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This page contains a list of child bridegrooms or child husbands wherein notable or historically significant examples have been singled out.



8th century[edit]

10th century[edit]

11th century[edit]

12th century[edit]

13th century[edit]

  • Henry I of Castile married his cousin Mafalda of Portugal (aged about 20) in 1215, when he was either 10- or 11-years-old. The marriage was never consummated due to Henry's young age; and the marriage was annulled by the Pope in 1216 on the grounds of consanguinity. Later that year, Henry was betrothed to his second cousin Sancha, heiress of León, but he died in 1217 at the age of 13.

14th century[edit]

  • Marie de Namur (aged about 13/14) was married to Henry II, Graf of Vianden, in 1335/36. Henry was murdered in 1337; about three years later, in 1340, Marie (now about 17/18) was married to Theobald of Bar, Seigneur de Pierrepont (aged about 25/26), her second cousin, once removed.

15th century[edit]

16th century[edit]

  • Henry VIII of England (aged 17), married Catherine of Aragon (aged 23) in June 1509, a couple of weeks before his 18th birthday.

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

  • Peter of Holstein-Gottorp (later Peter III of Russia) was 17-years-old when he married his 16-year-old second cousin Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst (later known as Catherine the Great) in 1745.

19th century[edit]

Ceremonial marriages[edit]

  • Sanele Masilela, a nine year old South African boy married 62-year-old Helen Shabangu.[5]
  • Jose Griggs, at the age of seven, married nine-year-old Jayla Cooper[6]

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