List of colonial universities in British India

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The list of colonial universities in British India comprises all universities established by the British Raj in British India which comprises the geographical territory of the now sovereign countries India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1947 there were 21 universities established in the Indian Subcontinent. The Partition of India left 19 universities in India with 2 falling in the geographical area of Pakistan, 1 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) and 1 in West Pakistan.[1]


1794 - 1947[edit]

Recognized University Modern country
1794 College of Engineering, Guindy India
1857 University of Calcutta India
1857 University of Madras India
1857 University of Bombay India
1882 University of the Punjab Pakistan
1887 Allahabad University India
1917[2] Patna University India
1920 University of Dhaka Bangladesh
1923[2] Nagpur University India
1857 Presidency College of Madras India
1927 Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University India


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