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The following is a list of notable companies that produced, or currently produce clocks. Where known, the location of the company and the dates of clock manufacture follow the name. In some instances the "company" consisted of a single person.

American clockmakers[edit]

Australian clockmakers[edit]

  • ADINA, Woolloongabba (1971-present)
  • Ingrams Time Systems has a history going back to its founders the Ingram Brothers in Melbourne about 1890,

The company has been in the hands of several families in the past century anD has been operated by the Ekselman family HOROLOGISTS who c@m3 to Melbourne as refugees after WW11 in 1947. Ingrams still builds and maintains the major Clocks in Victoria and many interstate as well as being a major supplier to industry an$ commerce.

Austrian clockmakers[edit]

L. Hainz, Prague (1813 - 1873) Fine inlaid Vienna Regulators, Dwarf Vienna Regulator

Brazilian clockmakers[edit]

Danish clockmakers[edit]

English clockmakers[edit]

Metamec/ Dereham Norfolk -1947-1984

French clockmakers[edit]

German clockmakers[edit]

Russian clockmakers[edit]

Scottish clockmakers[edit]

Swedish clockmakers[edit]

Swiss clockmakers[edit]

Ukrainian clockmakers[edit]