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The following is a list of cities by longitude. Both the latitude and longitude are shown for the following cities, which are sorted by longitude from the west of the Prime Meridian to the east. Each heading should be considered the exact value. For example, 10°E corresponds to exactly 10°00′00.00″E and everything further west should be above this heading while everything further east should be below this heading.

Table of Contents
Western hemisphere: 180°, 170°, 160°, 150°, 140°, 130°, 120°, 110°, 100°, 90°, 80°, 70°, 60°, 50°, 40°, 30°, 20°, 10°
Prime Meridian
Eastern hemisphere: 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°, 100°, 110°, 120°, 130°, 140°, 150°, 160°, 170°
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180° (IDL - International Date Line)[edit]

Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
16°30′S 180

00′W || Rabi Island || style="background: #ececec; color: grey; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; " class="table-na" | N/A ||  Fiji

51°53′N 176°39′W Adak  Alaska  United States
13°17′S 176°11′W Mata-Utu Wallis and Futuna  France
21°08′S 175°12′W Nukuʻalofa N/A  Tonga
13°50′S 171°45′W Apia N/A  Samoa
14°17′S 170°42′W Pago Pago  American Samoa  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
19°03′S 169°55′W Alofi  Niue  New Zealand


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
21°12′S 159°46′W Avarua  Cook Islands  New Zealand
21°19′N 157°50′W Honolulu  Hawaii  United States
71°18′N 156°46′W Barrow  Alaska  United States
19°42′N 155°05′W Hilo  Hawaii  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
61°13′N 149°54′W Anchorage  Alaska  United States
17°32′S 149°34′W Papeete  French Polynesia  France
70°12′N 148°31′W Deadhorse  Alaska  United States
64°51′N 147°43′W Fairbanks  Alaska  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
57°03′N 135°20′W Sitka  Alaska  United States
60°43′N 135°03′W Whitehorse  Yukon  Canada
58°18′N 134°25′W Juneau  Alaska  United States
69°27′N 133°02′W Tuktoyaktuk  Northwest Territories  Canada
25°04′S 130°06′W Adamstown  Pitcairn Islands  United Kingdom


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
48°26′N 123°22′W Victoria  British Columbia  Canada
49°15′N 123°06′W Vancouver  British Columbia  Canada
45°31′N 122°41′W Portland  Oregon  United States
37°47′N 122°25′W San Francisco  California  United States
47°37′N 122°20′W Seattle  Washington  United States
38°33′N 121°28′W Sacramento  California  United States
50°41′N 120°20′W Kamloops  British Columbia  Canada


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
39°32′N 119°49′W Reno  Nevada  United States
34°26′N 119°43′W Santa Barbara  California  United States
49°53′N 119°30′W Kelowna  British Columbia  Canada
55°10′N 118°48′W Grande Prairie  Alberta  Canada
34°03′N 118°15′W Los Angeles  California  United States
33°57′N 117°24′W Riverside  California  United States
32°43′N 117°10′W San Diego  California  United States
32°32′N 117°02′W Tijuana  Baja California  Mexico
31°51′N 116°36′W Ensenada  Baja California  Mexico
43°37′N 116°12′W Boise  Idaho  United States
32°40′N 115°28′W Mexicali  Baja California  Mexico
36°11′N 115°08′W Las Vegas  Nevada  United States
62°27′N 114°24′W Yellowknife  Northwest Territories  Canada
51°03′N 114°04′W Calgary  Alberta  Canada
53°32′N 113°30′W Edmonton  Alberta  Canada
33°27′N 112°04′W Phoenix  Arizona  United States
46°36′N 112°02′W Helena  Montana  United States
40°45′N 111°53′W Salt Lake City  Utah  United States
56°44′N 111°23′W Fort McMurray  Alberta  Canada
29°06′N 110°57′W Hermosillo  Sonora  Mexico
32°13′N 110°56′W Tucson  Arizona  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
22°53′N 109°55′W Cabo San Lucas  Baja California Sur  Mexico
27°09′S 109°26′W Hanga Roa Easter Island  Chile
24°48′N 107°23′W Culiacán  Sinaloa  Mexico
52°08′N 106°41′W Saskatoon  Saskatchewan  Canada
35°07′N 106°37′W Albuquerque  New Mexico  United States
31°44′N 106°29′W Ciudad Juárez  Chihuahua  Mexico
31°47′N 106°25′W El Paso  Texas  United States
28°38′N 106°05′W Chihuahua  Chihuahua  Mexico
35°40′N 105°58′W Santa Fe  New Mexico  United States
40°01′N 105°17′W Boulder  Colorado  United States
20°40′N 105°16′W Puerto Vallarta  Jalisco  Mexico
39°44′N 104°59′W Denver  Colorado  United States
41°09′N 104°48′W Cheyenne  Wyoming  United States
24°01′N 104°40′W Durango  Durango  Mexico
50°27′N 104°36′W Regina  Saskatchewan  Canada
25°32′N 103°27′W Torreón  Coahuila  Mexico
20°43′N 103°24′W Zapopan  Jalisco  Mexico
20°40′N 103°21′W Guadalajara  Jalisco  Mexico
21°53′N 102°18′W Aguascalientes  Aguascalientes  Mexico
21°07′N 101°41′W León  Guanajuato  Mexico
22°09′N 100°51′W San Luis Potosí  San Luis Potosí  Mexico
46°49′N 100°47′W Bismarck   North Dakota  United States
20°35′N 100°24′W Querétaro  Querétaro  Mexico
44°22′N 100°20′W Pierre  South Dakota  United States
25°40′N 100°18′W Monterrey  Nuevo León  Mexico


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
16°52′N 99°53′W Acapulco  Guerrero  Mexico
19°26′N 99°08′W Mexico City Mexico City N/A  Mexico
29°25′N 98°30′W San Antonio  Texas  United States
19°03′N 98°13′W Puebla  Puebla  Mexico
22°15′N 97°52′W Tampico  Tamaulipas  Mexico
30°15′N 97°45′W Austin  Texas  United States
35°29′N 97°32′W Oklahoma City  Oklahoma  United States
37°41′N 97°20′W Wichita  Kansas  United States
49°54′N 97°08′W Winnipeg  Manitoba  Canada
32°47′N 96°48′W Dallas  Texas  United States
40°49′N 96°41′W Lincoln  Nebraska  United States
19°11′N 96°09′W Veracruz  Veracruz  Mexico
36°08′N 95°56′W Tulsa  Oklahoma  United States
29°46′N 95°23′W Houston  Texas  United States
39°06′N 94°35′W Kansas City  Missouri  United States
41°35′N 93°37′W Des Moines  Iowa  United States
37°12′N 93°17′W Springfield  Missouri  United States
44°59′N 93°16′W Minneapolis  Minnesota  United States
34°44′N 92°20′W Little Rock  Arkansas  United States
14°54′N 92°16′W Tapachula  Chiapas  Mexico
14°50′N 91°31′W Quetzaltenango N/A  Guatemala
14°37′N 90°32′W Guatemala City N/A  Guatemala
38°38′N 90°12′W St. Louis  Missouri  United States
32°18′N 90°11′W Jackson  Mississippi  United States
29°58′N 90°03′W New Orleans  Louisiana  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
35°07′N 89°58′W Memphis  Tennessee  United States
20°58′N 89°37′W Mérida  Yucatán  Mexico
48°23′N 89°15′W Thunder Bay  Ontario  Canada
13°41′N 89°11′W San Salvador N/A  El Salvador
17°15′N 88°46′W Belmopan N/A  Belize
17°30′N 88°11′W Belize City N/A  Belize
30°42′N 88°03′W Mobile  Alabama  United States
43°03′N 87°57′W Milwaukee  Wisconsin  United States
41°53′N 87°38′W Chicago  Illinois  United States
14°06′N 87°13′W Tegucigalpa N/A  Honduras
12°37′N 87°09′W Chinandega N/A  Nicaragua
21°10′N 86°51′W Cancún  Quintana Roo  Mexico
33°39′N 86°49′W Birmingham  Alabama  United States
36°10′N 86°47′W Nashville  Tennessee  United States
12°08′N 86°15′W Managua N/A  Nicaragua
39°46′N 86°09′W Indianapolis  Indiana  United States
79°59′N 85°56′W Eureka  Nunavut  Canada
38°15′N 85°46′W Louisville  Kentucky  United States
10°38′N 85°26′W Liberia N/A  Costa Rica
41°05′N 85°08′W Fort Wayne  Indiana  United States
9°58′N 84°50′W Puntarenas N/A  Costa Rica
39°06′N 84°31′W Cincinnati  Ohio  United States
33°45′N 84°23′W Atlanta  Georgia  United States
46°32′N 84°21′W Sault Ste. Marie  Ontario  Canada
10°01′N 84°13′W Alajuela N/A  Costa Rica
9°56′N 84°05′W San José N/A  Costa Rica
35°58′N 83°57′W Knoxville  Tennessee  United States
42°20′N 83°03′W Detroit  Michigan  United States
9°59′N 83°02′W Limon N/A  Costa Rica
42°17′N 83°00′W Windsor  Ontario  Canada
39°59′N 82°59′W Columbus  Ohio  United States
76°25′N 82°54′W Grise Fiord  Nunavut  Canada
27°57′N 82°28′W Tampa  Florida  United States
23°08′N 82°23′W Havana N/A  Cuba
24°34′N 81°47′W Key West  Florida  United States
41°29′N 81°40′W Cleveland  Ohio  United States
30°20′N 81°40′W Jacksonville  Florida  United States
38°21′N 81°38′W Charleston  West Virginia  United States
19°18′N 81°23′W George Town  Cayman Islands  United Kingdom
28°25′N 81°18′W Orlando  Florida  United States
34°00′N 81°03′W Columbia  South Carolina  United States
46°29′N 81°01′W Sudbury  Ontario  Canada
35°14′N 80°51′W Charlotte  North Carolina  United States
25°47′N 80°13′W Miami  Florida  United States


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
40°27′N 80°00′W Pittsburgh  Pennsylvania  United States
2°11′S 79°53′W Guayaquil N/A  Ecuador
8°59′N 79°31′W Panama City N/A  Panama
46°18′N 79°27′W North Bay  Ontario  Canada
43°42′N 79°24′W Toronto  Ontario  Canada
8°07′S 79°02′W Trujillo N/A  Peru
42°54′N 78°51′W Buffalo  New York  United States
35°49′N 78°39′W Raleigh  North Carolina  United States
0°15′S 78°35′W Quito N/A  Ecuador
34°13′N 77°55′W Wilmington  North Carolina  United States
43°10′N 77°37′W Rochester  New York  United States
25°04′N 77°20′W Nassau N/A  Bahamas
38°54′N 77°02′W Washington  District of Columbia  United States
12°03′S 77°02′W Lima N/A  Peru
17°59′N 76°48′W Kingston N/A  Jamaica
39°17′N 76°37′W Baltimore  Maryland  United States
3°25′N 76°31′W Santiago de Cali N/A  Colombia
36°51′N 75°59′W Virginia Beach  Virginia  United States
20°01′N 75°49′W Santiago de Cuba N/A  Cuba
45°25′N 75°41′W Ottawa  Ontario  Canada
6°14′N 75°35′W Medellín N/A  Colombia
39°10′N 75°32′W Dover  Delaware  United States
10°24′N 75°30′W Cartagena N/A  Colombia
39°57′N 75°10′W Philadelphia  Pennsylvania  United States
10°58′N 74°48′W Barranquilla N/A  Colombia
40°13′N 74°46′W Trenton  New Jersey  United States
13°10′S 74°13′W Ayacucho N/A  Peru
39°48′N 74°06′W Forked River  New Jersey  United States
4°36′N 74°05′W Bogotá N/A  Colombia
40°43′N 74°04′W Jersey City  New Jersey  United States
40°40′N 73°56′W New York City  New York  United States
45°30′N 73°34′W Montreal  Quebec  Canada
3°44′S 73°15′W Iquitos N/A  Peru
39°49′S 73°15′W Valdivia N/A  Chile
36°50′S 73°03′W Concepción N/A  Chile
41°28′S 72°56′W Puerto Montt N/A  Chile
45°24′S 72°41′W Puerto Aisén N/A  Chile
41°46′N 72°40′W Hartford  Connecticut  United States
38°45′S 72°40′W Temuco N/A  Chile
44°15′N 72°34′W Montpelier  Vermont  United States
7°54′N 72°30′W Cúcuta N/A  Colombia
18°32′N 72°20′W Port-au-Prince N/A  Haiti
45°34′S 72°04′W Coihaique N/A  Chile
13°32′S 71°58′W Cusco N/A  Peru
10°39′N 71°38′W Maracaibo N/A  Venezuela
33°03′S 71°37′W Valparaíso N/A  Chile
43°12′N 71°32′W Concord  New Hampshire  United States
16°24′S 71°32′W Arequipa N/A  Peru
41°49′N 71°25′W Providence  Rhode Island  United States
41°09′S 71°18′W San Carlos de Bariloche Río Negro Province Río Negro  Argentina
29°54′S 71°15′W La Serena N/A  Chile
46°49′N 71°13′W Quebec City  Quebec  Canada
21°28′N 71°08′W Cockburn Town  Turks and Caicos Islands  United Kingdom
42°21′N 71°04′W Boston  Massachusetts  United States
53°10′S 70°56′W Punta Arenas N/A  Chile
33°27′S 70°40′W Santiago N/A  Chile
23°39′S 70°24′W Antofagasta N/A  Chile
18°29′S 70°20′W Arica N/A  Chile
27°22′S 70°20′W Copiapó N/A  Chile
20°13′S 70°09′W Iquique N/A  Chile
12°31′N 70°02′W Oranjestad  Aruba  Netherlands


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
18°28′N 69°57′W Santo Domingo N/A  Dominican Republic
44°19′N 69°47′W Augusta  Maine  United States
77°28′N 69°14′W Qaanaaq  Greenland  Denmark
51°38′S 69°13′W Río Gallegos  Santa Cruz  Argentina
12°07′N 68°56′W Willemstad  Curaçao  Netherlands
22°28′S 68°56′W Calama N/A  Chile
32°53′S 68°49′W Mendoza  Mendoza  Argentina
63°45′N 68°31′W Iqaluit  Nunavut  Canada
54°48′S 68°18′W Ushuaia  Tierra del Fuego  Argentina
16°30′S 68°09′W La Paz N/A  Bolivia
9°58′S 67°49′W Rio Branco  Acre  Brazil
5°36′N 67°42′W Puerto Ayacucho N/A  Venezuela
54°56′S 67°37′W Puerto Williams N/A  Chile
10°15′N 67°36′W Maracay N/A  Venezuela
45°52′S 67°29′W Comodoro Rivadavia  Chubut  Argentina
55°05′S 67°05′W Puerto Toro N/A  Chile
10°30′N 66°55′W Caracas N/A  Venezuela
45°57′N 66°40′W Fredericton  New Brunswick  Canada
43°50′N 66°07′W Yarmouth  Nova Scotia  Canada
45°17′N 66°05′W Saint John  New Brunswick  Canada
18°27′N 66°04′W San Juan  Puerto Rico  United States
24°47′S 65°25′W Salta  Salta  Argentina
43°15′S 65°18′W Trelew  Chubut  Argentina
19°03′S 65°15′W Sucre N/A  Bolivia
26°49′S 65°13′W San Miguel de Tucumán  Tucumán  Argentina
18°21′N 64°57′W Charlotte Amalie  United States Virgin Islands  United States
32°18′N 64°47′W Hamilton  Bermuda  United Kingdom
46°08′N 64°46′W Moncton  New Brunswick  Canada
18°26′N 64°37′W Road Town  British Virgin Islands  United Kingdom
31°25′S 64°11′W Córdoba  Córdoba  Argentina
8°46′S 63°54′W Porto Velho  Rondônia  Brazil
8°07′N 63°33′W Ciudad Bolívar N/A  Venezuela
44°51′N 63°12′W Halifax  Nova Scotia  Canada
17°48′S 63°10′W Santa Cruz de la Sierra N/A  Bolivia
46°14′N 63°09′W Charlottetown  Prince Edward Island  Canada
18°13′N 63°03′W The Valley  Anguilla  United Kingdom
17°18′N 62°44′W Basseterre N/A  Saint Kitts and Nevis
82°30′N 62°20′W Alert  Nunavut  Canada
38°43′S 62°16′W Bahía Blanca  Buenos Aires Province  Argentina
17°07′N 61°51′W St. John's N/A  Antigua and Barbuda
12°03′N 61°45′W St. George's N/A  Grenada
16°00′N 61°44′W Basse-Terre Guadeloupe  France
10°40′N 61°31′W Port of Spain N/A  Trinidad and Tobago
10°17′N 61°28′W San Fernando N/A  Trinidad and Tobago
15°18′N 61°23′W Roseau N/A  Dominica
10°30′N 61°23′W Chaguanas N/A  Trinidad and Tobago
13°09′N 61°14′W Kingstown N/A  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
14°36′N 61°05′W Fort-de-France Martinique  France
14°01′N 60°59′W Castries N/A  Saint Lucia
2°49′N 60°40′W Boa Vista  Roraima  Brazil
32°57′S 60°40′W Rosario  Santa Fe  Argentina
3°06′S 60°01′W Manaus  Amazonas  Brazil


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
13°06′N 59°37′W Bridgetown N/A  Barbados
34°36′S 58°23′W  Buenos Aires N/A  Argentina
6°48′N 58°10′W Georgetown N/A  Guyana
51°42′S 57°52′W Stanley  Falkland Islands  United Kingdom
25°17′S 57°38′W Asunción N/A  Paraguay
34°53′S 56°11′W Montevideo N/A  Uruguay
46°47′N 56°11′W Saint-Pierre Saint Pierre and Miquelon  France
15°36′S 56°06′W Cuiabá  Mato Grosso  Brazil
11°51′S 55°39′W Sinop  Mato Grosso  Brazil
5°52′N 55°10′W Paramaribo N/A  Suriname
25°31′S 54°37′W Ciudad del Este N/A  Paraguay
20°28′S 54°37′W Campo Grande  Mato Grosso do Sul  Brazil
33°41′S 53°27′W Chuí  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
47°34′N 52°42′W St. John's  Newfoundland and Labrador  Canada
31°46′S 52°21′W Pelotas  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
4°55′N 52°20′W Cayenne French Guiana  France
64°11′N 51°44′W Nuuk (Godthåb)  Greenland  Denmark
30°02′S 51°14′W Porto Alegre  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
0°02′N 51°04′W Macapá  Amapá  Brazil
22°40′S 50°25′W Assis  São Paulo  Brazil


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
20°48′S 49°23′W São José do Rio Preto  São Paulo  Brazil
16°40′S 49°15′W Goiânia  Goiás  Brazil
25°25′S 49°15′W Curitiba  Paraná  Brazil
22°19′S 49°04′W Bauru  São Paulo  Brazil
1°27′S 48°30′W Belém  Pará  Brazil
27°50′S 48°25′W Florianópolis  Santa Catarina  Brazil
10°11′S 48°20′W Palmas  Tocantins  Brazil
18°55′S 48°17′W Uberlândia  Minas Gerais  Brazil
21°48′S 48°11′W Araraquara  São Paulo  Brazil
15°48′S 47°52′W Brasília Federal District (Brazil) Distrito Federal  Brazil
21°11′S 47°48′W Ribeirão Preto  São Paulo  Brazil
5°32′S 47°29′W Imperatriz  Maranhão  Brazil
22°54′S 47°03′W Campinas  São Paulo  Brazil
23°33′S 46°38′W São Paulo  São Paulo  Brazil
21°47′S 46°34′W Poços de Caldas  Minas Gerais  Brazil
60°43′N 46°02′W Qaqortoq  Greenland  Denmark
23°11′S 45°53′W São José dos Campos  São Paulo  Brazil
2°32′S 44°18′W São Luís  Maranhão  Brazil
19°55′S 43°56′W Belo Horizonte  Minas Gerais  Brazil
21°46′S 43°21′W Juiz de Fora  Minas Gerais  Brazil
22°55′S 43°12′W Rio de Janeiro  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
5°06′S 42°48′W Teresina  Piauí  Brazil
18°51′S 41°56′W Governador Valadares  Minas Gerais  Brazil
9°24′S 40°30′W Petrolina  Pernambuco  Brazil
20°19′S 40°20′W Vitória  Espírito Santo  Brazil
3°40′S 40°14′W Sobral  Ceará  Brazil


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
7°12′S 39°20′W Juazeiro do Norte  Ceará  Brazil
14°47′S 39°03′W Ilhéus  Bahia  Brazil
3°43′S 38°33′W Fortaleza  Ceará  Brazil
12°58′S 38°29′W Salvador  Bahia  Brazil
10°55′S 37°03′W Aracaju  Sergipe  Brazil
54°17′S 36°30′W Grytviken  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands  United Kingdom
8°53′S 36°30′W Garanhuns  Pernambuco  Brazil
8°17′S 35°59′W Caruaru  Pernambuco  Brazil
7°14′S 35°53′W Campina Grande  Paraíba  Brazil
9°40′S 35°44′W Maceió  Alagoas  Brazil
5°47′S 35°12′W Natal  Rio Grande do Norte  Brazil
8°03′S 34°54′W Recife  Pernambuco  Brazil
7°05′S 34°50′W João Pessoa  Paraíba  Brazil
3°51′S 32°25′W Fernando de Noronha  Pernambuco  Brazil
39°28′N 31°14′W Flores Island  Azores  Portugal


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
38°35′N 28°43′W Horta  Azores  Portugal
38°29′N 27°13′W Angra do Heroísmo  Azores  Portugal
37°49′N 25°45′W Ponta Delgada  Azores  Portugal
14°55′N 23°31′W Praia N/A  Cape Verde
66°05′N 23°08′W Ísafjörður N/A  Iceland
64°08′N 21°56′W Reykjavík N/A  Iceland


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
65°41′N 18°06′W Akureyri N/A  Iceland
14°42′N 17°27′W Dakar N/A  Senegal
14°47′N 16°55′W Thiès N/A  Senegal
32°39'N 16°55′W Funchal  Madeira  Portugal
81°36′N 16°40′W Nord  Greenland  Denmark
13°26′N 16°40′W Serekunda N/A  Gambia
13°16′N 16°39′W Brikama N/A  Gambia
13°27′N 16°35′W Banjul N/A  Gambia
28°28′N 16°15′W Santa Cruz de Tenerife  Canary Islands  Spain
18°06′N 15°57′W Nouakchott N/A  Mauritania
11°51′N 15°34′W Bissau N/A  Guinea-Bissau
28°09′N 15°25′W Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  Canary Islands  Spain
9°31′N 13°43′W Conakry N/A  Guinea
8°29′N 13°14′W Freetown N/A  Sierra Leone
27°09′N 13°12′W El Aaiún  Western Sahara  Morocco
6°19′N 10°48′W Monrovia N/A  Liberia


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
38°43′N 9°08′W Lisbon N/A  Portugal
7°45′N 8°49′W Nzérékoré N/A  Guinea
41°10′N 8°37′W Porto N/A  Portugal
51°54′N 8°28′W Cork N/A  Ireland
31°38′N 8°01′W Marrakech N/A  Morocco
12°39′N 8°00′W Bamako N/A  Mali
33°32′N 7°35′W Casablanca N/A  Morocco
12°52′N 7°34′W Koulikoro N/A  Mali
34°02′N 6°50′W Rabat N/A  Morocco
62°01′N 6°46′W Tórshavn  Faroe Islands  Denmark
53°21′N 6°16′W Dublin N/A  Ireland
37°23′N 5°59′W Sevilla  Andalusia  Spain
54°36′N 5°56′W Belfast Northern Ireland  United Kingdom
15°55′S 5°43′W Jamestown Saint Helena  United Kingdom
36°08′N 5°21′W Gibraltar  Gibraltar  United Kingdom
6°49′N 5°17′W Yamoussoukro N/A  Ivory Coast
54°09′N 4°29′W Douglas  Isle of Man  United Kingdom
36°43′N 4°25′W Málaga  Andalusia  Spain
11°11′N 4°17′W Bobo-Dioulasso N/A  Burkina Faso
55°51′N 4°16′W Glasgow  Scotland  United Kingdom
57°28′N 4°14′W Inverness  Scotland  United Kingdom
50°22′N 4°09′W Plymouth  England  United Kingdom
57°09′N 4°07′W Aberdeen  Scotland  United Kingdom
5°19′N 4°02′W Abidjan N/A  Ivory Coast
51°37′N 3°57′W Swansea  Wales  United Kingdom
40°24′N 3°41′W Madrid  Madrid  Spain
50°43′N 3°32′W Exeter  England  United Kingdom
55°57′N 3°11′W Edinburgh  Scotland  United Kingdom
51°29′N 3°11′W Cardiff  Wales  United Kingdom
16°47′N 3°01′W Timbuktu N/A  Mali
53°24′N 2°59′W Liverpool  England  United Kingdom
43°15′N 2°55′W Bilbao  Basque Country  Spain
51°27′N 2°35′W Bristol  England  United Kingdom
51°23′N 2°22′W Bath  England  United Kingdom
51°52′N 2°14′W Gloucester  England  United Kingdom
53°28′N 2°14′W Manchester  England  United Kingdom
52°29′N 1°54′W Birmingham  England  United Kingdom
4°55′N 1°46′W Sekondi-Takoradi N/A  Ghana
53°48′N 1°45′W Bradford  England  United Kingdom
6°40′N 1°37′W Kumasi N/A  Ghana
54°58′N 1°37′W Newcastle upon Tyne  England  United Kingdom
47°13′N 1°33′W Nantes N/A  France
53°48′N 1°33′W Leeds  England  United Kingdom
12°21′N 1°32′W Ouagadougou N/A  Burkina Faso
52°24′N 1°31′W Coventry  England  United Kingdom
53°23′N 1°28′W Sheffield  England  United Kingdom
50°54′N 1°24′W Southampton  England  United Kingdom
51°45′N 1°15′W Oxford  England  United Kingdom
52°57′N 1°08′W Nottingham  England  United Kingdom
52°38′N 1°08′W Leicester  England  United Kingdom
50°49′N 1°05′W Portsmouth  England  United Kingdom
41°39′N 0°53′W Zaragoza  Aragon  Spain
9°24′N 0°51′W Tamale N/A  Ghana
44°50′N 0°35′W Bordeaux N/A  France
39°28′N 0°23′W Valencia  Valencian Community  Spain
52°35′N 0°15′W Peterborough  England  United Kingdom
5°33′N 0°12′W Accra N/A  Ghana
50°50′N 0°09′W Brighton and Hove  England  United Kingdom
51°30′N 0°08′W London  England  United Kingdom

0° (Prime Meridian)[edit]

Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
51°29′N 0°00′E/W Greenwich  England  United Kingdom
52°12′N 0°07′E Cambridge  England  United Kingdom
6°08′N 1°13′E Lomé N/A  Togo
52°38′N 1°18′E Norwich  England  United Kingdom
38°59′N 1°26′E Ibiza  Balearic Islands  Spain
43°36′N 1°27′E Toulouse N/A  France
42°30′N 1°30′E Andorra la Vella N/A  Andorra
13°31′N 2°06′E Niamey N/A  Niger
41°23′N 2°11′E Barcelona  Catalonia  Spain
48°51′N 2°21′E Paris N/A  France
6°22′N 2°26′E Cotonou N/A  Benin
6°30′N 2°36′E Porto-Novo N/A  Benin
39°34′N 2°39′E Palma  Balearic Islands  Spain
36°46′N 3°13′E Algiers N/A  Algeria
6°27′N 3°24′E Lagos N/A  Nigeria
51°03′N 3°44′E Ghent N/A  Belgium
7°24′N 3°55′E Ibadan N/A  Nigeria
52°05′N 4°19′E The Hague N/A  Netherlands
50°51′N 4°21′E Brussels N/A  Belgium
51°13′N 4°24′E Antwerp N/A  Belgium
51°56′N 4°29′E Rotterdam N/A  Netherlands
52°10′N 4°29′E Leiden N/A  Netherlands
52°23′N 4°38′E Haarlem N/A  Netherlands
45°46′N 4°51′E Lyon N/A  France
52°22′N 4°54′E Amsterdam N/A  Netherlands
52°06′N 5°07′E Utrecht N/A  Netherlands
60°23′N 5°20′E Bergen N/A  Norway
43°18′N 5°22′E Marseille N/A  France
6°19′N 5°36′E Benin City N/A  Nigeria
50°51′N 5°41′E Maastricht N/A  Netherlands
49°37′N 6°07′E Luxembourg N/A  Luxembourg
46°12′N 6°09′E Geneva N/A   Switzerland
53°13′N 6°33′E Groningen N/A  Netherlands
46°31′N 6°38′E Lausanne N/A   Switzerland
0°20′N 6°41′E São Tomé N/A  São Tomé and Príncipe
51°14′N 6°47′E Düsseldorf  North Rhine-Westphalia  Germany
52°13′N 6°54′E Enschede N/A  Netherlands
50°57′N 6°58′E Cologne  North Rhine-Westphalia  Germany
4°45′N 7°00′E Port Harcourt N/A  Nigeria
43°33′N 7°01′E Cannes N/A  France
43°42′N 7°16′E Nice N/A  France
43°44′N 7°25′E Monaco N/A  Monaco
46°57′N 7°27′E Bern N/A   Switzerland
9°04′N 7°29′E Abuja N/A  Nigeria
6°27′N 7°31′E Enugu N/A  Nigeria
47°34′N 7°36′E Basel N/A   Switzerland
45°04′N 7°42′E Turin  Piedmont  Italy
48°35′N 7°45′E Strasbourg N/A  France
58°10′N 8°00′E Kristiansand N/A  Norway
55°29′N 8°27′E Esbjerg N/A  Denmark
12°00′N 8°31′E Kano N/A  Nigeria
47°22′N 8°33′E Zürich N/A   Switzerland
50°07′N 8°41′E Frankfurt am Main  Hesse  Germany
3°45′N 8°47′E Malabo N/A  Equatorial Guinea
53°05′N 8°48′E Bremen  Bremen  Germany
39°15′N 9°03′E Cagliari  Sardinia  Italy
48°47′N 9°11′E Stuttgart  Baden-Württemberg  Germany
45°28′N 9°11′E Milan  Lombardy  Italy
0°23′N 9°27′E Libreville N/A  Gabon
47°08′N 9°31′E Vaduz N/A  Liechtenstein
4°03′N 9°42′E Douala N/A  Cameroon
52°22′N 9°43′E Hannover  Lower Saxony  Germany


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
53°34′N 10°00′E Hamburg  Hamburg  Germany
54°20′N 10°08′E Kiel  Schleswig-Holstein  Germany
36°48′N 10°11′E Tunis N/A  Tunisia
56°09′N 10°13′E Aarhus N/A  Denmark
55°24′N 10°23′E Odense N/A  Denmark
63°26′N 10°24′E Trondheim N/A  Norway
61°08′N 10°26′E Lillehammer N/A  Norway
59°57′N 10°45′E Oslo N/A  Norway
34°44′N 10°46′E Sfax N/A  Tunisia
63°29′N 11°10′E Stjørdal N/A  Norway
59°17′N 11°12′E Sarpsborg N/A  Norway
43°47′N 11°15′E Florence  Tuscany  Italy
44°30′N 11°21′E Bologna  Emilia-Romagna  Italy
47°16′N 11°23′E Innsbruck N/A  Austria
3°52′N 11°31′E Yaoundé N/A  Cameroon
48°08′N 11°34′E Munich  Bavaria  Germany
78°55′N 11°56′E Ny-Ålesund Svalbard  Norway
57°42′N 11°58′E Göteborg N/A  Sweden
45°26′N 12°20′E Venice  Veneto  Italy
51°20′N 12°23′E Leipzig  Saxony  Germany
43°56′N 12°27′E San Marino N/A  San Marino
41°54′N 12°27′E Vatican City N/A   Vatican City
41°54′N 12°30′E Rome  Lazio  Italy
55°41′N 12°34′E Copenhagen N/A  Denmark
55°35′N 13°02′E Malmö N/A  Sweden
47°48′N 13°02′E Salzburg N/A  Austria
32°54′N 13°11′E Tripoli N/A  Libya
8°50′S 13°14′E Luanda N/A  Angola
38°07′N 13°22′E Palermo  Sicily  Italy
52°31′N 13°23′E Berlin  Berlin  Germany
51°02′N 13°44′E Dresden  Saxony  Germany
40°51′N 14°16′E Naples  Campania  Italy
48°18′N 14°17′E Linz N/A  Austria
50°05′N 14°25′E Prague N/A  Czech Republic
27°02′N 14°26′E Sabha N/A  Libya
35°54′N 14°28′E Birkirkara N/A  Malta
46°03′N 14°31′E Ljubljana N/A  Slovenia
35°54′N 14°31′E Valletta N/A  Malta
67°18′N 14°33′E Bodø N/A  Norway
63°11′N 14°40′E Östersund N/A  Sweden
12°07′N 15°03′E N'Djamena N/A  Chad
37°30′N 15°05′E Catania  Sicily  Italy
4°16′S 15°18′E Brazzaville N/A  Republic of the Congo
4°20′S 15°19′E Kinshasa N/A  Democratic Republic of the Congo
47°04′N 15°26′E Graz N/A  Austria
38°11′N 15°33′E Messina  Sicily  Italy
78°13′N 15°39′E Longyearbyen Svalbard  Norway
12°46′S 15°44′E Huambo N/A  Angola
45°49′N 15°59′E Zagreb N/A  Croatia
8°34′N 16°05′E Moundou N/A  Chad
58°36′N 16°12′E Norrköping N/A  Sweden
48°13′N 16°22′E Vienna N/A  Austria
43°30′N 16°26′E Split N/A  Croatia
22°34′S 17°05′E Windhoek N/A  Namibia
48°09′N 17°07′E Bratislava N/A  Slovakia
62°24′N 17°19′E Sundsvall N/A  Sweden
68°25′N 17°34′E Narvik N/A  Norway
59°51′N 17°39′E Uppsala N/A  Sweden
59°20′N 18°04′E Stockholm N/A  Sweden
43°51′N 18°21′E Sarajevo N/A  Bosnia and Herzegovina
33°56′S 18°25′E Cape Town Western Cape  South Africa
54°30′N 18°33′E Gdynia N/A  Poland
4°22′N 18°35′E Bangui N/A  Central African Republic
54°22′N 18°38′E Gdańsk N/A  Poland
63°17′N 18°44′E Örnsköldsvik N/A  Sweden
69°41′N 18°57′E Tromsø N/A  Norway
47°28′N 19°03′E Budapest N/A  Hungary
42°26′N 19°16′E Podgorica N/A  Montenegro
41°20′N 19°49′E Tirana N/A  Albania
45°15′N 19°51′E Novi Sad  Vojvodina  Serbia
50°04′N 19°56′E Kraków N/A  Poland


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
32°07′N 20°04′E Benghazi N/A  Libya
67°51′N 20°13′E Kiruna N/A  Sweden
63°50′N 20°16′E Umeå N/A  Sweden
44°49′N 20°28′E Belgrade N/A  Serbia
54°43′N 20°31′E Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Oblast  Russia
64°45′N 20°57′E Skellefteå N/A  Sweden
52°14′N 21°01′E Warsaw N/A  Poland
42°40′N 21°10′E Pristina  Kosovo  Serbia
42°00′N 21°26′E Skopje N/A  Macedonia
65°20′N 21°30′E Piteå N/A  Sweden
63°06′N 21°37′E Vaasa N/A  Finland
65°50′N 21°43′E Boden N/A  Sweden
65°35′N 22°09′E Luleå N/A  Sweden
60°27′N 22°16′E Turku N/A  Finland
40°39′N 22°54′E Thessaloniki N/A  Greece
42°42′N 23°20′E Sofia N/A  Bulgaria
46°46′N 23°35′E Cluj-Napoca N/A  Romania
38°28′N 23°36′E Halkida N/A  Greece
70°40′N 23°41′E Hammerfest N/A  Norway
37°58′N 23°43′E Athena N/A  Greece
61°30′N 23°46′E Tampere N/A  Finland
44°20′N 23°49′E Craiova N/A  Romania
49°51′N 24°01′E Lviv N/A  Ukraine
56°57′N 24°06′E Riga N/A  Latvia
65°50′N 24°08′E Haparanda N/A  Sweden
65°51′N 24°09′E Tornio N/A  Finland
65°44′N 24°34′E Kemi N/A  Finland
60°12′N 24°39′E Espoo N/A  Finland
59°26′N 24°45′E Tallinn N/A  Estonia
28°45′S 24°46′E Kimberley Northern Cape  South Africa
60°10′N 24°56′E Helsinki N/A  Finland
60°18′N 25°02′E Vantaa N/A  Finland
35°20′N 25°08′E Heraklion N/A  Greece
54°41′N 25°17′E Vilnius N/A  Lithuania
65°01′N 25°28′E Oulu N/A  Finland
33°57′S 25°36′E Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape  South Africa
25°51′S 25°38′E Mafikeng North West  South Africa
60°59′N 25°39′E Lahti N/A  Finland
66°30′N 25°44′E Rovaniemi N/A  Finland
62°15′N 25°45′E Jyväskylä N/A  Finland
17°51′S 25°52′E Livingstone N/A  Zambia
24°39′S 25°55′E Gaborone N/A  Botswana
44°26′N 26°06′E Bucharest N/A  Romania
29°07′S 26°13′E Bloemfontein Free State  South Africa
58°23′N 26°43′E Tartu N/A  Estonia
65°22′N 27°00′E Pudasjärvi N/A  Finland
69°54′N 27°01′E Utsjoki N/A  Finland
38°26′N 27°09′E İzmir N/A  Turkey
66°43′N 27°26′E Kemijärvi N/A  Finland
32°51′S 27°26′E Bhisho Eastern Cape  South Africa
11°40′S 27°28′E Lubumbashi N/A  Democratic Republic of the Congo
29°19′S 27°29′E Maseru N/A  Lesotho
21°10′S 27°31′E Francistown N/A  Botswana
53°54′N 27°34′E Minsk N/A  Belarus
62°54′N 27°41′E Kuopio N/A  Finland
70°05′N 27°53′E Nuorgam Lapland  Finland
26°12′S 28°03′E Johannesburg Gauteng  South Africa
25°45′S 28°11′E Pretoria Gauteng  South Africa
15°25′S 28°17′E Lusaka N/A  Zambia
20°10′S 28°35′E Bulawayo N/A  Zimbabwe
12°58′S 28°38′E Ndola N/A  Zambia
47°00′N 28°55′E Chişinău N/A  Moldova
41°01′N 28°57′E Istanbul N/A  Turkey
40°11′N 29°03′E Bursa N/A  Turkey
65°58′N 29°11′E Kuusamo N/A  Finland
3°23′S 29°22′E Bujumbura N/A  Burundi
23°54′S 29°27′E Polokwane Limpopo  South Africa
46°51′N 29°38′E Tiraspol  Transnistria  Moldova
70°05′N 29°44′E Vadsø N/A  Norway
31°12′N 29°55′E Alexandria N/A  Egypt


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
1°57′S 30°04′E Kigali N/A  Rwanda
59°57′N 30°18′E Saint Petersburg N/A  Russia
29°37′S 30°23′E Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa
39°47′N 30°31′E Eskisehir N/A  Turkey
50°27′N 30°31′E Kiev N/A  Ukraine
46°28′N 30°44′E Odessa N/A  Ukraine
25°28′S 30°59′E Nelspruit Mpumalanga  South Africa
17°52′S 31°02′E Harare N/A  Zimbabwe
29°53′S 31°03′E Durban KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa
26°19′S 31°08′E Mbabane N/A  Swaziland
26°25′S 31°10′E Lobamba N/A  Swaziland
30°03′N 31°14′E Cairo N/A  Egypt
26°29′S 31°22′E Manzini N/A  Swaziland
4°51′N 31°36′E Juba N/A  South Sudan
31°15′N 32°17′E Port Said N/A  Egypt
0°03′N 32°28′E Entebbe N/A  Uganda
37°52′N 32°29′E Konya N/A  Turkey
15°39′N 32°29′E Omdurman N/A  Sudan
15°38′N 32°32′E Khartoum N/A  Sudan
29°58′N 32°33′E Suez N/A  Egypt
0°19′N 32°35′E Kampala N/A  Uganda
25°58′S 32°35′E Maputo N/A  Mozambique
25°41′N 32°39′E Luxor N/A  Egypt
39°52′N 32°52′E Ankara N/A  Turkey
2°31′S 32°54′E Mwanza N/A  Tanzania
68°58′N 33°05′E Murmansk Murmansk Oblast  Russia
35°10′N 33°22′E Nicosia N/A  Cyprus
13°59′S 33°47′E Lilongwe N/A  Malawi
44°57′N 34°06′E Simferopol  Crimea  Ukraine
31°31′N 34°27′E Gaza Gaza Strip  Palestine
36°48′N 34°38′E Mersin N/A  Turkey
32°04′N 34°47′E Tel Aviv N/A  Israel
29°33′N 34°57′E Eilat N/A  Israel
15°47′S 35°00′E Blantyre N/A  Malawi
31°47′N 35°13′E Jerusalem N/A  Israel
37°00′N 35°19′E Adana N/A  Turkey
33°53′N 35°31′E Beirut N/A  Lebanon
6°10′S 35°45′E Dodoma N/A  Tanzania
35°31′N 35°47′E Latakia N/A  Syria
31°56′N 35°56′E Amman N/A  Jordan
50°00′N 36°14′E Kharkiv N/A  Ukraine
33°31′N 36°18′E Damascus N/A  Syria
1°17′S 36°49′E Nairobi N/A  Kenya
37°04′N 37°23′E Gaziantep N/A  Turkey
55°45′N 37°37′E Moscow N/A  Russia
9°02′N 38°44′E Addis Ababa N/A  Ethiopia
15°20′N 38°56′E Asmara N/A  Eritrea
45°02′N 38°58′E Krasnodar Krasnodar Krai  Russia
21°33′N 39°10′E Jeddah N/A  Saudi Arabia
6°10′S 39°12′E Zanzibar City N/A  Tanzania
51°40′N 39°13′E Voronezh Voronezh Oblast  Russia
6°48′S 39°17′E Dar es Salaam N/A  Tanzania
24°28′N 39°36′E Medina N/A  Saudi Arabia
4°03′S 39°40′E Mombasa N/A  Kenya
47°14′N 39°42′E Rostov-on-Don Rostov Oblast  Russia
43°35′N 39°43′E Sochi Krasnodar Krai  Russia
21°25′N 39°49′E Mecca N/A  Saudi Arabia
57°37′N 39°51′E Yaroslavl Yaroslavl Oblast  Russia


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
64°32′N 40°32′E Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk Oblast  Russia
43°00′N 41°01′E Sukhumi  Abkhazia  Georgia
0°21′S 42°33′E Kismayo N/A  Somalia
36°20′N 43°08′E Mosul N/A  Iraq
11°35′N 43°09′E Djibouti N/A  Djibouti
11°45′S 43°12′E Moroni N/A  Comoros
42°14′N 43°58′E Tskhinvali  South Ossetia  Georgia
56°20′N 44°00′E Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Oblast  Russia
36°11′N 44°01′E Arbil  Iraqi Kurdistan  Iraq
15°21′N 44°12′E Sana'a N/A  Yemen
35°28′N 44°19′E Kirkuk N/A  Iraq
33°20′N 44°26′E Baghdad N/A  Iraq
10°00′N 44°30′E Hargeisa  Somaliland  Somalia
48°42′N 44°31′E Volgograd Volgograd Oblast  Russia
40°11′N 44°31′E Yerevan N/A  Armenia
41°43′N 44°47′E Tbilisi N/A  Georgia
12°47′S 45°14′E Mamoudzou Mayotte  France
2°02′N 45°21′E Mogadishu N/A  Somalia
51°32′N 46°01′E Saratov Saratov Oblast  Russia
38°04′N 46°18′E Tabriz N/A  Iran
24°38′N 46°43′E Riyadh N/A  Saudi Arabia
39°49′N 46°45′E Stepanakert  Nagorno-Karabakh Republic  Azerbaijan
18°56′S 47°31′E Antananarivo N/A  Madagascar
30°30′N 47°49′E Basra N/A  Iraq
29°22′N 47°59′E Kuwait City N/A  Kuwait
55°47′N 49°08′E Kazan Republic of Tatarstan  Russia
53°31′N 49°25′E Tolyatti Samara Oblast  Russia
40°24′N 49°53′E Baku N/A  Azerbaijan


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
53°12′N 50°08′E Samara Samara Oblast  Russia
26°17′N 50°12′E Dammam N/A  Saudi Arabia
26°13′N 50°35′E Manama N/A  Bahrain
35°42′N 51°25′E Tehran N/A  Iran
25°17′N 51°32′E Doha N/A  Qatar
32°38′N 51°39′E Isfahan N/A  Iran
56°50′N 53°11′E Izhevsk Udmurt Republic  Russia
17°01′N 54°05′E Salalah N/A  Oman
24°28′N 54°22′E Abu Dhabi N/A  United Arab Emirates
25°15′N 55°18′E Dubai N/A  United Arab Emirates
20°53′S 55°27′E Saint-Denis Réunion  France
4°37′S 55°27′E Victoria N/A  Seychelles
54°45′N 55°58′E Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan  Russia
58°00′N 56°19′E Perm Perm Krai  Russia
20°10′S 57°30′E Port Louis N/A  Mauritius
37°56′N 58°22′E Ashgabat N/A  Turkmenistan
23°37′N 58°36′E Muscat N/A  Oman
42°28′N 59°36′E Nukus  Karakalpakstan  Uzbekistan
36°18′N 59°36′E Mashhad N/A  Iran


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
56°50′N 60°35′E Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk Oblast  Russia
55°09′N 61°23′E Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Oblast  Russia
31°37′N 65°43′E Kandahar N/A  Afghanistan
24°52′N 67°01′E Karachi Sindh  Pakistan
25°23′N 68°22′E Hyderabad Sindh  Pakistan
38°32′N 68°47′E Dushanbe N/A  Tajikistan
34°32′N 69°10′E Kabul N/A  Afghanistan
41°16′N 69°13′E Tashkent N/A  Uzbekistan


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
51°10′N 71°26′E Astana N/A  Kazakhstan
30°12′N 71°28′E Multan Punjab  Pakistan
34°01′N 71°35′E Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  Pakistan
41°00′N 71°40′E Namangan N/A  Uzbekistan
23°02′N 72°35′E Ahmedabad Gujarat  India
18°59′N 72°50′E Mumbai (Bombay) Maharashtra  India
21°10′N 72°50′E Surat Gujarat  India
33°36′N 73°02′E Rawalpindi Punjab  Pakistan
33°43′N 73°04′E Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory  Pakistan
31°25′N 73°05′E Faisalabad Punjab  Pakistan
54°59′N 73°22′E Omsk Omsk Oblast  Russia
4°11′N 73°31′E Malé N/A  Maldives
18°31′N 73°51′E Pune Maharashtra  India
31°33′N 74°21′E Lahore Punjab  Pakistan
42°52′N 74°37′E Bishkek N/A  Kyrgyzstan
34°05′N 74°47′E Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir  India
31°38′N 74°52′E Amritsar Punjab  India
26°56′N 75°49′E Jaipur Rajasthan  India
30°55′N 75°51′E Ludhiana Punjab  India
9°58′N 76°17′E Kochi Kerala  India
30°45′N 76°47′E Chandigarh N/A  India
43°17′N 76°54′E Almaty N/A  Kazakhstan
8°29′N 76°57′E Trivandrum Kerala  India
31°06′N 77°10′E Shimla Himachal Pradesh  India
28°37′N 77°13′E New Delhi Delhi  India
12°58′N 77°34′E Bangalore Karnataka  India
27°11′N 78°01′E Agra Uttar Pradesh  India
17°22′N 78°29′E Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh  India
21°08′N 79°05′E Nagpur Maharashtra  India
25°19′N 79°38′E Kulpahar Uttar Pradesh  India
6°56′N 79°51′E Colombo N/A  Sri Lanka
6°55′N 79°53′E Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte N/A  Sri Lanka


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
13°05′N 80°16′E Chennai (Madras) Tamil Nadu  India
26°28′N 80°20′E Kanpur Uttar Pradesh  India
7°18′N 80°38′E Kandy N/A  Sri Lanka
26°51′N 80°57′E Lucknow Uttar Pradesh  India
31°4′ N 81°18′E Mount Kailash Tibet {CHINA}
7°43′N 81°42′E Batticaloa N/A  Sri Lanka
55°01′N 82°56′E Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Oblast  Russia
17°41′N 83°13′E Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh  India
25°37′N 85°09′E Patna Bihar  India
27°42′N 85°20′E Kathmandu N/A    Nepal
43°50′N 87°36′E Ürümqi Xinjiang  People's Republic of China
69°20′N 88°13′E Norilsk Krasnoyarsk Krai  Russia
22°34′N 88°22′E Kolkata (Calcutta) West Bengal  India
26°43′N 88°26′E Siliguri West Bengal  India
27°20′N 88°37′E Gangtok Sikkim  India
29°16′N 88°53′E Shigatse Tibet  People's Republic of China
27°28′N 89°39′E Thimphu N/A  Bhutan


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
23°42′N 90°23′E Dhaka N/A  Bangladesh
29°39′N 91°06′E Lhasa Tibet  People's Republic of China
23°50′N 91°16′E Agartala Tripura  India
26°11′N 91°44′E Guwahati Assam  India
22°22′N 91°48′E Chittagong N/A  Bangladesh
25°34′N 91°53′E Shillong Meghalaya  India
11°40′N 92°46′E Port Blair Andaman and Nicobar Islands  India
26°38′N 92°48′E Tezpur Assam  India
56°01′N 93°04′E Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Krai  Russia
27°29′N 95°00′E Dibrugarh Assam  India
5°33′N 95°19′E Banda Aceh Aceh  Indonesia
19°45′N 96°06′E Naypyidaw N/A  Burma
16°48′N 96°09′E Yangon N/A  Burma
7°53′N 98°24′E Phuket N/A  Thailand
3°35′N 98°40′E Medan N/A  Indonesia
18°48′N 99°00′E Chiang Mai N/A  Thailand
9°08′N 99°20′E Surat Thani N/A  Thailand
19°55′N 99°50′E Chiang Rai N/A  Thailand


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
5°25′N 100°19′E George Town  Penang  Malaysia
0°57′S 100°21′E Padang N/A  Indonesia
6°07′N 100°22′E Alor Setar  Kedah  Malaysia
13°45′N 100°28′E Bangkok N/A  Thailand
7°01′N 100°28′E Hat Yai N/A  Thailand
14°21′N 100°34′E Ayutthaya N/A  Thailand
12°56′N 100°53′E Pattaya N/A  Thailand
4°36′N 101°04′E Ipoh  Perak  Malaysia
0°32′N 101°27′E Pekanbaru N/A  Indonesia
56°07′N 101°36′E Bratsk Irkutsk Oblast  Russia
3°09′N 101°42′E Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory (Malaysia) Federal Territory  Malaysia
36°38′N 101°46′E Xining Qinghai  People's Republic of China
14°59′N 102°06′E Nakhon Ratchasima N/A  Thailand
6°08′N 102°15′E Kota Bharu  Kelantan  Malaysia
2°12′N 102°15′E Malacca Town  Malacca  Malaysia
17°58′N 102°36′E Vientiane N/A  Laos
25°04′N 102°41′E Kunming Yunnan  People's Republic of China
17°25′N 102°45′E Udon Thani N/A  Thailand
16°26′N 102°50′E Khon Kaen N/A  Thailand
1°29′N 103°44′E Johor Bahru  Johor  Malaysia
36°02′N 103°48′E Lanzhou Gansu  People's Republic of China
1°17′N 103°50′E Singapore N/A  Singapore
13°22′N 103°52′E Siem Reap N/A  Cambodia
30°40′N 104°04′E Chengdu Sichuan  People's Republic of China
52°19′N 104°18′E Irkutsk Irkutsk Oblast  Russia
2°59′S 104°45′E Palembang N/A  Indonesia
11°33′N 104°55′E Phnom Penh N/A  Cambodia
21°02′N 105°51′E Hanoi N/A  Vietnam
29°34′N 106°34′E Chongqing N/A  People's Republic of China
10°46′N 106°41′E Ho Chi Minh City N/A  Vietnam
20°51′N 106°41′E Hai Phong N/A  Vietnam
6°12′S 106°48′E Jakarta N/A  Indonesia
6°36′S 106°48′E Bogor N/A  Indonesia
47°55′N 106°55′E Ulan Bator N/A  Mongolia
16°28′N 107°35′E Huế N/A  Vietnam
6°55′S 107°37′E Bandung N/A  Indonesia
16°04′N 108°14′E Da Nang N/A  Vietnam
22°49′N 108°19′E Nanning Guangxi  People's Republic of China
34°16′N 108°54′E Xi'an Shaanxi  People's Republic of China
0°01′S 109°20′E Pontianak N/A  Indonesia


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
1°34′N 110°21′E Kuching  Sarawak  Malaysia
7°48′S 110°22′E Yogyakarta N/A  Indonesia
6°58′S 110°25′E Semarang N/A  Indonesia
37°52′N 112°34′E Taiyuan Shanxi  People's Republic of China
7°59′S 112°37′E Malang N/A  Indonesia
7°16′S 112°45′E Surabaya N/A  Indonesia
23°08′N 113°16′E Guangzhou Guangdong  People's Republic of China
22°10′N 113°33′E  Macau N/A  People's Republic of China
34°46′N 113°39′E Zhengzhou Henan  People's Republic of China
23°02′N 113°43′E Dongguan Guangdong  People's Republic of China
4°24′N 114°00′E Miri  Sarawak  Malaysia
22°33′N 114°06′E Shenzhen Guangdong  People's Republic of China
22°17′N 114°10′E  Hong Kong N/A  People's Republic of China
30°35′N 114°17′E Wuhan Hubei  People's Republic of China
36°36′N 114°29′E Handan Hebei  People's Republic of China
38°03′N 114°30′E Shijiazhuang Hebei  People's Republic of China
4°53′N 114°57′E Bandar Seri Begawan N/A  Brunei
8°39′S 115°13′E Denpasar Bali  Indonesia
32°32′S 115°43′E Mandurah  Western Australia  Australia
31°57′S 115°52′E Perth  Western Australia  Australia
5°58′N 116°06′E Kota Kinabalu  Sabah  Malaysia
39°55′N 116°24′E Beijing N/A  People's Republic of China
1°16′S 116°50′E Balikpapan N/A  Indonesia
36°40′N 116°59′E Jinan Shandong  People's Republic of China
39°08′N 117°11′E Tianjin N/A  People's Republic of China
20°19′S 118°36′E Port Hedland  Western Australia  Australia
32°03′N 118°46′E Nanjing Jiangsu  People's Republic of China
5°08′S 119°25′E Makassar N/A  Indonesia


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
30°15′N 120°10′E Hangzhou Zhejiang  People's Republic of China
22°59′N 120°11′E Tainan N/A  Republic of China (Taiwan)
22°38′N 120°16′E Gaoxiong N/A  Republic of China (Taiwan)
36°04′N 120°23′E Qingdao Shandong  People's Republic of China
24°09′N 120°40′E Taizhong N/A  Republic of China (Taiwan)
14°35′N 120°58′E Manila N/A  Philippines
14°38′N 121°02′E Quezon City N/A  Philippines
14°33′N 121°02′E Makati N/A  Philippines
31°12′N 121°30′E Shanghai N/A  People's Republic of China
25°02′N 121°38′E Taibei N/A  Republic of China (Taiwan)
38°55′N 121°38′E Dalian Liaoning  People's Republic of China
6°54′N 122°04′E Zamboanga City N/A  Philippines
10°43′N 122°34′E Iloilo City N/A  Philippines
9°39′N 123°51′E Tagbilaran N/A  Philippines
41°44′N 123°53′E Shenyang Liaoning  People's Republic of China
10°17′N 123°54′E Cebu City N/A  Philippines
43°54′N 125°12′E Changchun Jilin  People's Republic of China
8°33′S 125°35′E Dili N/A  Timor-Leste
7°04′N 125°36′E Davao City N/A  Philippines
39°01′N 125°44′E Pyongyang N/A  North Korea
37°58′N 126°33′E Kaesong N/A  North Korea
45°45′N 126°38′E Harbin Heilongjiang  People's Republic of China
37°29′N 126°38′E Incheon N/A  South Korea
37°34′N 126°59′E Seoul N/A  South Korea
39°09′N 127°27′E Wonsan N/A  North Korea
26°13′N 127°41′E Naha Okinawa  Japan
3°42′S 128°10′E Ambon, Maluku N/A  Indonesia
35°52′N 128°36′E Daegu N/A  South Korea
35°11′N 129°05′E Busan N/A  South Korea
62°02′N 129°44′E Yakutsk Sakha Republic  Russia
41°48′N 129°47′E Chongjin N/A  North Korea


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
33°35′N 130°24′E Fukuoka Fukuoka  Japan
12°27′S 130°50′E Darwin  Northern Territory  Australia
43°08′N 131°54′E Vladivostok Primorsky Krai  Russia
34°23′N 132°27′E Hiroshima Hiroshima  Japan
67°33′N 133°23′E Verkhoyansk Sakha Republic  Russia
7°22′N 134°29′E Koror N/A  Palau
7°29′N 134°36′E Melekeok N/A  Palau
34°41′N 135°12′E Kōbe Hyogo  Japan
34°42′N 135°30′E Osaka Osaka  Japan
35°01′N 135°46′E Kyoto Kyoto  Japan
35°11′N 136°54′E Nagoya Aichi  Japan
34°56′S 138°36′E Adelaide  South Australia  Australia
35°27′N 139°38′E Yokohama Kanagawa  Japan
35°41′N 139°42′E Tokyo Tokyo  Japan
35°31′N 139°42′E Kawasaki Kanagawa  Japan


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
2°32′S 140°43′E Jayapura N/A  Indonesia
38°16′N 140°52′E Sendai Miyagi  Japan
43°04′N 141°21′E Sapporo Hokkaido  Japan
38°09′S 144°21′E Geelong  Victoria  Australia
13°29′N 144°45′E Hagåtña  Guam  United States
13°31′N 144°50′E Dededo  Guam  United States
37°49′S 144°58′E Melbourne Victoria (Australia) Victoria  Australia
43°20′N 145°35′E Nemuro Hokkaido  Japan
15°11′N 145°45′E Saipan  Northern Mariana Islands  United States
16°56′S 145°47′E Cairns  Queensland  Australia
19°15′S 146°49′E Townsville  Queensland  Australia
9°31′S 147°13′E Port Moresby N/A  Papua New Guinea
42°53′S 147°20′E Hobart  Tasmania  Australia
35°18′S 149°07′E Canberra  Australian Capital Territory  Australia


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
23°23′S 150°31′E Rockhampton  Queensland  Australia
59°34′N 150°48′E Magadan Magadan Oblast  Russia
34°26′S 150°53′E Wollongong  New South Wales  Australia
33°52′S 151°13′E Sydney  New South Wales  Australia
32°55′S 151°45′E Newcastle  New South Wales  Australia
7°27′N 151°51′E Weno N/A  Federated States of Micronesia
27°28′S 153°02′E Brisbane  Queensland  Australia
28°01′S 153°24′E Gold Coast  Queensland  Australia
6°55′N 158°10′E Palikir N/A  Federated States of Micronesia
53°01′N 158°39′E Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Kamchatka Krai  Russia
9°28′S 159°49′E Honiara N/A  Solomon Islands


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
22°17′S 166°27′E Nouméa  New Caledonia  France
0°33′S 166°55′E Yaren District N/A  Nauru
29°04′S 167°58′E Kingston  Norfolk Island  Australia
17°45′S 168°18′E Port Vila N/A  Vanuatu
46°25′S 168°21′E Invercargill N/A  New Zealand


Latitude Longitude City Province/State Country
45°52′S 170°30′E Dunedin N/A  New Zealand
7°04′N 171°16′E Majuro N/A  Marshall Islands
43°32′S 172°37′E Christchurch N/A  New Zealand
1°26′N 173°00′E South Tarawa N/A  Kiribati
41°16′S 173°17′E Nelson N/A  New Zealand
36°50′S 174°44′E Auckland N/A  New Zealand
41°17′S 174°47′E Wellington N/A  New Zealand
37°47′S 175°17′E Hamilton N/A  New Zealand
39°39′S 176°50′E Hastings N/A  New Zealand
64°44′N 177°31′E Anadyr Chukotka Autonomous Okrug  Russia
18°08′S 178°27′E Suva N/A  Fiji
8°31′S 179°13′E Funafuti N/A  Tuvalu
16°26′S 179°22′E Labasa N/A  Fiji
9°23′S 179°51′E Nukulaelae N/A  Tuvalu


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