List of churches in Møre og Romsdal

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Map of the church deaneries in Diocese of Møre:
  Ytre Nordmøre prosti
  Indre Nordmøre prosti
  Molde domprosti
  Indre Romsdal prosti
  Nordre Sunnmøre prosti
  Austre Sunnmøre prosti
  Søre Sunnmøre prosti

The list of churches in Møre og Romsdal is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Møre, and the list is divided into seven sections, one for each deanery (prosti heaed by a provost) in the diocese. Administratively within each deanery, the churches are divided by municipalities which have their own church council (fellesråd) and then into parishes (sokn) which have their own councils (soknerådet). Each parish may have one or more congregation.[1]

Molde domprosti[edit]

This arch-deanery is home to the Molde Cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of Møre. Molde domprosti covers five municipalities in Møre og Romsdal county, all of which surround the town of Molde in Molde Municipality where the deanery is headquartered.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Aukra Aukra Aukra Church Aukrasanden 1835
Fræna Bud Bud Church Bud 1717 Budkirke-HH-08.JPG
Hustad Hustad Church Hustad 1874 Hustad-kirke-HH.JPG
Myrbostad Myrbostad Church Elnesvågen 1880 Myrbostad-kirke-Norway-05-2007.JPG
Vågøy Vågøy Church Vågøya 1904
Midsund Midsund Otrøy Church Uglvik, Otrøya 1878 Otrøy kirke.jpg
Nord-Heggdal Chapel Nord-Heggdal 1974
Molde Molde Molde Cathedral Molde 1957 Moldedomkirke.jpg
Bolsøy Bergmo Church Molde 1986
Nordbyen Church Molde 2006
Røbekk Church Røbekk 1898 Robekk-kirke3-Molde-Norway.jpg
Kleive Kleive Church Kleive 1858 Kleive-kirke-Norway.jpg
Røvik og Veøy Røvik Church Røvika 1905 Rovik-kirke-Norway.jpg
Veøy Church Sølsnes 1907 Veoy-Molde-kirke-05-2007.JPG
Old Veøy Church Veøya 1200 Veoey gamle kyrkje.jpg
Sekken Sekken Church Sekken 1908 Sekken kirke nordvest.jpg
Sandøy Sandøy Sandøy Church Sandøya 1812 Sandøy Kirke, Møre og Romsdal.jpg
Harøy Church Harøya 1934

Søre Sunnmøre prosti[edit]

This deanery covers seven municipalities in southwestern part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Volda in Volda Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Hareid Hareid Hareid Church Hareid 1877 Hareid kirke.jpg
Herøy Herøy Herøy Church Fosnavåg 2003 Herøy kyrkje.JPG
Indre Herøy Indre Herøy Church Indre Herøy 1916 Indre Herøy kyrkje.JPG
Leikanger Leikanger Church Leikong 1807 Leikanger church.JPG
Sande Sande Sande Church Sandsøya 1880
Gursken Gursken Church Gursken 1919 Gursken kirke.jpg
Larsnes Chapel Larsnes 1989
Ulstein Ulstein Ulstein Church Ulsteinvik 1849 Ulstein kyrkje.jpg
Vanylven Syvde Syvde Church Syvde 1837 Syvde kirke.jpg
Rovde Rovde Church Rovdane 1872 Rovde kirke.jpg
Vanylven Vanylven Church Slagnes 1863 Vanylven kyrkje.jpg
Saint Jetmund Church Åheim 1150 St. Jetmundkyrkja, Åheim Møre og Romsdal.jpg
Åram Åram Church Åram 1927 Åram kyrkje (1).jpg
Volda Austefjord Austefjord Church Fyrde 1773 Austefjord kirke.jpg
Dalsfjord Dalsfjord Church Dravlaus 1910 Dalsfjord kirke crop.jpg
Kilsfjord Kilsfjord Church Straumshamn 1974 Kilsfjord kirke.JPG
Volda Volda Church Volda 1932 Voldskyrkja.JPG
Ørsta Hjørundfjord Hjørundfjord Church Sæbø 1880 Hjfjord kyrkje.JPG
Storfjorden Bjørke Church Bjørke 1919 Bjorkekyrkje.jpg
Vartdal Vartdal Church Nordre Vartdal 1876 Vartdalkyrkje2.jpg
Ørsta Ørsta Church Ørsta 1864 Ørsta kirke.jpg

Austre Sunnmøre prosti[edit]

This deanery covers six municipalities in southern part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Sjøholt in Ørskog Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Norddal Norddal Norddal Church Norddal 1782 Dale (Norddal) kyrkje.jpg
Sylte Church Sylte 1863 Syltekyrkje-Valldal-HH.jpg
Skodje Skodje Skodje Church Skodje 1860 Skodje kirke.JPG
Stordal Stordal Stordal Church Stordal 1907 Stordalkyrkje1-HH.jpg
Old Stordal Church Stordal 1789 Stordal-gamlekyrkje-HH.jpg
Stranda Geiranger Geiranger Church Geiranger 1842 Geiranger kirkestad.jpg
Liabygda Liabygda Church Liabygda 1917 Liabygdakyrkje-HH.jpg
Stranda Stranda Church Stranda 1838 Strandakyrkje-HH.jpg
Sunnylven Sunnylven Church Hellesylt 1859 Sunnylven kyrkje 1.jpg
Sykkylven Sykkylven Sykkylven Church Aure 1990 Sykkylven kirke.jpg
Ikornnes Ikornnes Church Ikornnes 1978
Ørskog Ørskog Ørskog Church Sjøholt 1873 Orskogkyrkje1-Sjoholt-HH.jpg

Nordre Sunnmøre prosti[edit]

This deanery covers four municipalities in western part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Ålesund in Ålesund Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Giske Giske Giske Church Giske 1170 Giske kyrkje.jpg
Godøy Chapel Leitebakk 1953 Godøy kirke.jpg
Valderøy Valderøy Church Nordstrand 1961
Vigra Vigra Church Vigra 1894 Vigra kirke crop.jpg
Haram Brattvåg Brattvåg Church Brattvåg 1977 Brattvåg kyrkje.jpg
Hildre Church Hildrestranda 1905 Hildre kapell.jpg
Fjørtoft Fjørtoft Church Fjørtofta 1878
Hamnsund Hamnsund Church near Søvik 1875 Hamnsund kirke i Søvik.jpg
Haram Haram Church Austnes 1838
Lepsøy Chapel Lepsøya 1896
Vatne Vatne Church Vatne 1868 Vatne kyrkje.jpg
Sula Sula Langevåg Church Langevåg 1948
Indre Sula Church Mauseidvåg 1984 Indre Sula kyrkje - 6037 Eidsnes.jpeg
Ålesund Borgund Borgund Church Borgund 1130 Borgund kyrkje i Aalesund.jpg
Ellingsøy Ellingsøy Church Ellingsøya 1998
Spjelkavik Spjelkavik Church Spjelkavik 1987 Spjelkavik kirke.jpg
Volsdalen Volsdalen Church Nørvøya (in Ålesund city) 1974 Alesund - Voldsdalen kirke - Exterior - 2.jpg
Ålesund Ålesund Church Aspøya (in Ålesund city) 1909 Ålesund kyrkje.jpg
Skarbøvik Church Heissa 1995

Indre Romsdal prosti[edit]

This deanery covers three municipalities in central part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Åndalsnes in Rauma Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Nesset Eikesdal Eikesdal Church Eikesdalen 1866 Eikesdal kyrkje 1924 Wilse.jpeg
Eresfjord Sira Church Eresfjord 1869 Sira-kirke-Nesset.jpg
Nesset Nesset Church Eidsvåg 1878 Eidsvaag-kirke-Nesset-1.jpg
Vistdal Vistdal Church Myklebostad 1869 Vistdal-kirke-Nesset.jpg
Rauma Eid og Holm Eid Church Eidsbygda 1796
Holm Church Holm 1907 Holm-kirke-Rauma-1.jpg
Rødven Church Rødven 1907 P1020241.jpg
Rødven Stave Church Rødven 1200 2007 06 10 Rodven stavkirke.jpg
Grytten Grytten Church Veblungsnes 1829 Gryttenkirke-Aandalsnes-Norway.jpg
Hen Hen Church Isfjorden 1831 Henkirke-3-Norway.jpg
Kors Kors Church Marstein in
1797 Kors kyrkje01.JPG
Voll Voll Church Voll 1896 Voll kyrkje Måndalen.JPG
Innfjorden Chapel Innfjorden 1976
Vågstranda Vågstranda Church Vågstranda 1870 Vagstrandachurch.jpg
Øverdalen Øverdalen Church Verma 1902 Overdalen-kapell-Romsdalen.JPG
Vestnes Fiksdal Fiksdal Church Fiksdal 1866
Tresfjord Tresfjord Church Tresfjord 1828 Tresfjord.jpg
Vestnes Vestnes Church Vestnes 1872 Vestneskirke-HH.jpg
Vike Vike Church Vikebukt 1970 Vike kyrkje.jpg

Ytre Nordmøre prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in northwestern part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Kristiansund in Kristiansund Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Aure Aure Aure Church Aure 1924 Aure-kirke-Aure.JPG
Stemshaug Stemshaug Church Stemshaug 1908 Stemshaug-Aure-Norway.JPG
Tustna Gullstein Church Gullstein 1864 0461 Gullstein krk.jpg
Sør-Tustna Chapel Tømmervåg 1952
Averøy Bremsnes Bremsnes Church Bremsnes 1771 Bremsnes kirke.jpg
Langøy Chapel Langøy 1935
Kornstad Kornstad Church Kornstad 1871 Kornstad kirke 01sept2008.jpg
Kvernes Kvernes Church Kvernes 1893 Kvernes kirke fra syd.jpg
Kvernes Stave Church Kvernes 1300s Kvernes stavkirke 01sept2008.jpg
Eide Eide Eide Church Eide 1871 Eide-kirke-paa-Nordmore.jpg
Gaustad Chapel Gaustad 2001
Kristiansund Frei Frei Church Nedre Frei 1897 Frei Kirke 2.jpg
Kristiansund Kirkelandet Church Kirkelandet 1964 Kirkirk-profil-P7130111.JPG
Grip Stave Church Grip 1470 Grip stavkirke.jpg
Nordlandet Nordlandet Church Nordlandet 1914 Nordlandet kirke.JPG
Smøla Brattvær Brattvær Church Brattvær 1917 Brattvær.kirke.JPG
Edøy Edøy Church Edøy 1885 Edøy kirke.jpg
Old Edøy Church Edøya 1190 Edoey gl krk ne.jpg
Hopen Hopen Church Hopen 1892 Hopen kyrkje 1.jpg

Indre Nørdmøre prosti[edit]

This deanery covers six municipalities in northeastern part of Møre og Romsdal county. The deanery is headquartered in the village of Tingvollvågen in Tingvoll Municipality.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Gjemnes Gjemnes Gjemnes Church Gjemnes 1893 Gjemnes-kirke-Norway.JPG
Øre Øre Church Øre 1865 Orekirke-Gjemnes-1.jpg
Osmarka Chapel Heggem 1910 Osmarka-kapell-Gjemnes-Norw.jpg
Halsa Halsa Halsa Church Halsanaustan 1734 Halsa-kirke-Halsa.JPG
Valsøyfjord Valsøyfjord Church Valsøyfjord 1864 Valsoyfjord-Halsa-norway.JPG
Rindal Rindal Rindal Church Rindal 1874 Rindal kirke 2012.jpg
Øvre Rindal Chapel Tiset 1911 Øvre Rindal kapell 2012.jpg
Sunndal Hov Hov Church Sunndalsøra 1887 Hov kirke 2013.jpg
Romfo Romfo Church Romfo 1821
Gjøra Church Gjøra 1935 Gjøra kapell.jpg
Øksendal Øksendal Church Øksendalsøra 1894 Øksendal kirke.jpg
Ålvundeid Ålvundeid Church Ålvundeidet 1848
Surnadal Mo Mo Church Mo 1728 Mo kirke Surnadal.jpg
Stangvik Stangvik Church Stangvik 1896 Stangvik kyrkje3.jpg
Todalen Todalen Church Todalsøra 1861
Øye og Ranes Ranes Church Ranes 1869 Ranes kyrkje.jpg
Øye Church Skei 1871 Øye-Church-Surnadal-Norway.jpg
Åsskard Åsskard Church Åsskard 1876 Åsskard-Church-Surnadal-Norway.jpg
Tingvoll Straumsnes Straumsnes Church Straumsnes 1864 Straumsnes kirke.jpg
Langøy Chapel Langøya 1935
Tingvoll Tingvoll Church Tingvollvågen 1180 Tingvoll kirke.jpg


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