List of churches that are National Historic Landmarks in the United States

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This is a very incomplete list of churches and other places of religious function that are U.S. National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in the United States.

A significant proportion of the 2,430 National Historic Landmarks sites in the U.S. are churches.

NHLs that are to be classified[edit]

Willard Memorial Chapel-Welch Memorial Hall

NHLs that are A.M.E. or A.M.E. Zion churches[edit]

NHLs that are Baptist churches[edit]

NHLs that were Congregational churches[edit]

NHLs that are Congregational Christian Churches that did not join the United Church of Christ[edit]

NHLs that are Episcopal churches[edit]

NHLs that are French Protestant Reformed (Huguenot) churches[edit]

NHLs that are Greek Orthodox churches[edit]

NHLs that are Jewish synagogues[edit]

NHLs that are Latter Day Saint temples[edit]

NHLs that are Lutheran churches[edit]

NHLs that are Muslim mosques[edit]

There appear to be none.

(However, Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is an NRHP.)

NHLs that are Presbyterian churches[edit]

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Bethesda Presbyterian Church Bethesda Presbyterian Church (Kershaw County, South Carolina).jpg 1822 built
1985 NHL-designated
502 Dekalb Street
34°14′46″N 80°36′19.28″W / 34.24611°N 80.6053556°W / 34.24611; -80.6053556 (Bethesda Presbyterian Church)
Camden, South Carolina Neoclassical
Downtown Presbyterian Church of Nashville FirstPresbyterianChurchNashville.jpg 1816 founded
1848–49 built
1993 NHL-designated
Nashville, Tennessee Egyptian Revival
Government Street Presbyterian Church Government Street Presbyterian.jpg 1831 founded
1836–37 built
1992 NHL-designated
300 Government Street
30°41′22″N 88°2′37″W / 30.68944°N 88.04361°W / 30.68944; -88.04361 (Government Street Presbyterian Church)
Mobile, Alabama Greek Revival
Old Whaler's Church (First Presbyterian Church of Sag Harbor) Sag-whalers.jpg 1766 founded
1844 built
1994 NHL-designated
44 Union Street
40°59′50″N 72°17′38.66″W / 40.99722°N 72.2940722°W / 40.99722; -72.2940722 (Old Whaler's Church)
Sag Harbor, New York Egyptian Revival
St. John's Presbyterian Church (Berkeley, California) St. John's Presbyterian Church (Berkeley, CA).JPG 1910 built
1974 NHL-designated
2640 College Ave. Berkeley, California American Craftsman

NHLs that were shared by various Protestant churches[edit]

NHLs that are Quaker meetinghouses[edit]

NHLs that are Roman Catholic churches[edit]

NHLs that are Russian Orthodox churches[edit]

NHLs that are Unitarian Universalist churches[edit]

NHLs that are United Church of Christ (U.C.C.) churches[edit]

NHLs that are United Methodist churches[edit]

NHL churches in New York State[edit]

There are twenty churches that are NHLs in New York State: The 9 upstate or on Long Island are:

  1. one of the three buildings in Cobblestone Historic District,
  2. Dutch Reformed Church (Newburgh, New York),
  3. Dutch Reformed Church (Sleepy Hollow),
  4. First Presbyterian Church (Sag Harbor, New York),
  5. Harriet Tubman's Thompson AME Zion Church,
  6. the Indian Castle Church in Mohawk Upper Castle Historic District,
  7. St. Paul's Cathedral (Buffalo),
  8. St. Peter's Episcopal Church (Albany, New York),
  9. Willard Memorial Chapel-Welch Memorial Hall and

11 in NYC are:

  1. Central Synagogue,
  2. Church of the Ascension,
  3. Eldridge Street Synagogue,
  4. Grace Church, New York,
  5. Old Quaker Meeting House,
  6. Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims,
  7. St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church,
  8. Trinity Church, New York,
  9. St. George's Episcopal Church,
  10. St. Patrick's Cathedral,
  11. St. Paul's Chapel).


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