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This is a list of comics awards from around the world. This list includes awards given out for achievements in cartooning, comic books, comic strips and graphic novels. Some works in comics are also eligible for, and in some instances have won literary awards.

American awards[edit]

Belgian awards[edit]

Brazilian awards[edit]

British awards[edit]

Canadian awards[edit]

  • Prix Bédéis Causa - awarded to French language comics by the Festival de la BD francophone de Québec since 1988
  • Bédélys Prize - awarded to French language comics since 2000
  • The Doug Wright Awards - first awarded in 2005
  • National Newspaper Awards of Canada include a category for Editorial Cartoonist
  • Joe Shuster Awards - first awarded in 2005

Dutch awards[edit]

  • Stripschapprijs - first awarded in 1974
  • Willy Vandersteenprijs - first awarded in 2010
  • VPRO Debuutprijs - first awarded in 1994
  • Marten Toonderprijs - first awarded in 2009

French awards[edit]

German awards[edit]

Irish awards[edit]

Indian awards[edit]

  • Indian Comics Fandom Awards
  • Narayan Debntah Comics Puroskar

Italian awards[edit]

Japanese awards[edit]

Norwegian awards[edit]

Polish awards[edit]

Singaporean awards[edit]

  • ComiIdol - first awarded in 2006

Spanish awards[edit]

Swedish awards[edit]



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