List of children's television series by country

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The following is a partial list of television productions for children listed by their country of origin. Children's television programs are often broadcast in multiple countries and many of them are animated.

Afghan television[edit]

American television[edit]

Angolan television[edit]

Argentine television[edit]

Australian television[edit]

Bangladeshi television[edit]

Belgian television[edit]

Brazilian television[edit]

British television[edit]

Bulgarian television[edit]

Cambodian television[edit]

Canadian television[edit]

Chilean television[edit]

Chinese television[edit]

Colombian television[edit]

Croatian television[edit]

Czech television[edit]

Czechoslovak television[edit]

Danish television[edit]

East German television[edit]

Egyptian television[edit]

Filipino television[edit]

Finnish television[edit]

French television[edit]

German television[edit]

Guinean television[edit]

Hong Kongese television[edit]

Hungarian television[edit]

Indian television[edit]

Indonesian television[edit]

Irish television[edit]

Israeli television[edit]

Italian television[edit]

Jamaican television[edit]

Japanese television[edit]

Jordanian television[edit]

Kuwaiti television[edit]

Mexican television[edit]

Mozambican television[edit]

Netherlands television[edit]

New Zealand television[edit]

Nigerian television[edit]

Northern Irish television[edit]

Norwegian television[edit]

Pakistani television[edit]

Polish television[edit]

Russian television[edit]

Slovak television[edit]

South African television[edit]

South Korean television[edit]

Soviet television[edit]

Spanish television[edit]

Swedish television[edit]

Swiss television[edit]

Taiwanese television[edit]

Turkish television[edit]

Venezuelan television[edit]

Welsh television[edit]

West German television[edit]