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Sestieri of Venice:
  Cannaregio   Castello   Dorsoduro   San Marco   San Polo   Santa Croce

This is a complete list of churches in Venice classified by "sestiere" in which the city is divided. These are Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro (including the Giudecca and Isola Sacca Fisola), Santa Croce, San Marco (including San Giorgio Maggiore) and Castello (including San Pietro di Castello and Sant'Elena). It also details the churches on the islands outside Venice.

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San Marco[edit]

Chiese di San Marco.png
Name Common Name Affiliation Significance Coordinates
Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark Saint Mark's Basilica Roman Catholic Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, situated on Piazza San Marco, example of Byzantine architecture 45°26′4.2″N 12°20′22.56″E / 45.434500°N 12.3396000°E / 45.434500; 12.3396000 (Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark)
San Bartolomeo 45°26′15.25″N 12°20′11.17″E / 45.4375694°N 12.3364361°E / 45.4375694; 12.3364361 (San Bartolomeo)
San Basso Deconsecrated 45°26′5.9″N 12°20′21.4″E / 45.434972°N 12.339278°E / 45.434972; 12.339278 (San Basso)
San Beneto 45°26′8.28″N 12°19′56.58″E / 45.4356333°N 12.3323833°E / 45.4356333; 12.3323833 (San Benedetto)
Santa Croce degli Armeni Armenian Catholic 45°26′7.8″N 12°20′15.8″E / 45.435500°N 12.337722°E / 45.435500; 12.337722 (San Benedetto)
San Fantin Roman Catholic 45°26′1.9″N 12°20′3.18″E / 45.433861°N 12.3342167°E / 45.433861; 12.3342167 (San Fantin)
San Luca Roman Catholic 45°26′8.72″N 12°20′1.49″E / 45.4357556°N 12.3337472°E / 45.4357556; 12.3337472 (San Luca)
Santa Maria Zobenigo Santa Maria del Giglio Roman Catholic 45°25′57″N 12°19′58″E / 45.43250°N 12.33278°E / 45.43250; 12.33278 (Santa Maria del Giglio)
San Maurizio Roman Catholic 45°25′58.97″N 12°19′53.65″E / 45.4330472°N 12.3315694°E / 45.4330472; 12.3315694 (San Maurizio)
San Moisè Roman Catholic 45°25′59″N 12°20′10″E / 45.43306°N 12.33611°E / 45.43306; 12.33611 (San Moisè)
San Salvador Roman Catholic 45°26′11.76″N 12°20′11.4″E / 45.4366000°N 12.336500°E / 45.4366000; 12.336500 (San Salvador)
San Samuele Roman Catholic 45°26′01″N 12°19′41″E / 45.43361°N 12.32806°E / 45.43361; 12.32806 (San Samuele)
Santo Stefano Roman Catholic 45°25′59.44″N 12°19′48.68″E / 45.4331778°N 12.3301889°E / 45.4331778; 12.3301889 (Santo Stefano)
San Vidal Roman Catholic 45°25′56.74″N 12°19′46.24″E / 45.4324278°N 12.3295111°E / 45.4324278; 12.3295111 (San Vidal)
San Zulian Roman Catholic 45°26′8.5″N 12°20′19.2″E / 45.435694°N 12.338667°E / 45.435694; 12.338667 (San Zulian)
Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore Roman Catholic 45°25′45.48″N 12°20′35.16″E / 45.4293000°N 12.3431000°E / 45.4293000; 12.3431000 (Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore)

San Polo[edit]

Chiese di San Polo.png
Name Common Name Affiliation Significance Coordinates
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Frari Roman Catholic 45°26′12″N 12°19′34″E / 45.43667°N 12.32611°E / 45.43667; 12.32611 (Frari)
Sant'Aponal Deconsecrated
San Cassiano Roman Catholic 45°26′22.83″N 12°19′55.52″E / 45.4396750°N 12.3320889°E / 45.4396750; 12.3320889 (San Cassiano)
San Giacomo di Rialto Roman Catholic Possibly the oldest church in Venice 45°26′18.5″N 12°20′7.7″E / 45.438472°N 12.335472°E / 45.438472; 12.335472 (San Giacomo di Rialto)
San Giovanni Evangelista Roman Catholic 45°26′16.8″N 12°19′33.6″E / 45.438000°N 12.326000°E / 45.438000; 12.326000 (San Giovanni Evangelista)
San Pantalon Roman Catholic 45°26′8.16″N 12°19′27.12″E / 45.4356000°N 12.3242000°E / 45.4356000; 12.3242000 (San Pantalon)
San Polo Roman Catholic 45°26′13.4″N 12°19′47.0″E / 45.437056°N 12.329722°E / 45.437056; 12.329722 (San Polo)
San Rocco Roman Catholic 45°26′13.1″N 12°19′30.94″E / 45.436972°N 12.3252611°E / 45.436972; 12.3252611 (San Rocco)
San Silvestro Roman Catholic 45°26′15″N 12°20′0.29″E / 45.43750°N 12.3334139°E / 45.43750; 12.3334139 (San Silvestro)
San Tomà Roman Catholic 45°26′10.21″N 12°19′37.84″E / 45.4361694°N 12.3271778°E / 45.4361694; 12.3271778 (San Tomà)

Santa Croce[edit]

Chiese di Santa Croce.png
Name Common Name Affiliation Significance Coordinates
San Giacomo dall'Orio Roman Catholic 45°26′24.48″N 12°19′38.65″E / 45.4401333°N 12.3274028°E / 45.4401333; 12.3274028 (San Giacomo dall'Orio)
San Giovanni Elemosinario Roman Catholic 45°26′19.57″N 12°20′2.09″E / 45.4387694°N 12.3339139°E / 45.4387694; 12.3339139 (San Giovanni Elemosinario)
Santa Maria Mater Domini Roman Catholic
San Nicolò da Tolentino Roman Catholic
San Simeone Piccolo San Simeone e Giuda Roman Catholic Last church built in Venice;Tridentine Mass celebrated on Sundays.
San Simeone Profeta Roman Catholic
San Stae Roman Catholic
San Zan Degolà Russian Orthodox


Chiese di Dorsoduro.png
Chiese di Giudecca e San Giorgio.png



Chiese di Cannaregio.png
Chiesa degli Scalzi.


Chiese di Castello.png


Chiese di Murano.png
Santa Fosca di Torcello.
San Martino Church in Burano.

San Michele[edit]





San Francesco del Deserto[edit]


San Lazzaro degli Armeni[edit]

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