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Map of colleges and universities in Rhode Island

This is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. There are currently 13 accredited, degree-granting institutions operating in the state, including two research universities, a community college, and a school of art.

Two of the state's public institutions are administered by the Rhode Island Board of Education.[1] The other, the University of Rhode Island, is overseen by its own board of trustees.[2][3][4] The state operates two public universities, the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College, as well as the Community College of Rhode Island, which offers degrees at six locations. The Naval War College, operated by the federal United States Navy, is located in Newport. The oldest school in the state is Brown University, a member of the Ivy League and the only Rhode Island institution founded before the American Revolution. The newest college is College Unbound, a degree completion school in Providence.[5] Enrollment sizes range from College Unbound at 208 students to the University of Rhode Island, the state's flagship public university, with 20,720 students.

The institutions included on this list are all regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.[6]


School Location(s)[7] Control[7] Type[7][a] Enrollment[b]
Brown University Providence Private Doctoral university 11,189 1764[8][9]
Bryant University Smithfield Private Master's university 3,536 1863[10]
College Unbound Providence Private Special-focus institution 285 2009[11]
Community College of Rhode Island 6 locations Public Associate's college 12,263 1964[12]
Johnson & Wales University Providence Private Master's university 4,566[c] 1914[13]
Naval War College Newport Public
Master's university[d] 525[14][e] 1884[15]
New England Institute of Technology East Greenwich Private Master's university 1,895 1940[16]
Providence College Providence Private
Master's university 4,473 1917[17]
Rhode Island College Providence Public Master's university 5,787 1854[18]
Rhode Island School of Design Providence Private School of art 2,620 1877[19]
Roger Williams University Bristol Private Master's university 4,397[f] 1956[20]
Salve Regina University Newport Private
Master's university 2,872 1934[21]
University of Rhode Island Kingston Public Doctoral university 17,473 1892[22]

Defunct institutions[edit]

School Location(s) Founded Closed
Barrington College Barrington 1900 1985[23]
Gibbs College Cranston 1911 2009
Mount Saint Joseph College Wakefield 1975
Rhode Island College of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences Providence 1902[24] 1957[25]
Scholfield's Commercial College Providence 1846[26] ?
Seminary of Our Lady of Providence Warwick 1939[27] 1975[27]

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