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Map of the church deaneries in Nordland county:
  Ofoten prosti
  (upper area) Salten prosti
  (lower area) Sør-Helgeland prosti
  (upper area) Lofoten prosti
  (lower area) Indre-Helgeland prosti
  Nord-Helgeland prosti
  (upper area) Vesterålen prosti
  (lower area) Bodø domprosti

This list of churches in Nordland is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Nordland county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland. The list is divided into eight sections, one for each Deanery (prosti) in the diocese. Administratively within each deanery, the churches are divided by municipalities which have their own church council (fellesråd) and then into parishes (sokn) which have their own councils (soknerådet). Each parish may have one or more congregations in it.[1]

Bodø domprosti[edit]

This arch-deanery is home to the Bodø Cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland. Bodø domprosti covers five municipalities in Nordland county, all of which surround the town of Bodø where the deanery is headquartered.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bodø Bodin Bodin Church Bodø 1240 Bodin kirke 2.jpg
Helligvær Church Helligvær 1899 Helligvær kirke.jpg
Landegode Church Fenes 1920 Landegode kirke.jpg
Bodø Domkirke Bodø Cathedral Bodø 1956 Bodø domkirke.jpg
og Rønvik
Kjerringøy Church Kjerringøy 1883 Kjerringøy kirke.jpg
Rønvik Church Bodø 1997 Rønvik kirke.jpg
Misvær og
Misvær Church Misvær 1912 Misvær kirke.jpg
Skjerstad Church Skjerstad 1959 Skjerstad kirke.jpg
Saltstraumen Saltstraumen Church Saltstraumen 1886 Saltstraumen kirke 2.jpg
Tverlandet Church Løding 1983 Tverlandet kirke.jpg
Gildeskål Gildeskål Gildeskål Church Inndyr 1881
Old Gildeskål Church Inndyr 12th century Gildeskaal Old Church.jpg
Saura Church Saura 1884
Mevik Chapel Mevik 1910 Mevik-kapell-2009-08-18.jpg
Nordstranda Chapel Lekanger 1963
Sørfjorden Chapel Sørfinnset 1957
Meløy Fore og Meløy Fore Church Reipå 1909 Fore kirke.jpg
Meløy Church Meløy 1867 Meløy kirke.jpg
Ørnes Church Ørnes 1990
Glomfjord Glomfjord Church Glomfjord 1957
Halsa Halsa Church Halsa 1960 Halsa Kirke Meløy.JPG
Røst Røst Røst Church Røstlandet 1899 Røst kirke.jpg
Værøy Værøy Værøy Church Sørland 1939 Vaeroy kirke.jpg
Old Værøy Church Nordland 1799 Vaeroey gamle kirke.jpg

Lofoten prosti[edit]

This deanery covers four municipalities in the Lofoten district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Svolvær in Vågan.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Flakstad Flakstad Flakstad Church Flakstad 1780 Trolig Flakstad krk.JPG
Moskenes Moskenes Moskenes Church Moskenes 1819 Moskenes krk.JPG
Reine Church Reine 1890 Reine kyrkje.jpg
Vestvågøy Borge Borge Church Bøstad 1986 Borge krk.(Nordl).JPG
Knutstad Chapel Knutstad 1915 Knutstad Chapel 2013.JPG
Buksnes Buksnes Church Gravdal 1905 Buksnes kirke.jpg
Hol Hol Church Leknes 1806
Stamsund Stamsund Church Stamsund 1937 Stamsund kirke.JPG
Valberg Valberg Church Valberg 1889 Valberg kirke.jpg
Vågan Gimsøy og Strauman Gimsøy Church Gimsøy 1876 Gimsoy kirke.jpg
Strauman Church Sydalen 1984
Henningsvær Henningsvær Church Henningsvær 1974 Henningsvær kirke.JPG
Strandlandet Strandlandet Church Straumnes 1938
Svolvær Digermulen Church Digermulen 1951
Sildpollnes Church Sildpollneset 1891 Sildpollnes kapell 1.jpg
Svolvær Church Svolvær 1934 Svolvær kirke-a.JPG
Vågan Vågan Church Kabelvåg 1898 Lofotkatedralen.jpg

Vesterålen prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in the Vesterålen district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Stokmarknes in Hadsel.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Andøy Andenes Andenes Church Andenes 1876 Andenes.jpg
Bjørnskinn Bjørnskinn Church Bjørnskinn 1885 Bjørnskinn Church.jpg
Dverberg Dverberg Church Dverberg 1843 Dverberg kirke.jpg
Fornes Chapel Fornes 1965 Fornes church.jpg
Bø og Malnes Bø Church 1824 IMG 1146a - Bø kirke.jpg
Betel Chapel Straume 1926
Malnes Church Eide 1895 IMG 0909a - Malnes kirke.jpg
Hadsel Hadsel Hadsel Church Hadsel 1824 IMG 0698a - Hadsel kirke.jpg
Hanøy Church Hanøyvika 1912 Hanoy kirke.jpg
Innlandet Church Hennes 1992
Melbu Melbu Church Melbu 1938 Melbu Church.jpg
Sand Church Sanden 1914
Ytre Eidsfjord Grønning Church Grønning 1968 Grønning Church.jpg
Sortland Sortland Indre Eidsfjord Church Holmstad 1970 Indre Eidsfjord kirke - IMG 0088a.jpg
Sigerfjord Church Sigerfjord 1933
Sortland Church Sortland 1901 Sortland kyrkje cropped.jpg
Øksnes Øksnes Alsvåg Church Alsvåg 1923 IMG 1585a - Alsvåg kirke.jpg
Langenes Church Stø 1500s IMG 1430a - Langenes kirke.jpg
Myre Church Myre 1979 Myre kirke 2006.jpg
Øksnes Church Skogsøya 1703 Oksnes kirke.JPG

Ofoten prosti[edit]

This deanery covers seven municipalities in the Ofoten district in the northern part of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Narvik.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Ballangen Ballangen Ballangen Church Ballangen 1923 Ballangen kyrkje.jpg
Efjord Chapel Kobbvika 1985
Kjeldebotn Church Kjeldebotn 1956
Evenes Evenes Evenes Church Evenes 1800 Evenes kirke 02.JPG
Bogen Chapel Bogen 1920 Bogen kapell.jpg
Hamarøy Hamarøy Hamarøy Church Presteid 1974 Hamarøy kirke.JPG
Sagfjord Sagfjord Church Karlsøy 1770 Sagfjord kirke.jpg
Tømmernes Church Tømmerneset 1952 Tømmerneset kyrkje.jpg
Lødingen Lødingen Lødingen Church Lødingen 1897
Vestbygd Church Vågehamn 1885
Narvik Ankenes Ankenes Church Ankenesstranda 1867 Ankenes kyrkje.jpg
Håkvik Chapel Håkvik 1980 Håkvik kapell.jpg
Bjerkvik Bjerkvik Church Bjerkvik 1955 Bjerkvik kirke.jpg
Bjørnfjell Chapel Bjørnfjell 1952 Bjornfjell kapell.jpg
Narvik Narvik Church Narvik 1925 Narviks kirke-view1.jpg
Fredskapellet Narvik 1957 Fredskapellet 01.JPG
Hergot Chapel Hergot 2005 Hergot kapell.jpg
Skjomen Skjomen Church Elvegård 1893
Tjeldsund Tjeldsund Tjeldsund Church Hol i Tjeldsund 1863 Tjeldsund kirke fra siden.JPG
Fjelldal Chapel Fjelldal 1960
Ramsund Chapel Ramsund 1964
Tysfjord Drag/Helland Drag/Helland Church Drag 1972 Drag-Helland kirke.JPG
Kjøpsvik Kjøpsvik Church Kjøpsvik 1975 Kjøpsvik kirke 01.JPG
Korsnes Korsnes Church Korsnes 1889 Korsnes kirke 01.JPG

Salten prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in the Salten district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Fauske.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Beiarn Beiarn Beiarn Church Moldjord 1873 Beiarn Church.jpg
Høyforsmoen Chapel Høyforsmoen 1957 Hoyforsmoen kapell.jpg
Fauske Fauske Fauske Church Fauske 1867 Fauske kyrkje.jpg
Sulitjelma Sulitjelma Church Sulitjelma 1899 Sulitjelma kyrkje 2.jpg
Sulitjelma Chapel Sulitjelma 1996
Valnesfjord Valnesfjord Church Valnesfjord 1905 Valnesfjord kyrkje.jpg
Saltdal Saltdal Saltdal Church Rognan 1862 Saltdal kyrkje.jpg
Øvre Saltdal Øvre Saltdal Church Røkland 1938 Ovre Saltdal kirke.jpg
Steigen Leiranger Leiranger Church Leines 1911
Leinesfjord Chapel Leinesfjorden 1912
Sørskot Chapel Sørskot 1953
Nordfold Nordfold Church Nordfold 1976
Steigen Steigen Church Steigen 1250 Steigen Kirke.jpg
Bogen Chapel Bogen 1926
Sørfold Sørfold Rørstad Church Rørstad 1761
Røsvik Church Røsvika 1883 Roesvik kirke.jpg
Mørsvikbotn Chapel Mørsvikbotn 1955 Mørsvikbotn kapell.JPG

Nord-Helgeland prosti[edit]

This deanery covers eight municipalities in the northwestern part of the Helgeland district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Sandnessjøen in Alstahaug.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Alstahaug Alstahaug Alstahaug Church Alstahaug 12th century Alstahaug kirke.jpg
Sandnessjøen Sandnessjøen Church Sandnessjøen 1882 Sandnessjøen kyrkje.JPG
Tjøtta Skålvær Church Skålvær 1851
Tjøtta Church Tjøtta 1867 Tjotta kyrkje.JPG
Dønna Dønna Dønnes Church Dønnes 1200 Dønnes kirke.jpg
Hæstad Church Hestad 1912 Hæstad kyrkje.JPG
Løkta Church Løkta 1968
Nordvik Church Nordvik 1877 Nordvik kirke.JPG
Vandve Church Vandve 1956
Herøy Herøy Herøy Church Silvalen 12th century Herøy kirke02.JPG
Gåsvær Chapel Gåsvær 1951 Gåsvær kapell (Herøy).jpg
Husvær Chapel Husvær 1936
Sandvær Chapel Sandværet 1947
Leirfjord Leirfjord Bardal Church Bardal Indre 1887
Leirfjord Church Leland 1867
Lurøy Aldersund Aldersund Church Haugland 1971 Aldersund kirke01.JPG
Lurøy Lovund Church Lovund 1960 Lovundkjerka.JPG
Lurøy Church Lurøy 1812
Moflag Church Moflaget 1921
Nesna Nesna Nesna Church Nesna 1880 Church of Nesna 02.JPG
Handnesøya Chapel Saura 1969
Husby Chapel Husby 1905 Husby kapell 001.JPG
Rødøy Rødøy Rødøy Church Rødøy 1885
Rødøy indre Sørfjorden Church Sørfjorden 1916
Tjongsfjorden Church Tjong 1962
Træna Træna Træna Church Husøya 1773 Trænkjerka.JPG
Fiskernes Chapel Selvær 1887

Indre Helgeland prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in the eastern part of the Helgeland district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Mo i Rana in the municipality of Rana.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Grane Grane Fiplingdal Church Leiren 1946
Grane Church Grane 1860 Grane kirke 001.JPG
Majavatn Church Majavatn 1915
Hattfjelldal Hattfjelldal Hattfjelldal Church Hattfjelldal 1790 Hattfjelldalkirke.jpg
Susendal Church Svenskvollen 1916 Susendal kapell.jpg
Varntresk Church Varntresk 1986
Hemnes Bleikvassli Bleikvassli Church Bleikvasslia 1955 Bleikvassli kirke.JPG
Hemnes Hemnes Church Hemnesberget 1872
Korgen Korgen Church Korgen 1863 Korgen church A.JPG
Rana Gruben Gruben Church Mo i Rana 1965 Church of Gruben01.JPG
Mo Mo Church Mo i Rana 1724 Mo kirke Rana.jpg
Nevernes Nevernes Church Nevernes 1893 Nevernes church 09.JPG
Nord Rana Selfors Church Selfors 1973 Selfors church02.JPG
Ytteren Church Ytteren 1977 Ytteren church10.JPG
Røssvoll Røssvoll Church Røssvoll 1953 Røssvoll church 02.jpg
Sjona Sjona Church Myklebustad 1916 Sjona church A.JPG
Vefsn Dolstad Dolstad Church Mosjøen 1735 Dolstad k3.JPG
Drevja Drevja Church Drevja 1883 Drevja kirke.JPG
Elsfjord Elsfjord Church Elsfjord 1955 Elsfjord church A.JPG

Sør-Helgeland prosti[edit]

This deanery covers five municipalities in the southwestern part of the Helgeland district of Nordland county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Brønnøysund in Brønnøy.

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bindal Solstad Solstad Church Holm 1888
Vassås Vassås Church Vassås 1733
Brønnøy Brønnøy Brønnøy Church Brønnøysund 1870 Brønnøy Church, Norway.JPG
Skogmo Chapel Indreskomo 1979
Trælnes Chapel Trælnes 1980
Velfjord og Tosen Nøstvik Church Velfjord 1674 Velfjord kirke.jpg
Tosen Chapel Lande 1734
Sømna Sømna Sømna Church Vik 1876
Vega Vega Vega Church Gladstad 1864
Ylvingen Chapel Ylvingen 1967
Vevelstad Vevelstad Vevelstad Church Vevelstad 1796 Vevelstad kirke 1.jpg


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