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This is a list of cider brands from Devon in the United Kingdom. Although neighbouring county of Somerset is better known for its apple orchards, Devon has an equally long orchard and cider tradition.[1] Many Devon cider producers are using traditional Devon varieties of apple[2] During the 17th and 18th centuries, a condition known as Devon colic, a form of lead poisoning, was associated with the consumption of cider,[3] vanishing after a campaign to remove lead components from cider presses in the early 19th century.

Devon ciders[edit]

List of operational cider producers in Devon
Name Town Website Map Coords
Aston Manor Brewery[4] Tiverton Aston Manor Brewery 50°53′37″N 3°29′53″W / 50.8937°N 3.4980°W / 50.8937; -3.4980 (Aston Manor Brewery)
Ashridge Cider[5] Staverton Ashridge Cider 50°28′37″N 3°43′22″W / 50.4769°N 3.7227°W / 50.4769; -3.7227 (Ashridge Cider)
Berry Farm Cider Axminster Berry Farm Cider 50°47′32″N 3°22′56″W / 50.7921°N 3.3823°W / 50.7921; -3.3823 (Berry Farm Cider)
Green Valley Cyder Exeter Green Valley Cyder 50°41′06″N 3°26′54″W / 50.6849°N 3.4483°W / 50.6849; -3.4483 (Green Valley Cyder)
Heron Valley Kingsbridge Heron Valley 50°20′55″N 3°47′25″W / 50.3485°N 3.7904°W / 50.3485; -3.7904 (Heron Valley Cider)
Luscombe Drinks Buckfastleigh Luscombe Cider 50°28′08″N 3°47′11″W / 50.4688°N 3.7865°W / 50.4688; -3.7865 (Luscombe Drinks)
Milltop Orchard Newton Abbot Milltop Orchard Cider 50°31′33″N 3°32′01″W / 50.5259°N 3.5336°W / 50.5259; -3.5336 (Milltop Orchard Cider)
Lyme Bay Cider Axminster Lyme Bay Cider 50°45′41″N 3°03′41″W / 50.7613°N 3.0614°W / 50.7613; -3.0614 (Lyme Bay Cider)
Sandford Orchards Crediton Sandford Orchards 50°47′19″N 3°38′44″W / 50.7886°N 3.6455°W / 50.7886; -3.6455 (Sandford Orchards)
Ventons Devon Cyder Clyst St Lawrence Ventons Devon Cyder 50°47′32″N 3°22′41″W / 50.7921°N 3.3781°W / 50.7921; -3.3781 (Ventons Devon Cyder)
Winkleigh Cider Company Ltd Winkleigh Winkleigh Cider Company Ltd 50°51′19″N 3°57′08″W / 50.8552°N 3.9522°W / 50.8552; -3.9522 (Winkleigh Cider Company Ltd)
HUNTS CIDER Stoke Gabriel HUNTS CIDER 50°25′02″N 3°37′02″W / 50.4172°N 3.6173°W / 50.4172; -3.6173 (HUNTS CIDER)
Norcotts Cider Honiton Norcotts Cider 50°47′52″N 3°11′02″W / 50.7979°N 3.1840°W / 50.7979; -3.1840 (Norcotts Cider)
The Tricky Cider Co Churchinford The Tricky Cider Co 50°54′51″N 3°08′48″W / 50.9143°N 3.1466°W / 50.9143; -3.1466 (The Tricky Cider Co)
Thompstone's Cider Ashburton Thompstone's Cider 50°31′10″N 3°45′37″W / 50.5195°N 3.7604°W / 50.5195; -3.7604 (Thompstone's Cider)
Ostlers Cider Mill Barnstaple Ostlers Cider Mill 51°05′51″N 3°59′15″W / 51.0976°N 3.9874°W / 51.0976; -3.9874 (Ostlers Cider Mill)
Bollhayes Cider[6] Cullompton 50°55′11″N 3°11′29″W / 50.9197°N 3.1914°W / 50.9197; -3.1914 (Bollhayes Cider)
West Lake Cider Beaworthy West Lake Cider 50°47′53″N 4°12′12″W / 50.7980°N 4.2033°W / 50.7980; -4.2033 (West Lake Cider)
Indicknowle Traditional Farmhouse Cider Combe Martin Indicknowle Traditional Farmhouse Cider 51°10′50″N 4°00′45″W / 51.1806°N 4.0124°W / 51.1806; -4.0124 (Indicknowle Traditional Farmhouse Cider)
Killerton Estate Cider Broadclyst Killerton Estate 50°47′29″N 3°27′13″W / 50.7914°N 3.4536°W / 50.7914; -3.4536 (Killerton Estate Cider)
Chucklehead Cider Shillingford Chucklehead Cider 50°59′38″N 3°25′52″W / 50.9940°N 3.4312°W / 50.9940; -3.4312 (Chucklehead Cider)
Burscombe Farm Cider Sidford Burscombe Farm Cider 50°42′52″N 3°15′20″W / 50.7145°N 3.2555°W / 50.7145; -3.2555 (Burscombe Farm Cider)
Yarde Real Cider Stoke Gabriel Yarde RealCider 50°24′26″N 3°36′53″W / 50.4072°N 3.6147°W / 50.4072; -3.6147 (Yarde Real Cider)
Hancock's Devon Cider, Clapworthy Mill South Molton Hancock's Devon Cider 51°00′22″N 3°52′56″W / 51.0060°N 3.8823°W / 51.0060; -3.8823 (Hancock's Devon Cider, Clapworthy Mill)
Countryman Cider Tavistock Countryman Cider 50°35′52″N 4°17′40″W / 50.5979°N 4.2945°W / 50.5979; -4.2945 (Countryman Cider)
Palmerhayes Cider Calverleigh 50°54′59″N 3°31′01″W / 50.9163°N 3.5170°W / 50.9163; -3.5170 (Palmerhayes Cider)
Whitestone Farm Traditional Cider Totnes 50°23′31″N 3°37′39″W / 50.3920°N 3.6275°W / 50.3920; -3.6275 (Whitestone Farm Traditional Cider)
Lower Grimpstonsleigh Cider Kingsbridge Lower Grimpstonsleigh Cider 50°19′42″N 3°45′30″W / 50.3283°N 3.7582°W / 50.3283; -3.7582 (Lower Grimpstonsleigh Cider, Kingsbridge)
Courtneys of Whimple Whimple Courtneys of Whimple 50°46′03″N 3°21′23″W / 50.7674°N 3.3565°W / 50.7674; -3.3565 (Courtneys of Whimple)
Reddaway's Farm Cider Chudleigh Reddaway's Cider (Facebook page) 50°35′14″N 3°32′48″W / 50.5872°N 3.5468°W / 50.5872; -3.5468 (Reddaway's Farm Cider)
Sampford Courtenay Cider Sampford Courtenay Sampford Courtenay Cider 50°48′00″N 3°58′12″W / 50.7999°N 3.9701°W / 50.7999; -3.9701 (Sampford Courtenay Cider)
Ridgeway Cider Holcombe Rogus Ridgeway Cider 50°57′40″N 3°20′27″W / 50.9610°N 3.3408°W / 50.9610; -3.3408 (Ridgeway Cider)
Green Man Cider Barnstaple Green Man Cider 51°03′45″N 4°00′14″W / 51.0625°N 4.0040°W / 51.0625; -4.0040 (Green Man Cider)

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  • Antony Gibson In Search of Cider: Cider and Cider Makers in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. Paperback – 8 Apr 2010

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