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The term piano duo can refer both to a genre of music, written for two pianists to play at either one or two pianos, or to the two pianists themselves.

This is a list of notable performers who appeared as piano duos in classical music. Most of these pianists performed works for piano four-hands (two pianists at one piano; also known as piano duet) as well as works for two pianos, often with orchestras or chamber ensembles. Some of these teams focussed exclusively or predominantly on this repertoire, but some also appeared separately as solo pianists.

Some piano duos appear under a single name (such as the Long Island Piano Duo), or a unified name (such as Nettle & Markham), but the majority simply use both their names (such as Katia and Marielle Labèque or Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir).

People in this list should not be added to List of classical pianists unless they also had significant careers as solo pianists. However, if they recorded music requiring two pianists, they should be added to List of classical pianists (recorded).

List of classical piano duos[edit]

Sorting note
The main entry is sorted by the pianist whose surname appears earlier in the alphabet, and the other pianist is cross-referenced in smaller type. Where their names are usually referred to in a different order, or they use a special name for their duo, that entry appears in the 2nd column.
Members Name of duo (where relevant) Notes and references
  • Saar Ahuvia
  • Stephanie Kai-Win Ho
Stephanie and Saar Duo [1]
Alexander and Daykin [2]
  • Vera Appleton
  • Michael Field
Appleton and Field Alan Hovhaness wrote his Symphony No. 45, Op. 342 (1954) for them, but they never played it.[3]
seen in either order
Vronsky & Babin
  • Alexander Bakhchiev
  • Elena Sorokina
Elena Sorokina and Alexander Bakhchiev [4]
  • Ethel Bartlett
  • Rae Robertson
Bartlett and Robertson
  • Aglaia Bätzner
  • Cristina Marton
seen in either order
Bradshaw-Buono Duo Discography includes: Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Fest-Polonaise, The Entrance of the Guests to the Wartburg, Benediction and Sermon, March and Cavatina and Fantasy and Fugue on the Chorale 'Ad nos, Ad Salutarem undam'.[6]
Bizjak Piano Duo
  • Vittorio Bresciani
  • Francesco Nicolosi
Franz Liszt Piano Duo They have recorded Bresciani's arrangement of Liszt's Dante Sonata, and Liszt's arrangement of the Dante Symphony.[7]
  • Jeremy Brown
  • Seta Tanyel
Recorded Poulenc's complete music for 2 pianists.[8]
seen in either order [9]
  • Antoinette Cann
  • Claire Cann
Claire and Antoinette Cann [4]
  • Josee Caron
  • Martin Caron
Duo Caron
seen in either order
  • Angela Cheng
  • Alvin Chow
  • Caroline Clemmow
  • Anthony Goldstone
Goldstone and Clemmow Made the world premiere recording of the two-piano arrangement of Grieg's Concerto in A minor, written by Grieg and Károly Thern. Also the first recording of Grieg's piano version of the "Homage March" from Sigurd Jorsalfar.[10] They have recorded the piano duet version of Chopin's 2nd Piano Concerto in F minor (arr. Chopin and Carl Mikuli)[11][12]
  • Mark Clinton
  • Nicole Narboni
Clinton/Narboni Duo [4]
Richard and John Contiguglia Made the first recording of Beethoven's 9th Symphony in the two-piano transcription by Franz Liszt; revived Victor Babin's Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra; gave New York premiere of Max Bruch's Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in A flat minor; made many world premiere recordings of works by Liszt and Bartók.[13]
Duo Crommelynk They were a very prominent duo, founded in 1974; their three-disc set of the four-hand works of Schubert won a Grand Prix du Disque; many composers wrote works for them. They both died by suicide on 14 July 1994.[14][15]
  • Francesco De Stefano
  • Vincenzo De Stefano
De Stefano Piano Duo [16]
  • Larissa Dedova
  • Mikhail Volchok
  • Luis del Valle
  • Victor del Valle
Victor and Luis del Valle [1]
Genova & Dimitrov Made world premiere recording of the complete piano duo works of Shostakovitch.[17][18]
Jordans & Van Doeselaar Piano Duo [19]
Wiener et Doucet
D&B Duo [20]
  • Monika Egri
  • Attila Pertis
Duo Egri and Pertis [4]
  • Irina Elkina
  • Julia Elkina
  • Sebastian Euler
  • Shao-Yin Huang
Duo d´Accord Made the premiere recording of Clara Schumann's arrangement for piano 4-hands of Robert Schumann's Piano Quintet in E flat, Op. 44.[22]
Ferrante & Teicher
Gold and Fizdale
Lillian and Irwin Freundlich [4]
  • Takashi Fujii
  • Yoshie Shiramizu-Fujii
Yoshie and Takashi [1]
  • Ute Gareis
  • Klaus-Georg Pohl
Gareis & Pohl European premiere of J.Adams "Hallelujah junction" (2000)[23]
  • Arianna Goldina
  • Remy Loumbrozo
Goldina & Loumbrozo [24][25]
  • Nadya Gordon
  • Steven Gordon
  • Bradford Gowen
  • Maribeth Gowen
Maribeth and Bradford Gowen [4]
  • Polina Grigoryeva
  • Yulia Yurchenko
Piano Duo Vis-à-vis [1]
  • Andreas Groethuysen
  • Yaara Tal
Duo Tal & Groethuysen
  • Roberto Guerra
  • Margherita Malagoli
Margherita Malagoli and Roberto Guerra [4]
Thomas Hecht and Sandra Shapiro [4][24]
  • Ákos Hernádi
  • Károly Mocsári
Hernádi-Mocsári Piano Duo Recorded works by Bartók, including a duo-piano arrangement of The Miraculous Mandarin.[26]
  • Cara Hesse
  • Laura Pauna
  • Norman Horowitz
  • Melvin Stecher
Stecher and Horowitz Piano Duo [27]
Made the world premiere recording of 22 unknown original transcriptions by Sergei Rachmaninoff for piano for four hands after Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty.[28][29]
  • Richard Humburger
  • Valentin Humburger
Piano Duo Humburger [30]
  • Michael Jamanis
  • Frances Veri
Frances Veri and Michael Jamanis [4]
  • Dorothy Jonas
  • Joshua Pierce
Jacqueline Robin and Genevieve Joy
  • Alfred Kanwischer
  • Heidi Kanwischer
Heidi and Alfred Kanwischer [4]
  • Stephanie Kapsetaki
  • Marianna Kapsetaki
Kapsetaki duo The Greek/British twins are concert pianists and scientists.
Invencia Piano Duo In collaboration with Naxos Records, on its Grand Piano series, they have released four CDs of Florent Schmitt's complete duo-piano works.[31][32][33][34]
Walter and Beatriz Klien
  • Christian Köhn
  • Silke-Thora Matthies
Recorded 17 CDs of all Brahms's arrangements for piano 4-hands or 2 pianos (mostly of his own music, but including Schumann's Piano Quintet in E flat.[35]
seen in either order They have given first performances of works by Luciano Berio, Sylvano Bussotti, Mauricio Kagel, Karlheinz Stockhausen,[36] Henri Pousseur, Luis de Pablo and Bernd Alois Zimmermann.[37][38]
  • Irina Kotlyar
  • Gregory Shifrin
Kotlyar-Shifrin Piano Duo [39][40]
  • Mina Kusumoto
  • Laurie Kono Merchant
Koshka Piano Duo [41]
  • Aleksei Kuznetsoff
  • Valentina Lisitsa
Valentina Lisista and Alexei Kuznetsoff [4][42]
  • Carles Lama
  • Sofia Cabruja
Carles and Sofia piano duo
Rawicz and Landauer Played mainly light classics and arrangements of existing works.[43]
Piano Duo Liva-Stregapede They play unusual repertoire such as Saint-Saëns' 2-piano arrangement of Liszt's Sonata in B minor, and Shostakovich's arrangement of Honegger's Symphony No. 3; performed world premieres of works by Ástor Piazzolla, unpublished versions for 2 pianos and a version for piano duo by Casella of Beethoven's 9 symphonies, and Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony.[44]
Sviatoslav Richter and Vassili Lobanov [45]
  • Sonja Lončar
  • Andrija Pavlović
LP Piano Duo [1]
  • Beatrice Long
  • Christine Long
Christine and Beatrice Long [4]
  • James Longford
  • Lindy Tennent-Brown
Longford-Brown Piano Duo [1]
  • Jack Lowe
  • Arthur Austin Whittemore
Whittemore and Lowe [46]
  • Pierre Luboshutz
  • Genia Nemenoff
Luboshutz and Nemenoff [47][48]
seen in either order
TwoPianists Piano Duo [4]
  • Margarita Malinova
  • Olga Malinova
Nettle & Markham In 1985 they gave the UK premiere of Max Bruch's Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in A flat minor (with Sir Charles Groves and the Hallé Orchestra) and they were the first duo to give concert performances of The Planets in Holst's own two-piano version.[51][52]
Marlowe Brothers
The first duo to record the entire works for piano duo/duet by Mozart.
  • Dominique Morel
  • Douglas Nemish
Morel-Nemish Duo [24][53]
  • Anne-Marie Mot
  • Monique Mot
  • Begonia Uriarte Mrongovius

  • Karl-Hermann Mrongovius
The twin-sister piano duo are graduates of the Juilliard School and the Curtis Institute of Music, where they were each awarded the Festorazzi Prize. They are Steinway Artists and currently reside in New York City.[55] Christina and Michelle Naughton’s first album was released on the label ORFEO in 2012.[56]
Nelson and Neal
seen in either order
  • Ferhan Önder
  • Ferzan Önder
Anthony & Joseph Paratore William Bolcom wrote his Sonata in One Movement for them; they premiered Alban Berg's transcription of Arnold Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony, Op. 9; Dave Brubeck entrusted his original two-piano music to them and they premiered his "Points on Jazz".
Pekinel sisters or Güher and Süher Pekinel
  • Maxim Puryzhinskiy
  • Irina Silivanova
Irina and Maxim [30]
  • Peter Rostal
  • Paul Schaefer
Rostal and Schaefer [57]
Schnabel formed this duo after the death of his first duo partner, his wife Helen Fogel (see Helen Fogel, Karl-Ulrich Schnabel)
  • Milton Salkind
  • Peggy Salkind
  • Naomi Sanchez
  • Stephen Varney
Pas de Duo [58]
  • Dinis Schemann
  • Susanne Schemann
Susanne and Dinis Schemann [4]
Cyril Smith and Phyllis Sellick Malcolm Arnold, Lennox Berkeley, Arthur Bliss, Gordon Jacob and Ralph Vaughan Williams all wrote concertos for them.
  • Sontraud Speidel
  • Evelinde Trenkner
Trenkner-Speidel Piano Duo They have made world premiere CD recordings of Max Reger's arrangements of Bach's works.[59]
  • Hans-Peter Stenzl
  • Volker Stenzl
Stenzl Piano Duo [25]
  • Shan-shan Sun
  • Per Tengstrand
Tengstrand-Sun Piano Duo [4][60]
Rose and Ottilie Sutro The Sutro sisters have been described as "the world's first recognised duo-piano team", but Willi and Louis Thern preceded them by almost 30 years. Max Bruch wrote his Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in A flat minor for them, but they never played it in its original form.
Teltschik Brothers
Willi and Louis Thern Appeared in Europe from 1866.
Trimble Sisters Arthur Benjamin wrote his best-known work, Jamaican Rhumba, for them.[43]
  • Anne-Louise Turgeon
  • Edward Turgeon
Duo Turgeon [17][61]
Duo Petrof [62][63]
  • Stanislava Varshavski
  • Diana Shapiro
Piano Duo Varshavski and Shapiro [16]
  • Susan Wang
  • Sarah Wang
  • Irina Zheleznov
  • Maxim Zheleznov
Duo Zheleznov [42]


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