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List of closed railway stations in Britain: C

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The list of closed railway stations in Britain includes the following: Year of closure is given if known. Stations reopened as heritage railways continue to be included in this list and some have been linked. Some stations have been reopened to passenger traffic. Some lines remain in use for freight and mineral traffic.


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cadbury Road Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Cadeleigh GWR 1963
Cadishead (1st) Cheshire Lines Committee 1895
Cadishead (2nd) Cheshire Lines Committee 1964
Cadmores Lane (Cheshunt) Northern and Eastern Railway 1842
Cadoxton Terrace Halt GWR 1962
Cae Harris (Dowlais) Rhymney Railway 1964
Caerau GWR 1970
Caerleon GWR 1962
Caernarvon L&NWR 1970
Caernarvon (Morfa) Carnarvon and Llanberis Railway 1871
Caernarvon (Pant) Carnarvonshire Railway 1871
Caersws (Van Railway) Van Railway/Cambrian Railways 1879
Caerwys L&NWR 1962
Caffyns Halt Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 1935
Cairnbulg GNR 1965
Cairneyhill NBR 1930
Cairnhill Bridge Monklands Railway 1850
Cairnie Junction GNSR 1968
Cairntable Halt LM&SR 1950
Caister Camp Halt M&GNJR 1959
Caister-on-Sea M&GNJR 1959
Calbourne & Shalfleet (Isle of Wight) Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway 1953
Calcots GNSR 1968
Caldarvan NBR 1934
Calder Caledonian Railway 1943
Calderbank Caledonian Railway 1930
Caldercruix NBR 1956 reopened 2011
Calderpark Halt (Glasgow Zoo, Broomhouse) British Rail 1955
Calderwood Glen Platform (near East Kilbride) Caledonian Railway 1939
Caldon Low Halt North Staffordshire Railway 1935
Caldwell (latterly named Uplawmoor) Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway 1966
Caldy Chester and Birkenhead Railway 1954
California Halt M&GNJR 1959
Callander (1st) Caledonian Railway 1870
Callander (2nd) Caledonian Railway 1965
Callerton NER 1929
Callington Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway 1966
Calne GWR 1965
Calthwaite LNWR 1952
Calveley LNWR 1960
Calverley and Rodley Midland Railway 1965
Calvert Great Central Railway 1963
Cam Midland Railway 1962
Camber Sands Rye & Camber Tramway 1939
Camberwell London, Chatham and Dover Railway 1916
Cambus NBR 1968
Cambus o' May Halt GNSR 1966
Cambusavie Platform Highland Railway 1960
Cambusnethan Caledonian Railway 1917
Camden London and Birmingham Railway 1852
Camden Road Midland Railway 1916
Camelford LSWR 1966
Camels Head Halt LSWR 1942
Cameron Bridge NBR 1969 New station opened 2024
Camerton (Cumberland – now Cumbria) LNWR 1952
Camerton (Somerset) GWR 1925
Camerton Colliery Halt Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 1923
Camp Hill (1st) Midland Railway 1841
Camp Hill (2nd) Midland Railway 1941
Campbeltown Campbeltown and Machrihanish Light Railway 1932
Campsie Glen NBR 1951
Canada Dock LNWR 1941
Canada Dock Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Canal Side (Neath) Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1935
Canning Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Cannock LNWR 1965 reopened 1989
Cannon Street (Hull) Hull and Barnsley Railway 1924
Cannon Street Road London and Blackwall Railway 1848
Canonbie NBR 1964
Canterbury North Lane Canterbury and Whitstable Railway 1846
Canterbury Road (Wingham) East Kent Light Railway 1948
Canterbury South South Eastern Railway (UK) 1940
Cape Platform GWR 1936
Capel GER 1932
Capel Celyn Halt GWR 1960
Caradog Falls Halt GWR 1964
Carcroft and Adwick-le-Street West Riding and Grimsby Railway 1967
Cardiff Adam Street Rhymney Railway 1871
Cardiff Clarence Road Great Western Railway 1964
Cardiff Parade Rhymney Railway 1928
Cardiff Road (Mountain Ash) GWR 1964
Cardigan GWR 1962
Cardington MR 1962
Cardington Workmen's Platform MR 1921
Cardonnel Halt GWR 1936
Cardrona NBR 1962
Careston Caledonian Railway 1952
Cargill Caledonian Railway 1956
Cargo Fleet North Eastern Railway 1990
Carham NER 1955
Carisbrooke Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway 1953
Carlinghow London and North Western Railway 1917
Carliol Square (Newcastle upon Tyne) York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway 1850
Carlisle Bogfield Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1844
Carlisle Canal North British Railway 1864
Carlisle Crown Street Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1849
Carlisle London Road North Eastern Railway 1863
Carlton Towers Hull and Barnsley Railway 1932
Carlton on Trent GNR 1953
Carmarthen Junction GWR 1926
Carmont Caledonian Railway 1956
Carmyle Caledonian Railway 1964 reopened 1993
Carmyllie Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1929
Carn Brea West Cornwall Railway 1961
Carnaby NER 1970
Carnarvon Castle Nantlle Railway 1865
Carnarvon (Pant) Carnarvonshire Railway 1871
Carnbroe Wishaw and Coltness Railway 1846
Carnforth Furness and Midland Joint Railway 1880
Carno Cambrian Railways 1965
Carnwath Caledonian Railway 1966
Carr House NER 1868
Carr Lane Knott End Railway 1930
Carr Mill LNWR 1917
Carreghofa Halt GWR 1965
Carrington GCR 1928
Carrog GWR 1964 reopened by Llangollen Rly Society
Carron GNSR 1965
Carronbridge GSWR 1953
Carsbreck Caledonian Railway 1935 approximate date
Carterhatch Lane Halt GER 1919
Carter's Crossing Halt North Staffordshire Railway 1921
Carterton GWR 1962
Carville NER 1973
Cashes Green Halt GWR 1964
Cassillis GSWR 1954
Cassington Halt GWR 1962
Castle Ashby and Earls Barton LNWR 1964
Castle Bromwich MR 1968
Castle Bytham Midland Railway 1959
Castle Donington and Shardlow MR 1930
Castle Douglas GSWR 1965
Castle Douglas St Andrew Street GSWR 1867
Castle Eden NER 1952
Castle Grant Platform Highland Railway 1949
Castle Howard NER 1930
Castle Kennedy Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1965
Castle Mill Glyn Valley Tramway 1933
Castle Stuart Platform Highland Railway 1938
Castlebythe Halt GWR 1937
Castlecary (Strathclyde) NBR 1967
Castleford Cutsyke L&YR 1968
Castlethorpe LNWR 1964
Castor LNWR 1957
Catcliffe LD&ECR 1939
Catfield M&GNJR 1959
Caton MR 1961
Catrine GSWR 1943
Catterick Bridge North Eastern Railway 1969
Catterick Camp Catterick Camp Military Railway 1964
Cattistock Halt GWR 1966
Cauldcots NBR 1930
Causeway Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway 1917
Causeway End (Central) NBR 1930
Causeway End (Dumfries and Galloway) Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1885
Causewayhead (Cumberland) Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway 1859
Causewayhead (NBR) NBR 1955
Cavendish GER 1967
Cawood NER 1930
Cawston GER 1952
Caythorpe GNR 1962
Cayton NER 1952


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Caersws Van Railway 1879
Cefn GWR 1960
Cefn Coed Brecon and Merthyr Railway/LNWR Joint Railway 1961
Cefn Coed Colliery Halt GWR 1962
Cefn Crib Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway 1860
Cefn Onn Halt Rhymney Railway 1986
Cefntilla Halt British Railways 1955
Ceint LNWR 1930
Celynen North Halt GWR 1962
Celynen South Halt GWR 1962
Cement Mills Halt Isle of Wight Central Railway 1966
Cemetery Gates (Hull) NER 1854
Cemmaes Mawddwy Railway 1931
Cemmes Road Cambrian Railways 1965
Central (London) Eastern Counties Railway 1940
Central Croydon LB&SCR 1890
Cerist Van Railway 1879


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Chacewater GWR 1964
Chalcombe Road Halt GCR 1956
Chalder West Sussex Railway 1935
Chalford GWR 1964
Chalk Farm (1st) L&NWR 1872
Chalk Farm (2nd) L&NWR 1915
Challow GWR 1964
Chalvey Halt GWR 1930
Chambers Crossing Halt GWR 1916
Chandlers Ford LSWR 1969 reopened 2003
Chapel Bridge Monmouth Railway 1876
Chapel Lane Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1933
Chapel Street (Prestatyn) LNWR 1930
Chapelhall Caledonian Railway 1930
Chapeltown Central GCR 1953
Chapel-en-le-Frith Central MR 1967
Chard Central (Chard Joint) GWR/L&SWR 1962
Chard Junction L&SWR 1966
Chard Town L&SWR 1917
Charfield MR 1965
Charlesfield Halt LNER 1961
Charlestown Elgin Railway 1863
Charlestown NBR 1926
Charlton (Northumberland) NBR 1862
Charlton Halt (Bristol) GWR 1915
Charlton Halt (Oxfordshire) LNWR 1926
Charlton Kings GWR 1962
Charlton Mackrell GWR 1962
Charlton Marshall Halt S&D Joint 1956
Charlton Road (Shepton Mallet) S&D Joint 1966
Chartley GNR 1939
Charwelton GCR 1963
Chatburn (1st) L&YR 1876
Chatburn (2nd) L&YR 1962
Chatham Central South Eastern Railway (UK) 1911
Chatteris GNR/GER Joint Railway 1967
Chatterley North Staffordshire Railway 1948
Chaul End Great Northern Railway 1920
Cheadle (Cheshire) L&NWR 1917
Cheadle (Staffordshire) North Staffordshire Railway 1963
Cheadle Heath Midland Railway 1967
Cheadle North Cheshire Lines Committee 1964
Checker House GCR 1931
Cheddar GWR 1963
Cheddleton North Staffordshire Railway 1965
Chedworth Halt M&SWJR 1961
Chee Dale Halt British Rail 1987
Chelfham Lynton & Barnstaple Railway 1935
Chell Halt North Staffordshire Railway 1923
Chellaston and Swarkestone Midland Railway 1930
Chelsea and Fulham West London Extension Joint Railway 1940
Cheltenham High Street Midland Railway 1910
Cheltenham High Street Halt GWR 1917
Cheltenham Leckhampton Great Western Railway 1962
Cheltenham Racecourse Great Western Railway 1976 reopened 2003
Cheltenham Spa Malvern Road GWR 1966
Cheltenham Spa St. James GWR 1966
Chepstow East South Wales Railway 1852
Chequerbent (1831) Bolton and Leigh Railway 1885
Chequerbent (1885) L&NWR 1952
Cheriton Halt SE&CR 1947
Cherry Burton NER 1959
Cherryhinton Eastern Counties Railway 1854
Cherry Tree Lane (Doncaster) South Yorkshire Railway 1852
Chester Golf Club Halt Great Central Railway 1923
Chester Junction Golf Club Platform Great Central Railway 1895
Chester Liverpool Road GCR 1951
Chester Northgate Cheshire Lines Committee 1969
Chesterfield Central GCR 1963
Chesterfield Market Place Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway 1951
Chesterfield Road Ashover Light Railway 1936
Chesterton Eastern Counties Railway 1850
Chesterton Lane Halt British Railways 1964
Chettisham GER 1960
Chevening Halt SECR 1961
Chevington NER 1958
Chew Moor L&YR 1852
Chichester (West Sussex Railway) West Sussex Railway 1935
Chickenley Heath GNR 1909
Chilcompton S&D 1966
Childwall Cheshire Lines Committee 1931
Chilsworthy Plymouth, Devonport and South Western Junction Railway 1966
Chiltern Green Midland Railway 1952
Chilton Siding Cleobury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway 1917
Chilvers Coton L&NWR 1965
Chinnor GWR 1957
Chipping Campden GWR 1966
Chipping Norton (1st) GWR 1887
Chipping Norton (2nd) GWR 1962
Chipping Sodbury GWR 1961
Chirk Glyn Valley Tramway 1933
Chirnside NBR 1951
Chiseldon M&SWJR 1961
Chiseldon Camp Halt GWR 1961
Chislet Colliery Halt SE&CR 1971
Chittening Platform GWR 1964
Chollerton NBR 1956
Choppington NER 1950
Chorley ROF Halt LM&SR 1965
Chorlton-cum-Hardy Midland Railway 1967
Christchurch-first station Ringwood, Christchurch and Bournemouth Railway 1886
Christian Malford Halt GWR 1965
Christon Bank NER 1958
Christow GWR 1958
Chryston Monklands Railway 1851
Chudleigh GWR 1958
Chudleigh Knighton Halt GWR 1958
Church Brampton L&NWR 1931
Church Manor Way Halt SE&CR 1920
Church Road (Birmingham) Midland Railway 1925
Church Road (Garston) L&NWR 1939
Church Road (Monmouthshire) B&MJR 1957
Church Siding Wotton Tramway 1894
Church Street (Rickmansworth) L&NWR 1952
Church Village Halt Taff Vale Railway 1952
Churchbury GER 1919 reopened 1960
Churchdown GWR/MR Joint Railway 1964
Church's Hill Halt BR 1964
Churchtown WLR 1964
Churn Halt GWR 1962
Churston GWR 1972 taken over by Paignton & Dartmouth Rly
Churwell L&NWR 1940
Chwilog L&NWR 1964


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cilfrew Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Cilfynydd TVR 1932
Ciliau Aeron GWR 1951
Cinderford Severn and Wye Railway 1958
Cirencester Town GWR 1964
Cirencester Watermoor M&SWJR 1961
City Road City and South London Railway 1922


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Clachnaharry Highland Railway 1913
Clackmannan and Kennet NBR 1930
Clackmannan Road NBR 1921
Clapham LC&DR 1916
Clapham Common L&SWR 1863
Clapton Road Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Clare GER 1967
Clarence Dock Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Clarence Road (Cardiff) Great Western Railway 1964
Clarkston (Lanarks) North British Railway 1956 reopened as Drumgelloch in 2011
Clatford L&SWR 1964
Claughton NWR 1853
Claxby and Usselby GCR 1960
Clay Cross MR 1967
Clay Cross and Egstow ALR 1936
Clay Lane ALR 1936
Claydon (Buckinghamshire) L&NWR 1968
Claydon (Suffolk) GER 1963
Claypole GNR 1957
Clayton GNR 1955
Clayton Bridge L&YR 1968
Clayton West L&YR 1983
Clearbrook Halt GWR 1962
Cleator Moor Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1866
Cleator Moor East Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Junction Railway 1931
Cleator Moor West Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 1931
Cleckheaton Central L&YR 1965
Cleckheaton Spen L&NWR 1953
Cledford Bridge Halt L&NWR 1942
Cleeve MR 1950
Clegg Street (Oldham) Oldham, Ashton and Guide Bridge Junction Railway 1959
Cleghorn Caledonian 1965
Cleland (Old) Caledonian 1930
Clenchwarton M&GNJR 1959
Cleobury Mortimer GWR 1962
Cleobury Town CM&DPLR 1938
Clevedon Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Clevedon GWR 1966
Clevedon All Saints Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Clevedon East Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Cleveland Bridge G&I 1961
Cleveland Port Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway 1885
Cliburn NER 1956
Cliddesden L&SWR 1932
Cliff Common Derwent Valley Light Railway 1926
Cliff Common NER 1954
Cliffe SER 1961
Cliffe Park North Staffordshire Railway 1960
Cliffe Vale North Staffordshire Railway 1865
Clifford Golden Valley Railway 1941
Clifton and Lowther LNWR 1938
Clifton Bridge GWR 1964
Clifton (Mayfield) North Staffordshire Railway 1954
Clifton Mill L&NWR 1953
Clifton Moor NER 1962
Clifton Road (Brighouse) L&YR 1931
Clifton-on-Trent LD&ECR 1955
Clipston and Oxendon L&NWR 1960
Clitheroe L&YR 1962 reopened 1994
Clock Face LNWR 1951
Clocksbriggs Caledonian Railway 1955
Closeburn GSWR 1961
Clough Fold L&YR 1966
Cloughton NER 1965
Clovenfords North British Railway 1962
Clowne and Barlborough Midland Railway 1954
Clowne South LD&ECR 1939
Cloy Halt GWR 1962
Clubmoor Cheshire Lines Committee 1960
Clunes Highland Railway 1960
Clutton GWR 1959
Clydach L&NWR 1958
Clydach Court Halt Taff Vale Railway 1952
Clydach-on-Tawe MR 1950
Clydebank East NBR 1959
Clydebank Riverside Caledonian 1964
Clyne Halt GWR 1964
Clyst St Mary and Digby Halt L&SWR 1948


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Coalbrookdale GWR 1962
Coalburn Caledonian Railway 1965
Coaley Junction MR 1965
Coalpit Heath GWR 1961
Coalport East L&NWR 1952
Coalport West Great Western Railway 1963
Coalville East L&NWR 1931
Coalville Town MR 1964
Coanwood NER 1976
Coatbridge Central North British Railway 1951
Cobbinshaw (1st) Caledonian Railway 1875
Cobbinshaw (2nd) Caledonian Railway 1966
Coborn Road GER 1946
Cobridge North Staffordshire Railway 1964
Cockburnspath North British Railway 1951
Cocker Bar L&YR 1859
Cockerham Cross Halt Knott End Railway 1930
Cockermouth (C&W) Cockermouth & Workington Railway 1865
Cockermouth (CK&PR) Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 1966
Cockett GWR 1964
Cockfield (Suffolk) GER 1961
Cockfield Fell (Co. Durham) NER 1958
Cocking LB&SCR 1935
Codford GWR 1955
Codnor Park and Ironville MR 1967
Codnor Park and Selston later Jacksdale GNR 1964
Coed Ely GWR 1958
Coed Poeth Great Western Railway 1931
Coed Talon Wrexham and Minera Joint Railway 1950
Coedpenmaen Taff Vale Railway 1915
Cofton Birmingham and Gloucester Railway 1843
Cogie Hill Halt Knott End Railway 1930
Colbren Junction Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Cold Meece LMSR 1959
Cold Norton GER 1939
Coldham GER 1966
Coldharbour Halt GWR 1963
Coldstream NER 1964
Cole Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1966
Cole Green GNR 1951
Coleburn Great North of Scotland Railway 1871 possibly in private use until 1930s
Coleford (S&WR.) Severn and Wye Railway 1929
Coleford GWR 1917
Colehouse Lane Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway 1940
Coleshill Midland Railway 1968 reopened 2007
Colfin Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1950
Colinton Caledonian Railway 1943
College (Glasgow) Glasgow and Coatbridge Railway 1886
Collessie North British Railway 1955
Colliery Road Campbeltown and Machrihanish Railway 1927
Collingbourne Midland and South Western Junction Railway 1961
Collingbourne Kingston Halt Great Western Railway 1961
Collingham Bridge NER 1964
Collins Green Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1951
Colliston Caledonian Railway 1955
Colnbrook GWR 1965
Colnbrook Estate Halt British Railways 1965
Coltfield Platform Highland Railway 1931
Coltishall East Norfolk Railway 1952
Colwich LNWR 1958
Colyford L&SWR 1966
Colyton L&SWR 1966
Colzium Kilsyth and Bonnybridge Railway 1917
Combe Hay Halt GWR 1925
Comberow West Somerset Mineral Railway 1898
Combpyne L&SWR 1965
Commercial Dock SER 1867
Commercial Street Platform Taff Vale Railway 1912
Commins Coch Halt GWR 1965
Commondyke G&SWR 1950
Commonhead North British Railway 1930
Compton GWR 1962
Compton Halt GWR 1932
Comrie Caledonian Railway 1964
Conder Green LNWR 1930
Condover Halt GWR 1958
Congleton Upper Junction North Staffordshire Railway 1864
Congresbury GWR 1963
Coningsby GNR 1970
Conishead Priory Furness Railway 1916
Coniston Furness Railway 1958
Connah's Quay LNWR 1966
Connaught Road Eastern Counties and Thames Junction Railway 1940
Conon Highland Railway 1960 reopened 2013
Consall North Staffordshire Railway 1965 reopened 1998
Consett North Eastern Railway 1955
Constable Burton North Eastern Railway 1954
Conway Marsh / Conway Morfa LNWR 1927
Conwil GWR 1965
Coole Pilate Halt Great Western Railway 1963
Coombe Road Woodside and South Croydon Railway 1983
Coombes Holloway Halt Halesowen Railway 1927
Cooper Bridge L&YR 1950
Copgrove NER 1950
Copley L&YR 1931
Copmanthorpe York and North Midland Railway 1959
Coppenhall Grand Junction Railway 1840
Copper Pit Platform GWR 1956
Copperas Hill Cleator and Workington Junction Railway 1921
Copperhouse Halt (Hayle) West Cornwall Railway 1852
Copperhouse Halt GWR 1908
Coppull (1st) LNWR 1895
Coppull (2nd) LNWR 1969
Corby MR 1967 reopened 2009
Corby Glen GNR 1959
Corfe Castle L&SWR 1972 reopened 1995
Corfe Mullen Halt Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway 1956
Corkerhill G&SWR 1983 reopened 1990
Cornborough Bideford, Westward Ho! and Appledore Railway 1917
Cornbrook Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway 1865
Cornhill GNSR 1968
Cornholme L&YR 1938
Cornwood GWR 1959
Corporation Bridge (Grimsby) G&I/GCR 1961
Corpusty & Saxthorpe M&GNJR 1959
Corringham Corringham Light Railway 1952
Corris Corris Railway 1931
Corsham GWR 1965
Corstorphine NBR 1968
Corton (Suffolk) Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railway 1970
Corwen GWR 1964
Coryates Halt GWR 1952
Coryton (Devon) GWR 1962
Coryton (Essex) Corringham Light Railway 1952
Cossington S&DJR 1952
Cossington Gate MR 1873
Cotehill MR 1952
Cotham GNR 1939
Cotherstone NER 1964
Cottam GCR 1959
Cottingwith Derwent Valley Light Railway 1926
Coughton MR 1952
Coulsdon North LB&SCR 1983
Coulter Caledonian Railway 1950
Cound Halt GWR 1963
Coundon NER 1939
Coundon Road (originally "Counden Road") L&NWR 1965
Counter Drain M&GNJR 1959
Countess Park NBR 1861
Countesthorpe MR 1962
County School (Norfolk) GER 1964
Coupar Angus Scottish Midland Junction Railway/CR 1967
Court House (Barnsley) MR 1960
Court Sart Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1935
Cove Bay CR 1956
Cove Halt GWR 1963
Cowbit GNR/GER Joint Railway 1961
Cowbridge (Glamorgan) (1st) TVR 1892
Cowbridge (Glamorgan) (2nd) TVR 1951
Cowdenbeath Old NBR 1919
Cowes (Isle of Wight) Isle of Wight Central Railway 1966
Cowlairs NBR 1964
Cowley GWR 1962
Cowton NER 1958
Coxbank Halt GWR 1963
Coxbench MR 1930
Cox Green NER 1964
Coxhoe Clarence Railway/NER 1902
Coxhoe Bridge NER 1952
Coxlodge NER 1929
Coxwold NER 1953


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cradoc Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Crag Mill NER 1877
Craigellachie GNSR 1968
Craigie Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1839
Craigleith Caledonian Railway 1962
Craiglockhart NBR 1962
Craiglon Bridge Halt GWR 1953
Craigo Caledonian Railway 1956
Craig-y-nos (Penwyllt) Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Crail NBR 1965
Crakehall NER 1954
Cranbrook (Kent) SER 1961
Crane Street, Pontypool GWR 1962
Cranford MR 1956
Crank Halt L&NWR 1951
Cranleigh LB&SCR 1965
Cranley Gardens GNR 1954
Cranmore GWR 1963
Crathes Great North of Scotland Railway 1966
Crawford Caledonian Railway 1965
Crawley (Durham) Stockton and Darlington Railway 1846
Cray Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Creagan Caledonian 1966
Credenhill MR 1962
Creech St Michael Halt GWR 1964
Creekmoor Halt SR 1966
Creetown Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1965
Creigiau Barry Railway 1962
Crescent (Peterborough) MR 1866
Cressage GWR 1963
Cresswell North Staffordshire Railway 1966
Creswell and Welbeck LD&ECR 1939
Crew Green Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway/Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1932
Crianlarich Lower Caledonian 1965
Cricklade M&SWJR 1961
Crieff Caledonian Railway 1964
Criggion Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway/Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1932
Crigglestone West L&YR 1965
Crimple NER 1869
Croesor Junction Welsh Highland Railway 1936
Croft (Leicester) L&NWR 1968
Croft (North Yorkshire) Stockton and Darlington 1833
Croft Spa NER 1969
Crofthead Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway 1930
Crofton (L&Y) L&YR 1931
Crofton (Cumbria) Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1954
Cromdale GNSR 1965
Cromer High GER 1954
Cromer Links Halt Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railway 1953
Cronberry G&SWR 1951
Crook NER 1965
Crook of Devon NBR 1964
Crookston G&SWR 1983 reopened 1990
Cropredy GWR 1956
Crosby Garrett MR 1952
Cross Hands Halt GWR 1964
Cross Inn Taff Vale Railway 1952
Crosskeys GWR 1962
Cross Lane LNWR 1959
Cross Slack Preston and Wyre Joint Railway 1873
Crossens WLR 1964
Crossford G&SWR 1943
Crossgatehall Halt NBR 1930
Crossgates (Fife) NBR 1949
Crosshill (Ayr) G&SWR 1862
Crosshill and Codnor MR 1926
Crosshouse Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway 1966
Crossmichael Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway 1965
Crossways Halt GWR 1951
Crouch End (London) GNR 1954
Crow Park GNR 1958
Crow Road (Glasgow) Caledonian Railway 1960
Crowden GCR 1957
Crowle North Axholme Joint Railway 1933
Crown Street (Carlisle) Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1849
Crown Street (Liverpool) Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1836
Crown Street Halt (Silverdale) LM&SR 1949
Croxall MR 1928
Croxdale NER 1938
Croxley Green LNWR 1996
Cruckton Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway 1933
Cruden Bay GNSR 1932
Crudgington GWR 1963
Crumlin Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway 1857
Crumlin High Level GWR 1964
Crumlin Low Level GWR 1962
Crumlin Valley Colliery Platform Great Western Railway 1961
Crumstane North British Railway 1852
Crymmych Arms GWR 1962
Crynant Neath and Brecon Railway 1962
Crynant New Colliery Halt Great Western Railway 1954
Crystal Palace (High Level) London, Chatham and Dover Railway 1954


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cudworth MR 1968
Cuerdley St Helens Canal and Railway 1858
Culcheth GCR 1964
Culgaith MR 1970
Culkerton Halt GWR 1964
Cullen GNSR 1968
Cullingworth GNR 1955
Culloden Moor Highland Railway 1965
Cullompton Bristol and Exeter Railway 1964
Culmstock Halt GWR (Culm Valley Light Railway) 1963
Culross North British Railway 1930
Culter GNSR 1966
Cults (1st) GNSR 1885
Cults (2nd) GNSR 1966
Culworth GCR 1958
Cumberland Street (Glasgow) G&SWR 1966
Cummersdale Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1951
Cummertrees G&SWR 1955
Cummingston Highland Railway 1904
Cumnock G&SWR 1951
Cumnock Old Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway 1965
Cumwhinton MR 1956
Cunninghamhead G&SWR 1951
Currie Caledonian Railway 1943
Currie Hill Caledonian Railway 1951
Curthwaite Maryport and Carlisle Railway 1959
Curzon Street (Birmingham) LNWR 1854
Cuthlie Dundee and Arbroath Railway 1929
Cutlers Green Halt GER 1952
Cutnall Green Halt GWR 1965


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cwm GWR 1962
Cwm Bargoed Taff Bargoed Railway 1964
Cwm Prysor Halt GWR 1960
Cwmaman Colliery Halt GWR 1924
Cwmaman Crossing Halt GWR 1924
Cwmavon (Glamorgan) Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1962
Cwmavon (Mon.) GWR 1962
Cwmbach Halt GWR 1964 reopened 1988
Cwmbran (GWR) GWR 1962 A new Cwmbran railway station was opened at a different location in 1986
Cwmbran (MR&C) Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company 1880
Cwmcarn GWR 1962
Cwmdu Port Talbot Railway and Docks 1932
Cwmffrwd Halt GWR 1962
Cwmffrwdoer Halt GWR 1941
Cwmllynfell MR 1950
Cwmmawr Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway 1953
Cwmneol Halt GWR 1924
Cwmsyfiog Brecon and Merthyr Railway 1937
Cwmsyfiog Halt (1st) GWR 1937
Cwmsyfiog Halt (2nd) GWR 1962
Cwmtwrch Well Halt LMS 1950
Cwm-y-Glo L&NWR 1930


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed Notes
Cymmer Afan Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1970
Cymmer Corrwg South Wales Mineral Railway 1930
Cynonville Halt Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1956
Cynwyd GWR 1964


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