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Map of the land owned or leased by colleges and universities in the Boston area as of 2021

This is a list of colleges and universities in metropolitan Boston. Some are located within Boston proper while some are located in neighboring cities and towns, but all are within the 128/95/1 loop. This is closer to the "inner core" definition of Metropolitan Boston, which excludes more suburban North Shore, South Shore and MetroWest regions. Although larger institutions may have several schools, some of which are located in cities other than that of the main campus (such as Harvard Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine), each institution is listed only once and location is determined by the site of each institution's main campus.

There are a total of 44 institutions of higher education in the defined region, including six junior colleges, 11 colleges that primarily grant baccalaureate and master's degrees, eight research universities, and 19 special-focus institutions. Of these, 43 are non-profit organizations while one is a for-profit business, and 39 are private ventures while five are public institutions (four are run by the state of Massachusetts and one is operated by the city of Quincy).

In 2007, enrollment at these colleges and universities ranged from 108 students at the Episcopal Divinity School to 32,053 students at Boston University. The first to be founded was Harvard University, also the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, while the most recently established institution is the Urban College of Boston. All but two of these schools are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the oldest regional accrediting body in the United States.


Name Location Control[1] Classification[1] Enrollment[2] Founded[a] NEASC-accredited[3]
Bay State College Boston For-profit Associate's 609 1946 2008
Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology Boston Private Special-focus 612 1908 2006
Bentley University Waltham Private Master's 5,314 1917 1966
Berklee College of Music Boston Private Special-focus 6,999 1945 1973
Boston Architectural College Boston Private Special-focus 737 1889 1991
Boston Baptist College Milton Private Special-focus 153 1976
Boston College Newton Private Research 14,747 1863 1935
Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis Brookline Private Special-focus 130 1973 1996
Boston University Boston Private Research 33,720 1839 1929
Brandeis University Waltham Private Research 5,825 1948 1953
Bunker Hill Community College Boston Public Associate's 11,352 1973 1976
Cambridge College Boston Private Master's 2,356 1971 1981
Curry College Milton Private Baccalaureate 2,519 1879 1970
Eastern Nazarene College Quincy Private Baccalaureate 772 1900 1943
Emerson College Boston Private Master's 4,930 1880 1950
Emmanuel College Boston Private Master's 2,222 1919 1933
Fisher College Boston Private Baccalaureate 1,628 1903 1970
Harvard University Cambridge Private Research 31,655 1636 1929
Hebrew College Newton Private Special-focus 167 1921 1955
Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology Brookline Private Special-focus 130 1937 1974
Hult International Business School Cambridge Private Special-focus 2,349 1964 1976
Labouré College Milton Private Associate's 988 1892 1975
Lasell University Newton Private Baccalaureate 2,041 1851 1932
Lesley University Cambridge Private Master's 4,510 1909 1952
Longy School of Music of Bard College Cambridge Private Special-focus 255 1915 1995
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston Public Special-focus 2,095 1873 1954
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Boston Private Special-focus 7,366 1823 1974
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Private Research 11,520 1861 1929
MGH Institute of Health Professions Boston Private Special-focus 1,199 1977 1985
New England College of Optometry Boston Private Special-focus 538 1894 1976
New England Conservatory Boston Private Special-focus 843 1867 1951
New England Law | Boston Boston Private Special-focus 709 1938
North Bennet Street School Boston Private Special-focus 157 1881 1985
Northeastern University Boston Private Research 22,207 1898 1940
Quincy College Quincy Public Associate's 3,401 1958 1980
Roxbury Community College Boston Public Associate's 1,674 1973 1981
Saint John's Seminary Boston Private Special-focus 111 1884 1969
Sattler College Boston Private Baccalaureate 75 2016
Simmons University Boston Private Master's 6,535 1899 1929
Suffolk University Boston Private Master's 7,169 1906 1952
Tufts University Medford Private Research 11,878 1852 1929
University of Massachusetts Boston Boston Public Research 15,989 1964 1972
Urban College of Boston Boston Private Associate's 768 1993 2001
Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston Private Special-focus 4,449 1904 1967
William James College Newton Private Special-focus 796 1974 1984

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  1. ^ Founding year is institutionally determined. It may differ from the institution's charter year, the year it became an institution of higher education, or the year it took its current name.


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