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* '''Dr. Bruce Kaplan''' – Brian's [[psychiatrist]]. He speaks with a very calm, soothing voice. Dr. Kaplan helped Brian realize his love for Lois in "[[Brian in Love]]", which has since become a running gag. Voiced by [[Sam Waterston]] and later by [[Wally Wingert]].
* '''Dr. Bruce Kaplan''' – Brian's [[psychiatrist]]. He speaks with a very calm, soothing voice. Dr. Kaplan helped Brian realize his love for Lois in "[[Brian in Love]]", which has since become a running gag. Voiced by [[Sam Waterston]] and later by [[Wally Wingert]].
* <span id="Buzz Killington"/>'''Buzz Killington''' – A man who has made a number of appearances, generally after someone is characterized as being "more of a Buzzkill than Buzz Killington". He is a well dressed, old fashioned man who would have been a very popular person in the 1920s. However, due to modernization, he is now seen as a buzzkill, hence his name. In each one of his appearances, he tells a joke or story that is met with general dislike, leading the main character of the scene to sigh and rub the bridge of their nose. Voiced by [[Danny Smith (writer)|Danny Smith]].
* <span id="Buzz Killington"/>'''Buzz Killington''' – A man who has made a number of appearances, generally after someone is characterized as being "more of a Buzzkill than Buzz Killington". He is a well dressed, old fashioned man who would have been a very popular person in the 1920s. However, due to modernization, he is now seen as a buzzkill, hence his name. In each one of his appearances, he tells a joke or story that is met with general dislike, leading the main character of the scene to sigh and rub the bridge of their nose. a distant cousin to eve killington from New zealandVoiced by [[Danny Smith (writer)|Danny Smith]].
* '''Carl''' – The owner of a local Quahog convenience store. He is currently Chris's boss and was previously Meg's boss. He speaks in a calm, somewhat [[monotone]] voice and shows almost no emotion regarding anything happening around him. He previously made small, occasional appearances, often discussing an interest in certain actresses, the first of these appearances being in "[[Deep Throats]]". He employs Meg and later Chris in "[[Movin' Out (Brian's Song)]]". He develops a friendship with Chris over their mutual interests in movies. He later fires Meg for arguing with him over a promotion, followed by briefly re-hiring her before she turned down the chance to work there again. There has also been an announcement that he will play the part of [[Yoda]] in "[[Something, Something, Something Dark Side]]", a parody of ''[[Star Wars]] [[Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back]]'' He is voiced by [[H. Jon Benjamin]].
* '''Carl''' – The owner of a local Quahog convenience store. He is currently Chris's boss and was previously Meg's boss. He speaks in a calm, somewhat [[monotone]] voice and shows almost no emotion regarding anything happening around him. He previously made small, occasional appearances, often discussing an interest in certain actresses, the first of these appearances being in "[[Deep Throats]]". He employs Meg and later Chris in "[[Movin' Out (Brian's Song)]]". He develops a friendship with Chris over their mutual interests in movies. He later fires Meg for arguing with him over a promotion, followed by briefly re-hiring her before she turned down the chance to work there again. There has also been an announcement that he will play the part of [[Yoda]] in "[[Something, Something, Something Dark Side]]", a parody of ''[[Star Wars]] [[Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back]]'' He is voiced by [[H. Jon Benjamin]].

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These are characters from the animated American TV series Family Guy. Characters are only listed once, normally under the first applicable subsection in the list; very minor characters are listed with a more regular character with whom they are associated. Characters that appear in only one episode are not listed.

Griffin family

  • Peter Griffin – The average American father. Although he and his father never really had a relationship, he tries to have as much of one as he can with his children, and even though he doesn't do a very good job at being a dad, he tries. He often has ties and puns to everyday situations. He is very fat and a regular drinker. He also has a borderline retarded IQ level. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Lois Griffin – Lois is the more than average housewife/mother. She is a stay-at-home mother that juggles her piano lessons, kids, and husband all in one day, while she dodges her infant Stewie who is homicidal (although she is unaware of it due to the fact that she doesn't care what any of her children have to say). Voiced by Alex Borstein.
  • Meg Griffin – Meg is an unattractive teenage drama queen, and is the first child of Peter and Lois. She is aged 16 for the first five seasons until she turns 17 in the episode Peter's Two Dads. She is also the black sheep of the family. Because of this and her embarrassing family, she is very self conscious. She also has a license to drive and becomes Peter's personal driver in "Road to Rupert". Voiced by Lacey Chabert in season 1 and Mila Kunis in season 2-present.
  • Chris Griffin – Chris is the middle child and oldest son of Peter and Lois. He is aged 13 or 14. He is the loudest of the Griffin Clan as he is always shouting. He is also very unintelligent, gullible, and fat. He is self-conscious but sometimes goes into denial of his weight. He greatly fears the evil monkey that lives in his closet. Chris was conceived by accident when a condom broke. The resulting lawsuit gave the Griffins enough money to buy their house. Voiced by Seth Green.
  • Stewie Griffin – Stewie is the baby of Peter and Lois. He tends to talk in an adult way, and, despite being a baby, is portrayed as having an ambiguous sexuality. In early seasons, he is bent on murdering his mother and consistently tries to do so. However, in the later episodes, he shows no interest of killing Lois (apart from the episode "Stewie Kills Lois"). Stewie uses a higher than average vocabulary and has an upper-class English accent. Later in the seasons he tends to have a sexual desire for Brian, the family dog. He has a closet with hundreds of deadly weapons, and has a head shaped like an (American) football. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Brian Griffin – The family's highly anthropomorphized talking dog. He first met Peter when he was sitting alone on a sidewalk as a stray, when Peter came down the road Brian came to his car to wash it. Peter refused but Brian kept on washing. When he was finished Peter told Brian he didn't have change. Brian understood and sadly walked away. Peter, feeling sorry for Brian, offered to take him home to feed him. This happens in "Brian: Portrait of a Dog". He is now living with the Griffins. He is often seen pointing out how ridiculous Peter's ideas are. Brian enjoys the opera and theater, and is very liberal. He can't seem to find the right woman (despite being a dog, he sleeps with several), and is constantly dating new ones. Despite his many girlfriends, Brian has deep feelings for Lois, as revealed in "Brian in Love". Brian is proclaimed as an atheist (even though he met Jesus Christ in "I Dream of Jesus"). He enjoys martinis, and is a marijuana smoker. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Peter Griffin Jr. - An infant son of Peter and Lois Griffin named after his father whose grave is seen in The Juice Is Loose. Peter shook him until he stopped crying, and the character is thought to be fictional.

Other relatives of the Griffins

Peter's family

  • Francis Griffin (deceased) – Peter's Irish Catholic surrogate father who had a strong religious lifestyle. He disliked Lois because she is Protestant, disapproved of his son's family's lifestyle, and frequently attempts to force his religious views on them, going so far as to force Peter to baptize Stewie in tainted holy water in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz". Despite all of this, he truly did love and care for Peter, and showed on multiple occasions to care for his grandchildren. Francis used to have a job at a steel mill; after his short retirement, he became a body guard for the Pope. Francis died on Meg's 17th birthday when Peter, dressed up as a clown, got drunk and tried to ride a unicycle down the stairs. He ended up falling off of the stairs and landing on top of Francis, breaking all of his ribs, rupturing his spleen, and puncturing his lung; despite the whole family's efforts to save him, Francis died in the hospital. His last words were "Peter... you're a fat stinking drunk!", which is later revealed to be a clue to win over his real father. Voiced By Charles Durning.
  • Thelma Griffin – Ex-wife to Francis and mother to Peter. She is 82 years old (as stated in "Mother Tucker"), and has gray hair with noticeable wrinkles below her eyes, purple earrings and a purple bead necklace. She also wears glasses like her son and husband and is a heavy smoker. Unlike Francis, she is generally friendly and personable, and gets along well with Lois. Before Francis's death, she divorced him because she had "needs he didn't fill". She first appeared in "Holy Crap" where she was voiced by Florence Stanley, and has been voiced by Phyllis Diller in all subsequent appearances.
  • Mickey McFinnigan – Peter's biological Irish father, who had an affair with Thelma Griffin on her vacation to Ireland before Peter was born, as recounted in "Peter's Two Dads". He is the local town drunk, viewed by him and many others as a prestigious position. He did not believe Peter was his son until Peter challenged him to a drinking contest and won, winning his love and respect. His name is possibly a reference to a Mickey Finn, a drugged alcoholic beverage.[original research?] Has an anthropomorphic, talking sheep, named O'Brian, who bears a strong resemblance to Brian Griffin. Voiced By Seth MacFarlane.
  • Nate Griffin (deceased) – Peter's black ancestor. Originally mentioned in "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?". Owned as a slave by Silas Pewterschmidt, he fell in love and secretly had sex with Lois "Laura Bush Lynne Cheney" Pewterschmidt to create an inter-racial family as mentioned in "The Griffin Family History". He and his family fled to Quahog after being discovered by Silas.
  • Bertram – Half-brother and nemesis of Stewie, he is unknown to the rest of the Griffin family. Bertram appears as a spermatozoon in "Emission Impossible", and as a child in "Sibling Rivalry", with the same physical appearance in both episodes. He is fathered by Peter's sperm but was born to a lesbian couple. Voiced by Wallace Shawn.

Lois's family

  • Carter Pewterschmidt Billionaire industrialist, and owner of U.S. Steel. Husband to Barbara, father to Lois, Carol, and Patrick. He harbors a deep hatred for Peter. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Barbara Pewterschmidt Wife to Carter, mother to Lois, Carol, and Patrick. Often called "Babs" by Carter. It is noted on a few occasions that Barbara only married Carter for his wealth and family heritage. Unlike her husband she is not as resentful to Peter, and on one occasion even agreed to have sex with him (though Peter decided not to go through with it). Voiced by Alex Borstein.
  • Carol Pewterschmidt Sister to Lois Griffin and Patrick Pewterschmidt, daughter of Carter and Barbara; she has had nine husbands so far, all of whom left her. So far, she and Barbara are apparently the only ones in Lois's family who has not shown any hostility to Peter in the past or in the present. She had a baby boy in the episode "Emission Impossible". Voiced by Carol Kane.
  • Marguerite Pewterschmidt (deceased) Great-aunt to Lois Griffin and aunt to Carter. She owned the palatial Cherrywood Manor in Newport (now known to be "America's first presidential whorehouse"), which Lois inherited after her death while paying the Griffins a visit, dropping dead at their doorstep. She shared Carter's revilement of Peter. Voiced by Alex Borstein.
  • Patrick Pewterschmidt Lois's brother who was in a mental asylum for killing fat people. Patrick was known as "The Fat Guy Strangler". Voiced by Robert Downey Jr..
  • Lois Pewterschmidt (deceased) Silas Pewterschmidt's daughter. Fell in love and started an inter-racial family in secret with Nate Griffin, Peter's black slave ancestor who turned out not to actually be related to Peter after all. Fled with her family to Quahog after being discovered by her father. Bears an obvious resemblance to Lois Griffin.
  • Seabreeze Pewterschmidt Carter's prized greyhound seen in the episode "Screwed the Pooch", becomes impregnated by Ted Turner and the charade nearly causes Brian to be neutered.

Brian's family

  • Biscuit (deceased) – Brian's mother. He was taken away from her when he was a puppy. When she died, her caretakers had her stuffed and turned into an end table. After Brian discovers this, with Stewie, he steals his mother and buries her in a local park.
  • Coco (deceased) – Brian's racist father, who walked out on Biscuit and her puppies. It was revealed in "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High" that he was killed by a milk truck.
  • Jasper – Brian's gay, flamboyant cousin, known for constantly telling dirty jokes. Self-described "rice queen," married to a "skinny, hairless Filipino boy" named Ricardo. Brian roomed with Jasper when he moved to Hollywood to be a writer. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Ricardo – Jasper's Filipino husband; married in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives". He apparently does not speak English.
  • Dylan Flannigan – Brian's human son, introduced in "The Former Life of Brian." Dylan was born to Brian by an ex-girlfriend. After her relationship with Brian ended and Dylan was born, his mother became poor and overweight and never bothered to raise Dylan who, in turn, became an unruly person. Though he was originally hostile to Brian, after going to live with him and finding common ground with him, he then turned his life around and went to live with his mother again so that he may do for her what Brian did for him. Stewie mentions that it is technically impossible that Dylan can be Brian's thirteen-year-old son when Brian himself is only seven, to which Brian replies "If you don't like it, go on the internet and complain."


A number of characters in the show live on the same street, Spooner Street, near to the Griffins.

The Browns

  • Loretta Brown – Cleveland's ex-wife and mother to Cleveland Brown, Jr. Early in the show, Loretta had a minimal quantity of lines, the bulk of which were "Mm-hmm!" She also mispronounces Stewie's name regularly, calling him names "Stubby" or "Stoolie." She treats Cleveland harshly, and eventually cheats on him with Glenn Quagmire, leading them to divorce.[2] In the episode "Love Blactually", it is revealed that she has regretted this decision and wants him back, but he refuses her apology, saying that he does love her, but needs to move on, and advises her to do the same. Voiced by Alex Borstein.
  • Cleveland Brown, Jr. – The hyperactive and highly athletic son of Cleveland and Loretta. It is generally assumed Loretta got custody of him even though he did not make an appearance in the episode "Love Blactually". He later rejoins his father when he moves out of Quahog, having become severely obese and less hyperactive. Voiced by Mike Henry in Family Guy and Kevin Michael Richardson in The Cleveland Show.

The Goldmans

  • Mort Goldman – a Jewish pharmacist, and one of Peter's friends. He runs Goldman's Pharmacy and is married to Muriel and has one son, Neil. Mort's defining characteristics are his whiny neuroticism and his chronic hypochondria. Voiced by John G. Brennan.
  • Neil Goldman – Mort and Muriel's geeky son. Neil is a stereotypical nerd who has a crush on Meg Griffin, who does not return his affections. He is more confident than his father, so much so that he doesn't seem to realize that Meg doesn't have a crush on him. Neil has a very squeaky-sounding voice when he has his retainer in, but when he takes his retainer out his voice becomes extremely deep. Voiced by Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane (when his retainer is out).

The Quagmires

  • Joan Quagmire (deceased) – A maid whose services Peter won on Wheel of Fortune in the episode "I Take Thee Quagmire" to clean his house for an entire week for free. She then dated, and married, Quagmire. However, it was realized that she was a crazy psychopath who threatened to commit murder/suicide if Quagmire were to divorce her. She later intentionally grabs Death's wrist in an attempt to stop him from taking Quagmire's life, and as a result was killed in his place.

The Swansons

  • Kevin Swanson (deceased) – Joe and Bonnie's teenage son. At one time, Meg had a crush on and dated him. Joe is very strict toward Kevin and never compliments him; as a result, he's inherited his father's anger problems. Voiced by Jon Cryer once, Seth MacFarlane thereafter. In the episode "Stew-Roids," Joe abruptly reveals that Kevin "died in Iraq" and is never spoken of again. As mentioned in the DVD commentary for "Peter's Two Dads," creator Seth MacFarlane says that the decision to kill Kevin off was because "...There is absolutely nothing interesting about Kevin. He's just a boring character."

The Tuckers

  • Stacy Tucker – Tom's second wife, Jake's stepmother. It has been implied that the two have separated due to her acting bad towards Tom and that Tom sleeps with other women.
  • Jake Tucker – Tom Tucker's deformed son and Chris' former classmate. He has an upside-down face and is very angry about it. However, this problem was corrected in the episode "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One," after he swims in Quahog lake when toxic waste is dumped in it.

Peter's colleagues

Over the seven seasons of Family Guy, Peter has held three jobs. A small number of his colleagues have been shown on screen.

Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory

  • Jonathan Weed (deceased) – Peter's boss at the toy factory (based on Hasbro, headquartered in Pawtucket, RI), who spoke with a Hispanic accent and was described as an "effeminate weirdo" by his employees. He was often implied to be gay, but he just preferred the company of men within his chamber quarters. He disapproved of nearly all of Peter's actions, mainly because most of them were detrimental to the company, and has fired or come close to firing Peter on multiple occasions. In "Mr. Saturday Knight" he was invited to the Griffins' house for dinner, where he died choking on a dinner roll shortly after promoting Peter to head of toy development. In his will, he had the factory demolished to pave the way for the development of a hospital for the terminally ill. His great-grandfather's surname was 'Bermudagrass' after the weed-like, invasive species of ground cover Bermuda grass. He is later mentioned by Stewie right before he attempts to kill Lois in "Lois Kills Stewie". He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.[5]


Pawtucket Brewery

  • Angela – Peter's supervisor, in charge of the shipping department. Repeatedly awards Opie as employee of the month and promotes him. The character is said to be "obviously lesbian". Voiced by Carrie Fisher.
  • Opie – Peter's former co-worker, who has won "Employee of the Month" more than once and has since been promoted ahead of Peter. Opie is severely mentally disabled. He has a bad haircut, speaks unintelligibly, wears different pairs of shoes at once, enjoys biting people's fingers and has at least once shoved a pencil into his brain by inserting it into his ear and repeatedly pounding his head on his desk. His character was used as the sand people in the "Blue Harvest" episode. Voiced by Seth Green
  • Fouad – An employee of the brewery who is apparently supposed to be of Arab ethnicity who speaks in a stereotypically loud and obnoxious manner. Fouad is extremely earnest in his attempts to understand subtleties in American English; such as the nature of a sarcastic or ironic comment. In all of his appearances so far he loudly laughs at a joke before explaining why it is funny with the format, "Ohohoho! Ees funny bee-cuz..." Voiced by Mike Henry.

Characters based in other locations

Some characters are based in other locations, such as Meg's and Chris's school. Additionally, regular cutaway gags feature the newsreaders as the local TV network.

James Woods Regional High School

  • Connie D'Amico – Most popular girl in school. Often appears conceited. She hates Meg and often plays pranks on her with her friends, but in moments when Meg is marked "cool" she has been friendly towards her and invited her to hang out simply due to her social standing. All other members of the Griffin family, have stood up to Connie, with 3 in Meg's defense: 1st was by Lois in "And the Wiener Is...", who sent Quagmire to "scar her for life" after Meg was humiliated at a football game; 2nd by a drunk Brian in "Barely Legal", who put her off by foreshadowing her unpleasant, inevitable future after she teased Meg at a school dance; and 3rd by Peter in "Peter's Daughter", who beat her up and gravely injured her after slamming her face eighteen times into the glass casing of a fire extinguisher after she mocked Meg yet again in the hall. Stewie also stands up to Connie for himself in "McStroke", where he framed her for pedophilia and had her arrested as revenge for her teasing of how small his penis is (Stewie posed as a high school student at the time). Voiced by Lisa Wilhoit (and at least once by Fairuza Balk).[6]. Chris also stood up to her himself when he dated Connie D'Amico, (in "Stew-Roids") after she picked him to date as a challenge to make him popular. She ended up falling for him, while he eventually rejected her due to his newfound popularity. She schemed with Meg to humiliate Chris, in turn, and the two succeeded and went back to their previous hate/worship relationship, although Meg did stand up to her before teaming up with her (she showed her all the scars she had from self-harm said "go fuck yourself" but teamed up after Chris threw a javelin at her).
  • Rob Berler – Meg's teacher. He thinks that Meg shouldn't hang out with the 'popular clique', and when he catches her with them, he tells her to play alone somewhere, and tells the popular kids off for getting her hopes up. [7] He also says that having Meg as a lab partner is irresponsible ("Meg is awful").[8] He has also accidentally taped over an episode of NOVA with a sex tape he made with his wife, portraying him as a transvestite, but wanted to show it to the class anyway.[8] He also seems to believe in vampires.[9]

Channel 5 (WQHG)

  • Diane Simmons – The news station's news anchor and talk show hostess. In the episode "The King Is Dead", it is revealed that her birth name was Diane Seidelman. She and fellow anchor Tom Tucker often trade insults live on the air, her largest role to date on the show has been when Peter hired her to play Anna in his version of The King and I, she quit after he kept changing everything. It is revealed that her husband killed himself. Voiced by Lori Alan.
  • Tricia Takanawa – The main correspondent for Quahog Channel 5 News.[10] Unlike her fellow news people, Tricia displays a strong, stoic attitude. Whenever Tucker or Simmons would switch the scene to Takanawa, either of the two would always say "Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa", or "Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa".[10] She is known for her flat, nasal voice and dead-pan attitude, even when laughing and during sex. Here voice seems to be heavily based on the monotone voice that Larrane Newman used in early weekend update segments of Saturday Night Live. She often starts a story by naming the presenter who has just linked to her, notably in her flat nasal tone such as "Thank you" and followed by "Dian-ne..." or "To-om...".[11] On one occasion, however, she completely loses control while meeting David Bowie.[12] Diane confirms her as being Japanese. Tricia is often made to do dirty jobs, such as covering a flu segment (resulting in her contracting the flu and becoming violently ill on camera),[13] and to be abused in a hurricane report in which she gets hit by a car and a tree.[14] In an uncanonical episode, she is grilled and eaten by Tom and Diane.[10] Her explosion when she met David Bowie was publicised after she started to hump his left leg like a dog. In "North by North Quahog", she is not allowed into a hotel because of her ethnicity.[15] Voiced by Alex Borstein. (In some episodes of MADtv, Borstein portrays a correspondent named Sue Napersville with a similar voice.)
  • Ollie Williams – The BlaccuWeather weatherman and sports correspondent for Quahog Channel 5 News.[12] A running gag with this character is how he always tells the news by loudly screaming a short sentence, or even simply one word (example, when Ollie was asked what the weather was, Ollie replied with IT'S GON' RAIN!). He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Jesus, God and Death

In certain episodes Jesus, God, and Death have all been characters.

  • Jesus – Performs miracles around Quahog. His portrayal in Family Guy seems to be intentionally comically sacrilegious. He has appeared in biblical times and in modern Quahog. His powers back in the past are portrayed as exaggerated; all he really did was dance, sing, and perform phony magic finger tricks, all at the same time, and an educational video on guns portrayed Jesus using a machine gun to fight Romans alongside Moses. In modern times, however, Jesus is able to do more extraordinary things, such as turn water into funk (with a disco ball, 70s-style outfits and disco music suddenly appearing when he snaps his fingers). Also in "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", it is apparent he and Joseph did not get along and he wanted to live with his father, though God would apparently make excuses and procrastinate, though in modern times they are seen briefly together in "Blind Ambition". In "Petergeist", Stewie claims that Jesus is Chinese, that his full name is really "Jesus Hong", and that he has no idea where people are getting "Christ", because everyone on the show refers to Jesus' full name as if it were "Jesus Christ (treating the word "Christ" as his last name rather than a title), though this is most likely a one time gag. He was also apparently much shorter in biblical times than what people are led to believe, which is possibly another one time gag since every other time he appears in normal height. He is an excellent golfer, as seen in Holy Crap, although he used his holy powers rather than skill. His first major role in the show was in the episode "I Dream of Jesus", where he is spotted living undercover on Earth, as he does every couple of centuries. There was also a parody of The Passion of the Christ with "The Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This", which also starred Jim Caviezel as Jesus alongside Chris Tucker of Rush Hour fame. It was set in modern day with a buddy cop theme, also parodying the Rush Hour franchise. He was voiced by Seth MacFarlane in early episodes but is currently voiced by Alec Sulkin.
  • God – His portrayal seems to be intentionally sacrilegious. He has been seen in Quahog and in Heaven. Often regrets certain actions that have been recorded in The Bible. He is portrayed as quite the ladies man, though he once killed a lady by accident. He is shown to have created the universe by lighting a fart. He has also been depicted drunk. In a scene of the episode "If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'", he is shown to have a receptionist named Karen who mistakenly calls him "Mr. Patterson", to which he replies "She's-she's new." Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Death – Harvests the souls of the dead. Portrayed as a "loser" who still lives with his mother, has asthma and has never had a successful date. Voiced by Norm Macdonald in "Death is a Bitch", then Adam Carolla in all subsequent episodes. He is seen as a skeleton in a black robe and seldom removes his hood; underneath his hood is a human skull with spiders and snakes serpenting in and out of the eye sockets, mouth and ear cavities, as seen in "Death Lives". He once used his eye socket as a bottle-opener. He apparently hates the fact that he is technically dead and the fact that he has no buttocks ("I am minus an ass"). He doesn't seem to be very good at his job, as he is easily fooled by faked deaths. Peter and the Griffins have a somewhat good relationship with him. When Death sprained his ankle and was unable to do his job, Peter unwittingly revealed that all of humanity is immortal while he heals. After Death discovers this, Peter fills in his role as the Grim Reaper and is charged with killing the kids from Dawson's Creek. Peter fails in this endeavor, accidentally killing the pilot and co-pilot of the plane. This fact, however, made it clear to the public that Death was back in business while the plane was safely landed by Karen Black. He also appears to have time travel abilities. He is not (and probably never will be) above necrophilia, although his romantic interests focus mainly on the living. He has lost his gag reflex due to films he is not proud of. He is often seen wearing a Providence College sweatshirt, most likely meaning he attended college there. He is not usually seen using his scythe. The living usually tend to die as soon as they make physical contact with him (except in "Death is a Bitch", where the Griffins perform actions such as Peter carrying him in the living room and Stewie rubbing his foot). He has a dog who strongly resembles him and is apparently charged with harvesting souls of dead dogs as his master does with humans. Voiced by Jimmy Kimmel, the dog is very briefly seen when Brian nearly chokes to death on a dinner roll which, in return, chokes Peter's boss Mr Weed and kills him. His mother was briefly voiced by Estelle Harris, and also resembles her son, save for wearing an apron and glasses and having gray hair. He is briefly seen driving a yellow Volkswagen Beetle which he then drunkenly crashes into a police car parked in front of him. He led an unhappy teenage life due to the fact that he could never get close to girls. He is revealed to have lost his virginity through necrophilia, having sex with a recently-deceased girl's body.

Other characters

There are also a number of other characters that have recurred in the show.

  • Adam West – Mayor of Quahog, voiced by the real life Adam West. Is highly eccentric (bordering on insanity) & paranoid politician (having all graves in Quahog filled with cement due to his fear of zombies). Though his fears are usually unfounded, in some cases he is right in being paranoid (like when encounters the Noid & kills it to prevent it from ruining his pizza). He has been shown to be corrupt and generally irresponsible (taking bribes and using of tax dollars to build a solid gold statue of the Dig 'Em Frog). He has little in common with his real life counterpart.
  • Al Harrington – Proprietor of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse. He appears in several episodes during spoof television ads. In Blue Harvest, he is seen advertising for Darth Harrington's Intergalactic Proton Powered Electrical Tentacled Advertising Droids Emporium and Moon Base. He is also seen advertising Crudely Painted Not So Funny Plywood Cutout Folk Art.
  • Bruce the Performance Artist – Gay mustachioed Southerner who has a slight lisp, with the catchphrases of "Oh noooooo" and "Nooo waaaaay". His first appearance was in the episode "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", where he was a horror novelty shop clerk. His name was finally revealed to be Bruce in the season six episode "No Chris Left Behind". Although Bruce himself is generally limited to occasional, random appearances, his voice is commonly loaned to many anthropomorphic animals. Bruce has also assumed several different careers over the years, including therapist, exorcist, and CPR instructor. Bruce also apparently had an African American ancestor named Tōbí, who enjoyed being whipped by a slave driver. He plays the part of Greedo in "Blue Harvest", a parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (he says his catchphrase of "Oh noooooo", after being shot by Peter (playing the role of Han Solo). Bruce's voice and mannerisms have also been used for other cut away sequences & parodies including the alien from Aliens, a shark from Jaws, and a large bee. He is voiced by Mike Henry.
  • Buzz Killington – A man who has made a number of appearances, generally after someone is characterized as being "more of a Buzzkill than Buzz Killington". He is a well dressed, old fashioned man who would have been a very popular person in the 1920s. However, due to modernization, he is now seen as a buzzkill, hence his name. In each one of his appearances, he tells a joke or story that is met with general dislike, leading the main character of the scene to sigh and rub the bridge of their nose. a distant cousin to eve killington from New zealandVoiced by Danny Smith.
  • Carl – The owner of a local Quahog convenience store. He is currently Chris's boss and was previously Meg's boss. He speaks in a calm, somewhat monotone voice and shows almost no emotion regarding anything happening around him. He previously made small, occasional appearances, often discussing an interest in certain actresses, the first of these appearances being in "Deep Throats". He employs Meg and later Chris in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)". He develops a friendship with Chris over their mutual interests in movies. He later fires Meg for arguing with him over a promotion, followed by briefly re-hiring her before she turned down the chance to work there again. There has also been an announcement that he will play the part of Yoda in "Something, Something, Something Dark Side", a parody of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.
  • Dr. Elmer Hartman – A physician who works at the local hospital. Dr. Hartman is Stewie's pediatrician. He is known for delaying news about Peter's health with various forms of shtick, all of which initially appear to be bad news ("Now, onto the cancer... You are a Cancer, right? You were born in July?"). He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane who points out during a few DVD commentaries[citation needed] that Dr. Hartman's voice and the voice for Lois' father are nearly identical (in a scene in "Believe it or Not, Joe's Walking on Air", this is directly referenced in a scene with Mr. Pewterschmidt and Dr. Hartman). He is named after Seth MacFarlane's friend Butch Hartman, whose real name is Elmer, creator of shows The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom.
  • Ernie – A human-sized chicken who holds a grudge against Peter. The rivalry between him and Peter is first seen when he gives Peter an expired coupon in "Da Boom" following which they had a long, destructive fight, though, in "Meet the Quagmires", Peter elbows him, which causes Ernie to become angry with Peter. Since then, Ernie has appeared on four occasions, including "Blind Ambition", and "No Chris Left Behind",[16] resulting in Peter walking home to resume his conversation with Lois, who hasn't moved from her spot since the fight started.[17] At five minutes and ten seconds, this is the longest non-plot-developing scene in the entire series,[citation needed] where his name was revealed to be Ernie and it was shown that he has a wife named Nicole, also a human-sized chicken. His fights with Peter are very elaborate and destructive. Peter has won every fight to date and at the end of each fight, Peter walks off and leaves him for dead, only for Ernie to show some sign of life, implying that he and Peter will fight yet again.[18][19] Ernie's appearances are often random, with him tackling Peter out of nowhere or staring at him through a window in mid-conversation. After the fights are over, Peter returns to what he was doing, injuries and all, as if nothing had happened. Ernie also appears among an angry mob in "The Juice Is Loose". He also appears as the final boss in the Family Guy Videogame. All of their fights reference actual hand to hand fights from films including: Raiders of the Lost Ark, They Live, Action Jackson and Peter Pan. In Meet the Quagmires, he appears at the Country Club Dance, where Peter proposes to Lois.
  • The Evil Monkey – A monkey that lives in Chris's closet. Whenever Chris mentions it, he looks in the general direction of his bedroom, upon which the monkey is seen pointing at him shakily, and then returning to Chris's room, much to Chris's horror. Chris tries to tell his family about the existence of the Evil Monkey but, so far, only Stewie believes him. When the family is out of town, the monkey rests on Chris's bed while listening to Foghat and smoking pot. In the show's universe, the monkey was not originally evil, but became so after catching his wife in bed with another monkey, which, according to Seth MacFarlane, leaves him "not so much evil as embittered".[citation needed] The only other characters whom the monkey has appeared before are Peter (in "Stewie Loves Lois"), Brian's son Dylan (in "The Former Life of Brian") and Herbert. Peter mistook the monkey for Meg, so he still doesn't appear to know he exists, and Herbert slept through the whole encounter. Dylan, however, approaches and viciously assaults the monkey. He appears alive, and well in a deleted scene of the same episode, as the driver of the cab, Dylan, and his mother get into. He also appears alive, well and smoking pot in the episode "420".
  • Fjorg van der Ploeg – A character introduced in Season 7. He is Swedish with an over accented Swedish accent, although his name is Dutch. He is seen in his bakery, and beating Peter in a game called "Spökboll" (Dodgeball) (in the show mispronounced as "Shploopel", in English Ghostball). Fjorg's heavy accent usually causes him to mispronounce English words, making what he is saying sound vulgar in nature (Such as pronouncing "pie" as "pee", "cake" as "cock", and "dough" as "doo")
  • Greased-up Deaf Guy – Has been featured in several cameos since his first appearance in "The Thin White Line". He can speak well, but somewhat out of tone, accentuating his parody of the hearing-impaired. He is always shown running, even when stopped he will continue to run in place and flail his arms. He was named Jay after an audience member by the same name in "Family Guy Live" queried his name in a Q&A Session.[20] Voiced by Mike Henry.[21]
  • Herbert – An elderly pedophile who resides just down the street from the Griffin Family and lusts after Chris. In "Play It Again, Brian", Chris finally realizes this and asks Herbert, "Are you a pedophile?" However, Herbert's answer, if any, is not shown. He has a dog named Jesse, who is unable to use his hind legs and is very old, like his master. In the episode "No Chris Left Behind", Herbert is shown to be the Grand Master of the Skull and Bones society at Morningwood academy. He also pronounces sibilant consonants with a high-pitched whistle. He also plays Obi Wan Kenobi in the Blue Harvest episode. Chris generally doesn't take him seriously, but when it appears that Herbert may finally be successful in luring Chris, his caregivers intervene. Voiced by Mike Henry.
  • Horace – The owner and bartender of the Drunken Clam, voiced by John G. Brennan.
  • James William Bottomtooth III – Brian's co-worker at The New Yorker in "Brian Goes Back to College". He has a comically oversized jaw and his speech is impossible to understand due to his exaggerated Locust Valley lockjaw accent. He refuses to sign a petition against Mayor Adam West's anti-gay marriage bill in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives" because he's a conservative Christian. He has a son, James William Bottomtooth IV, who attends Morningwood Academy. He has a strong resemblance to his father, namely the large bottom jaw and speech. Like his classmates, he holds a strong antipathy for Chris, as seen in "No Chris Left Behind".
  • Jesse – Herbert's extremely old pet dog. Due to being unable to use his hind legs, Jesse drags himself across the ground with his front legs to move. Unlike Brian, Jesse doesn't talk, though he does make sounds similar to Herbert's "Hmmmmm".
  • James Woods – First seen in the Episode "Peter's Got Woods", he is an actor that obsesses over Peter's friendship. Due to this obsession, he has been "captured" by Peter and Brian twice (First in "Peter's Got Woods" and second in "Back to the Woods", where Woods makes a return) by making a trail of Reese's Pieces, then pulling a string and capturing him in a wooden box. In "Back to the Woods", Peter says "Next time let's remember this right away because he's done this twice". Voiced by himself.
  • Jillian Russell – Brian's sexy, bulimic and somewhat mentally challenged ex-girlfriend, portrayed as a stereotypical blonde. The only girlfriend Brian has had for more than one episode and was a recurring character in Season 5. He stays with her purely for sex. She breaks up with Brian in "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)" when it is revealed that Brian did not want a committed relationship with her, and married in the episode "We Love You Conrad". Before she married, she briefly dated Mayor Adam West. Like Brian, she perfectly understands what Stewie says. Jillian's parents are both dead. She is voiced by Drew Barrymore.
  • Jim Kaplan – A local Quahog con man. Though he displays typical qualities of a scheming business man, he is able to convince Peter to buy just about anything for any price. He is usually seen wearing a green and purple checkered jacket. He was known as "Doug" in his first appearance. Voiced by Danny Smith. It is shown that he owns a bank and a tattoo parlor.
  • Judge – A judge in Quahog who handles practically every case in the series. His rulings are usually extremely biased against the defendant, except in "McStroke", where Peter tries to sue McBurgertown. He has never been referred to by name in the series. In the episode One If by Clam, Two If by Sea, he strangely appears white. Voiced by Phil LaMarr.
  • Olivia Fuller (possibly deceased) – Stewie's former classmate in a performing arts school (From Method to Madness). In Chick Cancer, Olivia and Stewie were "married". However, Stewie breaks up with Olivia and burns their cardboard house down after he catches her 'cheating' on him with a friend of hers and leaves them for dead. Voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.
  • Paddy Tanninger the Caddy Manager (deceased) – Manager of Quahog golf course. Hired Chris as a 'ball shagger'. After his job as the caddy manager, he managed Brian at the Quahog Hummer Dealership in "The Perfect Castaway". He wants to fight over practically everything as shown with his catchphrase "Big whoop, want to fight about it?" He gets run over by a tank driven by Brian in "Hell Comes to Quahog". In the commentary for the episode, director Dan Povenmire stated that he didn't like the character, so he decided to kill him off.[citation needed]
  • Rupert – Stewie's favorite teddy bear. In some episodes he is portrayed having a muscled male body and a bear's head in Stewie's imagination. He has also sustained several "injuries" throughout the series (I.E., Brian eats his leg and later defecates it, and while in the park, a dog attacks Stewie and tears Rupert apart). During Stewie's imaginary scenes he is voiced by Danny Smith.
  • Shamus – A wise, gravel-voiced old sailor and parody of the pirate stereotype, who is completely made of wood from the neck down. He also has long wooden poles instead of arms and legs, which contain random pieces of information. In the episode "A Fish out of Water", Quagmire asks Shamus if he was involved in an accident, to which he sarcastically responds "No. Me father was a tree."
  • Vern and Johnny (deceased) – A vaudeville duo who often appear following a random line of dialogue, usually performing some quaint song-and-dance act. Vern, the singer, first featured in the episode "Holy Crap", but Johnny, the piano player, wasn't present until "Blind Ambition". Vern usually analyses the last conversation and then shouts "play me off Johnny!" Johnny will play the same tune on his piano each time he appears. Stewie killed them both in the episode "Saving Private Brian", before saying, in an annoyed tone, that "Okay, they're dead. Alright? We're not gonna be seeing them again". However, they did appear from beyond the grave in "Back to the Woods", with Vern as a ghost and Johnny playing his piano from down in Hell. After their act has finished, Vern breaks the fourth wall and says: "You're probably wondering why Johnny's in Hell. Johnny liked little boys," implying that Johnny had been a pedophile all along. Vern is voiced by Seth MacFarlane while Johnny never speaks.


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