List of coastal settlements of the Mediterranean Sea

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Cities are ordered by their position on the Mediterranean, from west to east. They can be reordered by name (alphabetically), country, subdivision of the Mediterranean, population size, or main language spoken in the city.

City Country Other names Subdivision Population Date, Source Language(s)
Algeciras Flag of Spain.svg Spain Bay of Gibraltar 116,917 2012 Spanish
Tangier Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco Tanja,طنجة Strait of Gibraltar 793,776 2014 Arabic, French, Berber
Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar Cebelitarık Bay of Gibraltar 30,001 2012[1] English, Llanito, Spanish
Ceuta Flag of Spain.svg Spain Sebtah, سبتة Strait of Gibraltar 82,376 2011[2] Spanish, Berber, Arabic, French
Marbella Flag of Spain.svg Spain Alboran Sea 140,473 2012 Spanish
Málaga Flag of Spain.svg Spain Alboran Sea 568,507 2010 Spanish
Al Hoceima Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco Villa, Lhusima Alboran Sea 102,942 2007 Berber, Arabic, French
Melilla Flag of Spain.svg Spain Alboran Sea 78,476 2011[3] Spanish
Nador Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco Ennaḍor, الناظور Alboran Sea 160,000 Berber, Arabic, French
Almería Flag of Spain.svg Spain Alboran Sea 191,443 Spanish
Cartagena Flag of Spain.svg Spain None 216,655 2012 Spanish
Oran Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Wehran None 759,645 1998[4] Arabic
Alicante Flag of Spain.svg Spain Alacant None 334,329 2011 Spanish, Catalan
Valencia Flag of Spain.svg Spain València Balearic Sea 809,267 Spanish, Catalan
Castellón de la Plana Flag of Spain.svg Spain Castelló de la Plana, Castellón, Castelló Balearic Sea 180,204 Spanish, Catalan
Calpe Flag of Spain.svg Spain Calp Balearic Sea 29,666 Spanish, Catalan
Mostaganem Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Mustaġānam,Mestghalim, مستغانم None 145,696 Arabic
Dénia Flag of Spain.svg Spain Denia Balearic Sea 44,455 Spanish, Catalan
Sant Carles de la Ràpita Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 15,583 Catalan, Spanish
Tarragona Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 134,085 Catalan, Spanish
Sant Antoni de Portmany Flag of Spain.svg Spain San Antonio Abad, San Antonio Balearic Sea 22,446 Catalan, Spanish
Ibiza Flag of Spain.svg Spain Eivissa Balearic Sea 49,768 Spanish, Catalan
Sitges Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 27,668 Catalan, Spanish
Barcelona Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 5,474,482 Catalan, Spanish
Badalona Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 220,977 Catalan, Spanish
Palma Flag of Spain.svg Spain Palma de Mallorca Balearic Sea 401,270 Spanish, Catalan
Algiers Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Dzayer,Lezzayer, الجزائر العاصمة None 3,415,811 Arabic, Berber
Alcúdia Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 19,071 Catalan, Spanish
Cala Millor Flag of Spain.svg Spain Balearic Sea 5,665 Catalan, Spanish
Agde Flag of France.svg France Gulf of Lion 22,487 French, Occitan
Sète Flag of France.svg France Seta Gulf of Lion 42,786 French, Occitan
Ciutadella Flag of Spain.svg Spain Ciutadella de Menorca, Ciudadela Balearic Sea 29,160 Spanish, Catalan
Mahón Flag of Spain.svg Spain Mahon, Maó, Maó-Mahón Balearic Sea 29,125 Spanish, Catalan
Béjaïa Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Bgayet None 177,988 Berber, Arabic
Marseille Flag of France.svg France Marselha, Marseilles Gulf of Lion 850,726 French, Occitan
Antibes Flag of France.svg France Antíbol Ligurian Sea 74,875 French, Occitan
Martigues Flag of France.svg France Lo Martegue, Martigues Gulf of Lion 46,471 French, Occitan
Menton Flag of France.svg France Menton Ligurian Sea 29,073 French, Occitan
Jijel Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Djidjel, جيجل None 148,000 Arabic
Toulon Flag of France.svg France Tolon, Touloun Gulf of Lion 170,041 French, Occitan
Skikda Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria سكيكدة None 152,355 Arabic
Cannes Flag of France.svg France Canas Ligurian Sea 72,939 French, Occitan
Nice Flag of France.svg France Niça, Nissa, Nizza, Nizza Marittima Ligurian Sea 343,895 French, Occitan, Ligurian, Italian
Monaco Flag of Monaco.svg Monaco Múnegu, Mónegue Ligurian Sea 36,371 French, Ligurian, Italian, English, Occitan
Annaba Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria Annābah,Bouna, عنابة None 257,359 Arabic
Sanremo Flag of Italy.svg Italy San Remo, Sanrœmu Ligurian Sea 56,864 Italian, Ligurian
Alghero Flag of Italy.svg Italy L'Alguer, S'Alighèra, La Liéra Balearic Sea 40,641 Italian, Catalan, Sardinian, Corsican
Porto Torres Flag of Italy.svg Italy Posthudorra, Pòrtu Turre Balearic Sea 22,289 Italian, Corsican, Sardinian
Sant'Antioco Flag of Italy.svg Italy Santu Antiogu Balearic Sea 11,730 Italian, Sardinian, Ligurian
Ajaccio Flag of France.svg France Aiacciu None 65,542 French, Corsican, Italian
Bastia Flag of France.svg France Bastìa Ligurian Sea 43,008 French, Corsican, Italian
Tabarka Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia ṭbarqa Strait of Sicily 15,634 Arabic
Genoa Flag of Italy.svg Italy Genova, Zena, Genua Ligurian Sea 604,848 Italian, Ligurian
Pula Flag of Italy.svg Italy None 6,937 Italian, Sardinian
Cagliari Flag of Italy.svg Italy Casteddu Tyrrhenian Sea 149,576 Italian, Sardinian
Olbia Flag of Italy.svg Italy Terranòa, Tarranòa Tyrrhenian Sea 54,833 Italian, Sardinian, Coriscan
Bizerte Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Banzart, Benzert, Biserta Strait of Sicily 114,371 Arabic, French
Tunis Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Tūnis, Tunes Strait of Sicily 651,183 Arabic, French
Livorno Flag of Italy.svg Italy Leghorn Ligurian Sea 161,162 Italian, Tuscan
Sousse Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Sūsa, Susa Strait of Sicily 173,047 Arabic, Berber
Nabeul Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Nābil Strait of Sicily 56,387 Arabic, Berber
Sfax Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Ṣafāqis Strait of Sicily 265,131 Arabic
Kelibia Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Qilībiyah Strait of Sicily 43,209 Arabic
Orbetello Flag of Italy.svg Italy Tyrrhenian Sea 15,248 Italian, Tuscan
Zuwarah Flag of Libya.svg Libya Tamurt n Wat Willul 180,310 Arabic, Berber
Venice Flag of Italy.svg Italy Venexia, Venezia, Vinegia Adriatic Sea 270,660 Italian, Venetian
Marsala Flag of Italy.svg Italy Maissala Tyrrhenian Sea 82,765 Italian, Sicilian
Trapani Flag of Italy.svg Italy Tràpani Tyrrhenian Sea 70,638 Italian, Sicilian
Terrasini Flag of Italy.svg Italy 10,847 Italian, Sicilian
Zawiya Flag of Libya.svg Libya 200,000 Arabic
Tripoli Flag of Libya.svg Libya Ṭarābulus 2,127,000 Arabic
Palermo Flag of Italy.svg Italy Palermu Tyrrhenian Sea 654,858 Italian, Sicilian
Zliten Flag of Libya.svg Libya Zleetin 184,000 Arabic
Pescara Flag of Italy.svg Italy Piscàrë Adriatic Sea 119,554 Italian
Trieste Flag of Italy.svg Italy Trièst, Trst, Трст, Triest Adriatic Sea 205,535 Italian, Venetian, Slovene, German
Piran Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Pirano Adriatic Sea 4,092 Slovene, Italian
Izola Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Isola Adriatic Sea 11,235 Slovene, Italian
Koper Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Capodistria Adriatic Sea 25,306 Slovene, Italian
Misurata Flag of Libya.svg Libya Mosrata 281,000 Arabic
Pula Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Pola, Pulj, Polei Adriatic Sea 57,191 Croatian, Italian, German, Istro-Romanian
Naples Flag of Italy.svg Italy Napule, Napoli Tyrrhenian Sea 959,574 Italian, Neapolitan
Rome Flag of Italy.svg Italy Roma Tyrrhenian Sea 2,866,793 Italian
Rijeka Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Fiume, Pflaum Adriatic Sea 128,624 Croatian, Venetian, Italian, German
Salerno Flag of Italy.svg Italy Tyrrhenian Sea 131,950 Italian, Neapolitan
Sirte Flag of Libya.svg Libya Sirt Gulf of Sirte 79,631 Arabic
Mazara del Vallo Flag of Italy.svg Italy Strait of Sicily 51,455 2018 Italian, Sicilian
Sciacca Flag of Italy.svg Italy Strait of Sicily 40,380 2018 Italian, Sicilian
Gela Flag of Italy.svg Italy Strait of Sicily 74,387 2018 Italian, Sicilian
Valletta Flag of Malta.svg Malta Malta Channel 355,000 2014 Maltese, English, Italian
Crotone Flag of Italy.svg Italy Ionian Sea 64,603 Italian, Sicilian
Catania Flag of Italy.svg Italy Ionian Sea 291,274 Italian, Sicilian
Syracuse Flag of Italy.svg Italy Sarausa, Siracusa Ionian Sea 123,408 Italian, Sicilian
Zadar Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Zara Adriatic Sea 75,082 Croatian
Messina Flag of Italy.svg Italy Missina Messina Strait 242,129 Italian, Sicilian
Reggio Calabria Flag of Italy.svg Italy Rìggiu, Reggio di Calabria Messina Strait 180,587 Italian, Sicilian
Vodice Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Adriatic Sea 8,875 2011[5] Croatian
Šibenik Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Sebenico, Sibenik, Shibeniku, Sibennig Adriatic Sea 46,332 2011[6] Croatian
Komiža Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Comisa Adriatic Sea 1,397 2011[7] Croatian
Vis Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Adriatic Sea 1,920 Croatian
Split Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Spalato Adriatic Sea 178,102 2011[7] Croatian, Italian
Hvar Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Hvor, For, Lesina Adriatic Sea 4,138 2001 Croatian, Italian
Solin Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Adriatic Sea 23,926 2011 Croatian
Stari Grad Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Adriatic Sea 2,817 Croatian
Bari Flag of Italy.svg Italy Bare Adriatic Sea 320,475 Italian, Barese
Al Bayda Flag of Libya.svg Libya 250,000 Arabic
Benghazi Flag of Libya.svg Libya Banghāzī, Bengasi Gulf of Sirte 631,000 Arabic
Ajdabiya Flag of Libya.svg Libya 76,000 Arabic
Taranto Flag of Italy.svg Italy Tarde Ionian Sea 200,154 Italian, Sicilian
Ploče Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Plocca Adriatic Sea 6,013 Croatian
Dubrovnik Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Ragusa Adriatic Sea 42,615 Croatian, Italian
Otranto Flag of Italy.svg Italy Strait of Otranto 5,531 Italian, Sicilian
Kotor Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Cattaro Adriatic Sea 5,341 Montenegrin, Serbian
Budva Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Budua Adriatic Sea 14,458 Montenegrin, Serbian
Bar Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Antivari, Antibari, Tivari Adriatic Sea 17,727 2011 Montenegrin, Serbian, Albanian
Ulcinj Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Ulqin, Dulcigno Adriatic Sea 10,828 Albanian, Serbian, Montenegrin
Velipojë Flag of Albania.svg Albania Velipoja Adriatic Sea 8,026 Albanian
Durrës Flag of Albania.svg Albania Durazzo, Dirahio Adriatic Sea 113,249 Albanian
Vlorë Flag of Albania.svg Albania Vlora, Vlonë, Valona, Avlona Strait of Otranto 79,948 Albanian
Lezhë Flag of Albania.svg Albania Lezha, Alessio Adriatic Sea 15,644 Albanian
Dhërmi Flag of Albania.svg Albania Ionian Sea 1,800 Albanian
Himarë Flag of Albania.svg Albania Himara, Himera Ionian Sea 11,257 Albanian, Greek
Sarandë Flag of Albania.svg Albania Saranda, Hagioi Sarada Ionian Sea 37,757 Albanian
Patras Flag of Greece.svg Greece Ionian Sea 213,984 Greek
Volos Flag of Greece.svg Greece Aegean Sea 144,449 Greek
Thessaloniki Flag of Greece.svg Greece Selanik Aegean Sea 788,952 Greek
Derna Flag of Libya.svg Libya Darnah Libyan Sea 125,000 2011 Arabic
Athens Flag of Greece.svg Greece Athina Aegean Sea 3,090,508 2011 Greek
Chania Flag of Greece.svg Greece Hanya Sea of Crete 108,310 Greek
Heraklion Flag of Greece.svg Greece Irákleio, Kandiye Sea of Crete 173,993 Greek
Tobruk Flag of Libya.svg Libya Ṭubruq Libyan Sea 120,000 2011 Arabic
Rhodes Flag of Greece.svg Greece Ródos Aegean Sea 115,490 Greek
Mersa Matruh Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Matrouh Libyan Sea 68,339 2011 Arabic
Alexandria Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Al-Iskandariyyah, Eskendereyyah, Rakotə Levantine Sea 4,546,231 Arabic
Damietta Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Dumyāṭ, Damiata, Domyat Levantine Sea 337,303 2012 Arabic
Port Said Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt Borsaʿīd Levantine Sea 603,787 2010 Arabic
Arish Flag of Egypt.svg Egypt El ʿArīš Levantine Sea 164,830 2012 Arabic
Gaza City Flag of Palestine.svg State of Palestine Ghazzah Levantine Sea 515,556 2012 Arabic
Ashdod Flag of Israel.svg Israel Levantine Sea 220,714 2015 Hebrew, Arabic, English
Tel Aviv Flag of Israel.svg Israel Levantine Sea 4,228,184 2020[8] Hebrew, Arabic, English
Haifa Flag of Israel.svg Israel Levantine Sea 278,903 Hebrew, Arabic, English
Tyre Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Ṣūr Levantine Sea 60,000 Arabic. French, English
Sidon Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Ṣaydā Levantine Sea 80,000 Arabic. French, English
Beirut Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Bayrūt Levantine Sea 2,226,000 2015 Arabic. French, English
Batroun Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon al-Batrun Levantine Sea 45,000 Arabic. French, English
Tripoli Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon Ṭrāblos, Ṭarābulus Levantine Sea 227,857 Arabic. French, English
Tartus Flag of Syria.svg Syria Levantine Sea 115,769 2004 Arabic
Latakia Flag of Syria.svg Syria Levantine Sea 383,786 2004 Arabic
Izmir Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey İzmir,Smyrna Aegean Sea 4,367,251 2019 Turkish
Antalya Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Gulf of Antalya 2,511,700 2019 Turkish
Mersin Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Levantine Sea 1,840,425 2019 Turkish
Kyrenia Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg TRNC Girne Levantine Sea 20,851 2011 Turkish
Famagusta Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg TRNC Gazimağusa Levantine Sea 40,920 2011 Turkish
Dhekelia Cantonment UK flag m v.gif Dhekelia Levantine Sea N/A English, Greek, Turkish
Larnaca Cyprus flag 300.png Cyprus İskele Levantine Sea 51,468 2011 Greek
Limassol Cyprus flag 300.png Cyprus Leymosun Levantine Sea 101,000 2011 Greek
Episkopi UK flag m v.gif Akrotiri Levantine Sea 3,681 2011 English, Greek, Turkish
Paphos Cyprus flag 300.png Cyprus Baf Levantine Sea 32,892 2011 Greek
Polis Chrysochous Cyprus flag 300.png Cyprus Poli Levantine Sea 3,690 2011 Greek


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