List of cities and towns in Lebanon

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Districts of Lebanon

This is a list of cities and towns in Lebanon[1] distributed according to district. There are 1000 in all. 56.21% of the population lives in 19 cities and towns, which gives the average 2,158 people per town.

Largest cities[edit]

City Region Population
Beirut Beirut Governorate 2,200,000
Tripoli North Governorate 850,000
Jounieh Mount Lebanon 430,000
Sidon South Governorate 229,000
Zahle Beqaa Governorate 200,000
Tyre South Governorate 135,000
Baalbek Baalbek-Hermel Governorate 105,000
Aley Mount Lebanon 100,000
Byblos Mount Lebanon 100,000
Nabatieh South Governorate 85,000
Zgharta North Governorate 55,000
Batroun North Governorate 45,000

NB: -Some of these numbers are old and outdated, to know the current population, click on the Wikipedia page of each city.

-All cities except Beirut and Tripoli are approximation, none of the numbers are exact

Akkar Governorate[edit]

Akkar District (9)[edit]

Baalbek-Hermel Governorate[edit]

Baalbek District (52)[edit]

Hermel District (5)[edit]

  • Chawaghir el Fawka Wal Tahta
  • Hermel
  • Jouar el Hachich
  • Kasser - Fisane
  • Kouakh

Beirut Governorate[edit]

Beirut (1)[edit]

Municipality of Beirut

Mount Lebanon Governorate[edit]

Baabda District[edit]

City Population
Baabda* 9,000
Bourj el-Barajneh* 25,000
Hazmieh* 3,900
Hadath* 20,500
Hammana 7,750
Chebanieh 1,300
Ras el Matn 8,000
Chiyah* 17,000
Ghbeireh* 28,000
Falougha 3,500
Furn el Chebbak* 17,000
Kornayel 3,600
Kfarchima* 6,300
Wadi Chahrour* 6,700
Abadiyeh* 7,900
Salima 3,600

Note: starred cities are part of metropolitan Beirut.

Matn District[edit]

City Population
Jdeideh* 8,000
Bourj Hammoud* 45,000
Bouchrieh* 25,000
Antelias* 9,500
Brummana* 4,800
Baabdat* 3,600
Bikfaya* 8,200
Beit Chabab* 8,700
Beit Mery* 5,600
Chewyeh* 500
Jal el Dib* 5,400
Dekwaneh* 6,450
Zalka* 4,000
Sin el Fil* 16,000
Dbayeh* 4,900
Kornet Chehwan* 4,800
Aintoura 5,100
Choueir 6,370
Khenchara 4,200
Bteghrine 4,500
Baskinta 11,000
Kaakour 1,801

Note: starred cities are part of metropolitan Beirut.

Aley District (53)[edit]

Keserwan District (47)[edit]

Chouf District (70)[edit]

Jbeil District (57)[edit]

Beqaa Governorate[edit]

Rashaya District (26)[edit]

Western Beqaa District (27)[edit]

Zahlé District (29)[edit]

Nabatieh Governorate[edit]

Bint Jbeil District (33)[edit]

Hasbaya District (15)[edit]

Marjeyoun District (25)[edit]

Nabatieh District (38)[edit]

North Governorate[edit]

Batroun District (21)[edit]

Bsharri District (11)[edit]

Koura District (34)[edit]

Miniyeh-Danniyeh District (18)[edit]

Tripoli District (3)[edit]

Zgharta District (31)[edit]

South Governorate[edit]

Jezzine District (35)[edit]

Sidon District (44)[edit]

Tyre District (55)[edit]