List of circulating fixed exchange rate currencies

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This is a list of circulating fixed exchange rate currencies, with corresponding reference currencies and exchange rates.


Fixed currency Reference currency Rate (reference / fixed)
Abkhazian apsar Russian ruble 0.1
Alderney pound (only coins)[1] Pound sterling 1
Aruban florin U.S. dollar 1.79
Azerbaijani manat U.S. dollar 1.70~
Bahamian dollar U.S. dollar 1
Bahraini dinar U.S. dollar 0.376
Barbadian dollar U.S. dollar 2
Belize dollar U.S. dollar 2
Bermudian dollar U.S. dollar 1
Bhutanese ngultrum Indian rupee 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark Euro 1.95583
Brunei dollar Singapore dollar 1
Bulgarian lev Euro 1.95583
Cape Verdean escudo Euro 110.265
Caribbean guilder U.S. dollar 1.79
Cayman Islands dollar U.S. dollar 0.83333[1]
CFA franc, Central African Euro 655.957
CFA franc, West African Euro 655.957
CFP franc Euro 119.33174[2]
Comorian franc Euro 491.96775
Cook Islands dollar New Zealand dollar 1
Cuban peso U.S. dollar 24
Danish krone Euro 7.46038
Djiboutian franc U.S. dollar 177.721
East Caribbean dollar U.S. dollar 2.70
Eritrean nakfa U.S. dollar 15
Falkland Islands pound Pound sterling 1
Faroese króna Danish krone 1
Gibraltar pound Pound sterling 1
Guernsey pound Pound sterling 1
Hong Kong dollar U.S. dollar 7.75-7.85[2]
Jersey pound Pound sterling 1
Jordanian dinar U.S. dollar 0.709
Kiribati dollar Australian dollar 1
Lebanese pound U.S. dollar 15000
Lesotho loti South African rand 1
Macanese pataca Hong Kong dollar 1.03
Macedonian denar Euro 1 EUR=61.3644 MKD +/- 1%
Maldivian rufiyaa U.S. dollar 10.28-15.42
Manx pound Pound sterling 1
Artsakh dram Armenian dram 1
Namibian dollar South African rand 1
Nepalese rupee Indian rupee 1.6
Netherlands Antillean guilder U.S. dollar 1.79
Niue dollar New Zealand dollar 1
Omani rial U.S. dollar 0.38449[3]
Panamanian balboa U.S. dollar 1
Pitcairn Islands dollar New Zealand dollar 1
Qatari riyal U.S. dollar 3.64
Sahrawi peseta Euro 166.386
Saint Helena pound Pound sterling 1
São Tomé and Príncipe dobra Euro 24.50
Saudi riyal U.S. dollar 3.75
Swazi lilangeni South African rand 1
Tuvaluan dollar Australian dollar 1
United Arab Emirates dirham U.S. dollar 3.6725


1.^ Approximate.

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  2. ^ "HKMA buys more HKD to avoid breaking USD peg". The Standard. 15 April 2023. Retrieved 28 April 2023. The Hong Kong dollar is pegged to a tight band of between 7.75 and 7.85 versus the U.S. dollar.