List of cities and towns in Lebanon

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Districts of Lebanon

This is a list of cities and towns in Lebanon[1] distributed according to district. There are total 1000 districts. 56.21% of the population lives in 19 cities and towns, which gives the average 2,158 people per town.

Largest cities[edit]

City Region Population
Beirut Beirut Governorate 1,916,100
Tripoli North Governorate 229,398
Sidon South Governorate 163,554
Tyre South Governorate 135,204
Jounieh Mount Lebanon 115,500
Byblos Mount Lebanon 72,000
Aley Mount Lebanon 100,000
Nabatieh South Governorate 85,000
Baalbek Baalbek-Hermel Governorate 122,806
Zahle Beqaa Governorate 260,000
Zgharta-Ehden North Governorate 50,000
Batroun North Governorate 45,000

NB: -Some of these numbers are old and outdated, to know the current population, click on the Wikipedia page of each city.

-All cities except Beirut and Tripoli are approximation, none of the numbers are exact [2]

Akkar Governorate[edit]

Akkar District (9)[edit]

Baalbek-Hermel Governorate[edit]

Baalbek District (52)[edit]

Hermel District (5)[edit]

  • Chawaghir el Fawka Wal Tahta
  • Hermel
  • Jouar el Hachich
  • Kasser - Fisane
  • Kouakh

Beirut Governorate[edit]

Marfaa (Port) المَرْفَأ Mina El-Hosn ميناء الحُصن Zuqaq El-Blat زْقاق الِبْلاط Bachoura الباشورَة Achrafieh الأَشْرَفِيِّة Saifi الصَّيْفي Dar El-Mreisseh دار الِمْريسِة Ras Beirut *رأس بيروت Mousaitbeh الِمْصَيطْبِِة Mazraa المَزْرَعَة Rmeil الرّميل Medawar الِمْدَوَّر

Mount Lebanon Governorate[edit]

Baabda District[edit]

City Population
Baabda* 9,000
Bourj el-Barajneh* 25,000
Hazmieh* 3,900
Hadath* 20,500
Hammana 7,750
Chebanieh 1,300
Ras el Matn 8,000
Chiyah* 17,000
Ghbeireh* 28,000
Falougha 3,500
Furn el Chebbak* 17,000
Kornayel 3,600
Kfarchima 6,300
Wadi Chahrour 6,700
Abadiyeh 7,900
Salima 3,600

Note: starred cities are part of metropolitan Beirut.

Matn District[edit]

City Population
Jdeideh* 8,000
Bourj Hammoud* 45,000
Bouchrieh* 25,000
Antelias* 9,500
Brummana* 4,800
Baabdat* 3,600
Bikfaya* 8,200
Beit Chabab* 8,700
Beit Mery* 5,600
Chewyeh* 500
Jal el Dib* 5,400
Dekwaneh* 6,450
Zalka* 4,000
Sin el Fil* 16,000
Dbayeh* 4,900
Kornet Chehwan* 4,800
Aintoura 5,100
Choueir 6,370
Khenchara 4,200
Bteghrine 4,500
Baskinta 11,000
Kaakour 1,801

Note: starred cities are part of metropolitan Beirut.

Aley District (53)[edit]

Keserwan District (47)[edit]

Chouf District (70)[edit]

Jbeil District (57)[edit]

Beqaa Governorate[edit]

Rashaya District (26)[edit]

Western Beqaa District (27)[edit]

Zahlé District (29)[edit]

Nabatieh Governorate[edit]

Bint Jbeil District (33)[edit]

Hasbaya District (15)[edit]

Marjeyoun District (25)[edit]

Nabatieh District (38)[edit]

North Governorate[edit]

Batroun District (21)[edit]

Bsharri District (11)[edit]

Koura District (34)[edit]

Miniyeh-Danniyeh District (18)[edit]

Tripoli District (3)[edit]

Zgharta District (31)[edit]

South Governorate[edit]

Jezzine District (35)[edit]

Sidon District (44)[edit]

Tyre District (55)[edit]