List of collegiate glee clubs

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This is a list of collegiate glee clubs located in the United States.

Name Year established College or university Gender
Harvard Glee Club 1858 Harvard University Male
University of Michigan Men's Glee Club 1859 University of Michigan Male
Yale Glee Club 1861 Yale University Coed
Wesleyan University Glee Club[1] 1862 Wesleyan University Coed
The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club 1862[2] University of Pennsylvania Male
Amherst College Glee Club 1865 Amherst College Male
Cornell University Glee Club 1868 Cornell University Male
Union College Men's Glee Club 1869 Union College Male
Lehigh University Glee Club 1869 Lehigh University Male
Virginia Glee Club 1871 University of Virginia Male
Rutgers Glee Club 1872 Rutgers University Male
Princeton Glee Club 1874 Princeton University Coed
The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club 1875 The Ohio State University Male
Michigan State University Men's Glee Club[3] 1880 Michigan State University Male
Varsity Men's Glee Club (University of Illinois)[4] 1886 University of Illinois Male
The Pennsylvania State University Glee Club 1888 The Pennsylvania State University Male
Pitt Men's Glee Club 1890 University of Pittsburgh Male
University of Kansas Men's Glee Club[5] 1890 University of Kansas Male
UGA Men's Glee Club[6] 1892 University of Georgia Male
Purdue Varsity Glee Club 1893 Purdue University Male
Texas A&M Singing Cadets 1894 Texas A&M University Male
The University of Oklahoma Men's Glee Club 1901 The University of Oklahoma Male
Georgia Tech Glee Club 1906 Georgia Tech Male
Wheaton College Men's Glee Club 1907 Wheaton College Male
Miami University Glee Club 1907 Miami University Male
Morehouse College Glee Club 1911 Morehouse College Male
Notre Dame Glee Club 1915 University of Notre Dame Male
LSU Tiger Glee Club 1916 Louisiana State University Male
United States Naval Academy Glee Club 1946 United States Naval Academy Coed
Fairfield University Glee Club 1947 Fairfield University Coed