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There have been many famous modern circuses since the first modern circus was staged by Philip Astley in London on January 9, 1768. Many are best known by the name of their principal owner. The following is a list of both circuses and their country of origin. For more information on circuses in general see Circus, or for information regarding the ancient Roman circus, see Circus Maximus.


Name Country
Abuhadba Circo Internacional[1] Bolivia
Adam Forepaugh U.S.
Aerialize[2] Australia
Al G. Barnes Circus U.S.
Albert & Friends Instant Circus[3][4] UK
Aloft Circus Arts [5] U.S.
Amar Circus[6] India
Antonio Franconi Italy
Archaos France
Artcirq[7] Canada
Batty's Hippodrome U.S.
Bertram Mills Circus UK
Big Apple Circus U.S.
Billy Smart[8] UK
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus U.S.
Blackpool Tower Circus UK
Bobby Roberts Super Circus[9] UK
Capital Circus of Budapest Hungary
Carson & Barnes Circus[10] U.S.
Chaplin's Circus[11] UK
Chinese State Circus UK
Chipperfield's Circus UK
Circa[12][13] Australia
Circo Atayde Hermanos[14] Mexico
Circo de los Horrores [15] Spain
Circo de Teresa Rabal[16] Spain
Circo Orfei [17] Italy
Circo Osorio[18] U.S.
Circuba Cuba
Circus Aotearoa[19] N.Z.
Circus Amok U.S.
Circus Avalon[20] Australia
Circus Bassie & Adriaan Netherlands
Circus Carl Busch[21] Germany
Circus Contraption U.S.
Circus Dire Dawa [22] Ethiopia
Circus Flora U.S.
Circus Gatti[23][24] U.S.
Circus Hargeisa[25] Somaliland
Circus Herman Renz Netherlands
Circus Joseph Ashton Australia
Circus Juventas U.S.
Circus Knie Switzerland
Circus Krone Germany
Circus Mondao[26][27] UK
Circus Mundus Absurdus[28] Finland
The Circus of Horrors[29] UK
Circus of Tiny Invisibility[30] U.S.
Circus Olympia[31][32] Australia
Circus Oz Australia
Circus of Pepin and Breschard U.S.
Circus Renz Germany
Circus Roncalli Germany
Circus Royale Australia
Circus Smirkus U.S.
Circus Sarasota[33] U.S.
Circus Sunrise[34] Australia
Circus Tyanna[35] UK
Circus Vargas U.S.
Circus Vegas[36] Ireland
Circus waldissima[37] U.S.
Cirkus Agora Norway
Cirkus Cirkör Sweden
Cirque Amar [fr][38] Algeria
Cirque Berzerk[39] U.S.
Cirque de Flambé[40] U.S.
Cirque de la Symphonie U.S.
Cirque du Soleil Canada
Cirque Éloize Canada
Cirque Fernando France
Cirque Medrano France
Cirque Plume France
Circus Redickuless U.S.
Continental Circus Berlin UK
Darix Togni[41][42] Italy
Asociaciones de circo en España[43] España
Dorato Circus[44] Israel
Dream Science Circus[45] U.S.
El Circo[46] U.S.
End of the World Cirkus[47] U.S.
Eroni's Circus Australia
Flynn Creek Circus[48] U.S.
Flying Fruit Fly Circus Australia
Fossett's Circus[49][50] Ireland
Foolhardy Circus Arts[51] UK
FSU Flying High Circus U.S.
Gemini Circus[6] India
Gerry Cottle[52][53][54] UK
The Great Pakistani Circus[55] Pakistan
The Great American Royal Circus[56] U.S.
The Bite-sized Circus - The Littlest Show on Earth[57] Australia
Great British Circus UK
Gasaui [58] Bolivia
Great Bombay Circus[59][60] India
Great Indian Circus India
Great Lion Circus[6] India
Great Rayman Circus[6] India
Great Royal Circus[61] India
Hamid Circus[62] U.S.
Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus U.S.
Hippodrome Circus[63] UK
ISU Gamma Phi Circus[64] U.S.
Janbaz Circus[65] Pakistan
Jordan World Circus[66][67] U.S.
Jumbo Circus[68][69] India
Jim Rose Circus U.S.
Kelly Miller Circus[70] U.S.
Kinoshita Circus [ja][71] Japan
Lennon Bros Circus Australia
Long Shadow Stilt Theatre[72] AU
Loomis Bros. Circus [73] U.S.
Lost in translation Circus [74] UK
Lucent Dossier Experience U.S.
Lucky Irani Circus[75] Pakistan
Midnight Circus [76] U.S.
Moscow Circus Russia
New Pickle Circus[77] U.S.
Nofit State Circus Wales
P. T. Barnum U.S.
Pablo Fanque UK
Perry Bros Circus[78][79] Australia
Pickle Family Circus U.S.
Rajkamal Circus[6] India
Rambo Circus[6] India
Ringling Brothers Circus U.S.
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus U.S.
Royal Hanneford Circus U.S.
The Royal London Circus Malaysia
Royal Circus and Equestrian Philharmonic Academy UK
Sarrasani Germany
Shrine Circus U.S.
Silvers Circus Australia
Sole Brothers' Circus Australia
Star Spangled Circus[80] U.S.
Stardust Circus Australia
Stilt Circus[81] U.S.
Steel City Clown Brigade U.S.
Taylor Circus Stars[82] U.S.
Tbilisi Circus Georgia
Teatro ZinZanni U.S.
Tirana Circus Albania
Turkmen State Circus Turkmenistan
Tom Arnold UK
Tom Duffy's Circus[83] Ireland
Travelling Light Circus[84] UK
Two Bit Circus [85] U.S.
UniverSoul Circus U.S.
Vau De Vire Society[86] U.S.
Wanderlust Circus U.S.
Webers Circus Australia
Circus Gerbola[87] Ireland
Whiteway Circus[6] India
Will-o'-the-Wisp Fire Circus[88] AU
Zippos Circus[89] UK
Zirka Circus[90] N.Z.
Zoppé Family Circus[91] U.S
Name Country

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