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A section of Kabul, which is multi-ethnic and the only city in Afghanistan with over 1 million population
Aerial view of Kandahar, the second largest city of Afghanistan
Herat, the third largest city, located in western Afghanistan
Mazar-i-Sharif, the fourth largest city, located in northern Afghanistan
Kunduz, the fifth largest city, located in northern Afghanistan

The only city in Afghanistan with over 1 million population is its capital, Kabul. The rest are smaller cities and towns. According to the CIA, an estimated total number of people living inside Afghanistan was 31,822,848. Of this, around 6 million or so were reported to be living in urban areas and the rest in rural or countryside.[1]


The chart below shows 19 cities of Afghanistan by order of population.

Name Population (latest est.)
Kabul 3,589,000 [2]
Kandahar 491,500 [3]
Herat 436,300 [4]
Mazar-i-Sharif 368,100 [5]
Kunduz 304,600 [6]
Taloqan 219,000 [7]
Jalalabad 206,500 [8]
Puli Khumri 203,600 [9]
Charikar 171,200 [10]
Sheberghan 161,700 [11]
Ghazni 157,600 [12]
Sar-e Pol 150,700 [13]
Khost 133,700 [14]
Chaghcharan 131,800 [15]
Mihtarlam 126,000 [16]
Farah 108,400 [17]
Puli Alam 102,700 [18]
Samangan 100,500 [19]
Lashkar Gah 100,200 [20]

Ancient names[edit]

Ancient names of places or cities in Afghanistan:

Current city and region Ancient name
Kabul afgan, Kophene,[21] Gaofū, Kābūrā
Ghazni Ghaznīn, Ghazna
Balkh Bactra, Bokhdī
Herat Haraiva, Harī, Aria
Laghman Lampaka [21]
Jalalabad Adinapur[22]
Kandahar Arachosia[21]
Lashkar Gah Bost or Bust
Zaranj Zranka, Zarangia, Drangiana


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