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Urban Agglomeration[edit]

In the census of India 2011, an Urban Agglomeration has been defined as follows:[1]

“An urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths (OGs), or two or more physically contiguous towns together with or without outgrowths of such towns. An Urban Agglomeration must consist of at least a statutory town and its total population (i.e. all the constituents put together) should not be less than 20,000 as per the 2001 Census. In varying local conditions, there were similar other combinations which have been treated as urban agglomerations satisfying the basic condition of contiguity.”

Constituents of Urban Agglomerations in Chhattisgarh[edit]

The constituents of Urban Agglomerations in Chhattisgarh, with a population of 1 lakh or above, are noted below:[2]

  • Raipur Urban Agglomeration includes Raipur (M Corp.), Deopuri (OG), Boriakhurd (OG) and Birgaon (M).
  • Bilaspur Urban Agglomeration includes Bilaspur (M Corp.), Ameri (OG), Uslapur (OG), Mangla (OG), Khamtrai (Partly OG), Behtrai (Partly OG), Mopka (Partly OG), Tifra (NP), Sirgiti (NP), Lingiyadih (CT) and Deori (CT)
  • Durg-Bhilainagar Urban Agglomeration includes: Durg (M Corp.), Bhilai Nagar (M Corp.), Dumardih (part) (OG), Bhilai Charoda (M), Jamul (M), Kumhari (M) and Utai (NP).
  • Korba Urban Agglomeration includes: Korba (M Corp.) and Dondro (partly OG).
  • Raigarh Urban Agglomeration includes Raigarh (M Corp.), Boirdadar (OG), Benderchua (OG), Bade Attarmuda (OG), Amlibhauna (OG), Kalmi (partly OG), Bhagwanpur (OG) and Kishanpur (partly OG).
  • Ambikapur Urban Agglomeration includes Ambikapur (M Corp.), Nawagarh (OG), Bhagawanpur Khurd (OG) and Shubhashnagar (OG).
  • Dhamtari Urban Agglomeration includes: Dhamtari (M), Ratna Bandha (OG), Rudri (OG), Shyamatarai (OG) and Arjuni (OG).
    • Mahasamund Urban Agglomeration includes : Mahasamund (M), Bemcha(OG), Kharora(OG), Machewa(OG), Khaira(OG), Baronda(OG), Labhra(OG), Parsada(OG).
Abbreviations: M Corp. = Municipal corporation, M= Municipality, NP = Nagar panchayat, CT = Census town, OG= Out Growth

Urban Agglomeration constituents[edit]

Urban Agglomerations constituents with a population above 100,000 as per 2011 census are shown in the table below.[3]

Urban Agglomeration Name of Constituent District Type* Population 2011 Male Female Population
below 5 yrs
Literacy Rate
Raipur Raipur Raipur district M Corp. 1,010,087 519,286 490,801 124,471 72.90
Durg - Bhilai Durg - Bhilai Durg district M Corp. 894376 458791 435585 82175 91.17
Bilaspur Bilaspur Bilaspur district M Corp. 330,106 169,738 160,368 36,448 50.76
Korba Korba Korba district M Corp. 363,210 188,514 174,606 45,354 84.28
Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon district Rajnandgaon district M Corp. 263122 131,249 131,873 45000 95.94
Raigarh Raigarh Raigarh district M Corp. 100,097 70,234 66,863 16,576 87.55
Jagdalpur Jagdalpur Bastar district M Corp. 125,345 63,910 61,435 13,804 85.44
Ambikapur Ambikapur Surguja district M Corp. 114,575 59,673 54,902 12,995 88,20
Chirmiri Chirmiri Koriya district M Corp. 103,575 52,673 54,902 12,995 88,80
Pakhanjore Pakhanjore Kanker district M 14,2240 72869 69371 86.86
Dhamtari Dhamtari Dhamtari district M
Mahasamund Mahasamund Mahasamund district M 96850 85%


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