List of churches dedicated to Holy Wisdom

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Churches dedicated to Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia, also rendered Saint Sophia) include:

Name City Country Age Notes
Hagia Sophia Constantinople (Istanbul) Turkey 6th c. Turned into a mosque after 1453, was a museum and now it is reverting to a mosque.
Little Hagia Sophia Constantinople (now Istanbul) Turkey 6th c. the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey), now a mosque
Hagia Sophia, Iznik Nicaea Turkey 6th c. now a mosque
Saint Sofia Church, Sofia Sofia Bulgaria 6th c.
Hagia Sophia, Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece 8th c.
Santa Sofia, Benevento Benevento Italy 8th c.
Hagia Sophia Church, Nesebar Nesebar Bulgaria 9th c.
Church of Saint Sophia, Ohrid Ohrid North Macedonia 9th c.
Santa Sofia, Venice Venice Italy 9th c.
Santa Sofia Church (Padua) Padua Italy 10th c.
Hagia Sophia, Drama Drama Greece 10th c.
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Nicosia Nicosia Cyprus 11th c. (?) Turned into a mosque in 1570
Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk Polotsk Belarus 11th c.
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv Kyiv Ukraine 11th c.
Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod Veliky Novgorod Russia 11th c.
Hagia Sophia, Monemvasia Monemvasia Greece 12th c.
Hagia Sophia, Trabzon Trabzon Turkey 13th c. now a mosque.
Hagia Sophia, Mystras Mystras Greece 14th c.
Santa Sofia, Naples Naples Italy 1487
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Vologda Vologda Russia 16th c.
Saint Sophia Church, Moscow Moscow Russia 17th c.
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Zhytomyr Zhytomyr Ukraine 1748
St. Sophia Cathedral, Pushkin Pushkin, Saint Petersburg Russia 1788
Nikolskaya Church Kamenki, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Russia 1813
Saint Sophia Cathedral, London London United Kingdom 1882
Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin Harbin China 1907
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Sydney Sydney Australia 1928
Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Miami United States 1948
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Washington, DC Washington, D.C. United States 1951
Saint Sophia Cathedral, Los Angeles Los Angeles United States 1952
Santa Sofia a Via Boccea Rome Italy 1968

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