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Tripura is a state in Northeast India. The third-smallest state in the country, it covers 10,491 km2 (4,051 sq mi) and is bordered by Bangladesh (East Bengal) to the north, south, and west, and the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram to the east. In 2011 the state had 3,671,032 residents, constituting 0.3% of the country's population. Indigenous communities, known in India as scheduled tribes, form about 30 per cent of Tripura's population. The Kokborok speaking Tripuri people are the major group among 19 tribes and many subtribes. The Bengali people form the ethno-linguistic majority in Tripura. The entire work of this article is based on Census of India, conducted by "The Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India" under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. According to the data from the Census of 2011, there are 8 districts, 23 sub-divisions and 19 municipal towns in the state of Tripura.[1] There is only one city in this state with a Municipal Corporation - Agartala and thirteen towns with Municipal Council as per latest data.

No. Town Class Sub-division District Population Municipal Wards
1. Agartala Municipal Corporation Sadar West Tripura 661,266 [2] 49
2. Dharmanagar Municipal Council Dharmanagar North Tripura 85,887 23
3. Udaipur Municipal Council Udaipur Gomati 37,781 21
4. Kailasahar Municipal Council Kailasahar Unakoti 23,418 15
5. Bishalgarh Municipal Council Bishalgarh Sipahijala 22,309 15
6. Teliamura Municipal Council Teliamura Khowai 21,679 15
7. Khowai Municipal Council Khowai Khowai 21,387 15
8. Belonia Municipal Council Belonia South Tripura 21,176 15
9. Melaghar Municipal Council Sonamura Sipahijala 19,714 13
10. Mohanpur Municipal Council Mohanpur West Tripura 18,549 13
11. Ambassa Municipal Council Ambassa Dhalai 16,407 13
12. Ranirbazar Municipal Council Sadar West Tripura 15,820 13
13. Santirbazar Municipal Council Santirbazar South Tripura 15,647 13
14. Kumarghat Municipal Council Kumarghat Unakoti 15,189 13
15. Sonamura Nagar Panchayat Sonamura Sipahijala 12,592 11
16. Panisagar Nagar Panchayat Panisagar North Tripura 11,938 11
17. Amarpur Nagar Panchayat Amarpur Gomati 11,525 11
18. Jirania Nagar Panchayat Jirania West Tripura 11,023 11
19. Kamalpur Nagar Panchayat Kamalpur Dhalai 10,904 11
20. Sabroom Nagar Panchayat Sabroom South Tripura 6,034 9

Agartala, Ambasa, Belonia, Bishalgarh, Dharmanagar, Kailasahar, Khowai, Kumarghat, Teliamura, Udaipur-TR.


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