List of churches in Sør-Trøndelag

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Map of the church deaneries in Sør-Trøndelag county. The municipality of Trondheim covers 4 different deaneries due to the large population. The deaneries of Fosen and Stjørdal also include parts of Nord-Trøndelag county to the north.

The List of churches in Sør-Trøndelag is a list of the Church of Norway churches in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The churches are all part of the Diocese of Nidaros, and the list is divided into eight sections, one for each Deanery (prosti) in the diocese, although some deaneries overlap counties with parts in both Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag. Administratively within each deanery, the churches are divided by municipalities which have their own church council (fellesråd) and then into parishes (sokn) which have their own councils (soknerådet). Each parish may have one or more congregations in it.[1]

Nidaros domprosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Trondheim Nidaros Domkirke
og Vår Frue
Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim 1070–1300 NidarosdomenPanorama.jpg
Vår Frue Church Trondheim 1200 Vaar Frue church Trondheim 2009.JPG
Bakklandet Bakke Church Trondheim 1715 Bakke kirke.jpg
Lade Lade Church Lade 1190 Trondheim Ladekirke.jpg
Lademoen Lademoen Church Lademoen 1905 Lademoen Church Trondheim 2009 1.JPG

Byåsen prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Trondheim Byåsen Byåsen Church Byåsen 1974 Byaasen church.JPG
Ilen Ilen Church Ila 1889 Ila kirke Trondheim.jpg
Sverresborg Havstein Church Sverresborg 1857 Havstein kyrkje.jpg
Sverresborg Sverresborg Church Sverresborg 2014

Fosen prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Bjugn Bjugn Bjugn Church Bjugn 1956 Bjugn Kirke.jpg
Heggvik Church Høybakken 1858 Hegvik kirke.JPG
Jøssund Jøssund Church Jøssund 1875 Jøssund kirke.jpeg
Nes Nes Church Nes 1878 Nes kirke 011.jpg
Tarva Chapel Tarva 1972
Osen Osen Osen Church Steinsdalen 1877 Osen kirke.jpg
Seter Chapel Seter 1969
Rissa Hasselvika Hasselvika Church Hasselvika 1951 Hasselvik kirke.jpg
Rissa Rissa Church Leira 1888 Rissa kirke.jpg
Rein Church Reinsgrenda 1932 Rein kirke.jpg
Stadsbygd Stadsbygd Church Stadsbygd 1842 Stadsbygd kirke fra nø.jpg
Sør-Stjørna Frengen Church Frengen 1972
Ramsvik Church Råkvåg 1909 Ramsvik kapell.jpg
Roan Roan Roan Church Roan 1702
Ørland Ørland Ørland Church Brekstad 1342 Orland kirke.jpg
Storfosna Church Storfosna 1915
Åfjord Åfjord Åfjord Church Årnes 1879 Gammel og ny kirke.png
Stoksund Stoksund Church Revsnes 1825
*Fosen also includes Leksvik municipality in Nord-Trøndelag, see the List of churches in Nord-Trøndelag for that list

Gauldal prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Holtålen Haltdalen Haltdalen Church Haltdalen 1881 Haltdalen kyrkje 01.jpg
Haltdalen Stave Church Haltdalen
**Moved to a museum in Trondheim
1170 Haltdalen stavkyrkje 01.jpg
Aunegrenda Chapel Aunegrenda 1952 Aunegrenda kapell.jpg
Hessdalen Hessdalen Church Hessdalen 1940 Hessdalen kirke (01).JPG
Ålen Ålen Church Ålen/Renbygda 1881 Ålen kyrkje 01.jpg
Melhus Flå Flå Church Ler 1794 Flå kirke i Melhus 002.JPG
Horg Horg Church Lundamo 1892 Horg kirke II.jpg
Hølonda Hølonda Church Hølonda 1848 Hølonda kirke (001).JPG
Melhus Melhus Church Melhus 1892 Melhus kirke 001.JPG
Midtre Gauldal Budal Budal Church Budal 1754 Budal kyrkje 01.jpg
Singsås Singsås Church Singsås 1884 Singsås kyrkje 01.jpg
Soknedal Soknedal Church Soknedal 1933 Soknedal kyrkje 01.jpg
Støren Støren Church Støren 1817 StorenKirke.JPG
Oppdal Fagerhaug Fagerhaug Church Fagerhaug 1921 Fagerhaug.jpg
Lønset Lønset Church Lønset 1863 Lønset kirke.jpg
Oppdal Oppdal Church Oppdal 1651 Oppdal kyrkje.jpg
St. Mikael's Chapel Drivdalen 2012
Rennebu Berkåk Berkåk Church Berkåk 1878 Berkåk kyrkje 1.JPG
Innset Innset Church Innset 2000 Innset Orkdal kirke.jpg
Rennebu Rennebu Church Voll 1669 Rennebu kirke 2008.jpg
Nerskogen Chapel Nerskogen 1962 Nerskogen Kapell.jpg
Røros Røros Røros Church Røros 1784 Roeros church.jpg
Røros Chapel Røros 1962 Røros kapell.jpg
Brekken Brekken Church Brekken 1878 Church of Brekken.jpg
Glåmos Glåmos Church Glåmos 1926
Hitterdalen Hitterdal Chapel Hitterdalen 1959 Hitterdal kapell.jpg

Heimdal prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Trondheim Byneset Byneset Church Byneset 1180 Byneset.jpg
Heimdal Heimdal Church Heimdal 1960 Heimdal kirke.jpg
Kolstad Kolstad Church Kolstad 1986 Kolstad kirke.jpg
Leinstrand Leinstrand Church Leinstrand 1673 Leinstrand kirke.jpg
Tiller Tiller Church Tiller 1901 TillerKirke2.jpg
Klæbu Klæbu Klæbu Church Klæbu 1790 Klæbu kirke.JPG
Vassfjell Chapel Vassfjellet 1974 Vassfjellkapellet i snø.JPG

Orkdal prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Agdenes Agdenes Agdenes Church Agdenes 1857
Lensvik Church Lensvik 1863 Lensvik kirke.JPG
Ingdalen Chapel Ingdalen 1960
Frøya Frøya Hallaren Church Storhallaren 1881 Hallaren kirke.jpg
Sletta Church Nord-Frøya 1990 Sletta kirke.jpg
Froan Chapel Froan 1904
Måøy Chapel Mausund 1939 Måøy kapell.jpg
Sula Chapel Sula 1925 Sula kapell.jpg
Titran Chapel Titran 1873 Titran kapell.jpg
Hemne Heim Heim Church Heim 1883 Heim-Hemne-Norway.JPG
Hemne Hemne Church Kyrksæterøra 1817 Hemne kirke.JPG
Vinje Vinje Church Vinjeøra 1824 Vinje kirke (Hemne) 01.jpg
Hitra Hitra Hitra Church Melandsjøen 1927 Hitrakirke2.JPG
Dolm Church Dolmøya 1188 Dolm kirke 1.jpg
Fillan Fillan Church Fillan 1789 Fillan krike.JPG
Nordbotn Church Nordbotn 1900 Norbotn kyrkje.jpg
Kvenvær Kvenvær Church Kvenvær 1909 Kvenværkirke2.jpg
Forsnes Chapel Forsnes 1935 Forsnes kapell 2008.jpg
Sandstad Sandstad Church Sandstad 1888 Sandstadkirk.jpg
Meldal Meldal Meldal Church Meldal 1988 Meldal Kirke.jpg
Løkken Løkken Church Bjørnli 1929 Lokken Kirke.jpg
Orkdal Geitastrand Geitastrand Church Geitastrand 1859 Geitastrand kirke.JPG
Orkanger Orkanger Church Orkanger 1892 Orkanger kirke, Sør-Trøndelag - Riksantikvaren-T355 01 0015.jpg
Orkdal Orkdal Church Fannrem 1893 Orkdal Kirke.jpg
Søvasskjølen Church Svorksjødalen 1981
Orkland Moe Church Vormstad 1867 MoeKirkeSorkmo.jpg
Skaun Skaun Skaun Church Skaun 1183 Skaun kyrkje.jpg
Buvik Buvik Church Buvika 1819 Buvik kyrkje Wilse.jpeg
Børsa Børsa Church Børsa 1857 Børsa church 1.JPG
Snillfjord Snillfjord Snillfjord Church Krokstadøra 1898 Snillfjordkirke,jpg.jpg

Stjørdal prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Malvik Hommelvik Hommelvik Church Hommelvik 1886 Hommelvik kirke.jpg
Mostadmark Chapel Sneisen 1986
Malvik Malvik Church Malvik 1846 Malvik kirke 01.jpg
Selbu Selbu Selbu Church Mebonden 1150 Selbu church.jpg
Selbustrand Church Selbustrand 1901
Flora Chapel Flora 1936
Tydal Tydal Tydal Church Aunet 1696 TydalKirke.jpg
Stugudal Chapel Stugudalen 1957
*Stjørdal also includes some municipalities in Nord-Trøndelag, see the List of churches in Nord-Trøndelag for that list

Strinda prosti[edit]

Municipality Parish (sokn) Church Location Year built Photo
Trondheim Berg Berg Church Berg 1972 Berg arbeidskirke, Trondheim.JPG
Bratsberg Bratsberg Church Bratsberg 1850 Bratsberg kirke.JPG
Charlottenlund Charlottenlund Church Charlottenlund 1973 Charlottenlund kirke.jpg
Hoeggen Hoeggen Church Lerkendal 1997
Ranheim Ranheim Church Ranheim 1933 Ranheim kyrkje.jpg
Strinda Strinda Church Strinda 1900 Strinda kyrkje.jpg
Strindheim Strindheim Church Strindheim 1979 Strindheim kirke (Trondheim) 01.jpg
Tempe Tempe Church Lerkendal 1960 Tempe kirke, Trondheim.JPG


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