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On the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen there are 49 church buildings, of which 43 are Evangelical, three are New Apostolic and three are Roman Catholic churches. The Rügen Roman Catholic parish, the northernmost in the Archdiocese of Berlin, has its seat in St. Boniface's Church in Bergen auf Rügen. The oldest churches on Rügen date from the 12th century. The most recent churches were built in the 20th century, in order to satisfy the growing demand of the seaside resorts.

Overview map[edit]

Altenkirchen Parish Church St. George of Wiek Parish Church Church of Mary Magdalene, Neuenkirchen St. Catharine's, Trent St. John's Church, Schaprode St. Paul's Church St. Michael's Church St. John's Church, Sassnitz St. Andrew's Church, Rappin St. Margaret's Church, Patzig St. James' Church, Gingst St. Boniface's Church, Bergen St. Mary's Church, Bergen Dankeskirche Sehlen Samtens Village Church Castle Church, Putbus St. John's Church, Zirkow Vilmitz Village Church Binz Village Church Church of Grace, Sellin Baabe Village Church St. Andrew's Church, Lancken-Granitz Göhren Village Church St. Catharine's Church, Middelhagen Groß Zicker Village Church St. James' Church, Kasnevitz St. Peter's Church, Garz St. Laurence's Church, Zudar St. Stephen's Church, Swantow St. Mary’s Church, Poseritz Gustow Village Church St. John's Church, Rambin St. Nicholas' Church, Altefähr Bessin Chapel Landow Village Church Vitter Chapel Ralswiek Wooden Church Boldevitz Castle Chapel Glowe ChapelChurches on Rügen
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List of churches[edit]

In many cases it is difficult to give precise information about construction dates, because the churches were converted and extended. The overriding factor is the construction phase in which the building was given its present shape. Earliest recorded dates are usually just a terminus ante quem which only indicates the earliest date when the building must have existed, but not for how long up to that time. Sometimes it is also unclear whether a date refers to the current building or to a predecessor.

The churches marked in bold font in the table are the parish churches of their respective parishes.

Location Parish Church Primary building period Features Image
Altefähr Altefähr St. Nicholas' Church, Altefähr 15th century Valuable wall murals from the 15th century St Nikolai Altefaehr Schiff imgp7760.jpg
Altenkirchen Altenkirchen Altenkirchen Parish Church 1168 One of the oldest churches on the island Pfarrkirche Altenkirchen - 2001.jpg
Baabe Sellin Baabe Village Church 1929 One of the newest church buildings on Rügen Dorfkirche Baabe.JPG
Bergen auf Rügen St. Boniface's, Bergen St. Boniface's Church, Bergen 1912 Roman Catholic Parish Church Bergen StBonifatius.jpg
Bergen auf Rügen Bergen St. Mary's Church, Bergen 1193 One of the oldest churches on the island Marienkirche in Bergen auf Rügen.jpg
Bergen auf Rügen Parish of Bergen auf Rügen New Apostolic Church
Bessin Rambin Bessin Chapel 1482 Chapel Kapelle Bessin (2008-05-04).JPG
Binz Binz Binz Village Church 1913 Chapel, 1911–1913 built in the Neo-Gothic style Evangelische Kirche in Binz.JPG
Binz St. Boniface's, Bergen Stella Maris (Binz) 1925 Roman Catholic daughter church Binz Stella Maris Alte Kapelle 2.JPG
Binz Parish of Binz auf Rügen 20th century New Apostolic Church
Bobbin Altenkirchen St. Paul's Church, Bobbin 1400 Pilgrimage church Kirche bobbin.JPG
Boldevitz Bergen Castle Chapel, Boldevitz 1839 Classicist chapel (1839) in which wedding are held.
Garz/Rügen Garz St. Peter's Church, Garz 1400 Granite font probably older than the church St Petri Kirche Garz Ruegen imgp7966.jpg
Garz/Rügen St. Boniface's, Bergen Church of the Sacred Heart, Garz 1913 Roman Catholic daughter church
Gingst Gingst St. James' Church, Gingst 14th century Baroque organ Sankt Jacob Gingst - Südseite.JPG
Glowe Altenkirchen Glowe Chapel 1982 Built in the style of a Finnhütte Glowechurch.jpg
Göhren Groß Zicker Göhren Village Church 1930 Kirche Goehren.jpg
Groß Zicker Groß Zicker Groß Zicker Village Church 1400 Oldest building on the Mönchgut Groß Zicker, Dorfkirche.jpg
Gustow Poseritz Gustow Village Church 13th century Carved figures from the 15th century Gustow kirche imgp7751.jpg
Kasnevitz Putbus St. James' Church, Kasnevitz 2nd half of the 14th century Kasnevitz 2.jpg
Lancken-Granitz Sellin Lancken-Granitz Village Church 15th century Ceiling paintings from the 15th century Lancken-Granitz Kirche4.JPG
Landow Rambin Landow Village Church 1312 Probably the oldest timber-framed church in Central Europe Landow, Dorfkirche 2.jpg
Middelhagen Groß Zicker St. Catherine's Church,Middelhagen 1455 Middelhagen kirche.jpg
Neuenkirchen Neuenkirchen Church of Mary Magdalene, Neuenkirchen 14th/15th century Bell from 1367 KircheNeuenkirchenRügen.JPG
Patzig Schaprode St. Margaret's Church, Patzig 1500 Gothic hall church, baptismal font of granite made around 1250 Patzig kirche.jpg
Poseritz Poseritz St. Mary's Church, Poseritz 1325 Medieval altar with crucifixion group Poseritz stmarien.jpg
Putbus Putbus Putbus Castle Church 1845 Late Classicist church with basilica cross-section Putbus Pfarrkirche im Park.jpg
Ralswiek Bergen Ralswiek Wooden Church 1907 Swedish wooden church, first sited in Stockholm Ralswiek Holzkapelle.JPG
Rambin Rambin St. John's Church, Rambin 1300 Baptismal font from the 13th century, one of the oldest churches on the island St Johannis Kirche Rambin imgp7786.jpg
Rappin Neuenkirchen St. Andrew's Church, Rappin 1305 Font basin from the second half of the 13th century KircheStAndreasRappinRügen.JPG
Sagard Sassnitz St. Michael's Church, Sagard 1210 Second oldest and largest baroque organ on Rügen Kirchturm sagard.JPG
Samtens Rambin Samtens Church 15th century Brick church, interior converted to the baroque style Kirche in Samtens auf Rügen, Blick von Süden (2009-05-17).JPG
Sassnitz Sassnitz St. John's Church, Sassnitz 1883 Asymmetric, Neo-Gothic church Sassnitzstjohannis.jpg
Sassnitz Parish of Sassnitz auf Rügen New Apostolic Church
Schaprode Schaprode St. John's Church, Schaprode 15th century Pilgrimage church, predecessor dates to the 12th century Schaprode Ruegen Kirche.jpg
Sehlen Garz Dankeskirche (Sehlen) 1866
Sellin Sellin Church of Grace, Sellin 1912 Grüneberg organ Gnadenkirche Sellin.JPG
Sellin St. Boniface's, Bergen Maria Meeresstern (Sellin) 1912 Roman Catholic daughter church Sellin Maria Meeresstern 1.jpg
Swantow Poseritz St. Stephen's Church, Swantow 15th century Mixed design of fieldstone and brick Swantow St Stephanus Kirche imgp7913.jpg
Thiessow Sellin Jesu-Sieg-Kapelle Jesu-Sieg-Kapelle Thiessow.JPG
Trent Schaprode St. Catherine's Church, Trent 15th century Gothic, triple-aisled church with wooden, carved, baroque altar Doki trent.jpg
Vilmnitz Putbus Church of Mary Magdalene, Vilmnitz 13th century Vilmnitz.jpg
Vitt Altenkirchen Vitter Chapel 1816 Octagonal building Vittkapelle.jpg
Wiek Wiek St. George of Wiek Parish Church 15th century Gothic brick church with wooden equestrian painting Ritter Georg zu Pferde (around 1500) St. Georg (Wiek) - front 5.jpg
Zirkow Binz St. John's Church, Zirkow 15th century Brick church with pulpit altar, confessional boxes and baptismal angel from the first half of the 18th century Doki zirkow.jpg
Zudar Garz St. Laurence's Church, Zudar 1318 Pilgrimage church Zudar, Kirche, Ansicht (2009-09-13).JPG


  • Tourismuszentrale Rügen (Herausgeber): Gotteshäuser: Dorf- und Stadtkirchen auf Rügen und in Stralsund, Bergen 2003

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