List of cities and towns in Saint Kitts and Nevis

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This is a list of cities and towns in Saint Kitts and Nevis. For convenience the list is organized by parishes, which are the administrative units of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Note that the majority of these settlements (especially on Nevis) are small, and would usually be considered to be villages rather than towns.


Name Population Capital Other villages and towns
Saint Thomas Lowland, Nevis 2,035 Cotton Ground
  • Westbury
  • Barnes Ghaut
  • Jessup
  • Stuart's
Saint John Figtree, Nevis 2,922 Figtree
  • Bath
  • Church Ground
  • Brown Hill
  • Brown's Pasture
  • Pembroke
  • Bush Hill
  • St. Peter's Hill
  • Cole Hill
Saint George Gingerland, Nevis 2,568 Market Shop
  • Chicken Stone
  • Taylors Pasture
  • Zetlands
  • Hull Ground
  • Rawlins Village
  • Crook's Ground
  • Rices
  • Buck's Hill
  • Sheriffs
  • Holmes Hill
  • Fenton Hill
  • Stony Hill
  • Webb's Ground
  • Harris
  • Zion
  • New River
Saint Paul Charlestown, Nevis 1,820 Charlestown
  • Craddocks Road
Saint James Windward, Nevis 1,836 Newcastle
  • Rawlins Pasture
  • Fountain
  • Scarborough
  • Camps
  • Hick's
  • Brick Kiln
  • White Hall
  • Butlers (Butler's)
  • Barnaby
  • Mt. Lily
  • Spring Hill
  • Eden Browne
Saint George Basseterre, Saint Kitts 13,220 Basseterre
  • Bird Rock
  • Frigate Bay
Trinity Palmetto Point, Saint Kitts 1,692 Palmetto Point
Saint Thomas Middle Island, Saint Kitts 2,332 Middle Island
  • Franklands
  • Old Road Town
  • Verchilds
  • Lamberts
  • Conyers
  • Godwin's Ghaut
  • Half Way Tree
  • New Guinea
Saint Anne Sandy Point, Saint Kitts 3,140 Sandy Point Town
  • Fig Tree
  • La Vallée
  • Sir Gillee's
Saint Paul Capesterre, Saint Kitts 2,460 Saint Paul Capesterre
Saint John Capesterre, Saint Kitts 3,181 Dieppe Bay Town

and Saddlers[1]

Christ Church Nichola Town,

Saint Kitts

2,059 Nichola Town
  • Mansion
  • Borryeux
  • Molyneux
  • Phillips'
Saint Mary Cayon, Saint Kitts 3,374 Cayon
  • Lodge
  • Ottley's
  • Little Italy
  • Spooner's
  • Keys
Saint Peter Basseterre. Saint Kitts 3,472 Monkey Hill
  • New Road
  • Saint Peter's
  • Stapleton
  • Parry's
  • Ogee's
  • Morgan Heights
  • La Fontaine
  • Conaree

Notes and References[edit]

  1. ^ The northern part of Saint John Capesterre was once ruled by France with its capital in Dieppe bay Town. The southern part was British with its capital in Saddlers. When Britain took control of the entire island in 1713, the parish got 2 capitals, although Dieppe Bay Town is often given superiority

ORDNANCE SURVEY, GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, 1984, Nevis, with part of St. Christopher (Saint Kitts). Series E803 (D.O.S. 343), Sheet NEVIS, Edition 5 O.S.D. 1984. Reprinted in 1995, published by the Government of the United Kingdom (Ordnance Survey) for the Government of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis.

Cities and Towns[edit]

Name Population Feature
Basseterre 15,500 Capital of Saint George Basseterre and of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Cayon 3,000 Capital of Saint Mary Cayon
Charlestown 1,820 Capital of Saint Paul Charlestown and of Nevis
Dieppe Bay Town 450 Capital of Saint John Capesterre and first town ever founded in the Caribbean by France
Gingerland 2,500 Capital of Saint George Gingerland and largest town on Nevis
Newcastle 400 Location of Nevis' airport
Old Road Town 1,600 First town ever founded in the Caribbean by Britain
Sandy Point Town 3,000 Capital of Saint Anne Sandy Point and second largest town in Saint Kitts and Nevis