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This is a list of current cigarette brands:

Name Owner(s) Country of Origin Introduction Availability Notes
Basic Philip Morris International (International)
Philip Morris USA (US)
Benson & Hedges British American Tobacco (Asia, Australia, New Zealand)
Japan Tobacco International (UK)
Philip Morris USA (Canada, US)
United Kingdom 1873 International
Camel Japan Tobacco International (International)
Imperial Brands (Australia)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United States 1913 International
Chesterfield Philip Morris International (International)
PMFTC (Philippines)
Philip Morris USA (US)
United States International
Davidoff Imperial Brands (International) Switzerland 1929 International
Djarum Djarum (International) Indonesia 1951 International
Doral R. J. Reynolds (US) United States 1969 United States
Dunhill British American Tobacco (International)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United Kingdom 1908 International
Embassy Imperial Brands (UK) United Kingdom 1914 United Kingdom
Fortuna Imperial Brands (International) Spain 1974 International
Kent British American Tobacco (International)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United States 1952 International
L&M Philip Morris International (International)
PMFTC (Philippines)
Philip Morris USA (US)
United States 1953 International
Lambert & Butler Imperial Brands (International) United Kingdom 1834 International Called L&B or Great & British in some markets
LD Japan Tobacco International (International) Russia 1999 International
Lucky Strike British American Tobacco (International)
ITC (India)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United States 1871 International
Marlboro Philip Morris International (International)
PMFTC (Philippines)
Philip Morris USA (US)
1924 International
Maverick ITG Brands (US)
Mayfair Japan Tobacco International (UK) United Kingdom 1992 United Kingdom
Mevius Japan Tobacco International (International)
Imperial Brands (Australia)
Japan 1977 International Known as Mild Seven until 2013
More Japan Tobacco International (International)
PMFTC (Philippines)
United States 1974 International
Natural American Spirit Japan Tobacco International (International)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United States 1982 International Also known as American Spirit
Newport British American Tobacco (International)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United States 1957 International
Pall Mall British American Tobacco (International)
R. J. Reynolds (US)
United Kingdom 1899 International Founded in the United Kingdom, but produced in the United States since 1907
Parliament Philip Morris International (International)
Philip Morris USA (US)
United States 1931 International
Pyramid Liggett Group (US) United States 1988 United States
Regal Imperial Brands (UK) United Kingdom United Kingdom
Richmond Imperial Brands (UK) United Kingdom 1999 United Kingdom Reintroduced in the UK in 1999, previously sold at an earlier date
Silk Cut Japan Tobacco International (International) United Kingdom 1964 International
Sobranie Japan Tobacco International (International) United Kingdom 1879 International
State Express 555 British American Tobacco (International) United Kingdom 1896 International
Sterling Japan Tobacco International (UK) United Kingdom 2006 United Kingdom Reintroduced in the UK in 2006, previously sold at an earlier date
Superkings Imperial Brands (Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom) United Kingdom Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom
West Imperial Brands (International) Germany 1981 International Not sold in the Ireland or United Kingdom
Winfield British American Tobacco (International) Australia 1972 International
Winston Japan Tobacco International (International)
PMFTC (Philippines)
ITG Brands (US)
United States 1954 International
Name Image Producer Country of Origin Availability Noteshb
A Mild Sampoerna Indonesia Indonesia
Absolute Mild Karya Dibya Mahardika Indonesia Indonesia
Access Mild Moeria Mulia Indonesia Indonesia
Akhtamar Grand Tobacco Armenia International
Alain Delon cigarettes (fr) British American Tobacco Cambodia web
Apache Surya Mustika Nusantara Indonesia Indonesia
Avolution Sampoerna Indonesia Indonesia
Bentoel Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Berkeley ITC Limited India [1]
Bintang Buana Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Bristol ITC Limited India [1]
Cabin Japan Tobacco Japan Japan
Capri R. J. Reynolds United States
Capstan ITC Limited India [1]
Carroll's Carrollsnumber1.JPG
Cavanders Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
Chancellor Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Charminar VST Industries India [4]
Charms VST Industries India [5]
Clas Mild Nojorono Indonesia
Clavo Djarum Indonesia
Cool NTC Industries Ltd India [6]
Country Bentoel Group Indonesia
Classic ITC Limited India [1]
Cleopatra Eastern Company Egypt [7]
Club Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Craven A ITC Limited Canada, Jamaica, Vietnam, and North Korea
Crossroads USA
Crystal Filasta Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
Deluxe Tenor NTC Industries Ltd India [6]
Derby Souza Cruz Brazil Brazil
Double Happiness Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company China
du Maurier Imperial Tobacco Canada Canada
Duke ITC Limited India [1]
Dji Sam Soe 234 Dji Sam Soe.jpg Philip Morris International Indonesia International (including Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Turkey, China, Switzerland, Germany, and United States Of America) Dji Sam Soe 234 is the Indonesian kretek cigarette, made by Philip Morris International, from Surabaya, Indonesia. Launched on 1913.
Elita British American Tobacco Russia, Latvian SSR and Lithuanian SSR Began sales in 1967, and was discontinued in 2009.
Envio Mild Djarum Indonesia
Esse Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation South Korea International
Everest British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Holdings Zimbabwe Europe, South Africa, U.K. & Zimbabwe Name of the popular studio album Abbey Road of The Beatles was originally inspired by "Everest cigarettes".
Extreme Mild Surya Mustika Nusantara Indonesia Indonesia
Fellas Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Fix Mild Tambora Mulyorejo Indonesia Indonesia
Fixation Merapi Agung Lestari Indonesia Indonesia
Flair Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Flake ITC Limited India [1]
Four Square Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
FS1 Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
Galan Wismilak Indonesia Indonesia
Gauloises Gauloises Limited Edition 10.JPG Imperial Tobacco France
Geo Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
GL Utama Mama Indonesia Indonesia
Gold Flake Gold flake Kings... new box of 20 cigs march 2010.jpg ITC Limited India [1]
Gudang Garam Gudang Garam Indonesia Indonesia
HB HB 1.JPG British American Tobacco Germany Production stopped in 2016[8]
Hits Mild Tobacco Selatmalaka Industry Indonesia Indonesia
Hollywood Hollywood 1980.jpg Souza Cruz Brazil Brazil
Hope Hope cigarette 02.JPG Japan Tobacco Japan
India Kings ITC Limited India [1]
Insignia ITC Limited India [1]
Intro Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Ява Ява (марка сигарет).jpg Russia
Jazy Mild Nojorono Indonesia Indonesia
Joged Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Player's Player's Navy Cut.jpg United Kingdom
June Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Karo Zigarettenschachtel Karo mit Zigarette.jpg
King's House of Prince
KOOL KOOL Milds.png [ITG Brands ]
Krong Thip Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Thailand Thailand
L.A. Lights Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Lark Philip Morris International
Legend Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Lips Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Longbeach Longbeach brand cigarettes.jpg Philip Morris International Australia and Indonesia International
Main Main (cigarettes).jpg
Maraton Nojorono Indonesia Indonesia
Master Mild Trisakti Purwosari Makmur Indonesia Indonesia
Matra Nojorono Indonesia Indonesia
Maxus Nojorono Indonesia Indonesia
MayPole NTC Industries Ltd India [6]
Mighty Mighty Corporation Philippines Philippines
Mild Formula Saraswanti Mekar Agung Indonesia Indonesia
Minak Djinggo PT Nojorono Tobacco International, Kudus, Indonesia, under authority of Philip Morris International Indonesia
Misty R. J. Reynolds United States
Moments VST Industries India [5]
Mondial Eastern Company Egypt [7]
Navy Cut ITC Limited India [1]
neO Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia
Neslite Merapi Agung Lestari Indonesia Indonesia
Nikki Super Nikki Super Tobacco Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia
Niko International Niko Rama Indonesia Indonesia
Niu Niu Merapi Agung Lestari Indonesia Indonesia
NO.10 NTC Industries Ltd India [6]
Noblesse Noblesse.jpg Dubek Israel Israel
North Pole Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
Nuu Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
One Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Panama Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Parisienne ParisienneNoire.jpg British American Tobacco Switzerland
Pensil Mas TDS Tobacco Indonesia Indonesia
Peter Stuyvesant ParisienneNoire.jpg Philip Morris International
Imperial Tobacco
British American Tobacco
Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Zambia and South Africa
Platinum Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Players ITC Limited India [1]
Polo Mild Djarum Indonesia
Popularne Papierosy Popularne.JPG
Prince Prince Rich Taste.JPG House of Prince
Pueblo Pueblo Classic.jpg Pöschl Tabak Germany International
Pundimas Pundimas Nasional Indonesia Indonesia
Rambler Rambler gul.JPG
Rawit Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Red & White Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
Red Mild Gudang Baru Indonesia Indonesia
Regent NTC Industries Ltd India [6]
Relax Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Rothmans Rothmans Cigarettes.jpg Philip Morris International
British American Tobacco
Royal ITC Limited India [1]
Saat AKJ Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia Largest local cigarette brand.
Salem ITG Brands United States
Sampoerna Hijau Sampoerna Indonesia
Seven Stars Japan Tobacco Japan Japan
Scissors ITC Limited India [1]
Sejati Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Score Mild Maju Abadi Sigaret Indonesia Indonesia
Shaan VST Industries India [9]
Slic Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Smart Japan Tobacco
Special Extra Filter VST Industries India [5]
ST Dupont Paris Philip Morris International France International
Star Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia
Style Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Surya Pro Mild Gudang Garam Indonesia
Sweet Afton P. J. Carroll & Co. Ireland [3]
Taj Chhap Deluxe Golden Tobacco Ltd India [3]
Tali Jagat Bentoel Group Indonesia Indonesia
Tareyton American Tobacco Company United States
Ten Mild Djarum Indonesia Indonesia
Thang Long Thang Long Tobacco Factory Vietnam
Time Dubek Israel Israel
Tipper Godfrey Phillips India India [2]
U Mild Sampoerna Indonesia
Ultra Special PTHI Indonesia Indonesia
unO Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia
Up Mild Pura Perkasa Jaya Indonesia
Urban Mild Djarum Indonesia
Vegas Mild Sampoerna Indonesia Indonesia
Vogue British American Tobacco
Viceroy Viceroy.png British American Tobacco United States
Virginia Slims Altria United States
Viper Merca Pantura Indonesia Indonesia
Wills Navy Cut Wills Navy Cut.JPG ITC Limited UK India Originally manufactured by W.D. & H.O. Wills in United Kingdom, Wills was launched in India in early 20th century. In 1988 W.D. & H.O. Wills went defunct and production stopped in UK but ITC limited continues to produce the cigarette in India.
Win Mild Karya Dibya Mahardika Indonesia Indonesia
Wismilak Wismilak Indonesia
Прима Прима.jpg USSR
X Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia
Bahman Iranian Tobacco Company Iran [10]

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