List of cities in Uzbekistan

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Map of Uzbekistan

This is a list of cities in Uzbekistan. The names of many places have been changed during the 20th century, sometimes more than once. Wherever possible, the old names have been included and linked to the new ones.

Most populous Uzbekistani cities[edit]

List of ten cities, including the capital Tashkent, with the largest urban population in 2014.

Rank City Population Image
1 Tashkent 2,352,900 Aerial view of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.JPG
2 Samarqand 509,000 Samarkand view from the top.jpg
3 Namangan 475,700 Namangan Airport.jpg
4 Andijan 403,900 Panorama of Navoi Square (Formerly Bobur Square) - Where 2005 Massacre Took Place - Andijon - Uzbekistan - 02 (7543304374).jpg
5 Nukus 295,200 UZNukuspano.JPG
6 Bukhara 272,500 2012 Bukhara 7515821196.jpg
7 Fergana 264,900 Фергана аллея.jpg
8 Qarshi 254,600 Qarshi.jpg
9 Kokand 233,500 Kokandmix.jpg
10 Margilan 215,400 Khonakhan Mosque, Margilan.jpg


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