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Coming-of-age stories focus on the growth of a protagonist from childhood to adulthood, although "coming of age" is a genre for a variety of media, including literature, theatre, film, television and video games.

In literature[edit]

In theatre[edit]

In Manga and Anime[edit]

A large portion of the manga industry is dedicated to teenagers, such as Weekly Shōnen Jump and Weekly Shōnen Magazine and, therefore, a majority of said manga contains some aspects of the protagonist's growth. Coming-of-age stories are called Shujinkō-Seichōkei (主人公成長系), meaning "protagonist's growth type".



In film[edit]

In film, coming-of-age is a genre of teen films. Films in this subgenre include:

Films featuring protagonists in particular age groups, such as pre-teens, are:

or post-high school and college students, in films such as:

or people aged around 20 years old who do not go to college, such as:

or in the case of unique coming-of-age stories centered on post-college aged individuals, such as:

In television[edit]

Coming-of-age television series include:

In video games[edit]


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