled Al-Asad (Arabic: خالد الأسد) - A Middle Eastern general who serves as the secondary antagonist in the game. He is the voice announcer for the multiplayer faction known as OpFor. Prior to the events in the game, the Arabian monarchy was overthrown and replaced with a democracy, led by President Yasir Al-Fulani. However, Al-Asad, with the help of Imran Zakhaev, attempts to take over the Middle East and kills President Al-Fulani on national television. When the United States attempts to depose of him, Al-Asad flees to Azerbaijan and detonates a nuclear bomb in the capital city of his country, killing over fifty thousand people, including Sergeant Jackson and his squad. Al-Asad is captured shortly thereafter by the British SAS, and is summarily executed by Captain Price.
  • Soviet Union Victor Zakhaev (Russian: "Виктор Захаев") - Imran Zakhaev's son and leader of the Ultranationalists' military forces. The SAS and USMC attempt to capture him to find out Zakhaev's whereabouts, but he shoots himself when Soap moves to restrain him. His death leads Zakhaev to unsuccessfully launch nuclear missiles at the United States.

Other characters[edit]

  • Saudi Arabia Yasir Al-Fulani (Arabic: ياسر الفلاني) - A president of an unknown Middle Eastern country. He was killed by Al-Asad on national television.
  • United Kingdom News Caster - An unnamed female news caster who broadcasts everything in the Middle East and about Zakhaev's death.
  • Russia Farmer - An unnamed Russian farmer who is interrogated by 3 Ultranationalist rebels. Soap can either save him, or let the rebels kill him.
  • Russia Hostage - An unnamed hostage who was captured by Ultranationalists but was rescued by the One-One team and manage to escape the plane by free-falling from it.

Call of Duty: World at War[edit]


  • Soviet Union Private Dimitri Petrenko (Russian: "Дмитрий Петренко") - The main protagonist and playable character in the Russian Campaign. He is a young soldier in the Red Army who is sent to fight in the Battle of Stalingrad. There, he meets Sgt. Viktor Reznov, who helps him to assassinate General Heinrich Amsel. After the battle, he continues fighting in the Eastern Front alongside Reznov and ultimately reaches the German capital of Berlin. At the end of the campaign, he fights his way to the Reichstag to place the Soviet flag at the top. Despite being shot by a German soldier, Dimitri manages to place the Soviet flag with Viktor's help, signaling the end of the war.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Viktor Reznov (Russian: "Виктор Резнов") - The secondary protagonist of the Russian campaign and a non-playable character. He is a ferocious and skilled fighter and a wise strategist, but can be rather ruthless at times. He fights in the Battle of Stalingrad, where he befriends Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko. He helps Petrenko to assassinate Heinrich Amsel, whom Reznov had been hunting for days. Reznov continues fighting in battles against the Nazis with help from Dimitri and their new recruit, Pvt. Chernov. Making his way into Germany, he fights in the Battle of Berlin, ultimately reaching the Reichstag, the city's capital building. He helps Dimitri to reach the top of the Reichstag. When a German soldier shoots Dimitri, Reznov kills the German and then cuts down the Nazi flag, allowing Dimitri to place the Soviet flag and signal victory. He is voiced by Gary Oldman.
  • United States Private C. Miller - The main protagonist and main playable character in the American campaign. He is a fierce and experienced fighter in the US Marine Corps that was part of a recon unit on Makin Island that was captured by Japanese soldiers. He is rescued by marines under command Sergeant Tom Sullivan and Corporal Roebuck and he helps them fight the Japanese forces on the island. Miller continues fighting in fierce battles against the Japanese in the Pacific. He fights fiercely in the Battle of Peleliu alongside Sullivan, Roebuck and the new recruit Pvt. Polonsky. During the Battle of Okinawa, Miller helps assault Shuri Castle, achieving victory on the island.
  • United States Corporal/Sergeant Roebuck - Miller's friend and a non-playable character. He rescues Miller from Japanese forces and proceeds to storm the island in the mission "Semper Fi." After raiding Makin, Roebuck helps storm the Peleliu beach. After Sullivan's death, Roebuck proceeds to lead Miller and Polonsky for the rest of the war. He helps storm Shuri castle to clear out the last Japanese defense, where he comes under ambush by Japanese soldiers feigning surrender. Depending on the player's actions, Roebuck is either killed or saved by Miller. He is voiced by Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Soviet Union Private Chernov (Russian: "Чернов") - A Soviet soldier under Reznov's command. He first appears in "Their Land, Their Blood", where he helps Reznov rescue Dimitri from his German captors. Unlike Reznov, he greatly disapproves of the vengeful brutality that Russian soldiers inflict on Germans. He helps Reznov and Dimitri assault Berlin, where he is berated by Reznov for writing in his diary instead of fighting. He is given the Soviet flag and he attempts to rush into the Reichstag with it, but is burned and killed by a German soldier with a flamethrower. Reznov then picks up Chernov's diary, claiming that it will be read after the fighting. He is voiced by Craig Houston.
  • United States Private Polonsky - A US Marine in Miller's squad. He is a very aggressive fighter and is incredibly hot-tempered. He helps assault Peleliu island with Miller. After Sullivan's death, he continues fighting in the fierce battle for Peleliu Island until the Americans achieve victory. After the battle, Polonsky assaults Okinawa and, after breaking through Japanese defenses, storms Shuri Castle. He then encounters an ambush by Japanese soldiers feigning surrender and depending on the player's actions, he will either live or die. If the player does nothing, then Roebuck will die and Polonsky will start beating the Japanese soldier he was facing and will then help Miller fight off the Japanese counterattack. He is voiced by Aaron Stanford.
  • United States Sergeant Tom Sullivan - A US Marine who was the original commander of Miller's squad as well as one of his close friends. He is a skilled leader and a fierce fighter who fights against the Japanese army on Makin. He rescues Miller, kills Miller's captor, and helps Miller assault Makin Island. Next he leads the squad in the opening of the assault on Peleliu. After breaking through the defenses on the beach, Sullivan fights his way to a Japanese bunker. He rushes to see what is outside and is stabbed by a Japanese officer with a Katana, leading to his death. He is voiced by Chris Fries.


  • Nazi Germany General Heinrich Amsel - The main antagonist of the mission "Vendetta." He is a Nazi officer leading German forces in the battle for Stalingrad. He is an efficient commander who nearly takes the whole city and he closely inspects his garrisons every day. He is also a very brutal and ruthless officer, as he has deliberately caused the deaths of millions of Russians. Viktor Reznov followed him for days, attempting to kill him. When Soviet forces assaulted his main headquarters, Amsel attempted to escape, but was shot and killed by Dimitri Petrenko.

Red Army[edit]

  • Soviet Union Commissar Markhov - The commanding officer in the Russian campaign. He leads Russian forces in the Battle of Berlin, starting by breaking the German defenses in the outskirts of the city. Like Reznov, he is also merciless and has no sympathy for the Germans. He is later seen in "Heart of the Reich," instructing Reznov to attack the Reichstag and is later seen in the building encouraging Soviet soldiers to fight. He is voiced by Dimitri Diatchenko.
  • Soviet Union Sergeant Daletski (Russian: "Далетский") - A Soviet soldier fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad. He rescues Dimitri and Reznov from German soldiers and then informs him of his plans to assault the German headquarters. He fights his way to the headquarters while Dimitri and Reznov cover him. However, during the assault, he is killed by a German machine gunner.

US Marines[edit]

  • United States Major Gordon - The commanding officer in the American campaign. He is heard in "Black Cats" where he instructs Captain Booth to attack a Japanese merchant fleet. During the battle of Okinawa, after Miller defeats a Japanese defensive line, Gordon instructs them about their next target, Shuri Castle, telling Polonsky that the castle is deserted.

US Navy[edit]

  • United States Petty Officer Locke - Another playable character in the American campaign, though only in the mission "Black Cats." He is a PBY Catalina gunner who assaults a Japanese fleet.
  • United States Captain Booth - The commander of the PBY Catalina called Mantaray. He pilots the air-boat into the assault on a Japanese fleet and in defense of the American fleet off Okinawa.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[edit]

Task Force 141[edit]

Cpt. John "Soap" MacTavish, as seen in "The Hornet's Nest" mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • United Kingdom Captain John "Soap" MacTavish /məkˈtævɪʃ/ - MacTavish is a British main protagonist and a playable character in the last three missions. He returns from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, now as the field commander of Task Force 141. He first appears on the mission "Cliffhanger", assisting the player's character, Gary "Roach" Sanderson. In the second mission, he and his team captured the right-hand man of an arms dealer and interrogated him, which then led them to hunt for Alesandro Rojas A.K.A Alex the Red, who they captured in time. In the last two missions, he and Price hunted for General Shepherd, a traitor. Soap tries to kill Shepherd, but Shepherd manages to stab him. After watching Price and Shepard engage in hand-to-hand combat Soap pulls the knife out of his chest and throws it to kill Shepherd. He is voiced by Kevin McKidd. Soap appears to be modeled after the character "Lake" in the 2003 movie Tears of the Sun.[1]
  • United Kingdom Captain John Price (a.k.a. Prisoner #627) - A British main protagonist and a non-playable character. Price returns from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He is discovered by the team as they free him from the gulag prison in Russia. After his rescue, he helps Task Force 141 to hunt down the Ultra-nationalist terrorist, Vladimir Makarov. In the third mission, he, along with Soap and Australian member Rook, are betrayed by General Shepherd, and attacked by Shepherd's men. He asks Makarov for intel in order to find Shepherd. Makarov gives up the information to Price, knowing the location of Shepherd. Price and Soap hunt down Shepherd on a suicide mission. Shepard escapes into a waiting helicopter, which Price manages to shoot down. In the aftermath of the crash, Price and Shepherd engage in hand-to-hand combat after he stabs Soap in the chest. Shepherd overpowers him. Soap manages to pull the knife out of his chest and uses it against Shepard, killing him. He is voiced by Billy Murray.
  • United Kingdom Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley - A non-playable British character in Modern Warfare 2, he wears a pair of sunglasses, a skull-patterned balaclava and headphones with a mic. He also appears in Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, and is featured as a multiplayer skin for those who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Ghosts. He appears in the mission "Takedown". Ghost and Soap interrogate Rojas' right-hand man. On the "Gulag" mission, he stays in the control room to unlock the gates of the prison by hacking the enemy's security system. In his final appearance, Roach, Ghost, Ozone, and Scarecrow lead the other Task Force 141 squad to capture Makarov in one of two of Makarov's possible locations near Georgia's border. Despite their efforts at the end of the mission, Roach and Ghost are betrayed and killed by Shepherd. Ghost is voiced by the English actor Craig Fairbrass.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson - The main playable British character throughout most of the game. In the MW2 launch trailer, he is seen running on the rooftops in the favela with Ghost and Soap in the level The Hornet's Nest. In his final appearance, Roach, along with Ghost, Ozone, and Scarecrow lead the other Task Force 141 squad to capture Makarov in one of two of Makarov's possible locations near Georgia's border. The team fails to locate Makarov, and eventually Roach and Ghost are betrayed and killed by Shepherd.

Russian Loyalists[edit]

  • Russia Codename: "Nikolai" (Russian: Кодовое имя - "Николай") - He returns from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, now appearing to be a mercenary pilot with a number of fixed wing and rotary aircraft at his disposal. He comes to Task Force 141's aid in "Hornet's Nest" and "The Enemy of My Enemy", and provides logistical support to Price and MacTavish in "Just Like Old Times" and "Endgame".


Vladimir Makarov in the level "No Russian"
  • United States Lieutenant General "Gold Eagle" Shepherd - The main antagonist in Modern Warfare 2. He is the commander of Task Force 141 and also the U.S. Army Rangers. In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, he lost 30,000 men when Vladimir Makarov (proved in Yuri's flashback from MW3) set off a nuclear bomb. Angry and disillusioned by this and the world's refusal to listen to his warnings that Russia is becoming an ultra-nationalist state, Shepherd begins to operate on his own. He heads Task Force 141 and hunts Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov, eventually ordering his elite soldiers, Shadow Company, to eliminate them both. He is revealed to be responsible for the Russian-American war, his goal being to make America once again undisputed as the sole world superpower- and himself as the hero who made it so. Shepherd is killed at the end of the final mission by Soap, who throws a knife into Shepherd's eye. He is voiced by Lance Henriksen.
  • Soviet Union Vladimir A. Makarov (Russian: Владимир Р. Макаров) - The secondary antagonist in the game. He is a psychopathic terrorist and also an Ultra-nationalist leader, claiming the role after the death of Imran Zakhaev. In the optional "No Russian" mission, he and his team, including undercover CIA agent Joseph Allen, attack Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow, killing a large number of civilians and Russian police. In the end of the mission, Makarov, aware of Allen's true identity, kills the agent and leaves him behind to be discovered by Russian police, leading the Russians to believe that it was a U.S. led attack. This in turn causes a war between Russia and the United States. At the end of the game, he supplies Price and MacTavish with intel leading them to Shepherd's location, and goes into hiding. Makarov would become the primary antagonist of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is voiced by the voice actor Roman Varshavsky.
  • Brazil Alejandro 'Alex the Red' Rojas - An arms dealer based in Rio de Janeiro. A former armorer, he began selling weapons on the side. He supplied Makarov and his unit with their equipment during their massacre at the Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow. In an attempt to find Makarov, Task Force 141 traces the shell casings and is able to trace them back to Rojas. The group hunts Rojas down in his residential favela, and he is eventually captured by Captain MacTavish. He is soon dead after being tortured by Ghost, and reveals that their best shot at reaching Makarov is a man that Makarov has a personal grudge against, locked up in a Russian Gulag, who is later revealed to be Captain Price.
  • Brazil Rojas' Assistant - Alex the Red's assistant. Gets injured when Roach shoots his legs and is captured by Task Force 141. His name and fate is unknown.

U.S. Army Rangers[edit]

  • Private James Ramirez - A playable character who replaces PFC. Joseph Allen in the squadron. He is part of the 75th Ranger Regiment based on the east coast of the United States during the start of the Russian Invasion. His first appearance is in "Wolverines!" where his team is sent to extract a VIP codenamed "Raptor" from invading Russian forces. Second, Ramirez and the rest of the team go to a now war ravaged Washington, D.C. during the Russian Invasion to help the United States Army to evacuate the civilians. His final appearance is "Whiskey Hotel" where after struggling through the Washington D.C. war-zone, Ramirez and the team attempt to retake the White House from Russian forces. Upon reaching the roof, Ramirez uses the flares to stop the Hammerdown deployment.
  • Private First Class Joseph Allen (a.k.a. Alexei Borodin) - Allen is a playable character and the protagonist for most of Act I. He is introduced in "S.S.D.D", completing the assault course. He then goes undercover as part of Vladimir Makarov's crew in the optional "No Russian" level. However at the end of the mission, it is revealed that Makarov knew of Allen's true identity as a CIA agent; Makarov kills him, leaving his body behind as a catalyst for a Russian invasion of the US. He is voiced by Troy Baker.
  • Sergeant Foley - Sgt. Foley is a Ranger member. He is also the acting leader of Hunter Two-One. He is seen in "S.S.D.D." training Allen. In the second mission, he leads his squad and clears the school that is overwhelmed by OpFor militia. During the Russian Invasion, Foley leads Ramirez and the rest of the squad to hold off the remaining Russians. In the White House, they are able to take control and get to the roof, using flares to stop the bombing (known as the "Hammerdown Protocol"). He is voiced by Keith David.
  • Corporal Dunn - Dunn is a U.S. Army Ranger, a member of Hunter Two-One. He appears in "S.S.D.D." and lets Joseph Allen into the Pit training. He also appears in "Team Player" to escort Allen and Foley. In Virginia, they fight their way through the frontlines and into Washington, D.C. In the end of the mission, he and his team say that they might launch a counter-attack against Russia. He is voiced by Barry Pepper.

Inner Circle[edit]

  • Soviet Union Viktor (Russian: Виктор) - Viktor is one of the Ultra-nationalist terrorists who took part in Makarov's operation at Zakhaev International Airport in Moscow. Later in the mission 'Exodus', Ramirez and his squad search the house of an HVI desired by Shepherd in Washington D.C. The HVI is found killed in his panic room, a dead Russian in a paratrooper uniform found dead outside the room. The soldier is identical to Viktor both in face and neck tattoos, which Dunn comments on as he takes photos.

Call of Duty: Black Ops[edit]


  • United States Agent Alex Mason is the first and primary playable character. He first appears at the very beginning of the game, being interrogated by members of an unknown organization who are trying to get information out of him. In the first level of the game, Mason and his teammates Joseph Bowman and Frank Woods infiltrated Cuba in order to assassinate Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Though Mason appears to succeed in killing Castro, he strands himself on Cuba while ensuring that Woods and Bowman escaped by plane; it was revealed shortly thereafter that he had actually killed Castro's body double, and the real one was still alive. Castro then gave Mason to the Soviet General Nikita Dragovich, who imprisoned him at the Vorkuta Gulag. During his two-year imprisonment, he befriended Viktor Reznov, a former Russian soldier. He and Reznov sparked a major prison uprising to escape from Vorkuta, but only Mason managed to escape. Afterwards, Mason was brought to The Pentagon with Jason Hudson and Robert McNamara, where he meets President John F. Kennedy, who authorizes the assassination of Dragovich. Mason and his team were dispatched to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in order to disrupt the Soviet space program and kill Dragovich, though the mission went wrong when one of their teammates, Weaver, was captured. Though they managed to save him and destroyed a Russian rocket as it tried to take off, Dragovich escaped. Five years later, Mason was dispatched to Vietnam, where he was reunited with his old teammates and repelled an attack by the North Vietnamese Army at the Battle of Khe Sanh. In Hue City, they were sent to look for a man who was trying to defect to the West; the defector appears to be Viktor Reznov, who has since escaped from Vorkuta. They are, however, captured once again, and, after the presumed death of Frank Woods and murder of Bowman, only Mason is left. He and Reznov then infiltrated Rebirth Island, a Soviet research station where the deadly chemical Nova 6 was manufactured and weaponized, in order to kill Friedrich Steiner, a German scientist who defected to the Soviet Union near the end of World War II. During the interrogation, Mason recalls that Reznov was the one who killed Steiner, but it was actually Mason himself who did so; it is revealed that Mason was brainwashed at Vorkuta to eventually assassinate President Kennedy, though it is unclear what his actual involvement in the assassination is. Viktor Reznov managed to tamper with the brainwashing process and turned Mason against his former brainwashers, Mason suffered from a personality disorder as a result, and he thought that Reznov was real but he himself was Viktor Reznov, thus altering his memory of past events where he thought Reznov was involved. Mason is voiced by Sam Worthington.
  • United States Special Agent Jason Hudson is a secondary player character, who was Mason's handler and turns out to be the man interrogating him throughout the game. His first formal appearance is when he is escorting Mason into The Pentagon. He worked together with Mason and Woods in Vietnam. Hudson becomes playable for the first time in the fourth level of the game, set in Hong Kong as he is interrogating Daniel Clarke, a British defector who weaponized Nova 6. Later in the game, Hudson and a team of other agents were sent to apprehend Steiner on Rebirth Island, at the same time that Mason and Reznov were there to kill him, acting against orders. In order to stop Nova 6 from being used on civilians, Hudson interrogates Mason to try to find out what the numbers that Clarke had mentioned meant. Hudson is voiced by Ed Harris.[2]
  • Soviet Union Captain Viktor Reznov (Russian: Виктор Резнов) is another playable character, returning from Call of Duty: World at War, though is only playable in one level. He first appeared in the second level as a prisoner in Vorkuta, where he and Mason became friends. Reznov instigated a large-scale uprising by the prisoners, but was recaptured while Mason escaped. He and Mason appeared to reunite in Vietnam, where he claimed to be defecting to the West, and saved Mason after the helicopter he was on crashed. Following Kravchenko's death, he and Mason tracked down Steiner on Rebirth Island. Mason actually suffers from dissociative identity disorder; he himself became Viktor Reznov. At the end of the game, it is revealed that after Mason escaped from Vorkuta, Reznov was actually an illusion in Mason's mind, and Jason Hudson tells Mason that Reznov reversed his brain-washing so that Mason could kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner out of revenge for Reznov's comrades (who were killed in 1945 by Dragovich and Kravchenko by exposure to Nova 6) and that the real Reznov was killed after the prison break by Russian soldiers. Reznov is voiced by Gary Oldman.
  • Soviet Union Special Agent Grigori Weaver (Russian: Спецагент Григорий Уивер) is a soldier who defected to the United States after the government-sponsored murder of his father. He is also an engineer who was sent to sabotage a rocket, but was captured and has his left eye cut out by Kravchenko. He also assists Jason Hudson during the interrogation of Daniel Clarke and during the missions on Mt. Yamantau and Rebirth. Towards the end of the game, Weaver becomes more and more distrustful of Mason because of his erratic behavior. It is revealed that he along with Hudson has been interrogating Mason throughout the game. Weaver learns from an anonymous note that his niece is alive in Russia. However, he is never informed that she is a high-ranking government agent. Weaver is voiced by Gene Farber.
  • United States Master Sergeant Frank Woods is a non-playable character, but is an ally of Mason in most of the game's levels. He first appeared in the first level, along with Mason and Bowman, during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Woods and Mason are captured by the Vietcong and almost killed during a forced game of Russian roulette. After escaping the rat tunnels, Woods and Mason eventually commandeered a helicopter and fought their way to where Kravchenko was hiding. Woods sacrificed his own life by tackling Kravchenko and knocking both of them out a window as the latter pulled a grenade. He later appeared alive seconds later, only to be revealed an illusion in the eyes of Mason. He is presumed dead, but an anonymous note sent to Mason (viewable in the interrogation room computer) states that Woods is still alive and imprisoned in Hanoi; the Reveal Trailer for Black Ops II shows he survived until at least 95. He is voiced and motion-captured by James C. Burns.[3]
  • United States Chief Petty Officer Joseph Bowman is a non-playable character who appears in several missions as an ally of Mason. He first appeared in the first level, along with Mason and Woods, during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Bowman was brutally killed by a Spetsnaz operative when he insulted him, and refused to play a game of Russian roulette. He is voiced by Ice Cube.
  • United States President of the United States John F. Kennedy is the first player character in one version of the Zombie mode. He made only one formal appearance in the campaign, during his meeting with Alex Mason to authorize Nikita Dragovich's assassination, though his voice plays over some parts of the game. He was assassinated in 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald, though Mason appears to have had some form of involvement in the assassination. Kennedy is voiced by Jim Meskimen and Chriss Anglin.
  • United States Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara is the second player character in one version of the Zombie mode. Like Kennedy, he only formally appears once in the campaign with his voice dubbed in other sections as well. He brings Alex Mason to Kennedy and helps to conspire to assassinate Nikita Dragovich. He is voiced by Robert Picardo.
  • Soviet Union Private Dimitri Petrenko (Russian: Дмитрий Петренко) is a returning character from Call of Duty: World at War and is now an NPC in this game. He is only seen in one mission when the player plays as Reznov and is killed later in the level by exposure to Nova 6. He is voiced by Boris Kievsky.


  • Soviet Union Major General Nikita Dragovich (Russian: Никита Драгович) is the main antagonist of the story, the instigator of the Nova 6 plot and the attempted invasion of the United States. He first appears at the end of the first level, receiving Mason as a prisoner from Fidel Castro. Dragovich was largely responsible for Mason's brainwashing. His earlier involvement in the Nova 6 plot was in 1945 in the Arctic Circle, when he helped Friedrich Steiner move his chemical weapons out of a ship which had been frozen in place by the weather. Dragovich was killed by Mason at the end of the game by simultaneous choking and drowning. His final words suggest that Mason followed his original programming to assassinate President Kennedy despite Reznov's interference, but even this remains unclear. Dragovich was voiced by Eamon Hunt.
  • Soviet Union Colonel Lev Kravchenko (Ukrainian: Лев Кравченко) is a secondary antagonist, first appearing when Mason was captured in Cuba. He was also personally responsible for the loss of Weaver's left eye, and though Mason and his team searched feverishly for him, he managed to escape. He was apparently killed by Woods, who knocked them both through a window and simultaneously pulled the pins from the grenades that Kravchenko had strapped to himself. However, Black Ops II reveals that both men survived and he returns as a minor antagonist. As evidenced by intel found in-game, he was quite sadistic, going so far as to torture his own sister to death to prove his loyalty to Dragovich. He was voiced by Andrew Divoff.
  • Nazi Germany Doctor Friedrich Steiner is a German scientist responsible for the creation of Nova 6, a nerve toxin which can kill a human being in a matter of seconds. He formally worked for the Third Reich designing other chemical weapons, but withheld the use of Nova 6 by the Germans and instead handed it over to Dragovich in 1945. He defected to the Soviet Union and continued to develop the toxin. Near the end of the game, Steiner began to have second thoughts and begged Hudson and Weaver to extract him from Rebirth Island before he would be killed by Dragovich's men (who were killing those who were not important anymore), but was shot and killed by Mason despite his attempt to jog Mason's memory. Steiner is voiced by Mark Bramhall.
  • Cuba Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro is a minor antagonist in the campaign, though serves as a protagonist in one version of the Zombie mode. He was Mason's target during the Bay of Pigs Invasion, though Mason only killed Castro's body double. His soldiers then captured Mason and handed him over to Dragovich. He later appears in the Pentagon fighting zombies alongside John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara and Richard Nixon. He is voiced by Marlon Correa and Gustavo Rex.
  • United Kingdom Doctor Daniel Clarke is a cynical British communist and defector who left for the Soviet Union in 1964. His experience in Biology and chemistry, gained at Oxford University, made him a useful tool to Dragovich in stabilizing the volatile compounds which made up Nova 6. Knowing that Dragovich would kill him as soon as Nova 6 was weaponized, he escaped to Kowloon City in Hong Kong, though was captured by Hudson and Weaver, who tortured him to try to weed out information. During their attempted escape, just before he could tell Hudson what the numbers from Dragovich's broadcast station meant, he was shot in the head and fell from the rooftops. Clarke is voiced by Gary Oldman.
  • Soviet Union "Numbers" is an unnamed female character who broadcasts the number sequences to the Soviet sleeper agents in America from an unknown location. She is first seen when the game starts for the first time and in the ending of the game, and she can also be heard in Mason's head throughout the campaign. She is voiced (and played by in live action shots) by Emmanuelle Chriqui.


  • United States Tank Dempsey is a fearless, stereotypical American war hero, a US Marine who is obsessed with war and bloodshed. He hates Richtofen, and likes Takeo and Nikolai. Tank Dempsey was also awarded for his bravery on the island of Peleliu during World War Two. Not one of the original super soldier test subjects, Dempsey was captured and tortured by Richtofen while trying to extract a spy from Group 935. He replaced a Mexican killed by Richtofen, and like the others, had his memory wiped, which he slowly starts to regain. Dempsey can be heard yelling insults and jokes at the zombies if the player accumulates a large amount of kills. Dempsey bears resemblance to Pvt. Polonsky, a non-playable U.S. Marine in Call of Duty: World at War. He is voiced by Steven Blum.
  • Soviet Union Nikolai Belinski (Russian: Николай Белинский) is a stereotypical Russian. A drunken, ignorant ex-soldier from the Red Army. He has had 6 wives, all of them killed by him, and he is obsessed with vodka. He respects Dempsey, but hates Takeo and he likes Richtofen until the map "Moon". He was one of the original super soldiers captured and tortured by Richtofen, the result of which was him being reduced to being nearly functionless without vodka. Nikolai can also be heard yelling non-sense about various things, mostly about his vodka he thinks the zombies are trying to steal. Belinski seems to look like Pvt. Chernov, a non-playable Red Army Soldier in Call of Duty: World at War. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
  • Japan Takeo Masaki is former soldier in the Imperial Army from a long line of distinguished warriors. As such, he is concerned with his and his allies honor in battle. He likes Dempsey, respects Richtofen however holds a grudge towards him and hates Nikolai. He is the first to begin regaining his memories after Richtofen. Out of the three super soldiers, he is the only one who does not hate Richtofen. Masaki looks like the Japanese Officer in the starting sequence of Call of Duty: World at War. He is voiced by Tom Kane.
  • Nazi Germany Edward Richtofen A German ex-scientist who worked for Dr. Ludvig Maxis and his daughter Samantha and is the main anti-hero in the Zombies storyline. He was driven insane, possibly schizophrenic, by his encounter with an alien device called the "M.P.D." Maxis created the Hellhounds, Richtofen used them to kill Maxis and group 935, although the daughter, Samantha, survived, and was sent to the Group 935 facility on the Moon. He has created the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Quantum Entanglement Device, or the QED. He hates Dempsey yet he seems to like Nikolai and Takeo. In Call of the Dead, he retrieves the Golden Rod from the celebrities, and in Shangri-La he obtains the Focusing Stone, which both play a part in his plan on the Moon. He uses both items to switch places with Samantha - who had been held prisoner inside the M.P.D. - and has been using Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey to achieve this, to become the master of all zombies to conquer the world. However, his plan is thwarted when the others follow Maxis' contingency plan to destroy the Earth and all zombies on it, leaving Richtofen in control of only the surviving zombies on the Moon, which are already being killed by the other three. He is voiced by Nolan North.
  • Nazi Germany Samantha Maxis is the 8-year-old daughter of Dr. Ludvig Maxis and the secondary antagonist of the Zombies campaign. With her father, she was trapped in a teleporter room with a hellhound. Instead of dying, she was sent to Griffin Station on the Moon. From there, she entered the "M.P.D.", gaining control of the zombies. Her efforts to destroy Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen are her completing her father's dying wish: to destroy everyone who betrayed them, including anyone helping said people. She has attacked the four with hellhounds, zombies, and space monkeys. She lured Yuri Kravcheski, a scientist, into trapping Dr. Gersch in the Kassimir Mechanism, leading to the map Ascension's greatest easter egg. In Moon, it is revealed that all the previous easter eggs in the other maps were part of Richtofen's plan to switch souls with her, so he could control the zombies. After accomplishing the plan, she ends up in Richtofen's physical body, while he ends up in her place, a spirit who controls the zombies.
  • Nazi Germany Dr. Ludvig Maxis Samantha's father and the primary antagonist of the Zombies campaign he was the head of Group 935, and Richtofen's superior before Richtofen betrayed him by locking him and Sam in a room with the teleporter and a newly created Hellhound, which was Samantha's pregnant dog Fluffy. He survived, and was taken to the Moon by Richtofen's allies. His final request to Samantha was to destroy those who betrayed them, before being shot in the head. He later appeared as some sort of computer file denying access to Richtofen at Moon. However, Maxis is deleted by Richtofen just before he can stop him from receiving the Vril Generator from the computer. Later, just as the original characters and Samantha, now in Richtofen's body, he appears in a radio message and tells them to launch 3 rockets in order to kill all the zombies, stopping Richtofen's plan for an army of zombies to conquer Earth.
  • United States President of the United States John F. Kennedy is the first player character in one version of the Zombie mode. He made only one formal appearance in the campaign, during his meeting with Alex Mason to authorize Nikita Dragovich's assassination, though his voice plays over some parts of the game. He was assassinated in 1963, allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald, though Mason appears to have had some form of involvement in the assassination, but it turned out that it was actually the zombies who killed Kennedy (at the end of the game) while the other three characters somehow escaped.
  • United States Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara is the second player character in one version of the Zombie mode. Like Kennedy, he only formally appears once in the campaign with his voice dubbed in other sections as well. He brings Alex Mason to Kennedy and helps to conspire to assassinate Nikita Dragovich. He is voiced by Robert Picardo.
  • United States Richard Nixon is the third character in the same version of Zombies as Kennedy and MacNamara. While he makes no formal appearance in the campaign, he is revealed to be in this mode because Kennedy believes that he could bring helpful ideas to ease the tensions between the U.S. and Cuba. He also appears to be a source of comic relief similar to that of Takeo Masaki in the majority of other zombies maps.
  • United States Sarah Michelle Gellar is the first playable character in the "Call of the Dead" mode of Zombies. She is one of the few women in the entire Call of Duty Series (and one of the even fewer playable ones.) She is one of the four survivors on the set of a movie that was attacked by zombies and had helped Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Edward Richtofen, and Takeo Masaki transfer themselves from a closet on the set into Shangri-La. Like the other characters in "Call of the Dead", she has no relevance to the actual campaign.
  • United States Robert Englund is the second playable character in "Call of the Dead". During the opening, he is made out to be the butt of a joke involving how to hit a zombie with a shotgun. He, like Gellar, is one of the four survivors of the zombie invasion on the movie set. During the opening, he is shown killing zombies with a pitchfork; however, it somehow vanishes when the game begins (Englund brings this up if a player buys the "Sickle" to replace your knife).
  • United States Danny Trejo is the third playable character in "Call of the Dead" and one of the four survivors on the film set. Like Englund, he has weapons in the opening that disappear when the game begins. In his case, they are dual wielded machete's though he never brings it up.
  • United States Michael Rooker is the fourth playable character in "Call of the Dead" and the fourth survivor on the film set. He, like Trejo and Englund, wields an unusable weapon in the opening (in his case they are dual double-barreled shotguns that fire three rounds before needing to be reloaded).
  • United States George A. Romero is the main antagonist of "Call of the Dead". While directing a movie, he is abducted by zombies and injected with Element 115. He chases the playable characters around with a spotlight and becomes increasingly difficult the closer one gets to defeating him. If you hit him he goes into a berserk sprint and will not stop until he reaches water. It is assumed that he is either cured or the Element eventually wore off as he gives a speech at the end of the level.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[edit]


Player Characters[edit]

  • United Kingdom Captain John Price (Voiced by: Billy Murray) - A supporting character of the game until Soap's death when he becomes the main protagonist, is responsible for keeping the stability of his team, though he is not playable until the game's final mission, "Dust to Dust". He is emotionally attached to Soap as his "blood brother", due to his heavy respect towards him, and he experienced great irascibility towards Yuri after Soap's death. Price manages to track down Makarov to a hotel in the Middle East, and he and Yuri assault the hideout. Price eventually manages to wrap a cable around Makarov's neck and smash a glass window, sending him plunging to his death. Price then calmy smokes a cigar at the scene.
  • United Kingdom Captain John "Soap" MacTavish (/məkˈtævɪʃ/; Voiced by: Kevin McKidd) - He is a supporting character of the game. He is not a playable character, but the game's view is switched to his perspective during the opening of the game, similar that of to President Al-Fulani from Call of Duty 4, which counts Soap as "playable" in some way. He was badly wounded after killing Lt. General Shepherd by launching a throwing knife into his eye in Modern Warfare 2. However, he joins the player on most missions involving Yuri and is deemed as a very important role in running the game's storyline smoothly.[citation needed] He is killed when his attempt with Price,Yuri and Kamarov to assassinate Makarov fails, and an explosion resulted in him falling from a great height. Despite Price and Yuri's attempt to save him, he eventually dies from his injuries, with his dying words being "Makarov...knows...Yuri," leading to Captain Price's anguish. Captain Price then punched Yuri down the staircase and demanded to know of his association with Makarov.
  • Russia Yuri (Russian: Юрий) (Voiced by: Brian Bloom) - The main playable character. He is an ex-Spetsnaz soldier fighting alongside the Russian Loyalists and Task Force 141.[4] It is revealed that Makorov and Yuri were once friends and fellow Ultranationalists. Yuri and Makarov were present when Zakhaev was shot by Price in Pripyat, where the two evacuated their leader from the arms deal. Yuri was also with Makarov in the Middle East, when the latter detonated the nuclear bomb that killed 30,000 American soldiers. This made Yuri uneasy about Makarov's intentions. When Makarov and the other terrorists planned to do a masscare in Zakhaev International Airport, Yuri attempted to contact the F.S.B. to warn them, but was found out and shot by Makarov for treason. Yuri then tried to stop the massacre, but he passed out from blood loss. However, Yuri was rescued by members of the Russian Police, and vowed for revenge on Makarov.[5] He was killed by Makarov in the mission "Dust to Dust", but his death bought Price time to kill the notorious terrorist. He was the first Russian playable character in the Modern Warfare series, and he seems to respect Price and Soap.
  • United States Sergeant Derek "Frost" Westbrook - A Delta Force commando and a member of Team Metal. He is the player character for all Delta Force missions in the campaign, with the exception of "Down the Rabbit Hole", when the (disavowed) Task Force 141 and Team Metal launch a joint rescue operation to rescue President Vorshevsky and his daughter Alena. He is not heard from after this mission and his fate is left unknown.
  • United Kingdom Sergeant Marcus Burns - An S.A.S. operative stationed in the UK along with Sgt. Wallcroft and Cpl. Griffin. Playable during the mission "Mind the Gap". He and his SAS team investigated the suspicious cargo delivered in London and discovered the bio-chemical weapon delivered by Makarov, and that there were several trucks that could all contain the chemicals. They made an attempt to stop the gas attack, but targeted the wrong truck.
  • Russia F.S.O. Agent Andrei Harkov (Russian: Агент ФСО Андрей Харков) - An F.S.O. agent guarding Russian President Boris Vorshevsky during the mission "Turbulence". When the plane that was carrying the Russian President was hijacked by the Makarov's Follower,Inner Circle, Harkov and the other agents fought to secure the President in the safe room of the plane, but it was brought down and crashed. Mistaking a hostile chopper for evacuation transport, he was killed by Makarov upon opening the helicopter door.
  • United States AC-130 Spectre Gunner An unidentified member of an AC-130 Gunship (callsign "Warhammer") who the player is put in control of during two parts of the mission "Iron Lady" assisting Team Metal. Although it is not confirmed, it is very likely this is the very same character the player controls in the original Modern Warfare. In the AC-130 the player is helped playing through his objectives by a TV Operator and a female FCO.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters)[edit]

  • United States Master Sgt. "Sandman" (Voiced by: William Fichtner)[6] - A Delta Force operator and leader of Team Metal. He shares intel with Price regarding Makarov in spite of Price's fugitive status.[7] He served alongside Ghost, Soap and Price during "Operation: Kingfish", explaining his friendship with Price. He is hit in the shoulder while giving cover to an escaping helicopter that contained Yuri, Price and the Russian President, and is presumed KIA in "Down the Rabbit Hole" when the diamond mine where President Vorshevsky was being held collapses.[8]
  • United States Sergeant First Class "Truck" (Voiced by: Idris Elba) - A Delta Force member, part of Sandman's Team Metal. Presumed KIA in "Down the Rabbit Hole" when the mine collapses on them.[8] He is the only African-American ally in Modern Warfare 3.
  • United States Sergeant First Class "Grinch" (Voiced by: Timothy Olyphant) - A Delta Force member, and part of Sandman's Team Metal. Presumed KIA in "Down the Rabbit Hole" when the mine collapses on them.[8] He uses an MK14 exclusively. In every mission he uses it as his only weapon except during his last stand in the diamond mine with Sandman and Truck when he throws it aside and pulls out a Desert Eagle pistol.
  • United Kingdom Sgt. Wallcroft (Voiced by: Craig Fairbrass)[9] - An SAS operative from a minor role in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He appears in the mission "Mind the Gap", leading an SAS team including Sgt. Burns and Cpl. Griffin in an effort to stop a chemical attack in London. There is a Captain Wallcroft in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.
  • United Kingdom Cpl. Griffin - An SAS operative who is stationed in the UK alongside Sgt. Wallcroft and Sgt. Burns. He appears in the mission "Mind the Gap", but is killed halfway through the mission when a runaway subway train derails and slides directly into the path of their vehicle, causing it to flip over and cause Griffin to take the full brunt of the impact.
  • Russia Codename "Nikolai" (Voiced by: Sven Holmberg)[10] - (Russian: Кодовое имя "Николай") He returns from both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to assist the now-disavowed Task Force 141 with his piloting skills and logistical support. Since he is allied with a group of Russians who reject the Ultranationalist movement, called Loyalists, he provides troop support to Soap, Price and Yuri in some missions. He and Price are the remaining surviving members of the 141.
  • Russia Sgt. Kamarov (Russian: Сержант Камаров) - The Russian loyalist who helped Price and Soap in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare returns. He helps the local Czech Resistance when the Russians invaded the Czech Republic and plays role as the team "eye and ear" in the hotel where Vladimir Makarov and his general meeting took place. He was killed when Price broke into Makarov's hotel, only to find that Kamarov strapped to a chair with a massive amount of C4, a booby trap set by Makarov.
  • France "Sabre" (Voiced by: Jean-Michel Richaud) - He is a leader of the GIGN unit. He appears in the mission "Bag and Drag", assisting Team Metal in order to capture "Volk".
  • United Kingdom Cpt. MacMillan ("Baseplate") (Voiced by: Tony Curran)[11] - Captain Price's former mentor and C.O. returns from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, now retired from the field and providing intelligence under the callsign "Baseplate". He shares key intel to the disavowed Task Force 141. He is still injured from the helicopter in Pripyat, despite it happening 20 years ago.
  • Russia President Boris Vorshevsky (Russian: Борис Воршевский) Voiced by: David Anthony Pizzuto - The Russian President who was mentioned only in Modern Warfare 2 and was not seen. After the events of "No Russian", he managed to declare a war on the U.S. to avenge the death of the citizens killed during the airport massacre. He is somehow an antagonist due to declaring war on U.S. and becoming president after the civil war but due to Makarov wanting to kill him, he is basically a neutral character rather than being the secondary antagonist. Kidnapped in "Turbulence" by Makarov, who wanted the launch codes to the Russian nuclear arsenal. Makarov tried to ransom his daughter Alena for the launch codes, but Vorshevsky, along with Alena, were later rescued in the diamond mine in Siberia by the combined efforts of Task Force 141 and Team Metal in "Down the Rabbit Hole." He helps Yuri onboard their evac helicopter as they fly out of the mine as it collapses, killing Team Metal. A later prologue reveals he is discussing a peace treaty with the U.S.
  • Russia Alena Vorshevsky (Russian: Алена Воршевская) Voiced by: Anna Graves - The 22-year-old daughter of Russian President Boris Vorshevsky. Targeted by Makarov to ransom her father for the nuclear launch codes. Kidnapped in Berlin by Ultranationalists assisted by a Hind helicopter, despite the efforts by Team Metal to stop it during the mission "Scorched Earth". She was later rescued at the Siberian mine by Task Force 141 and Team Metal at "Down the Rabbit Hole".


  • Soviet Union Vladimir Makarov (Russian: Владимир Макаров) Voiced by: Roman Varshavsky - He is the terrorist leader of the Inner Circle and the main antagonist in Modern Warfare 3. Makarov launched a bio-chemical warfare attack against Europe after he and his men hijacked President Boris Vorshevsky and take control of the Russia with the defected hardliners to soften up the Russia invasion in Europe. He planned to get the nuclear launch codes from Russian President Boris Vorshevsky by forcing him to reveal them in exchange for the life of his daughter Alena, but failed, thanks to the efforts of Task Force 141 Disavowed (later been avowed once again) and Team Metal (minus Frost, who is replaced by Sergeant McCoy). He also killed Soap, F.S.O. Agent Andrei Harkov, and Yuri. Makarov was killed by Captain Price by hanging him with a cable in the mission "Dust to Dust".
  •  (POW) Soviet Union Viktor "Volk" Khristenko (Russian: Виктор "Волк" Христенко) - The secondary antagonist, also well known as "The Wolf" and the leader of the Fregata industry, the industry that produced and distribute the nuclear weapon for Makarov. A bomb-maker working for Makarov and the man responsible for the chemical attacks across Europe that killed 35 thousand people. Waraabe's contact and vector for chemical weapons. Captured by Team Metal in Paris at "Bag and Drag".
  • Somalia Waraabe - He is a warlord in Bosaso, Somalia. He was responsible for the sale of chemical weapons to "Volk". Price threatens Waraabe with poison gas to get Volk's name. He gives up Volk's name but is executed by Price in retalliation for causing the deaths of thousands of people.

Other Characters[edit]

  • United States The Davis Family - A young American family visiting London. Killed when a biochemical WMD goes off behind them after "Mind the Gap". A special mission is given to them where the player controls the father running a video camera, but a warning is given to the player before starting the campaign about disturbing content. If the player chooses to disable the content, the truck explodes in front of Burns, Wallcroft and half a dozen other SAS soldiers instead.
  • United States SEAL Leader - is the unnamed leader of the SEALs that appears in "Hunter Killer". He helps to prepare the exfil for Team Metal and is one of the three soldiers who assist the player in clearing the top deck of the Russian Oscar II submarine.
  • France Cmdr. Morel is a GIGN commander. He is seen in the introduction to the level "Goalpost" where he contacts the United States Army to inform them of the chemical attack at the GIGN barracks in Satory, France, which he commanded over, and during this time, he appears to be pointing at the gas. He died from the chemicals like the other GIGN operators that were with him.

Yuri's Flashback Characters[edit]

Soviet Union Imran Zakhaev (Russian: Имран Захаев) The leader of the Russian Ultranationalist Party and the main antagonist in Call of Duty 4. Twenty years prior to the present day, in Pripyat, Ukraine, Price attempted to assassinate him, but he only lost his arm. Yuri and Makarov witnessed his attack in Yuri's first flashback (Yuri, Winter - 1996) and drove him to safety, while hitting a fellow Ultranationalist. The Flashback is to the level One Shot, One Kill.

Soviet Union Young Makarov (Russian: Молодой Макаров) First appears in Yuri's first flashback, waking Yuri up from the back seat of a UAZ, when he and Yuri are still friends. After Yuri watches Zakhaev and another high-ranking Ultranationalist arguing Zakhaev is shot, and he stumbles into their vehicle, clutching the stump of his arm. Makarov promptly swings the vehicle around and drives away, not bothering to stop or care that he hits two other Ultranationalists. Despite being a version twenty years younger than the Makarov in MW3, his voice tones are unchanged.

Soviet Union Lev (Russian: Лев) Appears twice in Yuri's third flashback (Year - 2016, Zakhaev International Airport) the first being when he restrains him in an underground parking lot beneath the Airport, and again when Yuri stumbles out of an elevator and attempts to shoot the terrorists. Lev is later killed in the same level of the previous game.

Soviet Union Viktor (Russian: Виктор) An Ultranationalist who appears in Yuri's third flashback, assisting the massacre at the airport. Although he survives a conflict with heavily armed F.S.B. Agents outside the airport, U.S. Rangers later find him dead in northeastern Virginia.

Soviet Union Kiril (Russian: Кирилл) An Ultranationalist who appears in Yuri's third flashback, assisting the massacre at the airport. He is killed later in the level.

United States Private First Class Joseph Allen A.K.A. Alexei Borodin An undercover CIA agent working with Makarov to get information for Lt. General Shepherd in Yuri's third flashback, assisting the massacre at the airport. Although he survives a conflict with heavily armed F.S.B. Agents outside the airport, he is killed by Makarov, who has discovered his true identity, at the end of the level.

Russia F.S.B. Agent (Russian: Агент ФСБ ) a bearded agent who appears at the end of Yuri's third flashback, calling more agents over to help him with Yuri, with him being the only survivor amidst hundreds. As he moves an oxygen mask close to Yuri's face, the flashback ends and it morphs into Price pointing his Desert Eagle at Yuri.

Spec Ops[edit]

United States Metal 0-4 Frost is the main playable character in Spec Ops mode, first training in a barracks with Truck as his supervisor, in a setting that greatly resembles the Pit training from the "S.S.D.D." level in Modern Warfare 2. He is also given a suit of Juggernaught armor on some missions, the first being the 5th mission entitled "Toxic Paradise" where Frost is ordered to retrieve six canisters full of chemicals from the streets of France.

United States Metal 0-1 Sandman is playable during the level "Little Bros", fighting through the map of Berlin from the campaign with the help of Vulture 2-2.

United States Ozone a Task Force 141 sniper with a scratchy voice who returns from Modern Warfare 2 who appears in the level "Kill Switch". Ozone becomes playable halfway through the mission giving covering fire to Scarecrow, and later using a Reaper UAV to cover him. Just before Scarecrow detonates the EMP, a Hind fires on his position, but he survives to escape.

United States Delta an unnamed foot soldier wielding an M4A1 in the level "Iron Clad", guiding an M1A2 Abrams tank through Hamburg, helping neutrilize dangerous targets the tank would otherwise be unable to, and laser-designating areas for the tank to use its main cannon to destroy.

Canada Sgt. Hammer a sergeant who rides on Vulture 2-2 in the mission "Little Bros". He is one of two AI who assist the player in Spec Ops mode, the other being the GIGN.

United States Trident-1 an unnamed character who appears in the 3rd level of Spec Ops entitled "Over Reactor". He infiltrates the Olga with the mission of stopping a massive reactor meltdown within the sub, and manages to do so despite absorbing dangerously high amounts of radiation.

United States Hitman 2 an unnamed character who appears in the 4th level of Spec Ops entitled "Hit and Run". He is tasked with eliminating two Somalian figures of high-priority and rescuing hostages bound and gagged inside of a shipping crate. The way the player is suppoused to take out the first enemies of the level suggests he is a sniper, hence the name "Hitman".

Call of Duty: Black Ops II[edit]


  • United States Lieutenant Commander David "Section" Mason is the main protagonist in the 2025 part of the campaign, the son of Alex Mason and an unidentified woman and the overall main protagonist of the game. David's relationship with his father was strained, following Alex repeatedly breaking his promise not to return to work for the CIA, specifically following the death of David's mother. As a child David is abducted and taken to Panama and used as insurance to force Woods and Hudson into killing Alex Mason. After which, David would be raised by Woods himself. David grows up to become a lieutenant commander in the US Navy Seals and is a part of SEAL Team Six along with his best friend Mike Harper, stationed aboard the USS Obama. Throughout the game, David is haunted by memory flashes of the night of his kidnapping, eventually realizing that Menendez had involvement in his father's death. At the end of the game, David either kills or captures Menendez and can also reunite with his father if he is spared by Woods. He is voiced by and motion captured by Rich McDonald.
  • United States Agent Alex Mason is the main protagonist in the 1980s part of the campaign. He first appears at the very beginning of the game's predecessor, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and later it is revealed that Mason was brainwashed at Vorkuta, but the brainwashing was tampered by Viktor Reznov, which turned Mason against his former brainwashers. Because of these events, Mason suffers from a personality disorder. 18 years onward, 53-year-old Alex Mason is retired and has a son named David and is raising him in Alaska. However Mason is called back into action when his old friend Frank Woods is captured, forcing him to go after him. After a run in with Raul Menendez, Mason becomes fully transferred back into service to take him down. Depending the circumstances Mason is either accidentally shot dead or wounded and put into a coma for 30 years by Woods during a set up by Menendez. He is voiced by Sam Worthington.
  • United States Lieutenant Mike Harper is a primary character and the "side-kick" of David Mason. He is part of SEAL Team Six along with David Mason. He can either be killed by Farid or he can be spared at the cost of Farid's life. He also kills Salazar for betraying them if he wasn't killed by Farid depending on the player's choice. Though keeping Harper alive will either result in the destruction of the US government or simply Woods, keeping Harper alive will make game play for the player easier. He is voiced and motion captured by Michael Rooker.
  • United States Master Sergeant Frank Woods is a secondary character, and retired from duty. He is an ally of Alex Mason. He first appears in the first level of Black Ops, along with Mason and Bowman, during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. He is presumed dead, but an anonymous note sent to Mason (viewable in the interrogation room computer) states that Woods is still alive and imprisoned in Hanoi. The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II shows he survived and is still alive at 95 but handicapped after a run-in with the game's antagonist Raul Menendez. This run in also saw Woods best friend Mason killed. After Menendez visits Woods after 37 years, David and Mike Harper visit the vault for any Intel Woods may have on Menendez and spends most of the game recalling his story with Menendez. He is also playable in the mission "Suffer with Me". Depending on the player's choices, he either survives the game or is killed by Menendez. He is voiced and motion-captured by James C. Burns.
  • United States Special Agent Jason Hudson is a secondary character, who was Mason's handler and turns out to be the man interrogating him throughout Black Ops. Hudson is a good friend of Mason and Frank Woods in Black Ops and Black Ops 2. He helped in rescuing Woods in Angola after being kidnapped by Raul Menendez, the capturing of Lev Kravchenko and the invasion of Panama. Menendez captures Hudson and forces him to manipulate Woods into killing Mason (which if he did not, David would have been killed instead), which succeeds or does not, depending on the player's actions. Hudson volunteers to die for Woods and David's sake and is killed by Menendez. Hudson is voiced by Michael Keaton, replacing Ed Harris.
  • Yemen Farid (Arabic: فريد) is the tech expert from Joint Special Operations Command and is a member of Seal Team Six, where he serves as a mole in Cordis Die. Depending on the players action, Farid is either killed by Menendez if he fails to prove his loyalty by killing Harper, DeFalco when the USS Obama is breached, or Salazar when he took the bullet to save Chloe Lynch. He is voiced by Omid Abtahi. Harper nicknames him "Egghead".
  • United States Admiral Thomas Briggs is a secondary character, who is Mason's commanding officer and Admiral of the USS Obama. He is either wounded or killed by Menendez during the mission Odysseus. He is voiced and motion captured by actor Tony Todd.
  • United States Chloe Lynch is a civilian and former employee of TACITUS and goes by the name of Karma and the only one that knows how to disable the Celerium Worm. The character is only playable in the "Second Chance" Strike Force mission in Yemen if the player fails to save her from being kidnapped by DeFalco. Depending on the players action, if Farid lives and takes the bullet for her then she will decode the Celerium Worm and restore control of the fleet of drones. If Farid dies then she will be killed by either Salazar or DeFalco, allowing the Celerium Worm to infect the US's mainframe system and shutting down its system. She is voiced and motion captured by Erin Cahill.
  • United States Petty Officer 2nd class Crosby is a soldier who worked with David Mason's unit in "Celerium" and would later appear in "Fallen Angel" and "Odysseus". He is wounded when extracting David Mason from the U.S.S. Obama, and is not seen in any later missions, thus his fate is unknown. The name ′′′Crosby′′′ appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops as a sergeant.


  • Nicaragua Raul Menendez is the primary antagonist of the game and a playable character in a mission called "Time and Fate". He is a Nicaraguan political activist who rose to prominence during the proxy wars of the 1980s. He is responsible for the deaths of both Alex Mason and Jason Hudson because of their involvement in the accidental murder of his sister Josefina, which intensified his hatred of America. He reappears in the year 2025 as the leader of "Cordis Die", a populist political party that commandeers the automated armies that form the United States military, and proceeds to turn them against their former masters. He is known as "Odysseus" named after the character. At the end of the game, he is either killed or captured alive by David Mason, depending on the player's choice. He is voiced and motion captured by Kamar de los Reyes.
  • United Kingdom DeFalco is the secondary antagonist, Menendez's right-hand man, Second-in-command of Cordis Die and the leader of a mercenary army that works for Menendez and Cordis Die. DeFalco is a ruthless killer who understands mercy, but puts his loyalty to Menendez first. DeFalco is killed by Section either in "Karma" when Section, Harper, and Salazar saves Lynch or in "Judgement Day" while Section saves Harper from Menendez, Defalco, and a henchman or he is killed in "Odysseus" by Farid. He is voiced by Julian Sands.
  • China General Tian Zhao (Chinese: 赵天) is the leader of the Chinese-led organization, Strategic Defense Coalition (SDC), and secretly an ally of Menendez. He previously worked with Alex Mason and Frank Woods during the mission in Afghanistan in 1986, assisting the Mujahideen in repelling a Soviet Invasion. In 2025 he led the SDC in building a military coalition in the region to counter the West's own military strength with countries such as Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, and India as its allies. Depending on the actions involving the Strike Force missions, if the player succeeds in repealing the SDC invasion then the player can assassinate him in the last stage. If the player however fails in preventing the invasion then Tian survives and the named countries join the SDC. He is voiced by Byron Mann.
  • Nicaragua Chief Petty Officer Javier Salazar is a Nicaraguan secondary character. He is part of JSOC and a member of David Mason's team during the 2025 Campaign. He grew up in Nicaragua during the rise of Raul Menendez. Towards the end of the campaign it is discovered Salazar was actually working for Menendez all along and helps him escape from the USS Obama after he was captured by David Mason. He will surrender peacefully but will be executed by Harper if Harper is alive. He is voiced by Celestin Cornielle.
  • Panama Manuel Noriega is the former Commander of the Panamanian Defense Forces and a supporting antagonist. He was the de facto military governor of Panama from 1983 to 1989. He aids the CIA to capture Raul Menendez by sending the PDF to his plantation. The PDF captures him, but Noriega later betrays his own men by helping Menendez. He is the objective of Operation False Profit. Alex Mason and Frank Woods are sent to look for him in the outskirts of the Panama City. He is captured, but Jason Hudson later informs that he is an HVI and must be taken safely to a US Army checkpoint for a prisoner exchange.
  • Soviet Union Lev Kravchenko (Russian: Лев Кравченко) is the ex-second-in-command of Nikita Dragovich, revealed to now be working with Raul Menendez. He survived the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops but is killed by either Frank Woods or Alex Mason during the mission in Afghanistan.
  • Afghanistan Mullah Rahmaan is the leader of the Mujahideen, based on Mohammed Omar. He made a deal with Jason Hudson, that if he, Mason and Woods helped the Mujahideen defend their base, he will give intel on Raul Menendez. After the team defends the Mujahideen base and interrogates Lev Kravchenko, Rahmaan will betray Woods, Zhao, Mason, and Hudson and leave them in the desert to die.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters) And Others[edit]

  • Nicaragua Josefina Menendez was the sister of Raul Menendez. In 1973, she and her brother, Raul, were trapped inside a barn that was torched by an American for insurance scam; the fire horrifically burned and disfigured her. Josefina became Raul's purpose of living and being very well taken care of for the rest of her life until September 25, 1986, where a vengeful Frank Woods threw a grenade which was knocked off course by Alex Mason so as not to kill Jason Hudson and Raul but instead bounced into the room which Josefina was in. Raul broke free and chased the grenade inside the room. Josefina died in the explosion and Raul was badly injured, but survived and managed to escape with the help of Noriega. Josefina's death fueled Raul's desire to take vengeance on America and, to a more personal level, Woods, Mason and Hudson. Josefina is voiced by Eden Riegel.
  • United States Anderson is a female USAF FA38 pilot who appears in the level "Cordis Die". After providing close air support for Section and Bosworth her fighter is hit and she crashes near a presidential convoy, but is rescued before she bleeds out. It is possible for her to die if the ambulance she is in is destroyed. Anderson is voiced by Jennifer Hale.
  • United States Mark McKnight is a sniper and friend of Mason and Woods who appears in the level "Suffer with Me" when the two men arrive at his house in Panama on the night of the 1989 invasion, and later provides sniper overwatch during the operation. His fate is unknown.
  • United States Agent Samuels is a Secret Service agent in and is seen in the level "Cordis Die". Under normal circumstances, he plays a minor role in the mission, but if Harper was killed in a prior mission, he will gain a much larger role in the level.
  • United States President Marion Bosworth is the president of the United States of America as of 2025, and the first female president of the series. David Mason is assigned to protect and assist in evacuating her when Los Angeles comes under attack by hostile drones hacked by Raul Menendez. She is portrayed by actress Cira Larkin.
  • United States David Petraeus is based on the former CIA director of the same name. In 2025, Petraeus is the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, serving under President Bosworth. He is voiced by Jim Meskimen. The game's script was written before the scandal of him having an extramarital affair with his biographer on November 9, 2012, which led to his resignation from the CIA.
  • United States Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North is a retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who assisted in the production of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and makes a minor appearance in the beginning of the campaign.
  • Angola General Jonas Savimbi was an Angolan political leader and is present during the 1986 during the Angolan Civil War. He appears in the mission Pyrrhic Victory, where he leads his UNITA forces against the enemy MPLA forces. He constantly encourages his men to kill as many MPLA as possible. Once the MLPA forces are dispersed, Hudson arrives with a helicopter on the battlefield. Savimbi gives intel on Woods' location and points Hudson and Mason in the right direction. Savimbi then appears at the end of the level with a MI-24 Hind, fighting back the Cuban forces that attack Mason, Woods and Hudson as they escape. He is voiced by Robert Wisdom. His fate is unknown.
  • United States Erik Breighner is a Magnetometrist from Tacitus Corporation. He was hired by Menendez in Myanmar, to analyze the Celerium, a new rare Earth element which Erik claims "will render all existing microchip technologies obsolete." He was discovered by Mason and his team and gave him the Celerium before he was killed. Breighner is voiced by Robert Picardo.
  • China Premier Chen is the Premier of China in 2025, were the country was the largest owner of Rare-Earth Mineral in the entire world, until a cyber attack crippled the Chinese Economy, which Chen blamed it on the US after Cordis Die leaked the information to them, which Frank Woods said was not true but people believed in the information instead of the US since no-one believed them. This action led of the approval of the SDC (Strategic Defense Coalition), with Tian-Zhao leading the organization. Depending on the player's action in the Strike Force missions, if the players succeed; China and the United States become allies and Chen will send SDC forces to defend the USS Barack Obama from drone attacks and assist US forces against Menendez's Mercenary forces, securing a US-China alliance, with countries like Russia, India, Afghanistan and Iran also assisting. If the player fails the Strike Force mission, then Chen will end diplomatic ties with the US after a drone attack hit most Chinese cities. He is voiced by James Hong.
  • Soviet Union Captain Viktor Reznov (Russian: Виктор Резнов) is a former soldier of the Red Army and a friend of Alex Mason. He appeared in the mission "Old Wounds", where, after the Mujaheddin fighters finish fighting a Soviet assault on their base in a fierce battle, Kravchenko attacks in a tank and Mason hears Reznov ordering him to kill Kravchenko. After stopping Kravchenko's attack, Mason continues hearing Reznov tell him that Kravchenko must die, causing Mason to attempt to kill Kravchenko. After Mason and Woods are betrayed by Rahmaan and left in the desert to die, Reznov appears, riding up on horseback and rescuing them. He is voiced by Gary Oldman.
  • United States Jimmy Kimmel is an American comedian, and television host of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and makes a cameo in the ending of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which depending on the action of the player, if Chloe Lynch survives and decoded the Celerium worm then she appears as a guest on his show. But if Chloe is killed, then Jimmy will mention that he invited Menendez to appear in the show but turned down due to an anniversary. He is voiced by himself.
  • United States Col. Kurtz a colonel who appears at the end of the game in the "good" ending, with Chloe Lynch watching Menedez's virus spread over the United States and the world, but when he makes a request for the president, Chloe tells him to "screw off" and simply terminates the virus in an instant.


  • United States Abigail "Misty" Briarton was a car mechanic and often thinks of herself as superior to all the other characters leaving suggest she is a narcissistic, She is very fond of Marlton. She favors automatic weapons and dislikes semi-automatic weapons. Misty also seems to have a fondness for shotguns. Misty seems to alternate the role of leader with Russman, and inspires the group to fight on to Angola. Depending on the player's choices, Misty either dies by Maxis' hand, or is presumably killed by zombies at the end of Buried. She is voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.
  • United States Marlton Johnson is a Caucasian man in his twenties. He wears a white collared shirt, blue jeans, and glasses. His actions and quotes in-game classify him as your typical "nerd" and Marlton has a very high view of himself, as he references the fact that he is an "indisputable genius" which sound like he is also another narcissistic like Misty or he just being arrogant. He does not get along with Russman and Samuel, and is only kind towards Misty. Depending on the player's choices, Marlton is either presumably killed by zombies or by Maxis' destruction of the Earth after the end of Buried. His character resembles the character from the horror film, "The Hills Have Eyes". He is voiced by Scott Menville.
  • United States Samuel J. Stuhlinger is a somewhat overweight Caucasian man with a mustache and wears a green vest, khaki shorts, and glasses. He is incredibly paranoid and often suggesting that simple occurrences, such as running low on ammunition, are linked to a conspiracy of some sorts. He is infected with Element 115 and also the only character in the map that is able to hear Richtofen. In the map "Die Rise" cutscene, he talks to Richtofen and it is revealed he has eaten Zombie flesh, being a former member of a Zombie-eating cult called The Flesh. He escapes with Marlton and Misty, watching Russman sacrifice himself to save him, but he continues to talk to Richtofen which the other two don't realize. A time warp happens bringing the group, with Russman back to the start of the map. By the time of Buried, the others are aware of his contact with Richtofen. If Maxis is victorious, Samuel is presumably killed during the destruction of the Earth while Maxis journeys to Agartha. If Richtofen succeeds, Samuel ends up becoming the physical host for Richtofen's soul, however, the German is unable to wrest full control and finds his return to a mortal form unpleasant nonetheless. He suffers Schizophrenia much as Richtofen did before him. He also likes food, especially cheese. He is voiced by David Boat.
  • United States Russman is an elderly African-American man with white hair, wearing a brown trench coat and jeans. He comments on the thunder storm that appears after the power is turned on, often as a bad omen or unnatural. Russman has multiple diseases, one of which is Alzheimer's and arthritis. By Die Rise, he becomes aware of the voice in Samuel's head. He leads the group from Shanghai to Angola, to find answers to the questions they've been plagued by since the zombie apocalypse began. Russman like the others is presumably killed by either the zombies if Richtofen succeeds, or by the destruction of the Earth at Maxis' hands. He is voiced by Keith Szarabajka.
  • Nazi Germany Edward Richtofen is a sociopath and a sadistic Nazi scientist who was a playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops and the main anti-hero in the game mode. Richtofen previously worked as senior assistant to Dr. Ludvig Maxis, however his insanity and lust for power led him to betraying him by attempting to kill Maxis and his daughter, Samantha, then enter the Aether to gain control of the zombies. The plan faltered, and instead Samantha herself entered the Aether while Maxis encased his soul in the computers of Richtofen's moon base, Griffin Station. Eventually, Richtofen was able to teleport himself back to the moon during the Black Ops map of the same name, and use a Vril Generator and supply of Element 115 to switch souls with Samantha, thereby entering the Aether and gaining control of the zombies. Maxis then enacted his emergency plan should this occur and launched three nuclear missiles at the Earth to fracture Edward's connection with the undead forces located there, though the plan had little effect. Richtofen later enlisted the help of four survivors on Earth to activate three polarization devices to open a dimensional rift that would allow him to gain full manipulation of the zombie forces. If the player heeds Richtofen's command, he succeeds in making the Earth his plaything, kills Maxis, and makes Samuel his new physical host, but cannot grasp full control of his new body and finds the experience unpleasant thanks to the threat of the zombies and Samuel's poor hygiene. If the player heeds Maxis, he takes control of the Aether and banishes Richtofen to become a blue-eyed zombie for all eternity, and is presumably killed like the others when Maxis destroys the Earth. He is voiced by Nolan North.
  • Nazi Germany Dr. Ludvig Maxis is the true main antagonist of the Zombies storyline, the lead scientist part of the project known as "Die Glocke" and is the father of Samantha Maxis. During World War II Maxis led the Nazi-allied Group 935 investigating in the recently discovered Element 115, however was betrayed by Richtofen, his senior assistant, who plotted he and his daughter's deaths. Before death, he urged Samantha to use the zombie army he created to kill Group 935 for their betrayal, and was able to assume an AI-rendered form in the computer system of Griffin Station upon being shot. During the events of the Black Ops map "Moon", Maxis enlisted the help of Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Samantha in enacting his plan after Richtofen gained control of the Aether's energy, to fire three nuclear missiles at the Earth to sever its link with the Aether. The plan failed, and Richtofen kept a fragile connection with the zombie hordes, forcing Maxis to turn to his plan B. Depending on the choices of the player, Misty, Russman, Marlton, and Samuel activate three global polarization devices to collect the energy contained in matter to open a rift to the Aether, allowing him to take control. Maxis then revealed that rather than heal the Earth as he promised, he intended to destroy it as it was necessary to open the gateway to Agartha, where he believed Samantha was located. If the player activates the towers in Richtofen's favor, Richtofen kills Maxis upon taking ultimate control of the Aether. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
  • United States Tank Dempsey is an American soldier during World War I who went to the trenches to explore the zombie outbreak when finding 2 other survivors there for the same reason. Then he meets a scientist named Edward Richtofen. The Crew have to work together in the trenches to fight off the horde and get the Aether to escape Escavation site 64. After Escaping, there is a cutscene showing Samantha and Ed playing with the dolls of the 4 main characters as if it were all a game by two siblings. The BO2 story ends here.
  • Japan Takeo is a Japanese soldier during World War I who went to the trenches to explore the zombie outbreak when finding 2 other survivors there for the same reason. Then he meets a scientist named Edward Richtofen. The Crew have to work together in the trenches to fight off the horde and get the Aether to escape Escavation site 64. After Escaping, there is a cutscene showing Samantha and Ed playing with the dolls of the 4 main characters as if it were all a game by two siblings. The BO2 story ends here.
  • Russia Nikolai is a Russian soldier during World War I who went to the trenches to explore the zombie outbreak when finding 2 other survivors there for the same reason. Then he meets a scientist named Edward Richtofen. The Crew have to work together in the trenches to fight off the horde and get the Aether to escape Escavation site 64. After Escaping, there is a cutscene showing Samantha and Ed playing with the dolls of the 4 main characters as if it were all a game by two siblings. The BO2 story ends here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts[edit]


  • United States Sergeant Logan Walker - The main protagonist of the campaign. He is the son of Elias T. "Scarecrow" Walker and the younger brother of David "Hesh" Walker. He has an unknown face and voice and is a member of the Ghosts. He is currently a Prisoner of war after being kidnapped by Gabriel Rorke.
  • United States Captain Elias T. "Scarecrow" Walker, Ret. (Voiced by: Stephen Lang) - He was the father of Logan and David "Hesh" Walker and was the leader of the Ghosts. He was killed by Gabriel Rorke in the mission "Sin City".
  • United States Petty Officer 2nd Class /Sergeant/Captain Thomas A. Merrick (Voiced by: Jeffrey Pierce) - He was a former Navy SEAL and is the field commander for the Ghosts after the death of Elias T. Walker, he takes command of Ghosts and their new replaced leader. He is playable in a mission called "LOKI".
  • United States Riley - He is a dog who is a member of the Ghosts squadron.

Supporting NPC'S[edit]

  • United States Sergeant/Lieutenant David "Hesh" Walker (Voiced by: Brandon Routh) - He is the older brother of Logan Walker, the son of Elias T. Walker and a member of the Ghosts.
  • United States Sergeant Alex V. "Ajax" Johnson - He was a member of the Ghosts. He was tortured by Rorke, which leads to his death in the mission "Struck Down".
  • United States Sergeant Keegan P. Russ (Voiced by: Brian Bloom) - He is a former member of the USMC and the scout sniper for the Ghosts. He is rather quiet and not very social around people, but is known to complete combat operations under extreme conditions.


  • United States Captain Gabriel Rorke (Voiced by: Kevin Gage) - He is the main antagonist and was a former Ghost until he was captured and brainwashed by the Federation and now hunts them down.
  • Venezuela General Diego Almagro - He is the Secondary Antagonist in Call of Duty Ghosts. He was the former leader of the Federation, but was killed by Elias in the mission Legends Never Die.
  • Argentina Officer Victor H. Ramos He was a high-ranking officer in the Federation Science Division and was in charge of covert operations outside of No Man's Land, namely reverse engineering efforts to analyze the wreckage of the ODIN Space Station to build the LOKI Space Station in development. He was captured by David "Hesh" Walker, followed by his brother Logan and Keegan. He is presumed dead when the building is bombed (though he can alternatively be executed by Logan without any penalty).

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[edit]


  • United States Jack Mitchell - He is the main protagonist in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, who was first seen in a preview the mission "Induction" during E3 2014. A former US Marine, Mitchell's left arm was completely severed off when a piece of shrapnel from a destroyed aircraft sliced it off during a combat mission in Seoul. After being approached by Jonathan Irons to join ATLAS and fitted with a prosthetic left arm, he goes back into action. Mitchell is portrayed by Troy Baker.
  • United States Cormack - A friend of Jack Mitchell. He accompanied Mitchell during "Induction" and carried him to safety after Mitchell's left arm was severed. He appears as a supporting character during the rest of the campaign, providing intel and information from command, as well as serving as the squad leader of the Sentinel Task Force. During imprisonment, Irons personally tortures Mitchell and Cormack, and shoots Cormack in the leg, giving him time to bleed out. After the team escapes the facility, Cormack dies from his wounds. Cormack is portrayed by Russell Richardson.
  • United States Will Irons - He is the son of Jonathan Irons and also the one who inspired Mitchell to join his father's company, Atlas Corporation. He was killed in "Induction" when he and Mitchell attempt to take down an enemy gunship by setting charges inside an access panel. The panel unexpectedly closes on his right arm, trapping him, and after Mitchell attempts to free him, the gunship starts to take off. Will eventually pushes Mitchell off the gunship so that Mitchell will survive. He dies when the charges explode, taking down the gunship and himself with it. Will is portrayed by Paul Telfer.
  • United Kingdom Gideon - He is an Atlas operative who serves as Mitchell's squad leader during Mitchell's stint in Atlas. When it is revealed that Irons was responsible for the KVA attacks, Gideon temporarily stays with Atlas for further investigation and defects to Mitchell and Cormack as an operative for the Sentinel Task Force. Gideon is portrayed by Gideon Emery.
  • Russia Ilona - She is an Atlas operative who occasionally serves as Mitchell's squadmate during his stint in Atlas. Ilona finds out that Irons is directly responsible for the KVA attacks and encourages breaking away from the corporation. With the aid of Cormack, Ilona and Mitchell escape Atlas, joining the Sentinel Task Force to put an end to the corporation. Ilona is portrayed by Angela Gots
  • United States Joker - A major character in the campaign and a friend of Mitchell and Gideon. He first appears in the level "Atlas", alongside Mitchell. After Mitchell and Ilona escape from Atlas in New Baghdad, Joker appears with Gideon, holding Mitchell and Ilona at gun point for their treachery (after getting evidence of Irons killing the Technologist). He is ordered to stand down, and watched Gideon let the two go with Cormack, the leader of the Sentinel Task Force. It is uncertain whether he stayed in Atlas or joined the Sentinel Task Force when Gideon defected. Joker is portrayed by Jeremy Kent Jackson.

Supporting NPCs[edit]

  • United States Knox - A supporting character in the campaign. He is a member and second command of the Sentinel Task Force. He worked with his commander Cormack to stop any threats from the KVA attacks on Seattle and across the glove from happening ever again. Until the Atlas Corporation became too powerful and the dominant military force in America. His last appearance is in "Throttle", attacking Atlas HQ in New Baghdad, Iraq. The battle falls as Manticore is unleashed on Sentinel personal; along with Knox. After being infected, he rejects Gideon's offer of help and yells that to evacuate everyone out of the area. Afterward, his body is presumed to be taken into the camps where Cormack, Mitchell, Gideon, and Ilona are taken. The body infected were studied, and he is possibly in one of the body bags.
  • United States Torres - A recurring character in the campaign. He first appears in the level "Aftermath" and in the level "Manhunt", where he is wounded in action. Prophet requests a medic for him. Torres tells Ilona to find Rivers, who has an Stinger M7. Immediately after telling her this, he is then shot and killed by an unknown KVA sniper.


  • United States Jonathan Irons - The main antagonist of the campaign. He is the father of Will Irons and the CEO of the Atlas Corporation, one of the largest Private Military Companies on Earth. He is voiced and motion-captured by Kevin Spacey. Disgusted by America's failure to establish democracies in nations repeatedly (while also traumatized by the death of his son), he plans on using the power of his company to overthrow Congress and assure protection and stabilization for mankind. With the fate of the world at stake, the Sentinels launch a final attack on Atlas' HQ. Mitchell and Gideon successfully destroy the missile that was supposed to attack every military base in the world. They find Irons as the other Sentinels prepare to bombard the building. Irons disables their exoskeletal armor, forcing Mitchell to release the exoskeleton to chase Irons. An explosion throws Irons off the building, hanging on Mitchell's left prosthetic arm. Despite begging Mitchell to save him, reminding him that he gave him his arm and a second chance, Mitchell severs his prosthetic arm with his knife, causing Irons to fall to his death as he screams Mitchell's name.
  • Armenia Joseph "Hades" Chkheidze - The secondary antagonist of the campaign. He is the leader of the anti-technology terrorist group KVA, and is at opposition with Atlas Corporation's forces. After Hades' right-hand man Pierre Danois is compromised by Atlas forces, Hades' location is revealed to be in Greece and Atlas forces move in to kill him. After an initial assassination attempt only kills his double, Hades attempts to escape in a convoy but is tracked down by Mitchell and Ilona. On the path leading out of the city, Mitchell plants a remote detonation bomb and triggers it right as the convoy passes, causing the entire convoy to crash. Mitchell eventually gets stuck behind a KVA SUV, and Ilona and Hades then engage in a melee. Right when Ilona is about to lose, Mitchell attempts to attack Hades, who then stabs his prosthetic arm. Mitchell then manages to take the knife and slash him in the throat. As he dies, Hades mentions "Irons knows" and gives Mitchell a data drive containing a recording. He is portrayed by Sharif Ibrahim.
  • Dr. Pierre Danois - A minor antagonist in the campaign. He first appears in the level "Aftermath". He is the right-hand man of Hades. Jack Mitchell, Gideon, Torres and Joker are tasked with retrieving him so they can locate Hades. They succeed and Ilona interrogates him for the location of Hades, which he tells them he's in Santorini, Greece. However, after Hades' death, Danois was set free by Irons and Danois agreed to help Atlas create a chemical agent named "Manticore". He then goes under the alias "Doctor Bellamy" and attends a meeting with Irons in Bangkok, Thailand, which is observed by the Sentinel Task Force.


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