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This list of The Karate Kid characters consists of fictional characters from the films The Karate Kid, The Karate Kid Part II, The Karate Kid Part III, The Next Karate Kid, the 2010 remake, and the Cobra Kai TV series.[1][2][3]


Daniel LaRusso[edit]

Mr. Miyagi[edit]

Johnny Lawrence[edit]

John Kreese[edit]

Sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) is an ex-Special Forces Vietnam Veteran and the sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo.[4][5] He also has an unethical and vicious way of teaching karate because he instructs his students to be merciless towards their opponents. In the first film, Kreese's best student, Johnny Lawrence, bullies and harasses Daniel LaRusso with his gang until they are stopped by Mr. Miyagi, who teaches Daniel karate. When Daniel and Miyagi resolve the conflict at the Cobra Kai dojo, Miyagi proposes that Daniel enter the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament where he will face the Cobra Kai students and demands that the bullying cease while Daniel trains. Kreese agrees, but warns that if they don't show up at the tournament, the Cobra Kai will continue to harass Daniel and also Miyagi. At the tournament, Daniel reaches the semi-finals while Johnny advances to the finals after defeating a highly skilled opponent. Kreese instructs Bobby Brown, one of his more compassionate students and the least vicious of Daniel's tormentors, to disable Daniel with an illegal attack on the knee. Bobby reluctantly does so, getting disqualified in the process. However, Daniel recovers and ultimately defeats Johnny, becoming the new champion. Furious, Kreese attacks Johnny in the parking lot, but is stopped by Miyagi, who easily defeats Kreese and humiliates him in front of his students. Kreese's abusive behavior results with him losing his students and going broke. In the third film, Kreese visits his Vietnam war comrade Terry Silver, the wealthy owner of a toxic waste disposal business who offers to help Kreese gain revenge on Daniel and Miyagi and re-establish Cobra Kai. Silver sends Kreese to Tahiti to rest while he hires Mike Barnes to harass Daniel and beat him in the tournament. However, at the tournament, Barnes lost to Daniel and Cobra Kai was shut down, ostensibly for good.

Kreese returns in the first season finale of Cobra Kai and faces his former pupil Johnny Lawrence.[6] He is proud of Johnny and seeks his help to get his revenge on Daniel for shutting down his dojo.

The Referee[edit]

The Referee of the ring is played by Pat E. Johnson in the first three Karate Kid films. He was seen outside his tournament duties in each of the three films, the first when he stops an impending assault on Daniel from Dutch in the locker room, by ordering him out or he is disqualified, the second where he is commending Daniel for gaining the championship after the tournament's conclusion, and the third where his voice is heard on an answering machine asking Kreese if he will be enrolling anyone in the forthcoming tournament.[1][2][3]

The Karate Kid[edit]

Ali Mills[edit]

Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) The main love interest of Daniel LaRusso in the first film. During the events of the first film, she seems to take an instant liking to Daniel and the two begin to date and eventually fall in love, much to her ex-boyfriend Johnny's dismay. It is revealed later in The Karate Kid Part II that Ali left Daniel for a football player from UCLA. In Cobra Kai, Daniel reveals to Johnny that Ali is a pediatric surgeon who has since moved to Denver with her husband, an oncologist. He also shows Johnny her Facebook account, which displays her name as Ali Mills Schwarber.

Darryl Vidal[edit]

Darryl Vidal (Darryl Vidal) is the highly skilled opponent beaten by Johnny with 3 unanswered points in the semifinals during the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament. He is known to be a highly skilled master and is implied to have reached at least the semifinals in all the previous tournaments that he enrolled in. Darryl is the only opponent who Johnny shakes hands with in respect after their match. Vidal is among those who celebrates with Daniel after he defeats Johnny.


Dutch (Chad McQueen) Johnny's right-hand friend and a fellow student at the Cobra Kai dojo. Dutch is also the most brutal of the gang. His mannerisms and cadence suggest he may have a possible personality disorder. Dutch enjoys picking on Daniel. He can be seen hopping up and down whenever the Cobras confront Daniel as they are about to beat him, even confronting him in the locker room before the start of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament and telling Daniel he is "dead meat." He is the fourth Cobra Kai member to be defeated by Daniel during the tournament before facing Bobby in the semi-final round. It is rumored that a deleted scene exists of Dutch becoming angered by Daniel scoring a point on him, resulting in him tackling Daniel to the mat in a scuffle and being pulled away by tournament officials, leading to his disqualification. This would explain why it appeared that Daniel won their match after only scoring a single point. In contrast to his friends, Dutch cracks a smile after Kreese orders Bobby to put Daniel "out of commission." Dutch also appears with the other Cobra Kais when Kreese assaults Johnny for coming in second place. Despite pleas from the others for Kreese to stop, Dutch is notably silent, his face is partly hidden under a baseball cap and he turns away once Kreese places Johnny in the chokehold.

Bobby Brown[edit]

Bobby Brown (Ron Thomas) A friend of Johnny's and a fellow student at the Cobra Kai dojo. Bobby is Kreese's second-best student and was runner-up to Johnny in the All-Valley Tournament the previous year, though Johnny's most prominent right-hand man appeared to be Dutch. Although one of Johnny's gang (he slide tackles Daniel at the first day of school soccer tryouts, prompting Daniel to tackle him and land a punch to his face, thus getting Daniel kicked out of the tryouts), Bobby is seen as a more compassionate character than his friends. He tries to stop Johnny from ruining the beach party, stop him from harassing Daniel, and from doing further damage to Daniel during the fight alongside the South Sea apartments during the Halloween party. During the Semi-finals of the tournament, Kreese orders Bobby to put Daniel "out of commission," which Bobby reluctantly attempts to do by landing a kick to Daniel's knee, severely injuring him. After the kick, Bobby drops down and sincerely and profusely apologizes to a pain-writhen Daniel. Then, Bobby is pulled off Daniel and is disqualified. Because Daniel was unable to continue at that time and Bobby being disqualified, he is the only Cobra Kai member that Daniel doesn't defeat. In the film's novelization, Bobby- remorseful for injuring Daniel and disgusted at not being able to fight him fairly- walks over to Kreese and throws his black belt onto the floor. He then quits the Cobra Kai and leaves the arena. In the parking lot confrontation following the tournament, Bobby defends Johnny from an angry Kreese, stating that Johnny has apologized for his performance. When Kreese attacks Johnny, Bobby attempts to intervene but is assaulted by Kreese.


Tommy (Rob Garrison) Another friend of Johnny's and a fellow student at the Cobra Kai dojo. He is known for being the most vocal and sarcastic of the Cobra Kai gang. He is the third Cobra Kai member to be defeated by Daniel in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament and afterwards he is heard cheering Johnny on from the sidelines during the final match with Daniel. His most memorable line in the movie is "Get him a body bag. Yeah!" after Johnny re-aggravates Daniel's leg injury. He also had another memorable quote when Ali is seen walking with Daniel at school; he yells out in anger towards them "It must be take a worm for a walk week". Though Tommy delights in the endless hazing of Daniel by the Cobra Kai, he is clearly shocked when Bobby injures Daniel's leg on Kreese's command. In the parking lot confrontation following the tournament where Kreese scolds Johnny for losing, Tommy pleads with Kreese to release Johnny from the chokehold that he has him in, agreeing with Mr. Miyagi's demands to let him go. Kreese refuses and even strikes Tommy in the face knocking him to the ground.


Jimmy (Tony O'Dell) Another friend of Johnny's and a fellow student at the Cobra Kai dojo. Jimmy is known for being the most quiet member (having only a couple of lines in the film) and the only brown belt in Johnny's quintet group. He is the second Cobra Kai member to be defeated by Daniel in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament. Jimmy expresses shock when Bobby is ordered by Kreese to injure Daniel and is present when Kreese attacks Johnny following his loss and second place showing. Although he does not physically nor verbally intervene, he shows disgust at Kreese.

Freddy Fernandez[edit]

Freddy Fernandez (Israel Juarbe) A high school student that lives in the same apartment building that Daniel and his mother move into. He befriends Daniel and invites him to a beach party. However, when Daniel is defeated by Johnny on the beach for "getting in Johnny's way", he hesitates to talk to Daniel and makes fun of Daniel at school and does not try to stop his friends from ridiculing Daniel. He is next seen in the crowd at the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament cheering for Daniel. At the end of the film, he is seen cheering for Daniel and along with some of his friends, picks Daniel up and cheers, possibly reestablishing their friendship.

Mr. Mills[edit]

Mr. Mills (William Bassett) Ali's father. He is shown to be somewhat friendly but strict at the same time. He does seem to look down upon Daniel's family somewhat, seeming disappointed at the country club dance that his daughter wants to go out with "that boy from Reseda" again.

Lucille LaRusso[edit]

Lucille LaRusso (Randee Heller) Daniel's mother. She is portrayed as being a loving and hardworking mother. She is considering becoming a manager through a "two nights a week" training program, with her dialogue implying she is going away from a job in computers to pursue said management career. Lucille is very easygoing, upbeat and positive, allowing Ali to call her by her first name rather than Mrs. LaRusso upon meeting her and taking in stride the stalling of her station wagon requiring her and a visibly embarrassed Daniel to push it manually in front of Ali's wealthy parents. She is very protective and nurturing to Daniel. In the third film, she is shown to be taking care of her sick brother-in-law, Louie.

In the sequel series Cobra Kai, she is shown to have a troubled relationship with Daniel's wife Amanda, but has fond memories of Mr. Miyagi and his support of her family.

Jerry Robertson[edit]

Jerry (Larry B. Scott) Another student at the Cobra Kai dojo; however, he is not a part of Johnny's gang. He is the brown belt student who is defeated by Bobby in a sparring match at the dojo. He was also the first Cobra Kai member defeated by Daniel in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament.


Susan (Juli Fields) One of Ali's best friends. She seems to have a disliking for Daniel. She refers to Daniel as "fungus" during the Halloween dance. She is later seen at the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament in the crowd cheering. At the end of the film, she is seen walking onto the ring, along with Freddy and several others cheering for Daniel.


Barbara (Dana Andersen) Another one of Ali's friends. Like Susan, she does not care much for Daniel at the beginning, but is seen cheering for him in the end.

The Karate Kid Part II[edit]

Chozen Toguchi[edit]

Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), a bully to Daniel. Unlike Johnny, however, Chozen is more highly skilled in karate and a more vicious fighter. He is also Sato Toguchi's nephew. In the second film, Chozen appears to Daniel and Mr. Miyagi in Okinawa and reveals that he is the nephew of Sato Toguchi, Miyagi's nemesis. He also seems to have a disliking to Daniel and bullies him. Later, Daniel accidentally exposes corruption on Chozen's grocery business during an encounter in the village, having cheated on farmers using rigged weights. Chozen accuses Daniel of insulting his honor and he and his friends begin to harass Daniel. Chozen and his friends also attack Daniel and vandalize Miyagi's family property, but Chozen and his friends leave quickly when Miyagi arrives. During this fight, Chozen manages to hit Miyagi on the back with the handle of a spear. With this, Chozen stands out among all the enemies in being the only person that Miyagi fights in the original series that manages a successful strike on him.

During a typhoon, Sato orders Chozen to help Daniel carry a child to the shelter. Chozen refuses and gets disowned by Sato. Chozen runs off into the storm out of anger, vowing to seek revenge and fight back to save his honor. During the O-Bon festival, Chozen takes Kumiko hostage and demands to fight Daniel alone. Chozen later gets the upper hand during the fight and nearly kills Daniel, who uses the drum technique to defeat Chozen. Daniel grabs the vanquished Chozen and tells him, "Live or die, man". Chozen chooses to die, but Daniel spares his life and instead humiliates him by tweaking his nose (mirroring Miyagi's humiliation of Kreese earlier in the film) before dropping him into the ground. It is unknown what happened to Chozen after his defeat.

Sato Toguchi[edit]

Sato Toguchi (Danny Kamekona) is Miyagi's former best friend, as during their childhood, they had a strong brotherly friendship. Their friendship was so strong that Miyagi even asked his father to teach karate to him and Sato both (even though traditionally it had only been taught from father to son). However, when the two grew older, Sato had been arranged to marry a girl named Yukie. Although Yukie was arranged to marry Sato, she had instead fallen in love with Miyagi. Their love was so strong to one another, that Miyagi had announced that he would break the tradition of arranged marriage and marry Yukie anyway. Sato however, felt disgraced and challenged Miyagi to a fight to save his honor. But Miyagi left Okinawa the next day. When Miyagi returned to Tome village with Daniel, Sato had become a rich industrialist and had been eager to face his old friend in a death match. However, the two became friends again when Miyagi saved his life during a typhoon, but his relationship with Chozen is destroyed when Sato disowns his nephew for refusing to help Daniel rescue a young girl from the typhoon. He later returned the titles to all the villagers' homes and helped rebuild and repaired his friendship with Miyagi. Sato is a highly skilled and respected karate master who appears to be more rigid and firm in his technique than Miyagi. He runs a dojo in Naha City that instructs American military police in karate.


Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) is Yukie's niece. When Daniel and Miyagi arrive at Tome village, Daniel and Kumiko begin to spend time together. Kumiko expresses her desire to become a dancer, although there are no schools for dancing where she lives. After hearing this, Daniel tries to convince her to come to America with him. After Miyagi accepts Sato's challenge to fight to the death, she and Daniel express their true feelings to one another by performing the tea ceremony which ends with a kiss, showing that the two are falling in love with each other. It seems that Chozen has a lust for Kumiko, which is further shown in one scene when Kumiko pelts Chozen's shirt with a tomato after Chozen threatens Daniel. Instead of returning the favor, Chozen smiles at Kumiko and takes his shirt off, saying "You keep, for your collection. I know you like it". Kumiko is last seen performing an O bon dance at the old castle outside Tome village. It is there she is taken hostage by Chozen in order to get Daniel to fight him. Daniel accepts, and Kumiko makes an effort to intervene by choking Chozen with a piece of cloth before being knocked out by him. Daniel wins the fight, and the two romantically embrace as the crowd cheers. It is revealed later in The Karate Kid Part III that Kumiko was offered a dancing career in Tokyo that she could not refuse, much to Daniel and his Mother's disappointment.


Yukie (Nobu McCarthy) Yukie is Mr. Miyagi's loving childhood girlfriend. Although she was arranged to marry Sato, she had already been in love with Mr. Miyagi, which is what caused Sato to challenge Mr. Miyagi to a death match to save his honor. Mr. Miyagi never fought him, however. The next day, he left for America. When Mr. Miyagi returned to Tome village, it was revealed that Yukie had never married Sato. During the events of The Karate Kid Part II it was shown that the two still had feelings for one another and they began to rekindle their romance.


Toshio (Joey Miyashima) One of Chozen's cronies who helps torment Daniel.


Taro (Marc Hayashi) Another one of Chozen's cronies who helps torment Daniel.

Miyagi's Father[edit]

Miyagi's Father (Charlie Tanimoto) An elderly karate master who trained him to use the art in the right way. At the beginning of the movie the audience finds out that he is still alive, however has become ill and later dies, but not before seeing his son one last time. As sensei to Miyagi and Sato, both men came to his side at his hour of death. His final act was to bring the two former close friends together, seemingly encouraging them to make peace.

The Announcer[edit]

The Announcer (Bruce Malmuth) for the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament has appeared in the first three Karate Kid films. He seems to have a deep respect for Daniel.

The Karate Kid Part III[edit]

Terry Silver[edit]

Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is an ex-Vietnam veteran who is a friend of John Kreese during his military service. Silver was saved by Kreese several times during war in Vietnam. In return, Silver established the Cobra Kai dojo and gave it to Kreese as a gift of gratitude and friendship. Silver is also the head of a toxic waste disposal company called Dynatox industries, which illegally dumps waste in the environment and has made Silver very wealthy to these activities. Besides being a wealthy businessman, he is also a ruthless karate expert. In the third film, Silver offers to help Kreese, who is now broke because of the loss of his students, gain revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi and re-establish Cobra Kai. Silver sends Kreese to Tahiti to rest while he hires "Karate's Bad Boy" Mike Barnes to defeat Daniel at the next All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament. When Silver finds out that Daniel will not fight at the tournament this year, he orders Barnes and his henchmen to harass Daniel in attempt to make him enter the tournament. After Daniel signs up for the tournament, he turns to Silver for guidance after Miyagi refuses to train him. Silver, as part of his plan, forces Daniel to destroy a wooden dummy. After Daniel finally destroys the dummy and injures himself at the same time, Silver tells him that he is ready for the tournament. When Daniel and his friend, Jessica, are at a nightclub, Silver bribes a man into provoking a fight with Daniel. Daniel punches the man and breaks his nose. Realizing that he has become a different man and has alienated himself from his friends, Daniel informs Silver that he will not fight at the tournament. Silver reveals his true agenda and Barnes assaults Daniel. But Miyagi arrives, saves Daniel, and agrees to train him for the tournament. At the tournament, Silver and Kreese instruct Barnes to inflict pain on Daniel and then beat him in the sudden death round. However, Barnes loses to Daniel, and Silver walks away in disgust.

Mike Barnes[edit]

Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) is a rising martial arts star who has won numerous tournaments. He is a skilled and vicious karate fighter who got the nickname of "Karate's Bad Boy". Unlike Johnny and Chozen, Barnes seems tougher and more skilled and experienced in karate because Daniel could not overpower him until the end of the film. In the third movie, Barnes was hired by Terry Silver to beat Daniel at the next All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament and will get 25% (later 50%) ownership of the new Cobra Kai dojos if he achieves the goal. Later in the film, Barnes and his friends, Snake and Dennis, begin to bother and harass Daniel in an attempt to make him sign up for the tournament. They later succeed by threatening to leave Daniel and his friend, Jessica, to drown at the bottom of a cliff. Barnes also breaks Mr. Miyagi's valuable bonsai tree. When Daniel decides not to compete at the tournament, Silver reveals that he was the one who is behind Barnes and that his agenda was avenging John Kreese, who was his best friend all along. Barnes viciously assaults Daniel until Miyagi arrives and defeats the three men. Daniel and Miyagi decide to show up for the tournament. At the tournament, Barnes reaches the final round to face Daniel. Silver and Kreese instruct Barnes to inflict pain on Daniel and then beat him in the sudden death round. Barnes wins and loses points on Daniel (nearly getting disqualified in the process), but gets defeated in sudden death. This causes him to rage and cause Silver and Kreese to storm off, humiliated.

Jessica Andrews[edit]

Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) She becomes Daniel's best friend. It was shown that Daniel has a brief crush on her, but when she claimed that she had a boyfriend, they broke up and was going back to her home in Columbus, Ohio soon and try to get back together, Daniel had come to see them as just friends and the two began forming a close friendship. Later while the two are dancing at a club the last night Jessica is in town, the two are confronted by a guy who hits on Jessica, prompting Daniel into a fight (It turns out that the guy was paid by Silver to provoke Daniel into a fight). Daniel ends up breaking the guy's nose; Jessica becomes mad at him and runs off. Later that night, however, as she is packing to leave the next day, Daniel shows up and apologizes for what happened, and she accepts, implying that the two will remain friends.


Snake (Jonathan Avildsen) is one of Silver's henchmen and one of Mike's cronies who helps torment Daniel. He is known to be the "bad boy" of L.A (implied by Silver). It is unknown if Snake has any martial arts skills, though he seems to have some skills when he tried to land a punch on Mr. Miyagi, which Miyagi later countered during a second confrontation on Miyagi's bonsai shop. Snake was last seen at the tournament. He was disappointed when Mike lost to Daniel.


Dennis (Christopher Paul Ford) is one of Silver's henchmen and Mike's cronies who helps torment Daniel. He is a karate practitioner who is assigned to help Mike with his training. But Dennis is not as skilled as Mike nor Daniel, due to the fact that Daniel easily defeated him during a second confrontation on Miyagi's bonsai shop and a sparring match against Mike on the Cobra Kai dojo, in which he lost. Dennis rarely speaks. He only has two lines throughout the entire movie.

Mrs. Milo[edit]

Mrs. Milo (Frances Bay) is the negative old lady that lives in the same apartment building as Daniel.

Louie LaRusso Sr.[edit]

Uncle Louie (Joseph V. Perry) is Daniel's uncle and Lucille's brother. During the events of The Karate Kid part 3, he becomes ill and Lucille returns to New Jersey to care for him. Louie has his namesake son, Louie LaRusso Jr., appearing in Cobra Kai.


Milos (Jan Triska) is Terry Silver's butler.


Margaret (Diana Webster) Terry Silver's secretary.

The Announcer[edit]

The Announcer (Rick Hurst) is the announcer of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament in The Karate Kid Part III.

The Next Karate Kid[edit]

Julie Pierce[edit]

Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) A troubled teenage girl who lost her parents in a car accident. This time, she is the main character. Like Daniel, she is also bullied by a gang, The Alpha Elite and their leader, Ned who hits on her at her school. Mr. Miyagi takes her in as his student when he sends her grandmother (her only known living family member) away for a vacation and proceeds to train her in karate. At first, she wanted nothing to do with him, but learns to accept him as a teacher after being taught a few familiar techniques that Mr. Miyagi once taught Daniel. With the skills and self-confidence that Mr. Miyagi instills in Julie, she is able to stand up to Ned when a fight at the docks takes place (while the rest of Ned's gang and Col. Dugan watch on) and comes out victorious. When Ned loses, Col. Dugan tries to get the other members of the Alpha Elite to fight her, but they all refuse, thus showing that they finally gained respect for her.

Colonel Dugan[edit]

Col. Dugan (Michael Ironside) Leads an JROTC-style program, the Alpha Elite, at Julie's school, and his style of instruction and morals he instills upon his students are very similar to those of John Kreese from the earlier films. In the last scene at the docks after Miyagi and Julie rescue Eric from being beaten up anymore, Col. Dugan and Mr. Miyagi engage in a fight. Mr. Miyagi easily defeats him, and as it seems that Mr. Miyagi will land one last fatal blow to Col. Dugan, he humorously blows on his nose and lets him drop to the ground (in the same style that Mr. Miyagi defeated Kreese at the start of the second movie) where his students look down at him with disappointing looks.

Louisa Pierce[edit]

Louisa Pierce (Constance Towers) Julie's grandmother and only known living family member. She and Mr. Miyagi knew each other for many years since her late husband was a good friend of Miyagi during and after World War II. She was later sent to stay at Miyagi's home in Los Angeles, so that he could look after and teach her granddaughter the techniques of virtue and discipline through karate and she also makes tacos for Julie's birthday.

Eric McGowen[edit]

Eric McGowen (Chris Conrad) A new student who joins Col. Dugan's group to someday become accepted into the Air Force Academy. He shows infatuation when in Julie's presence, even up to occasionally teasing her at times just for her to warm up to him. Although Julie initially disliked him (on account of him being part of Col. Dugan's ruthless group), she begins to bond more with him after he watches over her hawk, Angel as a favor when she was away for training. While he and Julie are at a school dance, he is confronted by Ned after a stunt gone wrong. Ned then challenges him in front of the school, and while Eric wants to fight, Julie stops it. Later that night while Eric is dropping Julie off at home, Ned breaks the windows of Eric's car. While Julie runs inside to get Mr. Miyagi, Eric drives to the docks to confront Ned, however is ambushed by Col. Dugen and the rest of Ned's gang. They all then have a hand in beating Eric, he is then saved by Miyagi and Julie as they arrive.


Abbot (Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad)


Ned (Michael Cavalieri) is a skilled academy student and gang leader of the Alpha Elite with bullying tendencies. He constantly tries to flirt with Julie, only to be rejected by her multiple times. As a response to the rejections, he does whatever he can to make Julie's life miserable like getting her almost suspended from school by lying to Col. Dugan that Julie was smoking. Later, after he sees Eric with Julie at the dance and when he sees them kiss in Eric's car, he smashes the car windows and challenges him to a fight. After he and the other members of his gang beat up Eric, Julie and Mr. Miyagi find them and leave with Eric, only to be stopped by Ned who tries to grab Julie. They both fight and Julie manages to defeat him. When Col. Dugan tries to force the others to fight Julie, they all refuse, as they have gained respect for her. After Col. Dugan was defeated by Miyagi, Ned expresses his disappointment in him, saying "You said, you had all the answers, Colonel. You were wrong."


Charlie (Walton Goggins) One of Ned's friends and a fellow student of the Alpha Elite. After witnessing Col. Dugan putting so much pressure onto Ned of severely beating Eric McGowan at the docks, he sympathizes to Ned that he doesn't have to keep going at it. Col. Dugan then tries to force him to fight Julie (along with the other members) but he also refuses to fight after Ned is defeated by her. He is much like Cobra Kai student Bobby Brown from the original film.

Tall Monk[edit]

Tall Monk (Jim Ishida)


Monk (Rodney Kageyama)

Buddhist Monk[edit]

Buddhist Monk (Seth Sakai)

Mr. Harold Wilkes[edit]

Mr. Harold Wilkes (Eugene Boles)

School Clerk[edit]

School Clerk (Kenna Keel)


Gabe (Tom O'Brien)


Morgan (Thomas Downey)

The Karate Kid (2010 remake)[edit]

Dre Parker[edit]

Dre Parker (德瑞帕克 Déruì Pàkè, Jaden Smith), like Daniel LaRusso, goes into training for self-defense after being bullied. Dre was originally from Detroit, Michigan. However, Dre and his mother move to Beijing, China, to start a new life after his mom gets a job transfer. Dre's mother was thrilled about Beijing, although Dre wasn't particularly thrilled about the move. Shortly after moving to Beijing, Dre immediately fell in love with a pretty young violinist named Mei Ying. Soon after in the movie he kissed her as well. It was obvious that she had mutual feelings for Dre; however, a local bully and kung fu prodigy named Cheng attempted to keep them apart. Afterwards, Cheng continually tormented Dre until he was stopped by Mr. Han. After Mr. Han's interference, Dre began to learn kung fu from Han when Cheng's shifu, Master Li, challenged them to a fight, which forced Dre to compete in the upcoming 'Open Kung Fu Tournament.' At the tournament Dre managed to defeat Master Li's students and ultimately Cheng himself. After his victory, Dre had earned the respect of Cheng and his friends. Like Johnny in the original movie, Cheng personally presented the trophy to Dre.

Mr. Han[edit]

Jackie Chan as Mr. Han

Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) - A Chinese maintenance man who becomes Dre's shifu. He is based on Mr. Miyagi from the original films. The film follows the same story line as the original, and several lines and actions are repeated from the original. Unlike Miyagi, he lacks his sense of humor and lightheartedness and appears more conflicted and depressed. He is also shown to have a car in his living room and is fixing it. However, Han is a practitioner of kung fu, and elements of his backstory differ from Miyagi's, such as the circumstances surrounding his wife's and son's death. In this version, Han tells Dre that he was distracted by an argument with his wife while they were driving in his car, and they crashed, killing them, relentlessly driven by guilt for it. Every year, he smashes the car after fixing it on the date of their deaths, and fixes it again after that to repeat the cycle, hoping to relieve his guilt somehow. He continues to train Dre for the Kung Fu tournament.


Cheng (陆伟程 Lù Wěichéng, Zhenwei Wang) - Dre's arch opponent and the main antagonist. He is a bigger student attending the same school as Dre, and continually harasses him throughout the film for Dre's interactions with his possible love interest, Mei Ying. He is the top student at the Fighting Dragon studio run by Master Li, who teaches his students to treat their enemies and opponents without mercy. He also goes as far as drastically beating him in the secluded back entrance of Dre's apartment before being stopped and defeated by Mr. Han. Cheng is much like Johnny Lawrence: being the bully of the school, rich, well-known, the leader of his own gang of friends (though Cheng's gang numbers 6, contrary to Johnny's gang of 5), and distressing and thrashing the protagonist. Similarly as in the first 'The Karate Kid' film, Dre earns Cheng's respect when he beats him at the finals of the 'Open Kung Fu Tournament' and Cheng personally awards Dre the trophy and he and his friends showed Mr. Han respect. In the alternative ending, Cheng is about to get beaten up by Master Li for failing the tournament and showing respect towards Dre and Mr. Han, but luckily, Han comes to the rescue by defeating Master Li in a match. This is similar to the opening scene in Karate Kid, Part II (Miyagi rescues Johnny from John Kreese) and is implied that this is how the remake of the sequel will begin, on the account that there will be a Karate Kid 2 with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith reprising their roles, respectively.


Meiying (Wenwen Han) Dre's (and possibly Cheng's) love interest. Like Ali Mills, Meiying has an interest in music (notably playing the violin exceedingly well) and gets admittance into the fictional Beijing Academy of Music (which Dre refers to as 'BAM!'). She and Dre officially become a couple at a festival. One day at school, Dre encourages her to skip both school and violin practice for a day of fun. However, her performance got rescheduled to that day, nearly causing her to be late. Although he arrived to see her perform, her father instructs them to part, deeming him a bad influence on her life for his reckless actions. However, Dre rehearses a written apology to Meiying's father which Mr. Han had translated for him, asking for a second chance. He accepts, and promises him that Meiying will be at his tournament. At the end of the film, she is seen cheering loudly, keeping her 'pinky promise' to Dre, which was for her to be the loudest fan to cheer for him when he would win the Kung Fu tournament.


Liang (梁子浩 Liáng Zǐhào, played by Shijia Lü 吕世佳 Lǚ Shìjiā) - One of Cheng's friends and the second best student at the Fighting Dragons studio who antagonizes Dre Parker in The Karate Kid Remake. Like Bobby Brown in the original film, he is more civil than the rest of Cheng’s gang and the least vicious of Dre's tormenters. He is also the one who tries to beg Cheng to spare Dre after he throws dirty water at them. He is also the one who gets slapped by Master Li for showing mercy to his opponent when they were sparring in the studio. He is also the one who injures Dre's leg during the semifinals of the tournament on Master Li's orders and deeply regrets his actions afterwards. As a result of severely injuring Dre's leg, Liang gets disqualified. In the end, Liang, along with Cheng and their friends, develops a newfound respect for Dre and Mr. Han after Dre fairly defeats Cheng in the tournament. Sometimes, he also has pity for Dre and shows mercy.

Master Li[edit]

Master Li (Yu Rongguang) Cheng's Kung Fu instructor. Like John Kreese, Master Li teaches his students to be ruthless and merciless towards their enemies, which includes using unsportsmanlike or illegal moves. Han tells Drew that Master Li does not teach his students real Kung Fu, but is a "bad man teaching them very bad things". When Dre and Han arrive at the Fighting Dragon studio to make peace, the bruised Cheng tells him that Han was the one who "attacked" him. Li attempts to coerce a fight from either Han or Dre, but Han instead arranges for Dre to fight at an upcoming Kung Fu tournament. During the tournament, Li instructs Liang, one of his best stduents, to deliver an illegal strike to Dre's leg, preventing him from continuing the tournament and allowing Cheng to win the tournament by default. Ultimately, Dre returns to the ring and ultimately defeats Cheng, much to Li's anger.

In the alternate ending, Master Li seeks to beat Cheng for failing the tournament and showing his newfound respect for Dre and Han. However he is prevented from doing so by Han, who beats him in a fight, paralleling the beginning The Karate Kid, Part II. Dre's mother then punches Li in the jaw as retribution for ordering Liang to deliver the illegal strike on Dre's leg.

Cobra Kai[edit]

Miguel Diaz[edit]

Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) is a teenage asthmatic with low self-esteem and is Johnny's neighbor. While shopping for Pepto-Bismol for his grandmother at a strip mall in Reseda, he is attacked by a group of rich bullies led by Kyler after accidentally foiling their plans to buy beer. The bullies nickname him "Rhea" after noticing the bottle of Pepto-Bismol and dumping it all over him. When the bullies shove Miguel on Johnny's car, Johnny attacks them before he is arrested. Miguel becomes Johnny's first student in the new Cobra Kai dojo. Aside from learning karate, he is the dojo's housekeeper and website administrator. Though initially reluctant and mocking towards him, Johnny quickly comes to care for Miguel, becoming a father figure to him, despite objections from his mother. When Daniel's daughter Samantha confronts Kyler over rumors he spread about her, Miguel beats up Kyler and his clique, gaining popularity in the school and earning Johnny's gi. Unfortunately, Cobra Kai's thuggish philosophy begins to affect Miguel's values as a series of misunderstandings with Samantha and Robby encourages him to become much more violent and ruthless, to Johnny's eventual disapproval.

Amanda LaRusso[edit]

Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler) is Daniel's wife and co-owner of LaRusso Auto Group. While she is fully supportive of her husband's return to karate, Amanda is instrumental in moderating her husband's animosity to Johnny and encouraging at least the beginning of a reconciliation. Furthermore, she is instrumental in encouraging Daniel to not only forgive his protege, Robby Keene, for hiding that he is Johnny's son, but also become Robby's coach again during the karate tournament.

Samantha LaRusso[edit]

Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser; Reese TinLee (young)) is Daniel and Amanda's 16-year-old daughter, who was taught karate by her father at a young age. She hangs out with the other rich, popular girls at her high school. Her relationship with her father is strained by his meddling in her potential romance with a fellow student named Kyler, but they reconcile after Samantha sees Kyler bully Miguel's friend group and subsequently ends their relationship. When Kyler begins spreading lies about her, Samantha is briefly friendless. Miguel eventually defends her and defeats Kyler's clique in a lunch room fight, after which he and Samantha begin dating. Samantha really likes Miguel but hides their relationship from her parents because of her father's history with Cobra Kai. A series of assumptions and misunderstandings lead Miguel to believe that Samantha is ashamed of him and is involved with Daniel's new student Robby Keene. Between that and Robby's resentment over his father's karate mentorship of Miguel, antagonism sparks between the two boys when they meet at a Cobra Kai party at the park. Samantha is upset with Miguel's behavior and breaks up with him. After a second confrontation with Miguel at the All-Valley Tournament, Samantha returns home and resumes her own karate training.

Anthony LaRusso[edit]

Anthony LaRusso (Griffin Santopietro) is Daniel and Amanda's nine-year-old son. He is a rather spoiled, demanding, and unpleasant child who spends the majority of his time playing video games. Anthony refuses to learn karate from his father, saying it is boring.

Robby Keene[edit]

Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) is Johnny's estranged 16-year-old son. He drops out of school when he gets in trouble for drugs, after which he and two other delinquents spend their days engaged in petty theft. To spite his father, Robby begins working at LaRusso Auto Group. Despite his original ulterior motive, Robby grows to appreciate the LaRussos' faith in him and breaks away from his miscreant friends. Robby becomes Daniel's Miyagi-do karate student and flourishes under this tutelage. When Daniel finds out that Johnny and Robby are father and son, he banishes Robby from his home and business. Undaunted by this rejection, Robby enters the All-Valley Under 18 Karate Championships tournament with no affiliation and advances towards the finals, impressing Daniel. This, combined with his wife's encouragement to forgive the boy for his previous mistakes, convinces Daniel decides to officially become Robby's sensei again and allow the boy to fight under the Miyagi-do name during the final match. Robby sustains a shoulder injury from Hawk's illegal attack during the semifinals and ultimately finishes second to Miguel. Impressed with Robby's performance and disgusted with his students' increasingly thuggish behavior, Johnny apologizes to Robby, who politely accepts it. Regardless of this loss, Daniel praises Robby's performance and takes him to Mr. Miyagi's old rest house to explain his plans to restart the Miyagi-do dojo with Robby as his senior protege.


Kyler (Joe Seo) is a high school boy from a wealthy Asian family originally from Irvine. One night, he and his friends bully Miguel at a strip mall, but are attacked by Johnny. When Daniel learns that Samantha is developing a friendship with Kyler, he invites Kyler over for a family dinner, where he notices that Kyler has bruises on his head and hands. Upon learning of where he got the bruises, Daniel confronts Johnny over the attack and the reformation of the Cobra Kai dojo. Kyler tries to make advances on Samantha, but she dumps him after seeing him and his gang bully Miguel and his friends. In retaliation, he spreads nasty rumors about her to the whole high school. Kyler eventually fears Miguel after he and his clique are defeated in a brawl during lunch break.


Demetri (Gianni Decenzo) is a member of Miguel's high school friend group. He is a very sarcastic and underconfident nerd, and not inclined towards physical activities. Demitri quits on his first day of Cobra Kai training after being humiliated by Johnny, but he continues to support Miguel. He is shocked and confused of how Eli's change of style suddenly turned his life around. Eli explains that it's not him alone changing his style, rather it being this new attitude he's developed, advising Demitri to do the same. At the end of the tournament, tells Miguel that he's reconsidered about joining Cobra Kai.

Eli Moskowitz/Hawk[edit]

Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) is Demetri's friend in school. He is a victim of cyberbullying due to his cleft lip surgery scar. Eli is initially quiet, shy, and sensitive, and he is told by doctors that he may be in the autism spectrum. He joins Cobra Kai, where Johnny nicknames him "Lip" due to his scar, but he takes Johnny's advice of "flipping the script" and undergoes an attitude change. Eli dons a mohawk, gets a hawk tattoo on his back, develops a much more aggressive and rather antagonistic personality, and is dubbed "Hawk" by Johnny. In the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament, Hawk is disqualified for dishonorably attacking Robby from behind before the round begins in a very similar fashion to Dutch from the first film.

Aisha Robinson[edit]

Aisha Robinson (Nichole Brown) is a heavy-set high school girl who is Samantha's best frend. She is the daughter of Isaiah Robinson (Chris Mason), a hall of fame linebacker for the Chargers. Even though Aisha comes from a wealthy family, she is left out by Yasmine's clique due to her stature and nerdy personality. Her friendship with Samantha becomes strained when the latter joins Yasmine's clique. Aisha becomes an object of ridicule in school after Yasmine posts an embarrassing video of her during the Halloween dance. She enrolls in the Cobra Kai dojo, but Johnny initially rejects her, as the dojo does not allow women. However, Miguel talks him into letting her in, as the dojo needs more students and he needs the money. Johnny quickly warms to Aisha after seeing her attack Miguel, calling her a "natural Cobra." Upon learning online that Yasmine is hosting a birthday party at the canyon park, Aisha gets everyone she knows in school to attend before Yasmine and her clique arrive. During the party, Aisha exacts her revenge on Yasmine by giving her a front wedgie. She is eliminated by Xander Stone in the quarterfinals of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament, but she reconciles with Samantha in the process.


Bert (Owen Morgan) is a diminutive junior student of Cobra Kai. On the day of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament, he tells his teammates that he saw a drunk Johnny urinating on his own car and yelling, "We are all gonna die!", but he never thought of telling them earlier because he thought it was normal for Johnny to act that way. Bert is eliminated in the first round.


Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) is Samantha's classmate and the leader of the rich girl clique in high school. She takes pleasure in cyberbullying Aisha and looking down at less privileged students. One night, while driving with Moon and Samantha, she gets herself distracted by texting and accidentally hits Johnny's parked car outside the All Valley Sports Arena. They flee the scene after a drunk Johnny scares them off. Yasmine unceremoniously kicks Samantha out of her clique after hearing rumors spread by Kyler and believing that Samantha thinks she is better than her and Moon. She plans a birthday party at the canyon park, but Aisha ruins her plans by hosting a party there first. Yasmine is further humiliated with a front wedgie by Aisha.


Moon (Hannah Kepple) is a member of Yasmine's rich-girl clique who has a new-age fashion sense and an air-headed demeanor. She is also attracted to Hawk. When the Cobra Kai students hold a party at the canyon park to prevent Yasmine from hosting her planned birthday party there, Moon apologizes to Aisha for her previous behavior and is then banished from Yasmine's clique. At the All-Valley tournament, Moon sits with Demetri and cheers for Hawk.


Brucks (Bo Mitchell) is Kyler's obese and rather dimwitted best friend. He is often heard saying, "That's brute, Ky!" while Kyler harasses and assaults Miguel.

Carmen Diaz[edit]

Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio) is Miguel's mother and works at a hospital. She married at age 18 but left her husband after learning the truth about his job, which showed her that he was a very bad man. Carmen (then pregnant with Miguel) and her mother Rosa fled Ecuador to seek safety in America. The trio have moved frequently and were living in Riverside before moving to Reseda. Carmen opposes violence, and it takes some convincing by Johnny for her to allow Miguel to continue with his training. Carmen is nervous and worried about Miguel being hurt or losing during the All-Valley karate championship, but she and Rosa attend the tournament to cheer for him.


Rosa (Rose Bianco) is Miguel's grandmother. Though she understands some English, she only speaks in Spanish throughout the series. Unlike Carmen, Rosa is supportive of Miguel's karate training. This extends to protecting Miguel from his mother finding out that he was involved in a fight at school.

Louie LaRusso Jr.[edit]

Louie LaRusso Jr. (Bret Ernst) is Daniel's cousin and a LaRusso Auto Group sales agent. He is portrayed as a childish, unprofessional, and manipulative bully who seems to enjoy living off of his cousin's success and setting people up. Louie's antics range from allegedly running a casino in the break room at Daniel's dealership to dishonestly assigning tasks to the newly employed Robby that could get him fired, such as tricking him into starting a car in the dealership's showroom during a sales event. In retaliation to the vandalism of one of the LaRusso Auto Group's billboards by Johnny, Louie hires a group of bikers to destroy Johnny's car in Daniel's name, but they are beaten up by Johnny, who takes one of the motorcycles to confront Daniel over the incident. Louie is subsequently fired for his actions against Johnny.


Anoush (Dan Ahdoot) is a LaRusso Auto Group sales agent and Louie's sidekick.

Shannon Keene[edit]

Shannon Keene (Diora Baird) is Johnny's ex-girlfriend and Robby's mother. She is shown to be rather neglectful of her son, barely noticing him effectively quitting school or his criminal behavior. Shannon resents both Johnny's absence and his attempts to be present. She is also an alcoholic and spends most of her time at bars, hoping to find a rich man to marry her.

Counselor Blatt[edit]

Counselor Blatt (Erin Bradley Dangar) is the high school guidance counselor. She has known Daniel and Ali from the time they attended the school.


Nestor (Vas Sanchez) runs Reseda Flats Mini Mart at the strip mall. He displays no regard for hygiene by handing Johnny a slice of pizza with his bare hand and without a paper plate.


Lynn (Susan Gallagher) is a homeless woman who hangs around the strip mall. Johnny hires her to hold a sign to let passers-by know about the Cobra Kai dojo. She is also seen harassing Moon and Yasmine for money at the parking lot.

Tom Cole[edit]

Tom Cole (David Shatraw) is the owner of Cole's on Van Nuys, a rival automotive dealership. Daniel confronts him over his latest commercial that copies LaRusso Auto Group's concept. When Tom insults Daniel over a vandalized billboard, Daniel responds by kicking the boba tea out of his hand.

Sid Weinberg[edit]

Sid Weinberg (Ed Asner (eps. 1 and 8); Michael H. Cole (ep. 6)) is Johnny's stepfather and a retired film producer. Following Johnny's recent string of troubles with the law, Sid offers him a check to disown him, but he tears it up, saying he would rather die homeless than accept money from his stepfather. Johnny later puts the check back together and uses the money to rent the vacant space in the Reseda strip mall for his dojo. After Johnny builds up his dojo, he pays Sid a visit and returns the money, vowing never to come back to Sid's home.


Rhonda (Carole Kaboya) is Sid's caregiver.

Armand Zakarian[edit]

Armand Zakarian (Ken Davitian) is a real estate tycoon. Facing stiff competition from Tom Cole, Daniel asks Armand to find him property in Reseda for a new dealership location; in exchange, he will have the Encino Oaks Country Club reinstate Armand's membership. Armand initially offers the strip mall, but backs out when he suspects Daniel has an ulterior motive for the location. Instead, he doubles the rent of the strip mall's tenants, which is actually part of Daniel's elaborate scheme to shut down Cobra Kai.

Rolan Zakarian[edit]

Rolan Zakarian (Alex Huff) is Armand's son. He and Anthony bicker over who has the more powerful father.


Daryl (Keith Arthur Bolden) is a member of the All Valley Committee and the announcer for the 2018 All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships. He suggests to change the tournament's colors from red and white to blue and gold to improve the tournament's declining attendance numbers. Daryl also admires Cobra Kai for being "a badass name for a karate dojo".


Ron (Matt Lewis) is a senior member of the All Valley Committee.


Sue (Cara AnnMarie) is a female member of the All Valley Committee.


George (Kurt Yue) is a member of the All Valley Committee. He is a close friend of Daniel and supports his vote on keeping Cobra Kai banned from competing in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships, but they are outvoted by Daryl, Ron, and Sue.

Xander Stone[edit]

Xander Stone (Talin Chat) represents the Topanga karate school and is the defending All Valley Under-18 Karate Champion. He is eliminated in the semifinals by Miguel.

Patricia Stone[edit]

Patricia Stone (Suehyla El-Attar) is Xander's mother. She sits next to Amanda during the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships.

Mrs. Jenkins[edit]

Mrs. Jenkins (Linda Boston) is the Vice-Principal of North Hills High School. She contacts Johnny about Robby skipping school for months, but is always told to call Shannon instead.


Laura (Candace Moon) is Johnny's mother in 1979.


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