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The English city of Bristol has a number of churches.

Bristol has lost, rebuilt or demolished all of its strongly characteristic late medieval parish churches - the naves had no clerestories, any added aisles and chapels were separately gabled, all in simple Perpendicular style. These include the church of St Thomas the Martyr, St Nicholas's church, Christ Church with St Ewen, St Werburgh's church, Temple church, St Peter's church, St Mary le Port church and the church of St Augustine the Less. The church of St Philip and St Jacob gives an idea of the Bristol style, but with much alteration.[1]

There is also a list of former churches in Bristol.

The churches listed are Anglican except when otherwise noted.

Name of Church Alternative Name(s) Built Location Notes Grade if listed building Reference Photo
St. Augustine's Church 1970s Whitchurch Closed at midday on 28 November 2007.
All Saints, Bristol 12th century A mediaeval church mainly rebuilt in the 18th century. Currently (2006) a Diocesan Education Centre. II* "Church of All Saints". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Allsaintsbristol.JPG
Arley Chapel Polish Church of Our Lady of Ostrobrama 1855 Arley Hill Road, Cotham Polish Roman Catholic II "Arley Chapel". Retrieved 28 May 2007. Polishchurchladyofostrobrama.jpg
Bishopston Methodist Church
Bristol Cathedral Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity 1140 College Square, off Anchor Road. I "Cathedral Church of St Augustine, including Chapter House and cloisters". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Cathedral.bristol.1.arp.750pix.jpg
Bristol Community Church Bristol New Covenant Church Waters Road, Kingswood
Buckingham Baptist Chapel 1842 Queen's Road, Clifton by Richard Shackleton Pope II* "Buckingham Baptist Chapel". Retrieved 3 June 2007. Buckingham Baptist Chapel, Bristol.jpg
Carmel Christian Centre Carmel Bath Road, Brislington Non-denominational
Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne 1504 Colston Street II* "Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne". Retrieved 7 May 2007.
Christ Church with St Ewen 1786–1791 Clare Street, City of Bristol. by William Paty II* "Christ Church with St Ewen". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Christchurchwithstewan.JPG
Christ Church, Clifton Down 1841 Clifton Down II* "Christ Church". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Christchurchcliftondown.jpg
Church of All Hallows 1899 Easton II "Church of All Hallows". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
Church of St John the Baptist, Bristol St John's in the wall 14th century City Includes St John's Gate. The church is in a striking position over one of the old city gates. Founded before 1174, the present church is Perpendicular from the period 1350–1500. A conduit has supplied water from Brandon Hill since 1374 I "Church of St John the Baptist and St John's Gate". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stjohnbristol.jpg
Church of the Holy Trinity with St Edmund Horfield parish church 15th century Horfield II* "Church of the Holy Trinity with St Edmund". Retrieved 17 March 2007. Horfieldparishchurch.jpg
Church of Holy Trinity, Hotwells 1829 Hotwells By CR Cockerell II* "Church of Holy Trinity". Retrieved 17 March 2007. Holytrinityhotwells.JPG
Church of Holy Trinity, Stapleton Stapleton Parish Church 1857 Stapleton, Bristol II* "Church of Holy Trinity". Retrieved 17 March 2007. Stapletonchurch.jpg
City Road Baptist Church Baptist 1862 Stokes Croft By James Medland and A.W. Maberly II "City Road Baptist Chapel". Retrieved 5 May 2007. City Road Baptist Chapel.jpg
Clifton Cathedral Roman Catholic cathedral church of St Peter and Paul 1970-73 Clifton Clifton Cathedral from north (600px).jpg
Cotham Church Highbury Congregational chapel 1842-3 Cotham II* "Cotham Church". Retrieved 17 March 2007. Cotham Church.jpg
Counterslip Baptist Church 1957 Whitchurch
Crofts End Church 1895 St George
Crossnet Redland "Crossnet Bristol"

Retrieved 17 October 2019

Eastern Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God 1888 Clifton Home to the oldest Orthodox community in Bristol providing services in English, Russian and Romanian.
Emanuel Court 1869 Clifton Church tower, now flats. II "Emanuel Court". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
faithSPACE Southville Methodist Church
Glenside Museum 1861 Fishponds Previously hospital chapel II "Glenside Hospital Chapel". Retrieved 10 December 2006. Glensidechapel.JPG
Holy Trinity Church, Westbury on Trym 1194 Church Rd in Westbury on Trym I "Church of the Holy Trinity". Retrieved 16 March 2007. 061203 ukbris wotch 01.jpg
Holy Trinity Church, Kingswood 1819-21 Kingswood, South Gloucestershire II* "Holy Trinity Church". Retrieved 1 March 2009. Kingswoodchurch.JPG
Holy Trinity Church, Lawrence Hill (St Philips) Trinity Centre 1829 Lawrence Hill By Thomas Rickman and Henry Hutchinson. Deconsecrated. II* "Holy Trinity Church". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Holy Trinity Lawrence Hill Bristol.jpg
Hope Chapel, Hotwells, Bristol 1787 Hotwells Hope Chapel Hotwells Bristol.jpg
Life Community Church Bristol Life Church Bristol Fishponds
New Covenant Church Bristol Lawrence Hill,


New Life Church Bristol Meeting at Frenchay Village Hall, Frenchay
New Room, Bristol John Wesley's Chapel 1739 Broadmead By John Wesley I "The New Room". Retrieved 16 March 2007. 20050318 021 bristol wesley.jpg
Oasis Church South Bristol 2011 Hengrove, Bristol Part of Oasis John Williams and Oasis Trust.
Redland Parish Church 1740-43 Redland "Redland Chapel". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Redlandchapel.jpg
Severn Vineyard Church 2009 University Road, Clifton, Bristol. BS8 1SR
St Aidan 1902 St George II "Church of St Aidan". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Alban, Redland 1907 Redland II "Church of St Alban". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Andrew's, Clifton 1154 (first mention of old church), 1822 (new church) Clifton Old church demolished in 1820s, new church bombed and damaged during the Bristol Blitz and finally demolished in 1956 Bristol Record Office St Andrew's Church, Clifton, Bristol, BRO Picbox-4-BCh-13, 1250x1250.jpg St Andrew's Church, Clifton, Bristol, BRO Picbox-4-BCh-14, 1250x1250.jpg
St Bonaventure's 1901 Bishopston Roman Catholic St Bonaventure's Church - - 144532.jpg
St Ewen's, Old City St David's Welsh Anglican church Feeder Road 1881 Arch J Bevan demolished 1923 1140 (demolished 1820) Corn Street and Clare Street, Bristol When the church was demolished in 1820, the congregation joined with Christ Church. The Old Council House (now the Register Office) was built on the site between 1824 and 1827.[2] St Ewen's Church, Bristol, BRO Picbox-4-BCh-18, 1250x1250.jpg
St George, Brandon Hill 1821-3 Brandon Hill Built by Robert Smirke II* "Church of St George, Brandon Hill". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stgeorgeschapel.jpg
St James' Priory, Bristol 1129 City The present church consists of part of the nave of a priory founded by Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester no later than 1134.

Currently (2006) the Roman Catholic church of the Little Brothers of Nazareth.

I "Church of St James". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stjameschurch.jpg
St James' Presbyterian Church of England Horsefair, City Bombed and gutted 24 November 1940. Tower survives, but nave is offices immediately south of Bristol coach station. St James' Presbyterian Church, Bristol 2011.JPG
St John's Place 1841 Clifton now offices II "St John's Place". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St John the Baptist 1834 Frenchay II "Church of St. John Baptist". Retrieved 13 May 2007. Frenchaychurch.jpg
St John the Baptist, Bedminster 1003 (earliest record of the Old Church), 1663 (17th-19th century church), 1855 (New Church) Bedminster Old church razed to the ground in 1645 by Prince Rupert of the Rhine during the English Civil War. 17th-19th century church demolished in 1854 to make way for the new church. New church damaged by incendiary bombs on 24 November 1940 during World War II. Bristol Record Office St John's Church, Bedminster, Bristol, BRO Picbox-4-BCh-27a, 1250x1250.jpg
Church of St Jude the Apostle with St Matthias-on-the-Weir 1849 Braggs Lane, Old Market, Bristol II "Church of St Jude the Apostle with St Matthias-on-the-Weir". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Luke's Church, Barton Hill 1840s Queen Ann Road, Barton Hill II "Church of St Luke and attached side railings". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Luke's Church, Brislington 15th century Church Hill, Brislington II "Church of St Luke". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stlukesbris.JPG
St Mark's Church, Bristol Lord Mayor's Chapel 1230 College Green, Bristol Originally the chapel of Gaunt's Hospital, a monastic foundation of 1220. The official Corporation church since 1722. I "Church of St Mark, Lord Mayor's Chapel". Retrieved 16 March 2007. St Mark's, Bristol (April 2011).jpg
St Mary le Port Pre 11th century Castle Park Ruins II (Tower) "Tower of Church of St Mary-le-Port". Retrieved 16 March 2007.
St Mary on the Quay 1839-43 Colston Avenue Built in 1839 by R.S. Pope for the Irvingite congregation, Roman Catholic since 1843 II* "Church of St Mary-on-the-Quay". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stmaryonthequay.JPG
St Mary Magdalene, Stoke Bishop 1860 Mariners Drive, Stoke Bishop II "Church of St Mary Magdalene". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Mary Redcliffe late 12th century Redcliffe Way I "Church of St Mary Redcliffe". Retrieved 16 March 2007. St Mary Redcliffe (600px).jpg
St Mary, Fishponds 1821 Manor Road, Fishponds II "Church of St Mary". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Mary, Shirehampton 1929 High Street, Shirehampton II "Church of St Mary". Retrieved 28 May 2007.
St Mary the Virgin, Henbury c1200 Church Close, Henbury II* "Church of St Mary the Virgin". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Henburychurch.jpg
St Matthews Church, Cotham 1833-35 Clare Rd Cotham by Thomas Rickman II "Church of St Matthew". Retrieved 10 April 2007. St Matthew Cotham.jpg
St Michael on the Mount Without Church of St Michael St Michael's Hill Built in the 15th century. Disused. II* "Church of St Michael". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Stmichaelonthemount.jpg
St Nicholas, Bristol 1769 St Nicholas Street The first church was founded before 1154, with a chancel extending over the south gate of the city. The gate and old church were demolished to make way for the rebuilding of Bristol Bridge and the church was rebuilt in 1762-9 by James Bridges (architect) and Thomas Paty, who rebuilt the spire. The interior was destroyed by bombing in 1940 and rebuilt 1974-5 as a church museum, used by the city council. Part of the old church and town wall survives in the 14th century crypt. The interior was restored and the church reopened in 2018 under the leadership of Rev'd Toby Flint.[3] II* "Church of St Nicholas". St Nicholas Bristol.jpg
St Oswald's church 1927 Cheddar Grove, Bedminster Down II "Church of St Oswald". Retrieved 28 May 2007. Bedminsterdownstoswald.jpg
St Paul 1831 Coronation Road, Southville NB only tower is listed building II "Tower of the Church of St Paul". Retrieved 28 May 2007. St Paul's Church, Southville Road, Bristol - - 2595122.jpg
St Pauls Church, Bristol 1790s Portland Square, St Pauls I "Railings and gates of the Church of St Paul". Retrieved 22 February 2007. St Paul's Church, Bristol.jpg
St Peter's Church, Castle Park 12th century Castle Park A Saxon foundation, bombed in 1940. Ruined. Maintained as a monument to the civilian war dead of Bristol. "Church of St Peter". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Bristol peters church from counterslip.jpg
St Peters Church, Bishopsworth 1842 Church Rd, Bishopsworth II* "Church of St Peter". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Bishopsworthstpeter.jpg
St Peter and St Paul, Bristol The Greek Church Lower Ashley Road Greek Orthodox Greek Church Bristol.jpg
St Philip and Jacob, Bristol Before 1174 Narrow Plane Commonly known as "Pip n Jay" since the 1960s. Early C13 chancel, nave and lower tower, mid C15 N chancel aisle and upper tower, nave altered 1764, N and S stair turrets to the nave, N porches and refenestration of 1836; restored 1850 by William Armstrong. II* "Church of St Philip and St Jacob". Retrieved 16 March 2007. St Philip and Jacob, Bristol.jpg
St Stephen's Church, Bristol 1470 St Stephens Avenue I "Church of St Stephen". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Ststephenschurch.jpg
St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol Founded before 1200 St Thomas Street Rebuilt in Perpendicular style in the mediaeval period and again in 1789-93 by James Allen. Redundant. II* "Church of St Thomas including wall, gates and gateway". Retrieved 16 March 2007. St Thomas the Martyr Bristol2.jpg
St Werburghs Church 1758 Mina Road, St Werburghs II* "Church of St Werburgh". Retrieved 28 May 2007. Stwerburghschurch.jpg
Temple Church (Holy Cross Church) 12th century City A round church was built by the Knights Templar in 1150 and rebuilt at the suppression of the order in 1312. Gutted by bombing in 1940. Ruined. II* "Temple Church". Retrieved 28 July 2006. Templechurch2.jpg
Victoria Methodist Church Vic Clifton
Whitefield's Tabernacle, Kingswood 1741 Kingswood I "Whitfield's Tabernacle". Retrieved 16 March 2007. Whitefieldstabernacle.JPG
Wick United Reformed Church 1800s Wick, South Glos II "Wick URC". Retrieved 10 July 2020.
Woodlands Christian Centre Woodies Clifton 070522 ukbris wcc.jpg

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