List of classical trombonists

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This list presents an overview of notable classical trombonists, including their primary affiliations and active years of playing.

Current orchestral trombonists[edit]

Name Orchestral Timespan Primary Affiliation
Joseph Alessi 1985–current New York Philharmonic
Ian Bousfield 2000–2012 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Gordon W. Bowie Bangor Symphony Orchestra
Dudley Bright London Symphony Orchestra
Eric Crees Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Jay Friedman 1962–current Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Byron Fulcher 1970–current Philharmonia Orchestra
Robert Gale Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Opera Company of Philadelphia
Nitzan Haroz 2012–current Los Angeles Philharmonic
Megumi Kanda 2002–current Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
Mark Kellogg 1989–current Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Robert Marsteller 1919–1975[citation needed] Los Angeles Philharmonic
James Olin 1976–current Baltimore Symphony
Michael Powell 1983–current American Brass Quintet, Orchestra of St. Luke's
Jörgen van Rijen 1997–current Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Current orchestral bass trombonist[edit]

Name Orchestral Timespan Primary Affiliation
Charles Vernon 1986-current Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Douglas Yeo 1985-2012 (retired) Boston Symphony Orchestra

Retired orchestral trombonists[edit]

Name Orchestral Timespan Primary Affiliation
James DeSano 1970–2003 Cleveland Orchestra
Mark Lawrence 1974–2007 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Ralph Sauer 1974–2006 Los Angeles Philharmonic

Soloists and chamber trombonists[edit]

Name Recording Timespan Primary Affiliation
Stuart Dempster 1964– University of Washington
Vinko Globokar 1965– IRCAM
Mark Hetzler Empire Brass Quintet
Christian Lindberg 1984–

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