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This is a list of chess books that are used as references in articles related to chess. The list is organized by alphabetical order of the author's surname, then the author's first name, then the year of publication, then the alphabetical order of title.

As a general rule, only the original edition should be listed except when different editions bring additional encyclopedic value. Examples of exceptions include:

  • When various editions are different enough to be considered as nearly a different book, for example for opening encyclopedias when each edition is completely revised and has even different authors (example: Modern Chess Openings).
  • When the book is too old to have an ID (ISBN, OCLC number, ...) that makes it easy for the reader to find it. In that case, both the first and the last edition can be indicated (example: My 60 Memorable Games).

Authors with five books or more have a sub-section title on their own, to increase the usability of the table of contents (see at right). When a book was written by several authors, it is listed once under the name of each author.


  • Maddox, Don (2002). Königsindischer Angriff - Schach Training (in German). Hamburg: ChessBase. ISBN 3-935602-51-0.
  • Maizelis, I.; Averbakh, Yuri (1974). Comprehensive Chess Endings: Pawn Endings. Chess Digest (1974 ed.); Elsevier Science & Technology (1987 ed.). ISBN 978-0-08-032043-4.
  • Maizelis, Ilya (1960). The Soviet Chess Primer. Quality Chess (2014 ed.). ISBN 978-1-907982-99-6.
  • Manson, John F.; Hoover, Todd (1992). Siamese Chess. How To Play...How to Win!. Farnsworth. ASIN B0006PFGZS.
  • Marache, Napoleon (1866). Marache's Manual of Chess. Dick & Fitzgerald.
  • Margulies, Stuart; Fischer, R.J.; Mosenfelder, Donn (1972). Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-26315-3.

Marin, Mihail[edit]

Marović, Dražen[edit]

Matanović, Aleksandar[edit]

McDonald, Neil[edit]

Mednis, Edmar[edit]

  • Meiden, Walter; Euwe, Max (1966). The Road to Chess Mastery: A Sure Way to Improve Your Game. David McKay. ISBN 0-679-14525-7.
  • Melts, Michael (2002). Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3...Qd6. Russell Enterprises. ISBN 978-1-888690-11-8.

Mikhalchishin, Adrian[edit]

Motwani, Paul[edit]

Müller, Karsten[edit]


Nunn, John[edit]



Pachman, Luděk[edit]

Palliser, Richard[edit]

Pfleger, Helmut[edit]

Plaskett, James[edit]



  • Raetsky, Alexander; Chetverik, Maxim (2005). Petroff Defence. Everyman Chess. ISBN 1-85744-378-0.
  • Raetsky, Alexander; Chetverik, Maxim (2006). Queen's Gambit Accepted. Everyman Chess. ISBN 1-85744-415-9.
  • Raetsky, Alexander; Chetverik, Maxim (2006). Boris Spassky: Master of Initiative. Everyman Chess. ISBN 1-85744-425-6.
  • Raetsky, Alexander; Chetverik, Maxim (2007). Classical Sicilian. Everyman Chess. ISBN 978-1-85744-537-4.
  • Ranken, C.E.; Freeborough, E. (1896). Chess Openings, Ancient and Modern.
  • Ravikumar, V (1992). Play the Benko Gambit. Cadogan. ISBN 978-1-85744-014-0.
  • Ree, Hans (2000). The Human Comedy of Chess. Access Publishers Network.
  • Raphael, Michael W. (2010). ReViewing Chess.

Reinfeld, Fred[edit]

Rizzitano, James[edit]

  • Rizzitano, James (2004). Understanding Your Chess. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-904600-07-7.
  • Rizzitano, James (2005). How to Beat 1.d4. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-904600-33-6.
  • Rizzitano, James (2006). Chess Explained: The Taimanov Sicilian. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-904600-62-6.
  • Rizzitano, James (2007). La Sicilienne Taimanov Expliquée (in French). Olibris. ISBN 978-1-904600-62-6.
  • Rizzitano, James (2007). Chess Explained: The Queen's Gambit Declined. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-2-916340-15-9.
  • Rizzitano, James (2008). Le Gambit Dame Refusé Expliqué (in French). Olibris. ISBN 978-2-916340-29-6.
  • Rizzitano, James (2010). Play the Najdorf Sicilian. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-906454-16-6.
  • Rizzitano, James (2010). La Sicilienne Najdorf Expliquée (in French). Olibris. ISBN 978-2-916340-49-4.
  • Rizzitano, James (2021). Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for White. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-911465-74-4.
  • Rizzitano, James (2023). Un répertoire d'ouvertures moderne pour les Blancs (in French). Olibris. ISBN 979-10-97140-35-9.
  • Rizzitano, James (2024). 1001 Deadly Chess Puzzles. Gambit Publications. ISBN 978-1-80504-057-6.


Schiller, Eric[edit]

Seirawan, Yasser[edit]

Sergeant, Philip Walsingham[edit]

Silman, Jeremy[edit]

Soltis, Andrew[edit]

Suetin, Alexey[edit]

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