List of cities in the Netherlands by province

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This is a list of large cities and towns in the Netherlands, sorted by province.

There are no words in the Netherlands which exactly correspond to the English concept of a 'town'. Either one lives in a 'gehucht' (hamlet, settlement, smaller than a village), a 'dorp' (village), or a 'stad' (city). While there is no official 'city status' in Dutch law (see City rights in the Netherlands), the general consensus is that a city constitutes a population of more than 30,000–50,000 inhabitants.[citation needed]. Smaller places are sometimes also considered cities, especially if they historically had city rights or if they function as an urban center in a rural area. Cities with between 70,000 and 250,000 inhabitants are mostly called 'middelgrote steden' (medium-sized cities), most of them united as G32 (though there are 34 nowadays) (see while the use of 'grote steden' (big cities) (G4) is usually reserved for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.[citation needed]







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