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Map of Albania
Tirana, Capital of Albania

This is a list of cities in Albania holding such a status by the Institute of Statistics (Insituti i Statistikës).[1] Albania's capital city is Tirana and is by far the largest city and powerhouse of the Albanian economy. Albania's second city and major port is Durrës. Further, some cities form fourth level and final subdivisions called municipal units (njësi bashkiake, lagje or rajone). Although cities do not form a separate administrative division level per se, they do form part of the urban municipality (bashki) administrative level in Albania.

Places by Population[edit]

Rank City 2013 census[2]
1 Tirana 622,190
2 Durrës 203,917
3 Vlorë 135,032
4 Elbasan 124,179
5 Shkodër 111,686
6 Korçë 86,994
7 Fier 84,638
8 Kamëz 81,688
9 Berat 63,132
10 Lushnjë 53,507
11 Sarandë 40,736
12 Paskuqan 39,553
13 Kavajë 39,478
14 Pogradec 38,642
15 Gjirokastër 33,346

Spatial planning[edit]

As of the end of the 2000s, the out of date address system did not keep up with the new construction developments to the detriment of local businesses and households. In 2009, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe presence in Albania through funding from the EU launched the new address system database of all cities in Albania, including the beginning of street signs installation.[3]

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