List of comedy television series with LGBT characters

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This list includes comedy series that feature noteworthy lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters. Miniseries and web television programs are included.


Year Show Network Character Actor Notes
1972–1973 The Corner Bar ABC Peter Panama Vincent Schiavelli The first continuing portrayal of a gay person on American television.[1]
1972–1985 Are You Being Served? BBC Mr. Humphries John Inman British sitcom about staff working in the Grace Brothers department store.
1975 Hot l Baltimore ABC George
Lee Bergere
Henry Calvert
The first gay couple on American network television.
1975–1982 Barney Miller ABC Marty Morrison
Darryl Driscoll
Officer Zatelli
Jack DeLeon
Ray Stewart
Dino Natali
Marty was a semi-regular on the long-running television series and Darryl made several appearances as Marty's lover. Series creator Danny Arnold worked closely with the National Gay Task Force in developing the characters of Darryl and Marty. Initially both were presented as flamboyantly gay men, but as the series progressed Darryl began acting and dressing more conservatively.[2] Officer Zatelli's coming out, initially to Captain Miller but eventually to the entire squad, was the first gay-themed story arc on American television and Arnold again worked with the NGTF to develop it.
1976–1977 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Syndicated Ed McCullough
Howard McCullough
Laurence Haddon
Beeson Carroll
Ed and Howard were introduced as a pair of brothers sharing a house in the Hartmans' neighborhood but were later revealed to be a gay couple hoping to live an open life in Fernwood.
1976 (unaired) Snip NBC Michael Walter Wanderman He was the owner of the salon where the characters worked.
1976 The Nancy Walker Show ABC Terry Folson Ken Olfson Terry was an out-of-work actor and personal assistant to lead character Nancy Kitteridge (Nancy Walker).
1976 Ball Four CBS Based on the book Ball Four. Featured a gay rookie baseball player.[3]
1977 All That Glitters Syndicated Linda Murkland Linda Gray Linda Murkland was a transgender woman (the first transgender series regular on American television).
1977–1981 Soap ABC Jodie Dallas Billy Crystal By the end of the series, Jodie was romantically involved with a woman.
1979–1981 Agony ITV Michael
Peter Denyer
Jeremy Bulloch
First British sitcom to feature a gay couple in a non-camp fashion.
1981–1983 Love, Sidney NBC Sidney Shore Tony Randall The first prime-time television series to have a gay character as its central lead although the character was in the closet for all 40 episodes.
1981 Daily at Dawn Seven Network Leslie Windrush Terry Bader The first Australian comedy series to feature a regular gay character.
1982–1992 'Allo 'Allo! BBC Lt. Hubert Gruber Guy Siner Lt. Gruber was clearly depicted as gay, and interested in the series' lead character, Rene Artois (Gorden Kaye). In the series finale's flash-forward scene, however, it was revealed that Gruber eventually married Pvt. Helga Geerhart (Kim Hartman).
1984 Dream Stuffing Channel 4 Richard Ray Burdis British sitcom about two unemployed girls who share a London flat. Their neighbour Richard is gay.
1984–1989 Brothers Showtime Cliff Waters
Donald Maulpey
Paul Regina
Philip Charles MacKenzie
Two heterosexual brothers cope when third brother (Cliff) comes out as gay. Donald is Cliff's gay neighbor.
1985 Sara NBC Dennis Kemper Bronson Pinchot Dennis is an attorney in the law firm at which the series is set.
1987–1991 Thirtysomething ABC Russell Weller
Peter Montefiore
David Marshall Grant
Peter Frechette
Two supporting gay characters, one an artist and one working in advertising. Focus of the episode Strangers.
1987–1988 Women in Prison Fox Bonnie Harper Antionette Byron
1987–1989 Hooperman ABC Rick Silardi Joseph Gian Uniformed Police Officer Rick Silardi is openly gay, but seems to spend most of his time fending off the affections of his straight female police partner, Officer Mo DeMott (Sydney Walsh), who wants to "save him" from being gay by making passes at him whenever possible.
1988–1997 Roseanne ABC Bev Harris
Leon Carp
Nancy Bartlett
Estelle Parsons
Martin Mull
Fred Willard
Sandra Bernhard
In the final episode, Rosanne Conner revealed that the last season was a story she'd written. Her mother wasn't really gay but her sister was.
1989–1991 Doctor Doctor CBS Richard Stratford Tony Carreiro Richard is the openly gay brother of lead character Mike Stratford (Matt Frewer).
1990–1993 You Rang M'Lord? BBC Helen Cooper Cecily "Cissy" Meldrum Catherine Rabett
1990–1998 Drop the Dead Donkey Channel 4 Helen Cooper Ingrid Lacey
1991–1997 The Brittas Empire BBC Gavin Featherly
Tim Whistler
Tim Marriott
Russell Porter
Tim and Gavin are a couple working at the leisure centre, who, though out, choose not to tell some people due to fear of being fired. Their homophobic boss is innocently oblivious to their relationship for seven years.
1992 Terry and Julian Channel 4 Julian Julian Clary
1992–1998 The Larry Sanders Show HBO Brian Scott Thompson
1993 Cutters CBS Troy King Julius Carry Troy was an Olympic gold medalist turned hairdresser.[4]
1993–1996 The John Larroquette Show NBC Pat Jazzmun A drag queen who hangs out at the bus station where the lead character works.
1994 Daddy's Girls CBS Dennis Sinclair Harvey Fierstein Sinclair is a high-strung fashion designer. He was the first gay principal television character played by an openly gay actor.[5]
1994–1998 Ellen ABC Ellen Morgan
Peter Barnes
Ellen DeGeneres
Patrick Bristow
Jack Plotnick
After months of media speculation, Ellen Morgan came out in "The Puppy Episode". Peter and Barrett were Ellen's friends and a couple.
1994–1999 The Vicar of Dibley BBC Frank Pickle John Bluthal
1994–2004 Friends NBC Carol Willick
Susan Bunch
Jane Sibbett
Jessica Hecht
Carol is Ross's ex-wife, who realized that she was a lesbian. In 1996, Carol marries Susan, her partner, in network TV's first lesbian wedding.
1995 Muscle The WB Bronwyn Jones Amy Pietz Lead character Bronwyn is a lesbian news anchor.
1995 The Pursuit of Happiness NBC Alex Chosek Brad Garrett
1995 Agony Again BBC Michael Sasha Grunpeter Short-lived sequel to 1979 sitcom Agony. Jane Lucas's son Michael is gay.
1995–1996 High Society CBS Stephano Luigi Amodeo [6]
1995–1996 The Crew Fox Paul Steadman David Burke
1996 Public Morals CBS John Irvin Bill Brochtrup
1996 Party Girl Fox Derrick John Cameron Mitchell Short-lived sitcom based on the 1995 theatrical film [6]
1996 Lush Life Fox Nelson "Margarita" Marquez John Ortiz [6]
1996–2002 Spin City ABC Carter Sebastian Heywood Michael Boatman
1997–1998 Fired Up NBC Ashley Mark Davis [6]
1997–2000 Veronica's Closet NBC Josh Blair Wallace Langham Josh's sexuality was obfuscated as a running joke until the 2000 episode "Veronica Helps Josh Out", when he came out as gay.
1998–2004 Sex and the City HBO Stanford Blatch
Anthony Marantino
Samantha Jones
Willie Garson
Mario Cantone
Kim Cattrall
Stanford and Anthony are gay. Samantha is bisexual and has a romance with a woman, Maria (Sônia Braga).
Will & Grace NBC Will Truman
Jack McFarland
Karen Walker
Vince D'Angelo
Eric McCormack
Sean Hayes
Megan Mullally
Bobby Cannavale
Will and Jack are gay.
Karen's bisexuality is implied. (e.g. In season 6, episode 2, "Last Ex to Brooklyn", when a woman at the dinner table says she drinks because it makes sex better, Karen reaches over and fills her glass with wine; and when she becomes upset and leaves, Karen says "Oh, yeah. Just where I was hoping this evening was going.", grabs her purse and follows after her.)
Vince is Will's partner.
1999 Oh, Grow Up ABC Ford Lowell
John Ducey
Ed Marinaro
Ford is a married man who left his wife after realizing he was gay.[7] Sal is lead character Hunter's (Stephen Dunham) boss.[8]
1999–2000 Strangers with Candy Comedy Central Jerri Blank
Geoffrey Jellineck
Chuck Noblet
Amy Sedaris
Paul Dinello
Stephen Colbert
Jerri is bisexual. Jellineck and Noblet carried on a clandestine affair.
1999–2001 Beggars and Choosers Showtime Malcolm Laffley Tuc Watkins Laffley is a television casting director who came out to disprove sexual harassment charges leveled at him by a woman.
1999–2001 Los Beltrán Telemundo Fernando Salazar
Kevin Lynch
Gabriel Romero
James C. Leary
Fernando and Kevin are gay. They are the first openly-gay characters on Spanish-language television, and first same-sex couple that marry.[citation needed]
2000 Normal, Ohio Fox William "Butch" Gamble John Goodman
2000–2001 Grosse Pointe WB Ted Johnson
Kevin the P.A.
Michael Hitchcock
Nat Faxon
Jonathan Del Arco
Ted Johnson has a crush on his acting mate Johnny Bishop.
Kevin the P.A. has a brief crush on Dave May.[citation needed]
2000–2011 My Family BBC One Michael Harper Gabriel Thompson On 15 April 2010, MailOnline reported that despite his earlier reputation as a womanizer, Michael would come out as gay to his parents in the tenth series.[9]
2001 The Ellen Show CBS Ellen Richmond Ellen DeGeneres
2001 Some of My Best Friends CBS Warren Fairbanks
Vern Limoso
Jason Bateman
Alec Mapa
Based on the film Kiss Me, Guido
Trailer Park Boys Showcase (season 1-7)
Netflix (season 8- )
Jim Lahey
John Dunsworth
Patrick Roach
The characters of trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey and assistant trailer park supervisor Randy are both bisexual men.
2002 That '80s Show CBS Sophia Brittany Daniel Corey's bisexual ex-girlfriend who has an unreturned crush on Corey's sister Katie.
2002–2007 Kath & Kim ABC1
Seven Network
Sharon Strzelecki Magda Szubanski Sharon is a sports fanatic, especially around male-oriented games, and has dated guys, but it is later implied in the film Kath & Kimderella that she might have bisexual feelings, even though she is clueless about her own sexual orientation, believes that a shirt with the LGBT rainbow flag colors looks good on her, and later gyrating around a lesbian golfer. (Szubanski is a Lesbian in real-life)
2003–2015 Two and a Half Men CBS Evelyn Harper
Jenny Harper
Holland Taylor
Amber Tamblyn
Evelyn is the bisexual mother of Charlie and Alan Harper (Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer). For most of the series, Evelyn is portrayed as a heterosexual but there are instances in seasons 8, 9, and 11 where she has lesbian sex with three different women, including actress Lynda Carter.
Jenny joins the cast in season 11, the previously unknown daughter of Charlie. She engages in several one-night stands with various women.[10]
2003–2009 Reno 911! Comedy Central Lieutenant Dangle
Deputy Kimball
Thomas Lennon
Mary Birdsong
2003–2006 Aquí no hay quien viva Antena 3 Mauri Hidalgo
Fernando Navarro
Bea Villarejo
Diego Álvarez
Rosa Izquierdo
Luis Merlo
Adrià Collado
Eva Isanta
Mariano Alameda
María Almudéver
Vanesa Romero
Alberto Maneiro
Stable gay relationship between main characters Mauri and Fernando. During a time they were broken up, Mauri had a relationship with Diego, who left him for another man and later regretted it. But by then Mauri and Fernando were together again.

Mauri also has a son by artificial insemination with lesbian best friend Bea, who had a relationship with a lawyer, Rosa, for a while. Afterwards, she had a wild night with Ana, who became lesbian for her and became a stable couple.

Arrested Development Fox (season 1—3)
Netflix (season 4— )
George Oscar "Gob" Bluth II
Barry Zuckerkorn
Will Arnett
Henry Winkler
GOB is hinted to be bisexual throughout the series. He ends up falling in love with his enemy, Tony Wonder.
It is a running joke that Barry is a closeted gay man who is frequently thinking of outlandish excuses to conceal his true activities.
2003–2004 It's All Relative ABC Simon Banks
Philip Stoddard
Christopher Sieber
John Benjamin Hickey
2003–2015 Peep Show Channel 4 Jeremy 'Jez' Usborne Robert Webb Jez is implied to be bisexual a few times throughout the series. In the series 9 episode 'Threeism' he sleeps with Megan's boyfriend Joe and then enters into a relationship with both of them.
2004–2011 Entourage HBO Lloyd Rex Lee
2005–2014 How I Met Your Mother CBS James Stinson
Lily Aldrin
Wayne Brady
Alyson Hannigan
James first appears in season 2 episode 10 as Barney's gay black brother. He is married to a man named Ted and they have 2 children together.
Though Lily's sexuality is never clearly defined, she has mentioned wanting to have a relationship with a woman and is implied to have a crush on her female friend Robin.[citation needed]
2005–2013 The Office NBC Oscar Martinez
Robert Lipton
Oscar Nuñez
Tom Chick
Sam Daly
Jack Coleman
Oscar is a calm and low-level accountant.
2005–2009 My Name is Earl NBC Kenny James
Stuart Daniels
Gregg Binkley
Mike O'Malley
2005–2008 South of Nowhere The N Spencer Carlin
Ashley Davies
Gabrielle Christian
Mandy Musgrave
Ashley Schneider
Brooke Vallone
Ashley Davies is an out lesbian with a reputation for being easy. Spencer Carlin is still coming to terms with her sexuality and later starts a relationship with Ashley. Kelly an out lesbian tries to seduce Spencer but is rejected. Spencer begins dating Carmen after breaking up with Ashley.
2005–2007 The War At Home Fox Khaleel "Kenny" Al-Bahir Rami Malek Kenny is a 16-year-old boy who harbors a secret crush on his best friend Larry and is subsequently kicked out of his house when his parents find out he's gay.[11]
2005–2006 Out of Practice CBS Regina Barnes Paula Marshall
2005–2006 Twins The WB Neil Christopher Fitzgerald
2005–2006 Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby TVNZ 1 Alisdair Morton
Lesley Tangaroa
Thomas Robins
Grace Hoet
2005– It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia FXX Mac (Ronald MacDonald)
Dennis Reynolds
Rob McElhenney
Glenn Howerton
In the episode "Hero or Hate Crime" (season 12, episode 6), Mac comes out of the closet after denying his sexuality, even coming out and going back in the closet in the two part episode "The Gang Goes to Hell" (season 11, episodes 9 and 10). Mac came out again in "Hero or Hate Crime" (season 12, episode 6), this time remaining out of the closet.
Dennis was confirmed as bisexual by the actor, mentioning multiple times in the show that he would be willing to have sex with men if the situation came up.
2005 All About George ITV
Russel Rory Jennings
2005 The Comeback HBO Mickey Deane Robert Michael Morris Mickey is a hairdresser and confidant to lead character Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) who, despite being obviously gay, believes he is closeted.
2005 It's Me...Gerald Showcase Gerald Gerald L'Ecuyer
2006–2013 30 Rock NBC Devon Banks
J.D. Lutz
Will Arnett
Maulik Pancholy
John Lutz
Jeffery Self
Devon Banks is Jack Donaghy's nemesis, an executive who constantly tries to foil Jack's attempts to advance professionally. At first Devon is closeted but in the fifth season, it is revealed he has moved to Brooklyn and had children with an African-American dancer, Cashmere. Jonathan is Jack's assistant, who is smitten with his boss. J.D. Lutz is a TGS writer, whose sexual orientation was a mystery throughout the series. It was revealed in the series finale that he is bisexual. Randy is Liz Lemon's nephew.
2006–2007 The Business IFC Terrence von Holtzen
Wendell Cooper
Matt Silver
Neil Napier
Terrence is an intern who in season 2 is promoted to Associate Co-head of the Animation and Historical Adaptation Department. Wendell is the company's accountant. In a sexually charged second-season episode, Terrence admits his repressed homosexuality and he and Wendell hook up.
2006–2007 Cover Girl SRC Mathieu/Veronica
Cherry Sundae
René Richard Cyr
Vincent Bolduc
Frédéric Pierre
Gilles Renaud
Series focuses on four drag queens.
2006–2007 The Class CBS Kyle Lendo
Sean Maguire
Cristian de la Fuente
Kyle is in a relationship with Aaron. He is a second grade teacher at an elite private school.
2006 Crumbs ABC Mitch Crumb Fred Savage
2006 So NoTORIous VH1 Sasan Zachary Quinto Sasan is based on Tori Spelling's friend Mehran Farhat.
2007–2009 Reaper The CW Tony
Ken Marino
Michael Ian Black
Tony and Steve are a gay couple who live next door to the main trio of Sam, Sock, and Ben. It is later learned they are demons waging a war against the Devil. Steve is killed during the rebellion and manages to get into Heaven. He later becomes Sam's guardian angel.[citation needed]
2007 Kick SBS Layla
Nicole Chamoun
Romi Trower
Layla is a Muslim-Australian who lives with her conservative family and is unenthusiastically engaged to be married to a man named Sharif. But when she falls in love with fellow fencer Jackie, she has to choose between following her heart or making her family happy.
2007–2010 The Sarah Silverman Program Comedy Central Brian
Brian Posehn
Steve Agee
Sarah's neighbors.
2007– Benidorm ITV Kenneth du Beke Tony Maudsley Hairdresser in the Solana hotel.
2008–2009 Sophie CBC Matt Scott
Jeff Geddis
Ian Matthews
Stéphane Demers
Matt is an OB/GYN and lead character Sophie's best friend. Verner is his partner. Bernard is a waiter at the café where Matt and Sophie hang out, with whom Matt has an affair.
2008 Sordid Lives: The Series Logo Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram
Ty Williamson
Leslie Jordan
Jason Dottley
Brother Boy likes to perform as Tammy Wynette and tries to escape from treatments to dehomosexualize him. Ty is an actor in Los Angeles coming to terms with his homosexuality.
2009– Nurse Jackie Showtime Mohammed "Mo-Mo" de la Cruz
Thor Lundgren
Dr. Eleanor O'Hara
Haaz Sleiman
Steve Wallem
Eve Best
Mohammed and Thor are nurses at All Saints' Hospital. Mohammed was dropped after the first season, the producers' stated reason being "the character’s storyline ran its course".[12]
Dr. O'Hara is in a relationship with a woman journalist in season 2 but has had sex on the show with at least one man.
2009–2011 United States of Tara Showtime Marshall Gregson Keir Gilchrist
2009–2015 Glee Fox Kurt Hummel
Sandy Ryerson
Blaine Anderson
Dave Karofsky
Sebastian Smythe
Brittany Pierce
Santana Lopez
Hiram Berry
LeRoy Berry
Unique Adams
Chris Colfer
Stephen Tobolowsky
Darren Criss
Max Adler
Grant Gustin
Heather Morris
Naya Rivera
Jeff Goldblum
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Alex Newell
Kurt is a member of the glee club. He comes out to his father in the episode "Preggers".
Sandy, a self-described "predatory gay", was the glee club director until being fired for inappropriate contact with a student. He then turned to dealing in medical marijuana to make a living.
Blaine was introduced in "Never Been Kissed", and soon becomes Kurt's boyfriend.
Dave was introduced as a football player and a bully in season one. In season two, he begins targeting Kurt for being gay. In "Never Been Kissed", Kurt confronts Dave and Dave kisses him.
Sebastian is introduced in "The First Time" as a new Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine.
Brittany lets slip in "Sectionals" that she and Santana have had sex. Initially meant as a throw away line to jokingly make reference to the closeness of the two then minor characters, the writers began taking the relationship seriously due to pressure from fans and both Morris and Rivera. The storyline saw great advances in the second season once the actresses were promoted to the main cast. They are seen making out on Brittany's bed in "Duets" and also make reference to the lesbian sex act of scissoring. In "Sexy" Santana finally professes her love for Brittany and later admits that she is a lesbian. Brittany is thought to be bisexual or pansexual.
Hiram and LeRoy Berry are Rachel's fathers.
Unique is a transgender member of the rival Vocal Adrenaline show choir who identifies as female. She joins New Directions in season 4.
2009– Modern Family ABC Mitchell Pritchett
Cameron Tucker
Haley Dunphy
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Eric Stonestreet
Sarah Hyland
As of the series opener, Mitchell and Cameron have been together for five years and have an adopted Vietnamese-born daughter, Lilly.
In season 8, Haley flirts with a girl. It was confirmed she was bisexual by the actress on Twitter.[citation needed]
2009–2013 Go Girls TVNZ 2 Levi Hirsh
Leon Wadham
Josh McKenzie
Levi is a sassy gay Jewish man whose Go Girls pledge is to get revenge.
Levi's ex-boyfriend and first love since high school.
2010–2015 Hot in Cleveland TV Land Caroline Moretti Laura San Giacomo Melanie Moretti's (Valerie Bertinelli) estranged sister Caroline is a lesbian and her girlfriend was trying to hit on Melanie.
2010–2012 Grandma's House BBC Two Simon
Ben Theodore
Simon Amstell
Iwan Rheon
Lead character Simon is a fictionalized version of gay comedian and TV host Simon Amstell. Over the course of the series he develops a relationship with actor Ben Theodore.
2010–2011 The Hard Times of RJ Berger MTV Max Owens Jayson Blair Lead character RJ (Paul Iacono) discovers Max is gay when he espies him making out in the high school locker room showers with Guillermo in the season 2 episode "Steamy Surprise".
2010–2011 Blue Mountain State Spike Denise Roy
Mary Jo Cacciatore
Gabrielle Dennis
Frankie Shaw
Denise was bisexual, acknowledging having had sex with several people of both sexes.
Mary Jo joined the series in season 2 and began identifying as lesbian in season 3.
2010–2011 $h*! My Dad Says CBS Tim Tim Bagley
2010 Running Wilde Fox Mr. Lunt Robert Michael Morris Mr. Lunt is the personal assistant to lead character Steve Wilde (Will Arnett).
2011– Mrs. Brown's Boys RTÉ One Rory Brown
Dino Doyle
Rory Cowan
Gary Hollywood
2011–2014 Suburgatory ABC Mr. Wolfe Rex Lee
2011–2015 Hart of Dixie The CW Crickett Watts Brandi Burkhardt In season 4, Crickett comes out just as she was about to renew vows with Stanley Watts. After this she started dating Jaysene.[13]
2011–2016 Awkward MTV Clark Stevenson
Ricky Schwartz
Theo Abbott
Cole Higgins
Joey Haro
Matthew Fahey
Evan Crooks
Monty Geer
Clark is outed by the school bully in the season one finale. He becomes a confidant to lead character Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and eventually identifies himself as the anonymous poster who has been commenting on her blog. Clark is caught making out with Ricky in the final episode of season two.
Theo and Cole are both gay and appear in Season 4 and 5. They are troublemakers and best friends.[citation needed]
2011–2013 Happily Divorced TV Land Peter Lovett John Michael Higgins Peter, a realtor, comes out to his wife Fran (Fran Drescher) after 18 years of marriage. The series is based on the real story of Drescher and her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson.[14]
2011–2013 Happy Endings ABC Max Blum
Jane Kerkovich-Williams
Adam Pally
Stephen Guarino
Eliza Coupe
James Wolk
Max, a bearish slacker who constantly schemes ridiculous ideas to take advantage of his tendency toward laziness, is one of the show's central characters. Derrick, a recurring character, is a friend of his from the gym. Jane can be classified as bisexual. In season 3, her husband found out that she was in love with several women during college. Grant is Max's ex-boyfriend.
2011–2017 Episodes Showtime Andy Button
Helen Basch
Carol Rance
Joseph May
Andrea Savage
Kathleen Rose Perkins
[citation needed]
2011 Death Valley MTV Carla Rinaldi
Tania Raymonde
Stacey LaBerge
Officer Rinaldi is revealed as a lesbian at the end of episode "Zombie Fights", when she makes out with barmaid Julia.[15]
2011 Sirens Channel 4 Ashley Greenwick Richard Madden Ashley is a gay EMT.[16]
2012– Ima ve'abaz HOT 3 Erez
Yehuda Levi
Yiftach Klein
Erez and Sammy are an Israeli gay couple raising a child with their best friend Talia (Maya Dagan).
2012–2013 The Girl's Guide to Depravity Cinemax Tyler Joe Komara Tyler is the wise-cracking bartender at the club frequented by several of the other characters.[17]
2012– House Husbands[18] Nine Network Kane
Gyton Grantley
Tim Campbell
Darren McMullen
Justine Clarke
2012–2014 Anger Management FX Patrick Michael Arden
2012–2016 House of Lies Showtime Roscoe Kaan
Principal Gita
Donis Leonard, Jr.
Mo Gaffney
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Roscoe is the pre-teen son of lead character Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle). He exhibits gender-variant behaviour, including cross-dressing, and has expressed interest in both boys and girls.
Principal Gita is the principal of Roscoe's school; she was formerly married to a man before finding her "life partner Deandra".
April is a former stripper turned law student who has a self-described "weakness for pretty girls".
2012–2013 Malibu Country ABC Geoffrey Jai Rodriguez
2012–2013 Go On NBC Anne Julie White Anne is a member of the show's central support group, a lesbian mother whose wife recently died.[19]
2012–2013 The New Normal NBC David Sawyer
Bryan Collins
Gary Snyder
Justin Bartha
Andrew Rannells
Michael Hitchcock
Matt Bomer
David and Bryan are a gay couple who have hired a surrogate mother.
Gary is a counselor at the surrogacy agency.[citation needed]
2012–2013 Whitney NBC Neal Maulik Pancholy Neal comes out as bisexual after his friends catch him on a date with a man.
2012 Partners CBS Louis
Michael Urie
Brandon Routh
Louis is an architect who is business partners with his heterosexual childhood friend Charlie.
Wyatt is a nurse and Louis's boyfriend.
2013–2015 Getting On HBO Patsy De La Serta Mel Rodriguez
2013–2016 Vicious ITV Freddie Thornhill
Stuart Bixby
Ian McKellen
Derek Jacobi
2013– Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox Captain Ray Holt
Kevin Cozner
Rosa Diaz
Andre Braugher
Marc Evan Jackson
Stephanie Beatriz
Ray Holt is the openly gay captain of the 99th Police Precinct.
Kevin Cozner is Holt's husband.
Rosa Diaz is a detective and comes out as bisexual in episode "99" after a fellow detective overhears a woman calling her "babe" on the phone.


2013– Please Like Me ABC2 Josh
Josh Thomas
Wade Briggs
Charles Cottier
Keegan Joyce
Hannah Gadsby
The series begins with Josh realizing that he is gay after breaking up with Claire and getting hit on by Geoffrey.
2013–2014 Sean Saves the World NBC Sean Sean Hayes Sean is a divorced gay father with a successful, yet demanding, career.
2014 Marry Me NBC Kevin
Dan Bucatinsky
Tim Meadows
[citation needed]
2014 Babylon Channel 4 Tony Stuart Martin [citation needed]
2014– Broad City Comedy Central Ilana Wexler
Jaime Castro
Ilana Glazer
Arturo Castro
Ilana is bisexual.
Jaime is gay.
2014–2016 Faking It MTV Amy Raudenfeld
Karma Ashcroft
Shane Harvey
Lauren Cooper
Duke Lewis Jr.
Rita Volk
Katie Stevens
Michael Willett
Bailey De Young
Elliot Fletcher
Sidney Franklin
Sophia Taylor Ali
Anthony Palacios
Yvette Monreal
Skyler Maxon
Amy harbours secret feelings for her best friend Karma.
Karma is a fake lesbian in the first season. In the second season, she kisses Amy passionately in a pool at a party (after showing hints that she might have feelings for her).[23]
Shane, the most popular boy in school, is openly gay.
Lauren is intersex (the first intersex main character on a television show).
Noah is transgender and gay.
Brad is asexual.
Sabrina is Karma and Amy's old friend who later confess her love for Amy.[citation needed]
2014 Mystery Girls ABC Family Nick Diaz Miguel Pinzon
2014–2015 Sirens USA Network Hank St. Clare
Valentina 'Voodoo' Dunacci
Kevin Daniels
Kelly O'Sullivan
Jesse Luken
Based on the 2011 series of the same name. Hank is a gay, Voodoo is an asexual EMT. Nick is Hank's on-again, off-again boyfriend.
2014–2016 Undateable NBC Brett David Fynn
2015 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Netflix Ben
McKinley Dozen
Bradley Cooper
Michael Ian Black
[citation needed]
2014–2018 Young & Hungry Freeform Elliot Park
Rex Lee
Bryan Safi
[citation needed]
2014–2015 The McCarthys CBS Ronny McCarthy Tyler Ritter
2015 One Big Happy NBC Lizzy Elisha Cuthbert [citation needed]
2015 Weird Loners FOX Zara Sandhu Meera Rohit Kumbhani [citation needed]
2015– Grace and Frankie Netflix Sol Bergstein
Robert Hanson
Sam Waterston
Martin Sheen
[citation needed]
2015 Clipped TBS Buzzy George Wendt [citation needed]
2015– Another Period Comedy Central Victor
Dr. John Goldberg
Brian Huskey
David Wain
Moshe Kasher
[citation needed]
2015–2016 Boy Meets Girl (2015) BBC Two Judy
Rebecca Root
Tyler Luke Cunningham
[citation needed]
2015–2016 Scream Queens FOX Sam
Chanel #3
Jeanna Han
Billie Lourd
Sam is a lesbian and Chanel #3 is attracted to Sam. After playing spin the bottle and kissing Sam, Chanel #3 thinks she might be into girls.[24] They go on to admit their feelings for one another, but Chanel #3 tells Sam that they will only ever be friends.
After Sam is killed, Chanel #3 tells a friend that she "is in love with love" (which suggests that she is or may be pansexual).[citation needed]
2015–2016 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll FX Ava
Elaine Hendrix
Rebecca Naomi Jones
Elizabeth Gillies
Ava has had several lesbian encounters in her life.
Davvy is a lesbian and singer.[citation needed]
2015– Superstore NBC Mateo
Nico Santos
Michael Bunin
[citation needed]
2015 Grandfathered FOX Annelise Kelly Jenrette [citation needed]
2015– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix Titus Andromedon
Mikey Politano
Tituss Burgess
Brandon Jones
Mike Carlsen
Titus is Kimmy's friend and roommate.
Brandon is the gay husband of Kimmy's friend, Cyndee.
Mikey is Titus's ex-boyfriend.[citation needed]
2015 Telenovela NBC Gael Garnica Jose Moreno Brooks [citation needed]
2015–2017 Dr. Ken ABC Clark Leslie Beavers
Jonathan Slavin
Stephen Guarino
[citation needed]
2015– The Switch OutTV Nyla Rose Trans woman played by trans actress.
2015– Other Space Yahoo! Screen Stewart Lipinski
Karen Lipinski
Tina Shukshin
Karan Soni
Bess Rous
Milana Vayntrub
Karen and Tina are revealed to have had a one-night stand in college. Stewart mentions having had a boyfriend.
2015– Crazy Ex-Girlfriend The CW White Josh
Daryl Whitefeather
David Hull
Pete Gardener
2015– Schitt's Creek CBC David Rose
Sebastian Caine
Dan Levy It is said that David is pansexual and while discussing the matter of his sexuality with Stevie, comparing it with wine, he said that he likes the wine, not the label. Jake is bisexual. He was dating Stevie and David at the same time, and he wanted to be a "throuple". Patrick is David's business partner and the two shared a kiss in the third-season finale after coming back from Date on David's birthday. Sebastian is David's ex-boyfriend and a photographer.
2015– Fresh Off The Boat ABC Nicole Ellis Luna Blaise Nicole comes out to Eddie by telling him she likes girls. In episode "A League Of Her Own" she comes out as a lesbian to her stepmother and father.[25]
2016– You Me Her Audience Network Isabelle "Izzy" Silva
Emma Trakarsky
Priscilla Faia
Rachel Blanchard
One of the first shows on TV about Polyamory, this hilariously, awkward dramedy details the ups and downs that can ensue from such an arrangement. In season 1, Emma and Jack are married and in an attempt to spice things up they decide to hire and escort (Izzy). Izzy is a Psychology Graduate student who is trying to make enough money to pay for school so she decides to take her friends advice and becomes an escort. The connection between all three of them is immediate, but the connection and chemistry between Izzy and Emma is intense. Though Izzy never actually states her sexual identity, it is assumed that she is likely Bisexual or Pansexual.
Emma is Bisexual and admitted to having a few romantic and sexual relationships with women in the past.[citation needed]
2016–2017 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency BBC America Panto Trost
Silas Dengdamor
Tina Tevetino
Christopher Russell
Lee Majdoub
Izzie Steele
Panto and Silas are lovers.
Tina is bisexual.[citation needed]
2016–2017 The Real O'Neals ABC Kenny O'Neal
Allison Adler-Wong
Brett Young
Noah Galvin
Ramona Young
Sean Grandillo
Kenny is the middle child of a Catholic family living in Chicago.[citation needed]
2016 Zoe Ever After BET Valente Tory Devon Smith [citation needed]
2016– American Housewife ABC Angela Carly Hughes One of Katie's best friends and fellow moms.
2016–2017 The Great Indoors CBS Mason Shaun Brown Mason is bisexual.
2017– Loudermilk Audience Claire Anja Savcic [citation needed]
2017–2018 Imposters Bravo Maddie Saffron
Julia "Jules" Langmore
Inbar Lavi
Marianne Rendón
Chastity Dotson
Sam Gilroy
Maddie is a bisexual con-artist who can seduce both men and women. She is Jule's ex-wife.
Jules is a lesbian and was conned by Maddie.[citation needed]
2017– Friends from College Netflix Max Adler
Felix Forzenheim
Fred Savage
Billy Eichner
Max is a literary argent and Felix is Max's domestic partner.
2017– Trial & Error NBC Larry Henderson
Summer Henderson
John Lithgow
Krysta Rodriguez
Larry and Summer are bisexual.
2017– One Day at a Time Netflix Elena Alvarez
Isabella Gómez
Sheridan Pierce
Elena comes out as a lesbian in the second half of the first season.[26] Elena befriends, and eventually dates Syd, who identifies as non-binary.[27]
2017– GLOW Netflix Arthie Premkumar
Sunita Mani
Shakira Barrera
Alex Rich
Arthie may be lesbian or bisexual.[28]
Yolanda is a lesbian.[29]
Arthie and Yolanda are roommates that fall for each other.
In season 2 it's revealed that Florian is gay and dies from an AIDS illness.[30]
2018– Grown-ish Freeform Nomi Segal
Big Dave
Emily Arlook
Barrett Carnahan
Nomi is bisexual, but not out to her family.[31]
Dave is bisexual.[32]
2018– Champions NBC Michael Patel
J. J. Totah
Fortune Feimster
Michael is a 15-year-old gay teenager who lives with his father and uncle in Brooklyn.
Ruby is a lesbian and trainer at the gym.[citation needed]
2018– The Cool Kids Fox Sid Leslie Jordan Sid is an elderly gay man living in a retirement home. He claims to have come out to his wife just before Y2K.[citation needed]
2018 Murphy Brown CBS Pat Patel Nik Dodani Pat is openly gay.[33]

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