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The following is a list of colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky also has two early entrance to college programs, for academically gifted high school juniors and seniors, that allows the students to take college credits while finishing high school. They are the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics, and the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Public universities[edit]

Institution Endowment (2022) Total students (2022)
Eastern Kentucky University $78.8 million[1] 14,324[2]
Kentucky State University $21.9 million[3] 1,726[2]
Morehead State University $71 million[4] 8,810[2]
Murray State University $100.2 million[1] 9,489[2]
Northern Kentucky University $119.2 million[1] 15,827[2]
University of Kentucky $1.68 billion[1] 32,710[2]
University of Louisville $883.6 million[1] 23,043[2]
Western Kentucky University $209.5 million[1] 16,495[2]
Total $3.16 billion 122,424

Private liberal arts colleges[edit]

Private colleges and universities[edit]

Kentucky Community and Technical College System[edit]

Kentucky dental schools[edit]

Kentucky law schools[edit]

Kentucky medical schools[edit]

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