List of colonial governors of North Carolina

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This is a list of the colonial governors of the Province of North Carolina and preceding British colonies in the same region.

Roanoke Colony: 1585-1587[edit]

Main article: Roanoke Colony
Governor Took office Left office
Ralph Lane 1585 1586
John White 1587 1587

Proprietary Colony, 1664–1731[edit]

Governors of Albemarle Sound, 1664-1689[edit]

Governor Took office Left office
William Drummond 1664 1667
Samuel Stephens 1667 1669
Peter Carteret 1670 1672
John Jenkins 1672 1675
Thomas Eastchurch 1675 1676
John Jenkins 1676 1677
Thomas Miller 1677 1677
John Harvey 1679 1679
Henry Wilkinson N/A[a] N/A
John Jenkins 1680 1681
Seth Sothel 1682 1689

Governors of Carolina, 1689-1711[edit]

In 1689-91, a system developed in which the Proprietors appointed one governor of the entire Province, who was based in Charles Town. This official governed the northern section of the colony through a Deputy, who was in many ways autonomous. In the early years, the deputy governor was known as the governor of "Ye Lands North and East of Cape Feare." Eventually, this system gave way to the creation of two separate governments.

Deputy Governors (North Carolina)[edit]

Governors (South Carolina)[edit]

Governors of North Carolina, 1711-1731[edit]

Royal colony, 1731-1775[edit]

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  1. ^ Appointed, but never took office.

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